Loving Mom's Lips

The wildness was starting again.

The wild, restless pacing of that insatiable thing inside her was on the loose. She could feel it gnawing in the pit of her stomach, almost hear the animal-like roar as it grew hot and radiated throughout her body. The itch between her thighs could not be scratched, could not be relieved. It never could
. . never.

When it started, Karen Kyle thought she
would go out of her mind, tormented until she wanted to claw and tip the sheets to shreds, tear at her flesh, pull that raging fire out of her body.

Instead, she sprawled across her bed with her face buried in a pillow, sobbing in frustration.

When this almost unbearable heat came over her, every inch of her body seemed to be seared away from her bones, her nerves screaming for elusive release.

It had started the day she had discovered her son, Brett, was fucking his girl friend.

The heat, the mindless raging beast grew inside her body, demanding. satisfaction and never getting it. It grew more powerful each day, controlling her, moving her emotions and screaming demands that horrified her.

Even Brett was looking at her in a funny way, as if trying to decide if she were losing her fucking mind! And she thought, at times, that she was losing it. She was getting absentminded about certain things, things she had always been so careful about before, things such as making sure she was fully dressed. Now, to her horror, she found that she would forget to put her bra on, and a few times she had actually forgotten to put panties on, of all
things. Things such as sitting with a leg cocked, her thighs spread wide, and with her son around, peering at her, seeing her crotch.

Karen was miserable when she realized what she was doing. Never in her life had she been that sort of girl, the sort who was unashamed, wanton. She had always been what was called a "nice" girl. Nice girls didn't forget to wear a bra, or panties, and they didn't sit in ways that let anyone peek, under their dresses.

Not that Karen was sexless, without that special urge that made a person enjoy fucking. She did enjoy getting fucked, but it had been so long, so very long. She had shoved those desires down, covered them up, forgot about them. She had never been exceptionally passionate, she felt, but just average. There had been some things she would not do when she was married-she would not take a cock into her mouth, nor would she accept one into her ass, nor would she get into any of those lewd positions. She always had to fuck on her back, legs spread, with her husband on top of her. That was the way she fucked and no other way.

She had avoided looking at the many magazines her husband had bought, and threw them out after the divorce without so much as looking at the covers. As far as Karen was concerned, a man's cock was to be put in only one
place, up a woman cunt. Only to her was it never cock, but penis, and not cunt, but vagina.

Now those two words seemed to be burning inside her mind constantly, over and over.

Cock . . . cunt . . . cock . . . cunt. . .cock . . . on and on and on. Lately the word fuck had joined those, and often she could almost hear the words.

The beast within had been growing more restless and demanding daily, and soon she could hear it saying, "Get fucked . . . get fucked...fucked..."
And the image.

The image of her son fucking his girl friend. It grew steadily until the vision was always in her mind.

Karen had heard the noises late at night, and, getting out of bed to investigate, she had found her son and his girl in the living room. They had not bothered to turn off the lights. It was after midnight, and she had not heard him come home. Usually she waited up for him, but that night she had been tired from spring-cleaning. She had tried to prevent him from dating and, failing that, had tried to convince Brett to date different girls. But her son dated only one, a lovely girl about his age, who should not have been dating yet either, the way

Karen saw it.

But the girl was a lovable little creature, with sparkling blue eyes and a ready smile with dimples in her cheeks when she smiled, which seemed to be all the time.

But the night Karen saw Brett and Sally fucking there had been no dimples nor sparkling eyes. Sally's eyes had been closed, her bottom lip gripped between her even white teeth. She had been on the couch, all right, but with her little ass lifted into the air, her knees drawn beneath her body, her face turned toward the edge of the couch. Her skirt had been flipped to her waist, and her panties dangled from one slim ankle. Brett was on his knees behind the cute little girl, fucking his cock in and out of her cunt.

Karen grabbed her throat when she came upon the scene, mesmerized and frozen to the spot, unable to enter the room fully.

And the words.., oh, those words!
"Fuck me, Brett," Sally said, her voice low, just loud enough to reach Karen's burning ears. "Fuck me.. . ohhhh, fuck me good, Brett!"
And her son. Hot cunt... hot pussy.. tight twat.

His lower body was naked, his tank top on his upper body, his young ass naked and
plunging back and forth. Karen could actually see her son's cock sliding back and forth; fucking into Sally's cunt relentlessly. Sally's surprisingly creamy and shapely little ass wiggled and twisted with him.

Karen's eyes became glazed as she watched, glued to the way his cock fucked in and out of that cunt, watching them fuck, watching, feeling a mixture of horror and unwanted excitement and desire. There was a twitching between her thighs, a wetness unlike any she had ever felt before. Even her inner thighs became slippery from the oozing fuck juices of her suddenly boiling cunt.

Brett's cock, so long and thick and hard, was fucking in and out of Sally's slippery young cunt. He was fucking her and gritting his teeth and saying, "You're some fuck, Sally! A really great piece of ass. Your cunt is tight and hot and wet! Wiggle your ass, Sally! Ahhhh, wiggle your pretty ass for me!"
"Yes," Sally hissed with a hot sound. "Fuck me and I'll wiggle my ass! Oooo, your cock is so hard, Brett! You fuck me so deep! I love your cock when it's hard . . . fucking my cunt!"
The words, although said in half-whispers, seemed to leap about the roam, screaming into Karen's ears. Her legs became weak, shaking
as she stood in stupefied fascination, watching and listening.

Sally's smooth little ass shook and her back bowed, plunging back and forth with Brett's cock. The moist sounds of his cock fucking in and out of the gripping tightness of that cunt seemed to be explosion after explosion in Karen's ears.

It seemed to go on and on, without end. Karen's body felt like liquid, fiery liquid, and there were spasms between her thighs, the lips of her cunt clenching as her clit swelled into a painful knot. She was coming with unusually gentle spasms, but the spasms were growing hotter and tighter until her stomach was taut, her thighs pressed tightly together. And she stood and watched, unable to take her eyes off them, off her son's hard cock fucking into that eager cunt, that wiggling, thrashing little ass of Sally.

She saw her son's naked ass speed up, heard the moist slaps of his stomach beating upon the cheeks of Sally's ass. She could even see his balls swinging back and forth as both her son and Sally began to moan and gurgle.

Then, abruptly, her soil's cock came out of Sally's pussy, sliding up the crack of her ass, come juice spurting from the tip and splashing over the smooth ass and bowed back of the
trembling girl. Spurt after spurt of creamy come juice seemed to fly endlessly from her son's piss hole. Karen had never seen a cock squirt before, and there was an eruption in her cunt that almost doubled her over.

She did not say anything to her son about what she had seen. She kept it to herself, with the image burning hotly in her brain, along with those words.

And she began to forget to wear a bra or panties. And she sometimes found her son peeking up her dress.

Karen knew, in the back of her mind, that she was sitting in such a way so he could peek up her dress but she was unable to stop herself from doing it. It was as if her subconscious mind was guiding her, forcing her to do such things, things she had never done in her entire life, things she considered shameful and degrading. Only the "bad" girls did such things, the girls who took money or other favors from men, girls who didn't care about their reputations or feel a bit of self-worth.

She surprised herself by trying to peek at her son when he had Sally with him, actually wanting to see his cock fucking the little girl again. She was tormented with the wild, burning desire to watch them fucking, and she fought against it, losing miserably.

She had not seen them fucking again, but she had seen them sitting together, kissing and hugging and fondling. Even that excited her, knowing where it would lead them very soon. But when they were overcome by the urge to fuck, they would leave the house and go someplace. Karen suspected they used the garage, the back seat of the car parked there, but she didn't have the nerve to look out there. She was afraid they would see her, and that would have embarrassed her terribly.

Somehow, Karen felt that Sally would simply giggle naughtily, unconcerned about being caught. Her son, maybe, would look a little shame-faced at first, but then he too would probably laugh it off. She sensed that that would be all they would feel, a momentary shyness. It would be her who blushed from head to toe.

Just the day before, Karen had noticed the bulge in her son's pants. He was bold when he looked at her, his gaze riveted upon the stiffness of her nipples straining against the top of her dress, or at the exposure of her long thigh as she crossed her legs. She saw the bulge of his cock, and, when she realized it was her body which caused his hard-on, she felt a mixture of revulsion and ecstasy. Not revulsion, perhaps, but a tinge of shame.

And a little excitement that her body was causing his cock to be so hard.

So she was sprawled over her bed now, her face buried in her pillow, the images of her son fucking Sally, her pretty ass naked, uplifted, and wiggling around with pleasure, calling out to Brett to fuck her. Karen could see them as clearly as if they were fucking right now, the words still loud in her ears.

She was writhing her ass without realizing what she was doing as the heat grew between her thighs. She could feel the bubbling desire in and around her cunt, but she didn't know she was wiggling her ass, grinding her cunt against the mattress as the image of her son fucking Sally grew bright behind her tear-filled eyes.

When she had flung herself across the bed, her skirt, wide and flaring, had flown up high, exposing her thighs to the curve of her rounded ass, showing, the hint of her panties. Her feet dangled over the edge of the bed as she sobbed with wild hunger into the pillow. The cheeks of her shapely ass writhed and clenched as she pressed her cunt hard into the mattress.

She was totally unaware that she was starting to whisper the words that burned in her mind. "Cock . . . cunt . . fuck.. . . cunt

. . cock . . . cock . . . fuck . . .

She dug her nails into the pillow as the sensations grew hotter between her thighs. She began opening and closing her legs, scissoring them, her ass twisting.

There was heat building up inside her cunt, heat which was finding a release. It was that wanton beast inside her cunt bellowing for instant satisfaction. She felt as if her cunt was going to melt from her body, her clit burst into a thousand bits and pieces. Even her tits, flattened against the bed, had become swollen and her nipples seemed as hard as rocks.

"Fuck. .fuck," she was whispering. "Fuck... fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"
Her skirt was pushed higher by her hip motions. Now the tight seat of her panties was exposed, and the crotch was soaking wet. But she didn't really feel the wetness because her cunt was on fire.

"Fuck me. . . fuck me... fuck me!" Her ass wiggled.

"Fuck me!"
Her cunt pressed.

"Fuck me ... fuck me!"
The cheeks of her ass clenched. "Hot cunt. . ."
She ground hard.

"Hot cock!" Her ass lifted.

"Hard cock, fuck me!"
She slammed her cunt down into the mattress very hard, grinding wantonly. The waves of heat seared her, and a soft moan bubbled from her constricted throat when an orgasm began to flash through her.
Standing in the doorway, eyes enormous, was Brett.

He had come to his mother with some question now forgotten, watching with a glassy expression as she pounded her hips up and down. He could see the length of her slender legs, could see up between them when she opened them. He could see the crotch of her panties, the way she clenched the cheeks of her ass. His cock had immediately become hard inside his pants, throbbing there, dripping and making a wet spot on his shorts.

Everyone said how beautiful his mother was. She was also helpful with school activities and such things. Everyone liked her. She was friendly to all, and especially helpful with the boys and girls in his class, sometimes substituting when the regular teacher was ill. She was popular and most of the boys and girls in his class wanted her to become the full-time teacher, but Karen wanted only a part-time

Brett-like most boys his age-never considered his mother as having sexual feelings. She was his mother, that was all. When he had first noticed her thighs, her tits straining without a bra, he had learned that she was desirable not only as a mother, but as a beautiful woman who could create dull pains in his balls. Since he had a problem keeping his cock out of Sally's cunt now that they were fucking, he began to wonder why he never saw his mother with a man. At his age, he thought everyone wanted to fuck more than anything in the world. The more he saw of his mother's body, the more he felt like touching her.

