Maa ko chodha policewale ne
I am a 28 years old, having a attractive shape, with good jugs and juicy pussy, presently at New Delhi, but my husband is a kind of alcoholic & once got involved in a police case in August 2006. I finished pleading my husband’s case with the duty in charge he sat there pondering. My husband was in the lockup for another drunk and disorderly and this time he had nearly killed a passerby under his scooter. We were a middle class couple and I had no money or connection to save Rajat my husband. Duty in charge was a tall dark middle aged man called ASI Raja Singh. He listened to my impassioned plea with a stony face and said nothing. He was quite for about 15 minutes while I wept and begged him not to press vehicular manslaughter charges against Rajat since I knew if the news of his arrest went to his bank he would be fired and then me and our 3 year old son would be literally be on street.

“Just sit here for some time,” He said and left .I looked at Rajat who was sitting in the lock up with naked hatred. Rajat was too ashamed to talk.

“Saab is calling you in the verandah,” the orderly came and told me. I got up and went to the verandah behind the police station thinking that now Raja Singh would demand money. Outside Raja Singh told me that my husband’s offence was serious and can land him in jail for up to 2 years to speak nothing off his career being over.

“Sir, please take pity on me, I am alone in this world me and my child would starve, I can sell my bangles and give the money to you I don’t have anything else,”

He smiled smiles and said,” You have Rajini,”

In a moment I understood as Raja Singh appraised my body. Now let me tell you about my body. Despite belonging to a poor family and being a mother I am a good figured woman with large firm breasts and a nice tight ass with fair complexion. Now I was dressed in a simple salwar kurta through my dupatta the swell of my boobs was quite visible. I felt a dull throb of pain as once again I was called upon to use my body to save Rajat.

“I want to have sex with you right here and right now, “Raja Singh said tossing his cigarette aside.

“Take pity on me Sir please don’t make me do this,” I said with tears in my eyes.

“your choice, once your husband is in jail you will be forced to become a prostitute anyway, “He said and laughed contemptuously,” I am in the outhouse I will wait for 10 minutes if you come there I will reduce Rajat’s charges if you don’t come in 10 minutes your husband is gone. Think about it,” He said and walked away. It took me less than 5 minutes to make up my mind and enter the outhouse to submit myself. I had no choice. Raja Singh was sitting on a single cot with his shirt off. He was little overweight as most of the police personals and his chest was probably bigger than mine.

“Shut the door and take your clothes off, I want to see you naked,” He said. Sobbing I shut and latched the door and unzipped my kurta and pulled it over my head, as Raja Singh saw my heavy breasts in a bra he smiled and got up. I pulled the cord of my shalwar and pulled it down and stood shaking in my bra and panties. Raja Singh took his trouser off and pulled at his short hurriedly. Surprisingly he was big down there having almost 8 inch thick manhood. He played with it and told me to strip completely. I unhooked my brassiere and pulled the strap revealing my globes with their pink nipples and round fluched areola. Then dying with shame I pulled my panties down too. Raja Singh made me lie on the cot on my back and spread my legs. He touched the area between my legs and as I shivered closed his filthy mouth on mine .I was gagging with the stench of cigarette and alcohol but I replied since I knew I had to satisfy him for my husband. Raja Singh parted my pussylips with fingers and touched and stroked it for some time.

“Time to fuck you, spread your legs wide,” he ordered. I obeyed and Raja Singh sat between my legs and lifted my thighs to enter my tight hole. He grunted and pushed and finally inserted his lund inside my swollen wet chut. He started to move back and forth and cupped both my breasts kneading them quite hard till I cried with pain and pleasure. He kissed my nipples and sucked on it.

“Come on, mast choot,” He whispered. I had finally decided to give myself to him with happiness so I too rounded my thighs around his waist and started to thrust from down. His dick was moving deeper now inside my cunt making me moan with pleasure. After about 10 minutes of deep pumping in my pussy, he ejaculated all over my pussy and thighs and then he made me clean him with a piece of dishtowel. Finally I thanked him and got up to dress. But Raja Singh said he wanted to do me more often. He said can he come to my house tomorrow. I knew I had to cooperate with him o save my husband. Raja Singh again hugged me and kneaded my ass cheeks.

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