Loving lilly
Lily awoke with a start and glanced at the the digital clock on her night stand. It was 2:30 in the morning. What an erotic dream she had been having about Raff De Angelo. In the dream he had been walking towards her and she could not move an inch, stranger yet she had not wanted to be able to. When he reached her, he started gently kissing her lips and reverently caressing her breast through her campaign colored negligee. Exciting wonderful sensations strummed through her femininity. Although her head had urged her to resist, her body did not want to comply. Seeing her golden-brown skin next to his paler lightly tanned had turned her on even more she loved the contrast of it in the mirror. Something must have jolted her wake, a creek a hoot I don’t know what. All I know is she couldn’t get back to sleep still feeling restless.

Now as she lays there wide awake in bed the image of her and him in her minds eye would not leave her and she was sexually frustrated, she got up and pulled out the draw that was beneath her bed to find her trusted vibrator, she then went in to her dressing table found some lubrication and slipped back into bed.

She tried to remember how he had looked today when she had caught him in the shower at there’s and Andy’s apartment. His golden skin had been shining from the water that had just graced his gorgeous body, his jet black hair matted and damp (hair she wanted to run her hands through while he kissed her hard and passionately) he had muscles ones that came with a natural athletic not the body building that turned her of, he had a slight six pack and the white towel around his waist had been hiding quite a mystery.

Was he in tonight or out with his friends, she didn’t know it was eating her up he could be out there with some woman, because many had their eyes on him after all he was absolutely gorgeous. ‘Mmmm’ she didn’t realize that during while she was thinking about him that she had been delicately touching her self all over (that’s how absorbed by thoughts of she was) until she had hit a sweet spot of hers just on the outer side of her clit. Peeling down the side of her negligee to get to her tits and pulling up the bottom part to gain easy entry to her pussy. Now ready for action she slowly bought her right hand from her tingling nipple across her midriff down to her play button and started working away at it: she like to clamp her clitoris in between her thumb and the finger next to it wet the finger from the other hand with saliva from her tongue and slowly at first start up a motion then slowly build her to reach climax. But not tonight she was too impatient all she knew what that the primal hunger of wanting to climax was all but consuming her, she also desperately wanted to be filled. She plunged to fingers in side her know sopping wet cunt and continued to plow it hard and fast, she could feel the friction working because that feeling she got when she felt like she was about to come was slowly spreading over her body. ‘Oh oh argh, im coming. Oh that felt so good’. She said with a pleased sigh to the empty room out into the darkness.

She was insatiable tonight, she wanted more like a hard warm dick in her preferable Raff’s , but sadly not all wishes come true and her shinny pink rapid rabbit would have to make do. She reached out to where she had placed it on the bed turned it up to full speed and rotation( she rarely used it because it made a very loud buzzing sound and the flat she lived in with the boys had very thin walls, and made her feel embraced.

But tonight the house was all hers (or so she thought) she searched for the lube on the bed and rubbed it on the vibrator. She pinched her nipple softly at first then really hard (she sometimes got of on pain). Now time to play with her pussy again.

The vibrator was squirming around she couldn’t wait to plunge it into herself and she wouldn’t. It went slowly. Buzz, buzz. ’Mmmm’ this feels so good’ she said with sighs of pleasure.

“WHAT THE HELL WOAMN IT 3:30 IN THE MORNING I WANT TO SLEEP” he shouted at the top of his lungs and flipped the bedroom light switch on. She squinted and looked up-words. “Raff…what the hell are you doing home”. She said in sheepish voice. This whole time the vibrator was still buzzing in her and she was near her climax.” Am, oh, argh. I’ve come“. She couldn’t stop herself even if she had wanted to stop her self, because now the light was on and he could see what she had been doing he didn’t seem angry maybe a little shocked then he had a cheeky grin on his face.

“So this is what you have been disturbing my beauty sleep for, for interrupting my sleep you will be punished young lady”. He said with a humor in his voice with and underline threaten and a gleam in his eyes.

By this stage she had discreetly gotten rid of the ‘rabbit and pulled but her negligee and sheets. And was looking up at him sheepishly at the same time scanning his body he was topless his skin had taken on a darker tone due to the bulb. *Gulp* his boxers where bulging he was turned on by her. She looked back up to his eyes they were glowing with intent he wanted her and he was going to have her no matter what.

He strode over to the bed and gathered her into his arms kissing her savagely, he had meant it he was going to punish, (her plus he had been thinking about her all these bloody weeks it was his time to let out some pent up frustration ).

He slipped of the shoulder straps of her negligee, left he mouth and was trailing soft butterfly kisses down the side of her beautiful skin. While one hand softly but firm kneading he breast while his thumb circled her nipples.

While she kissed him on his neck, hands splayed all over his back roaming all over him.

She had a lot of exploring to do for the night live out her fantasies of what she wanted him to do t0 her and what she wanted to do to him. He had a lot of exploring and touching to do living out his fantasies about her for the past couple of months tonight was there’s.
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