Now, seeing her twisting her ass about, banging her cunt up and down, he wanted to touch her more then ever. He could see the bottom half of her panties and, when she opened her legs, the crotch stretched tight, the curling hairs of her cunt poking out. And his cock had become hard, very hard.

And then he heard her sobs turn into words.

"Fuck me . . . fuck me!"
His desire became intensely pronounced as he watched and listened.

"Hot cunt . . . hard cock . . . fuck me!"
That was when he stepped into her bedroom, his eyes staring fixedly at her revealed
thighs and panties, her squirming, twisting ass. His cock was bulging out very hard, his balls tight at the base of his prick.

Karen, not knowing her son was watching, whipped her ass up and down, making tight screwing motions, slamming her bubbling cunt against the, mattress.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" she said over and over in a hot, husky voice. "Ohhhh, fuck my cunt ... fuck my pussy hard!"
Brett was almost there. He could have reached out and touched her feet, but that was where he stopped, his gaze burning upon her grinding ass, seeing the smooth, creamy half moons that were exposed since her panties had drawn into the crack of her ass.

"Fuck me .. . oh, fuck me!" Karen moaned. "I need it so much! Fuck me . . . fuck me, Brett!"
Karen may not have known what she said, but her son certainly heard her. His name came like a blow to him, a blow that rocked him on his heels, and made his cock throb hard inside his pants.

"Fuck me, Brett!"
And she slammed her ass down, a wail coming from her throat as an unusually powerful orgasm ripped through her body.

Karen's body became still after her last orgasm.

She rested quietly, no longer sobbing, her face still in the pillow. There was a gentle movement of her ass. Brett remained where he was, staring at his mother's thighs. They were so long and slender, so smooth and creamy, without a flaw to mar the beauty of her flesh. The half-moons of her ass cheeks were exciting, and he found himself wanting to see more
of her ass.

Karen's ass was rounded to perfection, with twin cheeks that swelled out in a tightness of sheer beauty. It was an ass that almost cried out for a caress, a touch, a kiss. It was an ass like many women wished they had, and some teenage girls dreamed of having an ass half as fine. It was an ass that sent men to jerk off, an ass that could cause a man to come in his pants if he looked long enough.

Brett felt as if he would come in his pants as he gazed upon that tantalizing sweetness.

Karen sighed and turned over, eyes closed.

Her legs remained wide apart, and her son was now staring at the mound of her cunt inside those tight panties. Although not sheer, he could see the shadow of her cunt hair, the flawless triangle it formed, the wetness there. He could see the lickable inner thighs and the few curls of cunt hair that escaped the tight crotch of her panties.

His prick bulged out, outlined now by his pants as he stared, licking his lips.

Karen sensed she was not alone.

Afraid to open her eyes, she didn't move. She felt heat creeping over her face.

Brett looked at his mother's face, seeing that what everyone said was true-she was one of the most beautiful women ever. She had dark
hair and almond-shaped eyes. She had a small straight nose, and a full wide mouth. Her tits were straining up against her dress even as she rested on her back, two hard nipples visible.

Karen was afraid to move, afraid to open her eyes, afraid she would see someone standing over her.

Her eyes opened.

The first thing she saw was her son's cock bulging in his pants. Her breath caught in her throat, and she could not pull her gaze from his prick. The heat that had come to her face became the heat of desire, the heat of that pacing beast demanding satisfaction.

"Fuck me," she whispered, her words barely audible.

Brett's body jerked, his eyes staring at her, his cock throbbing.

"Fuck me," she said, a bit louder. But Brett couldn't move.

"Fuck me!" she almost screamed.

"Fuck me, damn you!"
"But, Mother, I . ."
"Fuck me!" Her tone was demanding, her eyes burning on his outlined cock. She ran her tongue over her lips. "Fuck me, goddamn you."
She spread her legs as wide as she could,
jerking her dress to her waist. Her stomach was flat, trembling with overheated hunger. Her belly button was a lovely dimple and the waist of her bikini panties barely covered the line of her cunt hair. The crotch was stretched, with dark hair showing along each side.

"Fuck me!" she demanded again, her voice a low growl.

When her son didn't move but stood staring at hers Karen sat up quickly, clawing at his pants, opening his belt, shoving his pants down. She jerked the crotch of his shorts to one side, his cock springing out.

"Ohhhhh!" she moaned, grabbing her son's cock in a tight fist and jerking. "I want this! I need this! Fuck me, Brett!"
Karen pulled her son between her thighs, stroking his cock with a tight, hot hand.

"You're going to fuck me, Brett," she said in a softer voice, staring at the smooth head of his cock, watching his fuck juice drip. "You're going to fuck like you fuck Sally."
"Mother, how do-"
"Shut up!" she hissed, turning his cock loose and ripping her panties from her body, tossing them across the room. "Fuck me and shut up!"
She spread herself on the bed, her head on the pillow again, her legs wide. She was almost
doing the splits on her back. The pink wetness of her cunt glistened between the thick curls of her pussy hair, her clit throbbing up from the folds. She arched her pussy up.

"Fuck me-now!"
Brett stared at his mother, his cock jerking up and down in a wild manner. The thick hair of her cunt curled up and around the pink puffiness of her cunt. The excitement running through him was fantastic. His eyes gleamed as his mother lifted her lips, twisting her crotch around in such a lewd way that he almost came just from watching.

"Hurry, damn it!" Karen hissed at her son, her body trembling. "Hurry up and fuck me!"
She pulled her knees back to her chest, holding them with her hands, keeping them wide, gazing at him from between them. Her ass lifted from the bed and seemed to wiggle and shiver with anticipation.

He could stand it no longer.

Brett moved onto the bed, his cock aimed at his mother's steaming cunt. Then his prick was inside her.

"Oooooo!" Karen hissed, her eyes rolling as her pussy clamped about the swollen head of her son's cock. "Ohhhhh, yes!"
Brett jerked his hips forward, and his cock fucked deeply into her cunt, all the way, his
balls smashing against the uplifted cheeks of her ass. For a while, a long while, he held himself there, braced with his hands on each side of her. He felt the heat of his mother's wet cunt sear the flesh of his cock, felt the gripping waves.

Karen felt as if she had been penetrated by something enormous, something very long and thick. A soft sob of pleasure bubbled from her tight throat, and her hands, holding her legs up, tightened there.

"Ooooo, so good?" she moaned.

"Mother, I want to. . ."
"Yes, yes!" she shouted with passion. "Fuck me, Brett! Oh, God ... fuck me!"
With sensation after sensation steaming through his young body, Brett began to fuck his mother. He lifted his ass, drawing his cock out a bit, then flicked back in. Karen thrust her ass up, her cunt meeting his cock, the lips closing around the base, then sucking as he drew back for another lunge.

While her son fucked his cock in and out of her very hot and wet cunt, Karen sobbed in swelling ecstasy, arching and bouncing her ass, twisting about as the sensations of ecstasy burned through her. She turned her head from side to side, her dark eyes rolling. She was gasping and mewling, gurgling and sobbing.

She pulled her bottom lip into her mouth and began to chew, her ass thrashing up and down wildly and mindlessly.

Garbled words came from her, an incoherent chattering of encouragement to him. Her breath was driven from her lungs by the intensity of her delight. As Brett fucked her cunt, she would grunt as the air left her chest.

"Oooooo... ohhhhh..." Over and over, the sounds came from her. "Ahhhhh, yes, yes! Mmmmmm, darling!"
Then, unexpectedly, Karen began to come. A screech of tormented ecstasy ripped from her mouth as the convulsions struck her. Her cunt grew tight, relaxed, became tight again as her son fucked his cock in and out. The orgasms were strong, making her shudder and shake from head to toe. It was as if the beast within her was throwing itself against the confining walls of her senses roaring with a raging pleasure that, until now, had been alien to her.

"I'm . . . coming!" she screamed. "I can't stop. . . I'm coming! Oh, coming so hard!"
Brett felt each of those hot spasms gripping his cock, squeezing with waves of heat. Holding himself up, he stared between their bodies, watching his mother beat her hairy
cunt brutally against his cock. He was so fascinated by what he saw, he wasn't moving. He held himself still and watched his mother slam her convulsing cunt up and down his cock, riding, beating, fucking.

"More! Oh, please. . . more!" Karen was sobbing. "I want more, Brett!"
Confused, Brett continued to hold himself up and watch her beat that hair-lined cunt back and forth on his cock.. It was amazing to him the power his mother had, the strength and endurance. Sally had never fucked him this way before. Sally was a damn good fuck, but not as good as his mother, the thought flashed through his mind.

Then he had no more time for any more thoughts. His mother's pussy was burning his cock, sliding up and down on his prick frantically. The orgasms rumbling through her caused her cunt to grip and suck at his prick, and his balls became very tight.

Again he became confused. He was about to come, and the question of coming into his mother's cunt flared brightly inside his mind.

But it was as it her pussy made his mind up for him.

He yelped, come juice spewing from his prick before he could decide.

Although she was coming in fiery waves of
ecstasy, Karen knew when her son came. She felt his cock swell and felt the increase of his cock's throbs. She jerked her cunt up against him, drawing his cocks deeply into her cunt. She yelled something that failed to penetrate his ecstasy, her cunt grinding at the base of his prick.

Karen, feeling her son's cock juice gushing into her cunt, screamed as her orgasms became more intense, and she thought her bones would shatter with the tight ecstasy. Her cunt seemed to be sucking the come juice from his cock, drawing his jism up from his tight balls.

Although her climax lasted only seconds, it seemed to go on for hours.
Slowly, Karen lowered her naked ass to the bed, releasing her grip behind her knees. She slipped her thighs down his sides, brushing them over his hips and then squeezed him between the exciting smoothness, eventually parting them to let him withdraw.

She sprawled on the bed, her legs wide, her cunt still twitching, and looked at her son from slitted eyes. He stood at the side of the bed, looking down at her, his cock glistening from the mixed juices of his come juice and her cunt.

They looked at one another for a long time, neither speaking.

Then Brett turned, pulling up his pants and leaving her in the room alone.

Karen threw an arm over her eyes and began to sob with humiliation and horror at what she had done. But it had not really been her, she told herself. It had been that beast pacing inside her body, the beast that demanded, devoured and made her believe she was going out of her mind.

She had allowed it to take control of her, absolute control. Never would she have fucked her son, she told herself. It was the beast, that fiery, gnawing animal inside her cunt. It made her feel better to blame her actions on some intangible something, that could not be seen, but certainly could be felt inside her.

One thing that helped her place the blame on something other than herself was that she knew she would not have fucked her ex-husband that way. She would- never have pulled her knees up and spread them, exposing her cunt so lewdly. If her fuck partner had been her husband, she would have simply opened her legs and let him shove his cock into her. She might have wiggled and thrust with him, but nothing more than that. She would not have exposed her so lewdly, so wantonly.

Therefore, it had not been her but the beast. Feeling better, she got off the bed and
removed her clothing, then walked into the bathroom and started the shower going, adjusting the heat and spray. She scrubbed her slender body, enjoying the water cascading down onto her.

