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Lust on the Beach -- Part 2
07-15-2011, 08:19 AM
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Lust on the Beach -- Part 2
With Lexie still tied to the bed and blindfolded, Lori paused to taste herself again on Lexie’s cum soaked mouth. They lingered over the delicious kiss, as they had done so many times in the past.

“God Lexie, you’re a magician with that wicked tongue of yours! I’d forgotten how hard and fast you can make me cum! Did you enjoy the taste of me slut?” Lori demanded.

“Yes, very much Lori! Mmmm, let me make you shudder and scream out again!” Lexie begged.

“Not yet, Lex, I want to play with you some more,” Lori purred.

Lexie laid still in anticipation of what Lori would do next. She was about to speak when she felt the hot sting of a whip across her full, round breasts. Lexie cried out, first in pain, then in pleasure. Lori knew her so damn well! Each slap of the leather against her smooth luscious curves prompted erotic screaming and moaning. Lexie was on fire as her body was writhing and bucking. Soon her creamy skin was decorated with red marks and her need to cum was intense.

Lori knew just when to stop; how to make Lexie hang out over the edge and deny her release.

“God no, Lori! Please don’t stop! Please I need to cum!” Lexie pleaded.

“As I recall, Lex, you already came, remember? Without my permission, in fact. Why should I let you cum?” Lori hissed.

“Please Lori, I’ll do anything. Anything you want, just please let me cum again.”

“Anything, Lex?”

Lori turned the vibrator back on and massaged Lexie’s swollen clit mercilessly, stopping each time she sensed Lexie about to come.

“Poor Lex, am I frustrating you?” Lori asked as she laughed wickedly.

Lexie only managed a whimper as a response. Knowing it was time to take full advantage of Lexie’s need, Lori coated her fingers with Lexie’s juices and lubed up her friend’s tight little ass. Then Lori took the vibrating dildo and slowly worked it into Lexie’s ass, until it filled her completely. She began to fuck Lexie’s tight hole, picking up the pace until she was pumping her roughly. Lexie wondered just how much more she could handle when Lori stopped abruptly and said, “Oh my Lex, I almost forgot!”

Lori carefully unwrapped the surprise she had promised Lexie. It was a long, thick double-headed dildo. As the vibrator continued to hum in Lexie’s ass Lori spanked her hot, bare pussy with one end, sending her over the edge. Lexie screamed as she came, her hot liquid spraying everywhere as Lori continued to spank her clit with the decadent toy.

While Lexie’s body still shuddered with the convulsions of her intense orgasm, Lori deftly inserted one end of the dildo into her own needy wetness. Then she plunged the other end into Lexie’s throbbing hole and mounted her, pumping her wildly until they both exploded. Lori collapsed onto Lexie’s body as they coated each other with hot, sweet cum!

After a few moments, Lori reached down to remove the vibrator from Lexie’s ass and then she removed the blindfold from her face. Lexie smiled as Lori removed the restraints that held her bound to the bed.

“That was amazing!” Lexie purred.

“That was just an appetizer!” Lori answered with a naughty gleam in her eyes. “Let’s go out on the deck so we can play in the hot tub!”

Without waiting for an answer, Lori took Lexie by the hand and led her outside to the deck. They slipped quietly into the steamy water and then slipped their tongues into each other’s mouths. They were so busy kissing and rubbing their bodies against each other, they never even noticed that Lori’s neighbor, Tracie, was walking up the beach toward the house.

Tracie was about to shout a hello to Lori, when she realized that there was another woman in the hot tub with her. Tracie approached quietly instead and slid silently into a chair on the deck and watched as the two women took turns sucking and biting each other’s nipples. The sun was reflecting off their fiery red hair and Tracie found herself curious as to what it would feel like to touch another woman like that. Tracie could see that they were oblivious to the fact that she was sitting there. She stared at Lori and this other woman. Tracie had never seen two women together before and found herself oddly turned on. So much so that she pushed the material of her bathing suit bottom aside to give her fingers access to touch herself. She was surprised to find herself soaking wet. Without realizing it, Tracie moaned as she pushed her fingers inside her hot wetness.

Hearing a soft moan, Lori looked up and saw Tracie fingering herself in the deck chair. She smiled at Lexie and said, “It seems we have company. Should we ask her to join us?”

(To be continued...)

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