Then she began to hum and sing softly.

She had not felt this good in ages, she thought. Her creamy, unblemished flesh glowed, tingled with a delightful sensation. She sang and hummed and washed her body, finally getting out, still humming happily.

Wearing a lovely sundress, her feet in low heeled sandals, she started from the bedroom. At the door she paused and frowned. She didn't have a bra on, nor panties. She started to turn back into the room, then a giggle burst from her.

"Fuck it," she whispered.

And she giggled again.

"That's right, fuck it!"
Singing softly, she went to the kitchen and prepared a cup of instant coffee. Karen hated instant coffee, but she didn't want to brew up a full pot and waste it. Brett, she noticed, had left the house.

She felt a mild sense of depression, but it lifted quickly. Sitting in the living room, on the couch where she had seen her son fucking Sally, she drank her coffee and spoke aloud to

"You damned old beast," she said to her stomach. "I'll show you. I'll have fun, too. You're not going to control me, damn you."
She was sure her cunt quivered.

She thought she could still feel her son's cock inside her cunt, deeply. She felt as if the lips were still stretched about his prick, and, too, she felt his prick throbbing in her. Karen wiggled her ass into the cushion, a smile on her face.

The beast, she realized, was not inside her stomach at all, but there between her long legs. The beast was her cunt. That insatiable, tormenting beast was her pussy. It was her cunt demanding satisfaction, demanding a hard cock, demanding a fuck.

But knowing this didn't help Karen at all. Her happy mood changed and she felt ashamed of herself. Brett would never love her again, never want to see her again, never want to touch her. He wouldn't want to be seen in public with her.

She didn't blame him.

She had acted shamelessly with him. She had exposed her cunt and begged him to fuck her. He was probably with his friends laughing about it now, laughing at her, his own mother. Or with Sally, telling the exquisitely cute girl
all those dirty details. Tears caine into Karen's eyes as the impact of her wanton behavior grew inside her.

She cupped her face and cried.

In her mind, she berated herself, degrading herself in a mental way. She called herself all those wicked names she heard applied to easy girls, girls who would fuck anyone, anytime, anyplace. But none of it helped. Her beast, her cunt, continued to throb hungrily.

She had another cup of instant coffee drinking half of it and pouring the rest down the drain. She walked through the house wringing her hands, still mentally cursing herself, cursing her insatiable private beast.... her cunt.

When it grew dark, she was still alone. That reinforced her thought that Brett couldn't stand the sight of her anymore. When he had not come home by nine that evening, she went to her room and prepared for bed. Usually, Karen wore a nightgown, but this night she slipped between the cool, clean sheets naked. She lay there on her back, staring up at the darkened ceiling her thoughts whirling accusingly, and her cunt still demanding.

She couldn't sleep.

The lighted dial on her bedside clock was inching close to eleven, and still Brett had not
come home. She was getting concerned. He seldom stayed out after ten, even on weekends. But he had his girl friend now, and from what Karen had seen, Sally could help him occupy his time very well.

She imagined them fucking now, fucking someplace in the shadows, or maybe they were even out there in the garage, using the car for all she knew. The image caused her torment to become greater, and she felt a tinge of jealousy that was unexpected. A lurching, burning sensation came to her cunt, and she squeezed her thighs tightly. The pressure she caused upon those puffy lips and her clit caused a small and very quick orgasm to explode there.

"Oh!" she moaned softly as she came.

Balling her hands into fists, she beat softly upon the mattress, trying to drive the heat from her cunt, the demands out of her mind. But the images of her son's cock fucking into Sally's young cunt would not go away.

"Damn, damn, damn!" she muttered.

Tossing the sheet off, she climbed from the bed and walked through the darkened house and opened the door in the kitchen leading to the garage. She listened carefully, but there were no sounds at all.

They weren't there, and, with a feeling of relief, Karen returned to bed.

He had to be someplace, and he had to be with Sally. Maybe they were at her house. Before she stopped herself, she started to reach for the phone, but then she remembered she didn't know the number or even Sally's last name.

Sighing, she pulled her hand back. "Mother?"
At first she thought it was only in her mind. "Mother, are you asleep?"
She turned and saw the dim shadow of her son standing in the open doorway.

"Can I come in for a minute, Mother?" "Of course," she said, her heart leaping
inside her chest. She felt a burning feeling between her thighs and realized her clitoris had become swollen.

Brett came in hesitantly, and sat on the edge of her bed. It was dark in the room, but she could see his face dimly. Placing her hand on top of his, she waited for him to speak.

"About this afternoon, Mother," he said, then found he could say no more.

She waited, giving him time. Besides, there was nothing she could say either, at least nothing that would make any sense. She felt his hand shaking beneath hers, and she curled her fingers around his.

She became aware that her, son appeared naked. She could feel his thigh with the tip of one finger. His flesh felt hot, and, believing he was naked, caused a shiver go over her flesh, a shiver of unexplainable delight.

They remained silent, but their breathing seemed unusually loud. She felt her son clutching at her hand, and she tightened her grip. If the light had been on, her son would have seen the straining thrust of her tits, molded by the sheet, her nipples arching up in rubbery hardness. He would have seen the outline of her slender body beneath. But the lights were off and the room was too dark to see anything but dim shadows and faint outlines.

Karen was horrified to find she was lifting the sheet, pulling at her son, urging him to slip under it with her. Brett came without resistance, and they lay side by side under the sheet, holding hands but otherwise not touching. They both stared at the dark ceiling, both aware of heavy breathing, of the tensions
between them. When Brett shifted his body a little, her hand-the back of it-came into contact with his hip. He was not, as she had thought, naked. He was wearing his shorts. Karen wasn't sure she was glad of that or not.

For a long time they just rested there, both breathing heavily, both waiting, both almost afraid. Then Karen sighed, a long drawn-out sound. As she sighed, she drew her son's hand toward her body, making it touch her naked hip. She felt him tremble and her breath seemed to suddenly catch in her throat.

Very slowly, she began to rub the back of his hand against her hip, up and down, then in small circles. Brett did not resist and let her move his hand.

Then, without speaking, they turned to face each other. Karen still held his hand, and they lay there for some time, both of them trembling. Finally, Brett's other hand moved to his mother's side, and slipped up and over the round curve of her naked tit. When his fingers brushed the nipple, Karen mewled and their lips met. Kissing softly at first, the pressure increased as they opened their mouths. A tentative thrust of her tongue met his, and they licked the tips of each other's tongue almost tenderly. When Brett finally cupped her naked tits, Karen sighed and released his hand, her
fingers stroking the front of his tight shorts. She felt the hardness of his cock, and for a moment simply stroked up and down. Then, with a sob, Karen closed her fingers around his prick and squeezed hard.

"Ohhhhh, damn it!" she sobbed.

Brett's fingers dug into her tit, her nipple burning at his palm. She jerked on his cock, his shorts impeding her movement.

"Mother! Oh, hell, Mother!"
"I know, honey," she whispered, her voice choking. "Hush because I know."
Her cunt, that raging beast of a cunt, was demanding again, burning between her thighs. Karen shot her hand into his shorts, grabbing his cock tightly, holding, feeling his prick throb. She squeezed, then began to jerk up and down on his cock. With a grunt of pleasure, she felt his hand sliding toward her hips, then down in front of her. As he brushed his fingers through the thick curls of her pussy, Karen lifted her thigh and braced it with bent knee.

"Oh, God!" she whimpered as his hand moved between her thighs, cupping her steamy wet cunt. "Ooooo, Brett . . . darling!"
They began kissing furiously, tongues thrusting and licking and sucking. She jerked on her son's cock frantically, and his finger slipped into her cunt, flicking in and out as the
heel of his hand rubbed and agitated her inflamed clit. Their passions soared as they jerked and fingered and felt. She took his balls in her palm and held them as he stroked the hairy lips of her cunt, then plunged his finger back into her, fucking it in and out as she twisted her hips, moaning into his mouth, sucking frantically on his tongue.

Then she released him, sitting up in bed and throwing the sheet to the foot. They did not say anything, but Karen began to jerk at his shorts, drawing them down his hips and to his feet. When she had them off, she sat on her heels and grabbed his cock in one hand, his balls with the other. She beat up and down on his cock, squeezing and pulling at his balls. Brett was digging into one of her naked tits, twisting the nipple, pulling on it. They were breathing heavily, grasping as the desire seared their flesh. Karen pumped on his cock swiftly, her fingers tight; She brushed her thumb over the cockhead, across his piss hole, finding it slippery with seeping wetness.

With a sob, she flung a leg over him, straddling his body, standing up on her knees. She held his cock and rubbed his prick up and down the slit of her boiling cunt. Her body was shaking and her eyes were closed.

"Ohhhhh!" she moaned, and plunged her
cunt down onto his prick. She sat there on him, his cock deep inside her steamy cunt. For a moment, she remained still, then began to jerk bet hips to and fro, sliding her creamy hot ass about.

Brett was digging his hands into his mother's thighs high up, with his hands almost into the thatch of cunt hair, lifting his hips, arching up as she started fucking him.

Throwing her head back, Karen moaned loudly, her hips jerking, riding on his cock. The ecstasy of his prick deep inside her inflamed cunt, the powerful throbbing was so great, so intense she was almost out of her mind.

"Oh, baby, baby!" she wailed, her tight, shapely tits jiggling, her nipples jutting in hardness. "Ohhhhh, so good, darling! So damned good!"
The boiling of her blood made her vision hazy, but she could see her son's face. It was twisted with pleasure, his tongue caught between his teeth as she banged her hairy cunt up and down his thick prick. His fingers were digging into her thighs hard, almost enough to bruise her creamy flesh.

"Hot, Mother," he grunted. "So hot!"
"I know! I know!" Karen yelped, swinging her ass about in tight circles, grinding against
him. "I know I'm hot! I know."
Brett arched his hips high, trying to match her plunging cunt in movement. Karen banged hard onto him, squealing in a hot voice. The hair-lined lips of her cunt gnawed and flexed around his hard cock, working on his prick like a hot, hungry mouth. Her clit scraped up and down the shaft of her son's cock, searing and tingling. Every nerve in her lovely body was alive, alive with that most glorious of all ecstasy.

When her orgasm started, Karen screamed softly, the sound growing louder as her orgasm became more powerful. She was shaking with pleasure, grinding ecstatically onto his throbbing cock. She filled her cunt time and again with his wonderful, beautiful, fantastically hard cock.

"I'm coming," she hissed. "Ohhhh, darling, you're making me come! Ohhhhh, so good . . . so damned good!"
"I think I'm gonna come, too, Mother!" Brett groaned, as if trying to prevent his cock from exploding.

"Oh, yes! Please," she wailed. "Please come, Brett! I want it! I want it deep inside me . . . come, darling! Oh, God . . . come!"
Brett arched his hips as high as he could, fucking his cock deep into his mother's grasp-
ing cunt. Karen was lifted higher, almost standing on her knees as her son fucking his cock up and down, ramming his prick into In convulsing cunt hard and fast, grunting in a thick way.

A stream of come juice boiled from his cock, spattering the satiny walls of her overheated cunt. The jerking flood of his come juice spurting into her pussy sent Karen into a wailing, mindless ecstasy that was almost alien to her. Her naked body jerked and thrashed on top of him, her eyes squeezed shut, whimpers of delight bubbling from her lips..

Then, swiftly, all her muscles turned to liquid, losing strength. She fell forward, her son's cock clamped tightly by her still-gripping cunt. Her tits fell across his face and one nipple popped between his lips. While her naked ass writhed over him, his cock still up her cunt, Brett sucked at his mother's rubbery nipple, his tongue licking. She felt his hands sliding up her thighs, over her hips, then around to caress the creamy surfaces of her quivering ass cheeks.

She rested atop him, letting her ecstasy drain away slowly: His hands felt so good on her naked ass, sliding and touching and feeling. After a moment or so she pulled her nipple from his mouth and held herself up by her
hands, looking down into his young handsome face. Brett's eyes sparkled up at her, and he kept holding her ass.

Karen grinned suddenly.

Brett returned the grin.

"I guess we're sort of crazy, Brett," she said in a low whisper.

"Probably, Mother," he agreed.

"But I don't care. Do you?"
He shook his head.

"We can be as crazy as we want, don't you think, honey?"
He nodded his head, still grinning up at her.

"What about Sally now?" Karen asked.

"I don't know, Mother."
"You don't have to give her up, darling," she said. "You can still keep her for your girlfriend. I'll just be the spare. You know, when you need a piece and she's not around."
Brett's grin widened.

Karen wiggled her ass, giggling. Lifting from him, she rested at his side, one of her warm thighs across his, her hand cupping his cock and balls. Brett's arm cradled her head as they rested, both growing sleepy now. The beast between her thighs had stopped its pacing, stopped bellowing demands-for the time being.

When she woke up, her back was pressed
against her son's warm body. They lay in a spoon fashion and ( www.indiansexstories.mobi ) she felt his cock pressing against the crack of her ass. There was a heat to his prick, and his cock throbbed between her creamy ass cheeks. His arm was around her, his hand holding a firm, smooth tit. His cock was hard, and she shivered. Facing the window, she was aware of the sun high in the sky. She didn't have to look at the clock to tell her it was getting close to noon.

She wiggled her naked ass against her son's cock, feeling his prick respond with an eager throb. Her eyes began to glitter as she made soft cooing noises. She twisted her ass against him gently and slowly, enjoying the feel of his cock there.

Karen moved a hand between her thighs, shifting her position slightly. She drew the swollen head of his cock to the puffy lips of her hairy cunt. Gently, she inserted that precious smooth cockhead into her cunt, moving very slowly, savoring the pleasure of her son's cock fucking into her pussy again. He was still sleeping, his breathing hot and even on her back. Going very slowly, she moved her ass until she had the full length of his cock in her cunt. She held still this way for a while, not moving but enjoying the throbbing of his prick deep inside her. She cupped his hand which
rested on her tit, curling his fingers about the roundness.

Finally she began to move her ass, moving slowly and gently, fucking him as he slept. But Brett didn't stay asleep for long. She felt him squeeze her tit and his moist lips kissed her naked back.

"Mmmmmmm, good morning," she whispered, her hips in constant motion. "Good morning to you, Brett. And good morning to you, too, Mister Cock . . . Mister Hard Cock!"
Brett laughed, fucking his prick into her cunt as deep as he could, bringing a peal of giggling pleasure from his mother.

Karen drew her knees upwards, and her son scooted down a bit. His cock fucked in and out of her liquidy cunt easily, and Karen lifted one thigh so she could grasp his balls. She twisted and pulled them, but gently, as he fucked her slowly. Her ass would not be still. She was in constant motion, writhing against his lower stomach, feeling the heat of his flesh. It seemed to Karen that her son's cock went deeper than the night before.

The longer he fucked her, the better it felt. She began to mewl softly, twisting her ass about as he fucked his cock in and out of her cunt.

They fucked slowly, without the frenzy of the steaming, mindless passion of before. They fucked with love now. And, as her son's cock fucked in and out of her pussy, Karen was making some fast decisions. She didn't see why her son and his girlfriend, Sally, should be the only ones to really enjoy fucking. She saw no reason why she should try and contain that wild, constantly hungry beast between her thighs. It would be hopeless to try and tame it, to control it. It was too wild, too demanding.

"Fuck me," she whispered, hesitantly. "Fuck me, Brett!"
"Yeah, I will, Mother," he grunted from behind her, fucking his cock into her cunt harder. "I'll fuck you, Mother!"
She felt his tongue licking about her spine, running up and down it, then swirling about her shoulder blades. He was squeezing her tit hard, sending delightful shivers through her.

"Mmmmmm, fuck me, fuck me," she whispered softly, the words sounding good to her. "Fuck me, Brett... fuck me good, baby!"
"You have a hot cunt, Mother," she heard him saying at her back. "You're cunt is real hot and wet!"
A shiver shot up and down her flesh. She would not let Sally do anything she couldn't
do. Sally was a young girl, and she was in her early thirties if Sally could use those words to inflame and excite her son, she could too, and much better. Not that she felt there was any need to compete with the pretty girl. She felt more a desire to please her son than any sense of competition with Sally.

"Your cock is so hard, Brett," she breathed huskily. "You have such a hard cock, darling . . . and it feels so good in mother's cunt!"
Brett ran his tongue about her back, licking the silky flesh, his hips pumping.

"And your balls," she went on, rolling them about in her hand as she twisted her naked ass. "Your balls are so full and sweet, so precious. You come so much in me, honey. I love to feel your cock coming off inside me, inside my cunt, my pussy...twat...cunt...cunt, cunt!"
Brett was fucking her faster and faster, the words she was using inflaming his mind and passions. Karen wiggled her ass about for him, thrashing back and forth in time with his lunges. Her cunt was about to spasm with those deliciously sweet orgasms. She squeezed at his balls, pulling them, urging her son to squirt, to come, to flood, her steamy cunt with his thick, sweet come juice.

As the orgasms rippled through her, making
her stomach clutch and her tits tingle in tightness, her hairy cunt sucked at her son's cock with increasingly harder waves. The head of her pussy, the wetness, seemed to devour his hard, throbbing cock, eating at his prick, trying to suck his hard cock deep inside her body.

"Oooooo, baby, baby!" she cooed, writhing her ass back against him, drawing her knees higher and tighter. "Go real deep up my cunt! Ahhhhh, yes! That's it, Brett! Ohhhh, fuck me! Fuck my hot cunt... come up my wet pussy! Oh, fill mother's hungry cunt with come juice, darling! Squirt it to me. . spurt it... gush it..."
"Uh . . . uh!" Brett grunted, fucking her pussy hard and deep. A long moan came from him as his cock spurted, sending the creamy juice from his balls deep into his mother's greedy cunt.

Karen squealed as she felt his cock spewing into her pussy. The hair-lined lips of her cunt seemed to grip his cock with a squeezing sensation, gripping and releasing. She moaned with the intensity of her ecstasy, arching her ass against him.

Brett hugged his mother tightly, his cock caught inside the tightness of her cunt. He fondled her tits and caressed her side, her hips and thighs. He kissed at her creamy back and
flicked about it with the tip of his tongue. Karen fondled his balls tenderly, her eyes closed as she savored the early fucking, the beast within her sated for the time being.

It was strange, Karen thought, how a person could go through so many years without really knowing anything about herself. Then, bang, overnight she becomes a different person.

She had beard that people go through various changes in seven-year cycles, but had not paid much attention to that. She had not noticed any changes in herself-until lately. She had now become a different person than she had been. It was as if she wanted to make
up for lost time, the time lost lacking the erotic aspects of living, the excitement, the enjoyment of fucking.

Knowing that her son showed no signs of reluctance to fuck her, Karen suppressed any feelings of shame or guilt, too. Surprisingly she felt no jealousy toward his girlfriend. She didn't care how often he fucked the pretty girl, or where he fucked her. In a way it was exciting, knowing he was sticking his cock into that young cunt and then fucking her later. She knew that her son loved her, and that, by him fucking Sally, she wasn't losing anything.

Fucking could be easily separated from love, Karen knew. A hard cock and a wet, hot cunt were not necessarily love. But it sure as hell was fun!
She knew her son was waiting right now for Sally to call him. She knew they had a date for this afternoon, and it was up to Sally when she could get away from her own home. And she knew Brett and Sally seldom went on real dates. The dates they had were fucking dates, not the movie and hamburger dates other teenagers had.

Her son's relationship with Sally was based almost solely on fucking. Brett had talked enough about Sally so that Karen knew the girl dated other boys, but those were movie dates.

As far as Brett knew-and he was certain of it-he was the only one fucking the sweet little creature. It was as though Sally was leading a double life, one of outward virginity and one of wild fucking. That didn't make Karen feel any the less for the girl. She could easily associate with the double life. She; too, presented the perfect picture of a loving, caring mother to those outside her home, and in private she was fucking her son like the insatiable nymphomaniac she was becoming.

The secrecy of fucking her son was exciting to her too, like eating the forbidden fruit. Doing something absolutely unacceptable to society went streaming tingles of excitement racing up and down her creamy smooth flesh.

Karen sat on the couch next to her son as he waited for Sally to call. She had one arm over his shoulder and the other hand in his lap. She was stroking his cock inside his pants, her skirt high on her long thighs.

"If-she don't call soon," Karen whispered into his ear softly, "There won't be much of a hard-on left for her."
Brett grinned and fondled his mother's thigh. "I always have a hard-on," he said.

"Brag, brag," she teased.

He poked a finger toward her cunt, and Karen squealed and pressed her thighs
together, capturing his hand between them. She thrust the tip of her tongue into his ear, and at the same time grabbed his cock through his pants. Brett jerked his hand free of her tight thighs and closed his fingers about one of his mother's arching tits.

"Mmmmm, you like that tit, do you?" she whispered into his ear. "Well, I like this cock!"
She opened his pants and pulled his prick free, wrapping her fingers around his cock and jerking up and down. She ran her tongue into his ear again, and her son dug into her tit, making her moan in pleasure. She squeezed his cock hard, then jerked rapidly.

Taking her arm from around his shoulders, she fondled his prick with two hands. Brett ran his arm about his mother's shoulder, hugging her as she rested her head on his chest, watching his cock as she toyed with him. The piss hole was wet again, beads of clear liquid seeping from it. She drew her fist up tightly, bringing more liquid forth. Her eyes were glassy and her cunt was pulsating with increasing heat and wetness.

It was a moment or so before she felt the pressure of her son's arm around her shoulders. He was trying to push her face downward, and she lifted her head and looked
into his eyes. "What is it you want me to do, darling?"
Brett didn't say anything, his eyes glazed with desire.

"Does Sally do that for you?" Karen asked. "Does she let you stick your cock in her mouth?"
Brett nodded.

"And you want to stick it in my mouth?"
Again he nodded.

Karen stared into her son's eyes for a long time. She finally said, her voice a soft whisper, "I don't really know how to do it, darling."
"Just put it in your mouth, Mother," he said in a thick voice. "I'll do the rest."
"You're sure Sally lets you do this?" "She sucks good cock, Mother." "Sucks . . . cock," Karen whispered, the phrase sounding strange to her. "Sucks cock. . .you mean she's a cocksucker?" "And a damned good cocksucker, Mother."
"You want me to be a cocksucker for you, too, don't you." she asked.

Brett didn't say anything, just waited. Karen gazed back at his cock. The piss hole was quite wet and slippery now. She ran her tongue over her lips, and her son pressed at her head, urging her to go downward. She didn't
resist him. Her head rested on his stomach now, her mouth only inches from the swollen head of his cock. She could feel her son's stomach quivering in desire, and his cock lurched in her fist.

She felt her son's hand on the back of her head, pressing her down slowly. "Take my cock in your mouth, Mother," he urged.

Karen's lips were closed when the wet head of his cock touched them. She felt the heat and wetness of his prick smear her lips, and she slowly allowed him to press the smooth head of his cock between them. Her lips stretched, and the smoothness of his prick felt like satin as she made a tentative lick with her tongue. The wetness had a sweet sort of taste to her, and she found she didn't mind it in the least. She held his cockhead with her lips and ran her tongue over the head, feeling him pressing her head down more, urging her to suck the full length of his cock into her mouth.

Brett lifted his hips as he pressed his mother's head down, and that drove his cock deeper. Karen could feel the hardness now, the heat, and her lips tingled in a delicious way. He shoved more of his cock into her mouth, then began to fuck up and down slowly.

Karen mewled about his prick, enjoying the feel of his cock inside her mouth, the taste of
his prick. She liked the way his cock throbbed against her lips. She rested her cheek on his lower stomach, letting him fuck into her mouth, her lips gripping his cock tightly. She pressed her fingers into his thigh, her eyes closed. He arched up and down, fucking her mouth slowly, and Karen found herself taking his prick all the way. The smooth roundness of the cockhead probed at her throat, and she found it easy to accept without gagging or choking. He started fucking her mouth faster, and Karen began to moan softly, her tongue licking the prick shaft. She dug her fingers into his thigh hard, feeling her cunt convulse with an orgasm.

With her head resting on his stomach, Brett could arch his cock up and down, fucking into his mother's mouth as she passively accepted it. Although Karen wasn't bobbing on his cock, there was an appeal to having his prick in her mouth this way that caused her cunt to spasm with ecstasy. She loved the tingling stretching of her lips around the throbbing hard-on.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned softly as he fucked in and out of her accepting mouth. "Mmmmmmmm!"
Dragging her hand along his thigh, she tried to cup his balls, but his pants were in the way.

She had to satisfy herself by rubbing her palm up and down his crotch.

"Your mouth is so hot and wet, Mother!" she heard her son gasping. "Really hot! like your cunt! Ohhhh, Mother, suck me . . . suck my cock!"
Karen began to move her mouth now. As her son came up, flicking his prick into her mouth, she went down, taking his cock deep. As he pulled outward, she sucked up, drawing on her son's cock hard as her tongue scraped the throbbing cock shaft. Soft squealing moans kept bubbling from her as she sucked.

Her mind was whirling with the pleasure she felt. The hot desire to devour his cock completely was very strong. She wanted to suck his prick down into her throat as deeps as she could, literally eat his cock from his body. She squeezed her eyes tight as she clung to his cock with her burning lips. A shiver of ecstasy rippled up and down her flesh.

"Mmmmmmmm!" she moaned again. "Mmmmmmm!"
"Suck it, Mother!" Brett was grunting, fucking his cock up and down and pressing at the back of her head. "Suck my cock! Ohhhh, so damned hot.., such a hot mouth, Mother! Ahhhh, suck my cock deep. . . suck it down your cocksucking throat!"

By the time the frantic words had ended, Brett was fucking his cock back into her mouth, and Karen was eating like a demented woman, sucking in a frenzy of erotic lust, her tongue swirling wetly as she gripped his prick with tight lips.

With a loud grunt, Brett arched upwards, fucking his cock to the back of her throat. Karen gobbled hard. A squirt of come juice splashed against her throat, rolling down before she realized he was coming. As the frothy come juice slithered down her throat, she gave a muffled scream and began to suck up and down on hit cock with furious motions; her tongue whipping all about.

Her mouth filled with spurt after spurt and she found her curt exploding in a series of orgasms, causing her ass to twist and her thighs to squeeze. The come juice ran over her tongue, coating it before sliding down her throat. The taste of her son's come juice was like a precious nectar to her, and she swallowed greedily, her tongue swinging in short, tight
circles about the spewing piss hole every chance she had. She was moaning as loudly as her son, the ecstasy within her own body as powerful as his.

Karen's lips gripped her son's discharging cock tightly, just past the head of his prick now as he finished coming. Her tongue licked hotly about the piss hole, and she took the final spurt of thick, creamy come juice into her mouth.

Even then, Karen didn't want to release his cock. She continued to cling to his prick with her lips, her tongue moving. She pulled his cock completely into her mouth again, rolling her tongue about as her son slumped back on the couch, panting heavily. He was no longer pressing at her head. He was now running his fingers through her hair, caressing her gently.

That was when the phone rang.

"No, please," she pleaded as her son picked it up. "Don't answer it, darling."
But he was already talking to Sally. Karen began to open his pants all the way, sliding to the floor and onto her knees, dragging his pants to his feet as he talked to his girlfriend. Exposing her son's cock and balls, she shoved her face to them, nuzzling hotly, kissing at them with her wet, hungry lips. She paid no attention to what he was saying to Sally. She
was totally absorbed with his cock and balls. His come juice, the taste of it, still lingered in her mouth, and the only thought Karen had was to suck him off once more, to have his cock spew that rich, delicious come juice into her mouth again.

Bits and pieces of his conversation broke through her fogged mind, but his words made no sense at the moment. She gazed at his cock and balls, spreading his knees wide. His balls hung down heavily, and his cock rested on his stomach. Karen gripped his hips and shoved her mouth into his crotch, kissing wetly and nuzzling about, mewling with erotic pleasure. She licked her tongue along the shaft of his cock, then down to his balls. She flicked her son's balls with the tip of her tongue, then licked at his thighs along the sides of his balls, back to the shaft of his cock.

And Brett kept up a running conversation, looking down at his mother as she kissed and licked him. His cock was swelling again, lifting to meet his mother's lips and darting tongue. Karen dipped her face and opened her mouth wide, then sucked her son's balls in. She sucked at his balls, her eyes closed, mewling with pleasure as her tongue licked them. His cock lifted into complete hardness again, jerking and waving as she mouthed his balls the
way a small puppy would play with a toy or a bone.

Karen's fingers dug into his hips tightly, her long nails almost scratching his flesh. Releasing his balls, she raced her wet, hot tongue up the underside of his throbbing cock. She held the base with one hand and ran her tongue about his piss hole, circling the smooth prick head, licking with soft murmurs of pleasure. She tapped the tip of her tongue against his piss hole, and, as she tasted the seeping juices there, her murmurs became whimpers of delight.

Holding the phone in one hand, Brett caressed his mother's cheek with the other, running his fingers to her chin, then to her ear, then to her cheek again. Karen's body shook as a shiver flowed through her. She gazed for a long time at the smoothness of his cock, watching the clear juices seep out of his piss hole. Her eyes were smoldering with hunger. She pressed her lips to the head of his cock and kissed, sliding her hand to his balls. With a soft moan, Karen opened her lips wide, and sank her mouth onto his cock again. She closed her lips about the hard cock shaft and slowly went down on him, as if impaling her face on a huge, long rod. She went all the way down, her lips writhing at the base as her
throat began to work on the head of his prick. Finally she sucked upwards, and her eyes, open again, took on a fiery, glassy expression.

She began to suck her son frantically.

Karen was holding his hips again, mouthing him in a wild way, and Brett was arching his cock up for her, still talking on the phone to Sally. Karen was so involved, so hungry for his cock and creamy come juice, she could no longer hear his words. Her whole being was wrapped up in the hard throbbing of her son's prick. Her cunt was slippery with wetness; and the smooth inner surfaces of her thighs were wet as fuck juices ran along them. On her knees, she writhed her ass as she leaned into her son's crotch, her face bobbing up and down, her lips tight, her tongue twisting and swirling.

She lifted his balls and pressed them against her chin, loving the feel of them there. Holding his cock deep in her mouth, she rubbed his balls on tier chin, moaning as her cunt went through a small series of delicious contractions.

"Mother . . . Oh, Mother!"
Karen's eyes opened as the word came through to her. With her mouth wrapped about his cock, she looked up at him. He still had the phone at his ear, but his expression
was that of a young boy about to experience the ultimate pleasure in a very few moments. Karen's eyes flashed wickedly at him, and she sucked harder, fucking his cock with her mouth with rapid up and down movements.

"I'm about to come again, Mother!" Brett groaned, lifting his ass high. "You're gonna make me come again! Oooooo, suck hard, Mother! Suck my cock hard!"
The spurting of his come juice for the second time in less than half an hour sent Karen's cunt into a boiling orgasm. Her hand left his hip and shot between her thighs, pressing hard against her convulsing cunt. Her throat worked to swallow the swift gushing of his come juice, her tongue licking as she raced her tight lips up and down his cock.

Whimpering in hungry ecstasy, Karen swallowed noisily, drinking from the spurting piss hole of her son's prick. Her eyes glazed over as the intense ecstasy seemed to wrap her whole body up with a heat that seared her flesh.

By the time she had finished sucking him off, Brett had replaced the telephone. He was again slumped on the couch, his chest heaving up and down, smiling widely at his mother as she sat back on her heels, licking her lips and grinning like a well-satisfied kitten.

She was still sitting there on her heels when Brett left the house.

Getting to her shaky legs, she stood for a moment and ran her tongue over her puffy lips. They still tingled nicely as she turned toward her room. She undressed and climbed into a hot, bubbly bath. Relaxed and feeling great, she slowly splashed hot water and bubbles over her tits and nipples. There was still a sweet sensation in her cunt..

She stayed in the tub for a long time, reliving the pleasure of the past two days. The pacing beast in her cunt seemed to be pacified, at least for the time being. It was not roaring and demanding as before.

With her head resting on the rim of the tub, bits and pieces of her son's telephone conversation came to her.

Suddenly she bolted upright, her eyes enormous and her mouth gaping.

Brett had been talking to Sally as Karen sucked his cock off, and he had said things that could leave no doubt as to what she was doing to him.

Karen jumped from the tub and pulled a robe on without drying off. She walked swiftly to the living room, but of course her son was gone. She had watched him leave the house. But then, what could she say to him? She had heard him talking to Sally, had failed to stop
him. It was as much her fault as his. If anything, it was more her fault. She should not have been so involved in sucking him off, she should have stopped-and told him to stint up, not to say anything to Sally.

But she had not said anything.

She had kept on sucking his cock as he had told Sally everything she was doing to him, right from the way she nuzzled into his crotch to the time he came in her mouth. He had been giving Sally all the details as-she knelt there, sucking him like some sex-crazed demented woman. . . which was what she had been.

Sally knew.

The little girl knew Karen was sucking her son's cock off, knew how she was doing it, the way she used her tongue and lips, the way she had sucked on his balls. Karen should have felt some shame, or at least a twinge of guilt. But she felt neither. On the contrary, now that her initial surprise was over, she felt a strange kind of excitement, a thrill. To have her son tell everything she was doing with his cock and balls to pretty Sally had been a contributing factor to her intense pleasure. She had not realized it at the time, but now she did. And Brett was with Sally right now. Perhaps he was telling the girl all of it, about fucking her, how it felt to have his cock inside his
mother's cunt, the way she wiggled her ass for him. Maybe they were fucking right now and talking about her, her body, her cunt and her cocksucking abilities.

The thought made Karen shiver with wicked pleasure.

She began dancing about the living room. She felt so good, better than she had felt in a long time. The beast within her cunt seemed satisfied. At least it wasn't pacing and calling for release. It was still there, but was quiet now. It was there and waiting for the next time, knowing it would be fed and taken care

She wished her son would come home. She would talk to him, find out if Sally had been excited by her knowledge, if it had turned the girl on and made her young little cunt boil for his cock. Karen hugged her tits tightly as she smiled in wicked delight.

Her body finally dried as she danced about, her heart beating and pulse racing. The strange pleasure of Sally knowing she was fucking and sucking her son seemed to run like boiling ecstasy through her, slender body. Karen had not thought that she, could feel so much pleasure. She saw, again, her son fucking the exquisite creature on the couch, and her cunt almost came again. She stood in the center of
the room, gazing at the vouch as if she could see Brett and Sally fucking still.

She opened her robe and began to do a few humps and grinds, her hips tossing. She kept looking at the couch, her mind's eye seeing her son's cock fucking the sweetness of Sally's tight and very hot cunt. She stroked her body. pulling at her nipples, caressing her flat stomach and running her fingers through the curling hairs of her cunt. She brushed her clit lightly, cupped her cunt as her hips continued to grind about. Her tongue licked at her lips, and she thought she could still taste the sweetness of her son's come juice in her mouth.

Standing still, her hips arching forward, Karen placed her hands on the creamy mounds of her naked ass, squeezing her asscheeks.

"Any fucking cunt." she hissed at herself; "Karen, you better get hold of yourself. You're going out of your fucking, cocksucking mind!"
The words made her shake with pleasure, and she repeated them to the empty room.

"Fucking mind... cocksucking mind... crazy cunt!"
Crazy, but so delicious!
She draped her robe so that her tits were exposed, the rest of her body concealed. She pranced about the room, looking down at her
straining tits, lifting them and trying to run her tongue over them. She could almost, but not quite, lick the tips. Then she covered her tits and held the robe open from the waist down, trying to see the effect of her cunt this way.

The sound of a light knock on the door startled her.

Karen stood stock still, her eyes open. Quickly she belted her robe and opened the door.

"Sally, what are you doing here?"
"Looking for Brett," the pretty girl said.

"I thought he was with you, Karen replied. She looked over the girl's head for her son. The sun was going down but it was still warm and light outside.

"He told me he was coming home," Sally said, shuffling her feet in a shy way. But her sparkling eyes gazed boldly at Karen. "Maybe I can come in and wait for him?"
"Of course," Karen said, standing aside to let the girl enter. Sally wore a skirt and blouse, the skirt a dark brown and pleated, the blouse a light tan and girlish. On her feet were open sandals.

There was an electrifying sensation going through Karen as she watched the girl sit on the couch, her knees together and her hands folded in her lap. Sally certainly didn't look
like a girl who fucked so vigorously and eagerly. She looked more like one of those sweet, shy little girls a person might see in the park with her parents on a picnic, a lovely, adorable little girl that adults made a fuss over. She was, Karen knew, two years younger than her son.

The brown skirt showed Sally's dimpled knees, and Karen found herself drawn to them. They were the prettiest knees she had ever seen. It was surprising what excited her lately. She had never thought a girl's knees could be so exciting. She had the desire to feel them, to fondle those knees, perhaps kiss them.

Remembering that Sally knew she was fucking and sucking her son, Karen shivered. But the shiver contained no guilt or shame. It was a shiver of excitement.

As if she was reading her mind, Sally stood up, a sweet smile on her pretty face. She started to say something, then changed her mind. Karen stood as if she had suddenly become frozen to the floor. She watched Sally come toward her, then stop a foot away. The girl was a head shorter than Karen, and as Karen looked down, she found she wasn't in the least surprised to find the girl staring at the straining of her tits inside the robe. The creamy swells of her tits were exposed, almost
to her light-brown nipples.

When Sally boldly lifted her hands and pulled the robe away, revealing Karen's tits, Karen sucked in a hiss of air. It was not a hiss of surprise, but one of pleasure. Somehow she had expected this to happen. Maybe it was a word or two her son had said as she sucked on his cock. Anyway, she was not at all surprised.

"Oooo," Sally gurgled as she gazed at Karen's tits. "They're very nice . . so pretty,"
Karen stood still as the girl curled her fingers into her naked tits, feeling them. It was a strange sensation Karen had, feeling a girl touching her titties this way, but it was a hot, delicious sensation.

Karen smiled as she brought her own hands to the small roundness of Sally's tits. She cupped them through the thin blouse, finding them firm and just fitting her hands. Sally lifted her pretty face and gazed up at Karen. Karen felt the beast within her cunt start that greedy prowling, and her lips moved down to press lightly on those sugary lips of the little girl.

As they kissed, both moaned softly, and, when Sally's wet little tongue licked over her lips, Karen parted hers to allow the tongue to snake into her mouth. She sucked gently, then
hungrily. Sally had slipped her hands off her naked tits, shoved them under her robe, and wrapped around her hips and clutched at Karen's naked ass.

"I'm not sure about this," Karen whispered as the kiss broke. "I've never done anything like this before, Sally."
"I haven't either," the girl replied in a low, husky voice, "but I want to do it. Don't you?"
Karen found herself nodding in agreement. Her son was forgotten now as she trembled under the caressing hands of the little girl. Sally's bold behavior was no surprise to Karen, not after she-had seen the energetic way Sally fucked her son, the words she had used. Sally was an erotic little cunt, of that there was no doubt whatsoever.

With Sally fondling her shapely ass, Karen ran her hands down the girl's hips, lifting the brown skirt slowly until she could feel the flesh of Sally's thighs.

Karen felt her robe fail away, and she stood there, naked now, holding Sally's pleated skirt up, fondling the girl's creamy skin, feeling the edges of her tight panties. Dragging one hand along, the front of the tight panties, the other around to hold a small ass cheek, Karen felt the little girl up, enjoying the heat against her hands. She had never touched a girl before in
her entire life, but Sally had her pussy bubbling and boiling, her clit swollen and inflamed.

Sally pulled back and looked Karen up and down, her eyes gazing at the firm rounded tits, at the flat quivering stomach and at the thick cunt hair. As she looked at Karen with those blazing eyes, she held her skirt at her waist. Karen saw the girl's tight panties, the slight bulge of that succulent young cunt,
"So lovely," Karen murmured and slipped to her knees. She held Sally's hips, gazing at the thin panties. The crotch was very tight, and the sweet outline of Sally's cunt was visible. "You're so lovely, Sally."
Sally slowly arched her hips forward, and a sudden growl came from Karen. She shoved her face against the tight panties of the shivering girl, and began to kiss about the bulge. As Sally spread her legs, Karen shoved her mouth down and under, placing her open lips tightly against the covered cunt of the beautiful little girl.

Karen tasted the wetness soaking the tight panties as her tongue darted against them. The heat of Sally's exquisite thighs pressed against her cheeks, and Karen felt her cunt throb in a powerful way. Clutching the girl's hips, Karen pressed her open mouth as tight as she could
into Sally's cunt. Sally, squealing with pleasure, pressed her pussy against Karen's mouth, causing Karen to lean back, finally sitting on the floor with her face turned upward.

Sally, looking down into Karen's eyes with sparkling ecstasy, her skirt held at her waist, began to rub her pantied cunt back and forth, grinding into Karen's mouth.

The wet heat sent Karen's mind reeling with a perverse pleasure. The taste of the moist nylon on her tongue caused her own cunt to almost burst with an instant orgasm. She scraped her tongue back and forth, licking at the covered cunt, her eyes gazing up unseeingly at Sally. Although she was pressed backward awkwardly, Karen clung to the wiggling hips of the girl, holding herself in position.

"Oooo, golly, golly!" Sally whined. "Oh, your mouth is so hot, Karen! Mmmmmm, this feels good! It feels very good! Oh, yeah, lick me there!"
Karen swirled her tongue along the hot slit, then pulled her face back, her eyes smoldering. "I want...I have to...oh, take your panties off, Sally! Take them off, please!"
With eager giggles, Sally ripped her panties down her hips and thighs, and Karen helped her get them off her feet. Then Karen was
gazing into the most beautiful cunt imaginable. The fuzz surrounding Sally's cunt made it more appealing, and the puffy pink lips were sugary pink. The tip of her tiny clit poked forth, begging far the caress of Karen's wet tongue.

Sally stood again above Karen's face, straddling her with her legs wide. The curve of that cute, tightly rounded ass could be seen by Karen. She licked her lips, anticipating the taste of that succulent cuntslit and throbbing inflamed clit.

"Beautiful," Karen whispered huskily. "So beautiful, honey."
"You like my cunt, Karen?" Sally asked, giggling girlishly. "Do I have a pretty pussy?"
Karen ran her hands up the slim thighs and hips of the waiting girl, then around to mold her palms and fingers about the tight, hot cheeks of her small ass. She shoved her mouth into Sally's crotch and kissed her cunt lips, then darted her tongue forth, tasting the seeping fuck juices. They were as delicious as her son's come juice, Karen thought and, with a squeal, rammed her tongue into Sally's cunt, spreading the pussy lips with her upper lip pressing at the moist heat of the tiny clit. Sally giggled and twisted her hips, holding the back of Karen's head in one hand, her skirt with the

Clutching the girl's wiggling little ass, Karen flicked her tongue in and out of Sally's gripping curt, swirling it about, thrilled by the wet heat surrounding her mouth and tongue. Karen fucked her tongue in and out of the little girl's searing cunt, her eyes wide but unseeing as ecstasy flowed through her body. She closed her lips around the tiny clit and sucked it, flapping her tongue up and down the sensitive tip.

"Oooo, golly!" Sally yelped, squirming her cunt hard into Karen's sucking mouth. "You're gonna make me come, Karen!"
Hearing those words, Karen sucked and licked faster and harder, swallowing as her mouth watered up with the oozing sweetness of Sally's cunt. She ran her tongue deep, wiggling it around, then fucking it in and out, her fingers holding the twisting little ass tightly. Sally screamed softly as her cunt convulsed about Karen's tongue.

Feeling the steaming little cunt grip her tongue with spastic squeezing, Karen tongue fucked as fast and hard and deep as she could, bringing the little girl to orgasm after orgasm, her own cunt throbbing as wave after wave of orgasm spurted through her.

Sally grew weak, her legs trembling. She pulled reluctantly away from Karen's mouth,
sitting down on the floor, drawing her knees to her tits and resting her chin on them, looking with bright, swimming eyes at Karen, a huge smile on her sweet face. The backs of her long, slim thighs were exposed, as was the slit of her cunt and cuteness of her little ass.

"You tongue fucked me," Sally said, grinning. "I've never been tongue fucked before. But you know what . . . I love it!"
Karen smiled at the girl, spreading her thighs and slowly caressing the hairy lips of her wet cunt. She was highly aroused by what she had done. Her lips felt a bit puffy and they were wet with cunt juices. She licked her tongue over them.

They sat and looked at each other for a while, not speaking, but smiling with happiness. Then Sally leaned close and kissed Karen's mouth, her small hot hand sliding up the inside of Karen's smooth thigh. Karen groaned as the girl's hand cupped her hairy cunt, a finger sliding in. She spread her legs even wider and opened Sally's blouse to get at those tight, shapely little titties.

Wearing only her skirt now, Sally pressed Karen onto her back, and leaned over, taking Karen's nipple into her hot mouth. As she sucked-on Karen's tits, Karen moved the girl about until she could get her mouth on one of
those sugary little tits, too. They sucked each other's nipples for a while, then Sally began to slide her mouth along Karen's naked body. When Sally's tongue and lips ran through the thick hair of Karen's cunt, Karen spread her legs as wide as she could.

"Eat me!" Karen urged, lifting her cunt. "Eat my pussy, Sally? Oh, honey, please eat my cunt!"
With a giggle of naughty pleasure, Sally drew Karen's thighs along each side of her head as she plunged her mouth and tongue into Karen's bubbling hair-lined cunt. As Sally twisted around into a sixty-nine, Karen raced her hands up Sally's thighs and gripped the spreading cheeks of her small ass, pulling the fuzzy, sweet cunt into her mouth for the second time. Sally thrust, her tongue up and down Karen's boiling pussy slit, twisting it about the inflamed clit, then thrusting her tongue as deep as she could into the steaming wetness.

They sighed and whimpered as they tonguefucked each other, tongues darting, lips sucking, hands clutching at writhing naked ass cheeks. Karen swirled her tongue up and down the delicious wetness of Sally's young cunt, tasting the sweetness again. She dragged her tongue from the girl's throbbing clit, along her
succulent cunt slit, and even swirled the tip about the girl's crinkled little asshole. Then she fucked her tongue into the tight wetness of the little girl's pussy.

Karen's naked body shivered as the girl's tongue fucked in and out of her cunt, those small hands clinging to her twisting ass. The muffled wet moans coming from Sally and the pumping of her small ass created a lust of hunger within Karen.

Slurping sounds came from them as they sucked and licked and devoured each other's clit. Karen clung tightly to the girl's small ass, her face buried between the hot thighs. Her eyes opened and closed, rolling about as she twisted under the licking, fucking tongue of Sally. Karen sucked and licked at the succulent young girl's cunt greedily, twisting her tongue frequently up to lick about the pucker of the girl's tight asshole, along the smooth inner cheeks of her ass, only to return swiftly to the delicious wet heat of Sally's sugary cunt. Sally was sucking and licking Karen's hairy pussy just as hungrily, holding Karen's ass in her little hands, drawing Karen's steaming crotch hard against her mouth.

Their cheeks were slippery with seeping fuck juices, their mouths filling time and again. They sucked and licked with a feverish ecstasy.

They were in the middle of the floor, Sally wearing her skirt and nothing else, the skirt draped about her waist. If Brett had walked in at that time, he would have been confronted with a sight that would have made his cock hard immediately.

Karen moaned into Sally's cunt as she began to explode with boiling orgasms. Sally, feeling Karen's hairy cunt grip her tongue with waving, clutching convulsions, slammed her cunt down into Karen's face, grinding as her young cunt was triggered into spasms too. They fucked at each other's mouth with their searing wet cunts, moaning with mindless ecstasy. Their bodies trembled in a violent way as they came. Their tongues darted and licked in a frenzy of erotic delight.

It went on and on, and finally Sally slumped atop Karen's body, her cheek resting on the hairy mound beneath her face. Karen, her chin pressed into Sally's still-throbbing cunt, closed her eyes as a glow of satisfaction closed about her.

Karen didn't tell Brett about Sally. After the girl had left, she wondered if perhaps Sally had known her son would not be coming home when she had appeared at the door. She wondered if Sally, knowing Karen was fucking Brett, had decided to have a little fun herself. The girl had an intensely erotic mind, and she seemed to have her own insatiable beast between her thighs, too.

Before she realized it, Karen was imagining
all manner of erotic pastimes involving Sally, herself and her son. They were exciting thoughts, thoughts that set the erotic beast between her legs to pacing and roaring, demanding to be stoked, fed, satisfied.

For the rest of the evening, Karen's body had a tingling glow, her flesh warm to the touch. Her nipples arched out in rubbery hardness and her cunt seemed to be constantly twitching. By the time her son came home, she was in a high state of erotic arousal again. She remembered that, while sucking on Sally's cunt, her tongue had swirled up and about the tight, hot pucker of Sally's asshole. It had happened in the heat of ecstasy, but now Karen found she wanted to try that with her son, wanted to lick his asshole.

Things had changed so swiftly in her life, and all in just a few days. She was proud of her change, too. She felt a sense of real freedom, and that prowling beast was not giving her much trouble now. It was still there, making its presence known, but the demands no longer tormented her. Why should they? She was getting fucked quite adequately by her son, and she had just experienced another intensely satisfying pleasure with Sally.
She had bathed again after Sally left, and now wore a flaring skirt and a see-through
blouse, her tits and nipples exposed through the garment. She knew her son would love her this way, and, when he came home, he whistled his appreciation, ogling her tits like some failed comic at a stand-up club of dubious repute.

Grinning wickedly, Karen lifted her skirt and flapped it up and down, flashing her cunt at him as he licked his lips. She saw his cock, inside his pants, swelling into lovely hardness. She kissed him, running her hand along his pants to feel the throbbing of his cock.

"Mmmmm, nice," she whispered. "You should always come home with a hard-on.

"I should always be greeted this way," he said, shoving his hand under his mother's skirt and cupping her hairy cunt, squeezing. "Your cunt is hot again, Mother."
"Isn't it always hot?"
He nodded, his eyes twinkling as he felt her up, darting a finger teasingly into the tight heat of her pussy. Karen wiggled her ass and squeezed his cock, kissing him again.

"You must be hungry," she said. "And why didn't you come home earlier? I've been needing this."
They walked into the kitchen, with Karen cupping his cock and his hand under her skirt, holding her ass. They ate, and she was pleased
to see her son put away a huge steak.

"You're going to need all the energy you can get," she laughed throatily. "You're going to be a busy boy, I think."
"How busy, Mother?"
"Well, between me and Sally," she said, "I'd say damned busy."
"I'm ready," he said, pushing his plate away.

"Ready for what?" Karen asked, her eyes glowing in that hot, liquid way.

"For whatever you want, Mother."
"Ooo, that takes in a lot, you know? Maybe you aren't up to it, darling. Maybe you should reconsider that statement."
"I don't think so," he said, coming to stand at her side. He slipped his hand into the neck of her see-through blouse and fondled her springy tits, thumbing her nipples.

Karen twisted in the chair and drew her son between her knees, opening his pants. She shoved a hot hand into his pants and pulled his cock and balls out together. She closed her fist around his cock, her other hand cupping his precious balls. She looked down at the smooth prickhead, watching his piss hole start to drip.

Brett opened her see-through blouse, releasing her naked tits. While she fondled his cock and balls, he played with her spongy tits.

Karen pulled his cock, close, and began rubbing the head of his cock about her nipples, smearing them with the seeping of his fuck juices. She pressed the wet piss hole against a nipple as if trying to put it inside him. The wet, slippery heat on her nipple sent her cunt into a twitching desire. Leaning down, Karen kissed the wet piss hole of his cock, then dragged her tongue up and down the hard prickshaft. She leaned lower and tickled his balls with the tip. She swirled her tongue about his balls, then licked up to the piss hole again, where she closed her lips about his prickhead and sucked at the fuck juices.

While her son stood there between her knees, she opened his belt and shoved his pants down. As he stepped from them he removed his tank top, and stood naked, his cock arching out in throbbing hardness. His was a most beautiful cock to Karen. As she sat on the chair, she removed her blouse and shook her titties at him, screwing her face up in a teasing grimace of eager pleasure.

"You know what I want, honey?" she asked in a very low, husky voice.

"Whatever it is, that's what you get, Mother," he said agreeably.

"I want you to sit in my face," she whispered.

"I mean you know, put your ass in my face, honey.

"Fine with me."
With a squeal, she hugged her son, her arms snaking around his hips as she pressed her face into his cock and balls.

Getting to her feet, she took his hand and pulled him to the living room. There she removed hers skirt, then dropped to the floor. For a moment or so she sat with her mouth wrapped about his hard cock, sucking slowly, her tongue licking wetly. Turning his cock loose, she drew his balls into her mouth and rubbed his throbbing cock about her forehead. Then she sprawled on her back, spreading her legs wide so he could look at her hairy cunt.

She ran her hands up his legs and pulled him over until he was straddling her, facing her feet. She looked up at his crotch, seeing his sweet balls dangling, his cock arching out in hardness, the cheeks of his tight young ass. She began pulling at his legs.

"Sit in my face!" she hissed. "Sit that ass right down in mother's face, Brett!"
Her eyes glowed with erotic hunger as she watched his ass come closer, spreading as he squatted. His ass was only an inch or so above her face, and she ran her tongue out to lick
delicately at his dangling balls for a moment. She put her hands on his ass cheeks, forming a seat for him. Then she lifted her face. She opened her lips and, with a soft moan of pleasure, pressed them around his tight asshole, her tongue tapping at the hot tightness. His balls were on her chin, and the feel of them there sent a rippling thrill racing along her skin to her cunt.

"You're licking my asshole, Mother!" Brett grunted with pleasure, gripping his cock in a tight fist.

"Mmmm, I'm going to eat your fucking asshole, darling!" she replied with her lips near his burning ass. "I'm going to suck your asshole . . . lick your asshole . . . kiss your asshole! I'm going to fuck you in the asshole with my tongue, Brett!"
As she shoved her tongue against his tight asshole, she felt him jerking his fist on his cock. Knowing he was jacking his prick as her tongue swirled about his asshole created more intense excitement within her naked body. She held her lips open, pressed against his asshole, her tongue thrusting and trying to penetrate the heated, gripping tightness. She pushed hard, moaning into her son's ass, her fingers now gripping his hips, pulling his ass harder into her face.

Brett moaned as his mother's tongue suddenly fucked into his asshole. Karen, finding her tongue gripped by his ass, began to fuck it in and out. She felt him beating faster on his cock, his balls rubbing at her chin.

"Oh, Mother!" Brett grunted, wiggling his ass into her face. "That's good, Mother! Ahhh, fuck my ass with your tongue! Eat my asshole, Mother! You eat my fucking asshole as good as you suck my cock!"
She twisted her naked ass on the floor as she tonguefucked her son in the ass, scissoring her long, creamy thighs open and closed, her cunt steaming. She felt Brett running the head of his cock over her tits as she mouthed his asshole, wishing he would fingerfuck her cunt, too. But she really didn't need the touch of a hand or finger on her cunt. She was coming without any help from him.

Karen shoved her tongue as deep as she could into her son's hot asshole, wiggled it around, then fucked in and out with muffled moans of ecstasy. She loved the way his asshole squeezed her tongue, the way his sweet balls brushed her chin, his cock smearing her tits with seeping wetness.

"Mother, I think I'm gonna come!"
"Mmmmm!" she urged, unwilling to pull her plunging tongue out of his asshole to reply.

She writhed her naked ass on the floor as she mouthed and sucked and tongued his ass.

Then she felt the spurting of his creamy come juice splashing onto her tits. She darted her tongue faster and deeper and harder into his clenching asshole as he came, making her son grunt with ecstasy. Even after he finished spurting come juice onto her tits, Karen kept her tongue moving in and out of his asshole, not wanting to stop. She found this to be as pleasurable as sucking his cock, or fucking him, or eating Sally's sugary young cunt. She could have, she thought, kept his ass in her face for the rest of the night. But Brett was weak, and he tumbled from her, sprawling on his side and breathing with short gasps, clinging to his cock and balls, grinning happily.

"You made a fucking mess on my titties," she said, but her laughter showed she was not the least bit angry. On the contrary, Karen was pleased to have his come juice smearing her tits. She took her skirt and wiped them clean, then rested on her side, facing her son, her face a few inches from his crotch. With wicked giggles, she lifted his leg and shoved her face against his cock and balls, licking at them, tasting the lingering come juice. She pressed her lips between his legs and kissed him on the sensitive area between his balls and asshole,
then licked there.
"Sally came looking for you this afternoon," Karen said, pulling his thigh under her head so she could rest her cheek on it and gaze at his cock and balls. "Did you tell her to meet you here?"
"I haven't seen Sally, Mother," he replied. "She wasn't where she was supposed to meet me. I played catch at the park until I came home.

That confirmed what she already knew Sally was very much aware that she was fucking her son. Of course, the way Brett had talked to her while she sucked on his cock, the girl would have to be an absolute idiot not to know. Karen knew then Sally had come to see her deliberately. Whether or not Sally had sucked cunts with anyone before didn't matter to Karen. What mattered was the erotic ecstasy they had shared together.

"She stayed quite a while, waiting for you," Karen said, running her tongue about his balls. "We . . . found something in common."
"I can believe that," Brett said, now resting his cheek on his mother's thigh and caressing her cunt. "She knows we're fucking, Mother."
"I know that," Karen said, pulling his balls into her mouth to suck them for a while, strok-
ing his cock with a gentle hand, feeling his prick swell into hardness again. "I could hear what you said to her when I sucked you off." "Do you care if she knows, Mother?"
"Why should I?"
"No reason," Brett said, and he ran his tongue along the puffy, wet, hairy slit of his mother's cunt. "Mmmm, your pussy is wet."
"Kiss my wet pussy." she urged, arching her cunt to his face. "Kiss mother's hot, wet cunt!"
"Mmm," Brett moaned as he shoved his face between her thighs. As his tongue swirled about her clit, his hand holding the cheek of her rounded ass, Karen drew his cock into her mouth, wrapping her arms about his hips as she took his prick deep into her mouth.

Grinding her cunt into her son's face, she allowed him to fuck into her lips and mouth. She closed her lips about his hard cock and ran her tongue about as he fucked her face, his own tongue moving into the heat of her satiny pussy, fucking in and out. They ate at each other slowly, gurgling wetly with pleasure.

Feeling her son's cock inside her mouth, the hot hardness stretching at her lips, making them tingle, her tongue sliding over his prick, Karen again felt the ecstasy flow over her creamy flesh. She rested her cheek on his thigh
as Brett fucked his cock back and forth, using her mouth as if it were her cunt. His balls brushed her face, and ripples of delicious sensations shot up and down her spine. His tongue licked about the puffy, hairy lips of her pussy, probing between them and licking, lapping her distended clit. She closed her hot thighs against his face as he buried his mouth into her crotch, and she worked her naked ass in a grinding motion.

With a cheek of his ass in each of her hands, Karen dug her fingers into them, squeezing his ass and drawing his cock deeper and deeper into her hot, wet mouth. Opening her eyes, she watched the flexing of her son's ass while he fucked his cock in and out of her mouth. The sight increased her erotic nature, sending her cunt into a boil, the hair lined pussylips sucking at his tongue when he fucked it deep, sucking with a squeezing motion the way her cunt did when he fucked her with his beautiful hard cock.

Soft bubbling moans came from her tightly stretched lips when her son speeded up the fucking motions of his cock. Sometimes she wanted him to fuck her-mouth or cunt slowly, and sometimes she wanted him to fuck fast. At the moment, she wanted him to fuck her fast, hard and deep. She wanted his cock
to explode in her throat the frothy creamy sweetness of his come juice splashing straight into her throat. She pressed her tongue hard against his cock, holding his prick at the roof of her mouth. Her lips burned with delight, the wet friction sending her cunt into spasms as he licked and sucked her bushy cunt.

Karen heard her son grunting as he began to approach his climax. She began to pound her mouth onto his cock, fucking it greedily with her lips, making wet sounds. Her hips shuddered and the swelling cheeks of her ass tightened. She banged her steaming cunt hard into her son's face, grinding as she whimpered around his cock. Her pussy was going through a series of convulsions, each stronger than the last. As she came, Karen became even thirstier than ever for his delicious creamy come juice. Her tongue went wild in its fiery licking, her lips gnawing. She was making sounds as if she were strangling, sounds that told her son of her desperate desire to have his cock gush into her mouth, flooding her mouth with the juices of his balls.

Karen mewled mindlessly as her son fucked faster and deeper into her mouth. The swollen head of his prick pressing at the entrance of her throat sent her even higher. She dug her fingers into the crack of his ass, pressing upon
his sensitive asshole with one finger, urging him to spurt come juice down her hungry throat.

His balls bounced and banged against her face, against her nose. Karen was almost out of her mind with erotic desire now. She slammed her mouth back and forth on his fucking cock, bruising her lips in the wiry hair at the base, hit feeling only the most exquisite ecstasy. She began to squeal loudly, and not just because she was coming and coming and coming. The hardness of her son's cock seemed to increase, as did the powerful throbbing of his prick.

Then Brett came.

The come juice spurted from the piss hole of his cock like some unleashed river. The thick come juice flowed over her tongue, then down her throat. Karen wailed with ecstasy as her cunt burst into a final, muscle-shattering orgasm that threatened to rip her body apart. She tried to let her mouth fill before swallowing, but found it impossible. He was coming so much she would lose jizz from the corners of her tight lips if she didn't swallow. She began to swallow desperately, making gurgling sounds of erode passion. She pulled his cock deep into her mouth, his prick spurting come juice down her throat. Then she sucked up to
race her tongue around his piss hole as if trying to hold back the flood.

As their straining bodies relaxed, they rested with mouths between each other's thighs, kissing gently at the hot flesh of cunt and cock. Karen turned her face and licked the sweetness of his thigh where his balls rested, then she ran her tongue about his empty balls for a while.

"That was fantastic, darling," she whispered as she stroked his ass tenderly. "I've never had my cunt sucked so good. Oooo, I love it."

Karen considered what she was involved in. She was fucking and sucking her son's cock, and he was the happiest boy ever. She found that her personal beast was not tormenting her anymore it still paced about in a restless way, but there was no longer that gnawing, demanding feeling.

And Sally...

Never had she thought she would be so pleased with a girl. At least not in the way she
was pleased with the, cute, erotic, uninhibited creature named Sally. Eating that sugary cunt was a delight Karen found almost impossible to describe. The soft feeling of Sally's cunt and the hot sensations from her tight pussy and the tickling of her fuzzy cunt hairs were so different than the feelings she got from sucking and licking her son's hard cock and precious balls. It was fantastic to suck Sally's sweet pussy, and she experienced the same pleasures while sucking her son's cock or when he was fucking so energetically into her hairy, insatiable cunt.

Karen had always thought a person preferred either a cock or a cunt, but never both. She was finding out differently now. She was finding out she received as much pleasure from Sally's cunt as she did from her son's cock. She could start thinking about her son's cock, becoming excited, then suddenly find the image of Sally's pussy in her mind, the taste, the hot, wet softness almost on her tongue. Or she would think about Sally's cunt and just as quickly her thoughts would drift to her son's cock and balls, and then she would find herself coming. She knew now that she had no real preference. She was contented with a cock or a cunt.

The revelation was not all that startling to
her. She knew, though, that she would never be satisfied with just one or the other. It was a cock and a cunt she wanted, together. She could never live her life now with just a cock or just a cunt. She had to have both.

After thinking about it, she wondered what was holding her back. Sally knew she was fucking her son, and it was now obvious that her son was aware that she and Sally had spent a wonderful couple of hours that, afternoon, licking and tongue fucking each other. Brett apparently found nothing at all unusual that his girlfriend and mother were eating each other. On the contrary, he was showing excitement.

Karen knew, what she wanted.

She wanted to be with her son and Sally, together. She wanted to become involved with both of them at the same time. She wasn't certain how Sally-or her son-would take such a suggestion. Both, she knew already, were eager to be with her alone, but together? Maybe that was going too far, Karen thought. It would not be for her, but she had not spoken to Brett or Sally about her idea. Everyone knew what the other was doing, and all three seined excited about it, but together?
Yes, together!
Karen imagined what it would be like, her
all naked, with her son and Sally, them naked too. She could fondle Brett's cock and balls and feel Sally up at the same time. She could take turns licking between their thighs, tasting cock and cunt. She could suck Sally's precious little titties and jerk her son's cock. She could suck her son's prick for a while and then lick that sugary cunt of Sally's. She could watch her son fuck Sally's sweet tight pussy and play with her son's balls.

They could do everything!
Anything and everything her erotic mind could dream up. And Karen was beginning to dream up some very erotic, delicious ideas.

But how could she approach either of them? She could ask them one at a time or get them together. But would they be embarrassed together? She didn't think so, but it was a chance she didn't want to take. The idea was to enjoy themselves and each other, not to embarrass them.

She climbed from the tub and dried her slender, curvy body, thinking she was taking more baths than usual. There must be some significance there, she thought with amusement.

Her tits stood up proudly, her light-brown nipples rubbery and arching toward the ceiling. There was not a flaw anywhere on her
body that she could see. Her tits were rounded and very firm, and the tight curls of her cunt hair made a pretty frame for her wet cunt lips. She probed at the dimple of her belly button for a moment, then giggled. If her belly button was only deep enough, she thought, she could take her son's cock there too.

Weird, Karen! she told herself. You're really getting weird lately. Racking your belly button, of all places!
She knew she was changing, but the ideas flowing and burning in. her mind were better than the pacing, bellowing beast deep inside her cunt. Besides, Karen felt she was changing in the direction she had always secretly wanted, the direction she had denied herself. She wanted what was happening to her. So many women wanted it, but did not have the opportunity to express their real erotic natures. She had the chance now, and she was going to take it.

The only way she would get it, Karen thought, was to reach and grab.

Life would pass her by if she didn't.

Dressing, she paid little attention to her skirt and sleeveless summer sweater. It was a becoming outfit, the skirt an emerald green with a pastel green sweater. The sweater clung to her rounded, arching tits like a second skin,
her nipples straining in bold outline. Underneath her skirt she was naked. The skirt was tight, hugging at her sweetly rounded ass.

She had been in the tub a long time and, after dressing, entered the living room. Sally was there was Brett. She had not heard the girl come into the house. She smiled her pleasure at the pretty girt. Sally was wearing a pair of cut-off jeans, with frayed legs. There was hardly any crotch to them, only a thin piece of material. Karen had seen other young girls wearing them, half their sweet little asses showing. If they weren't careful, a pretty cunt would flash to some unsuspecting watcher.

Karen could not see Sally's cunt, but she could see a few curling hairs and the teasing curve of her ass. Sally sat on the couch with Brett, her legs and ass slumped forward, and it was obvious her son and Sally had been indulging in a little feeling of each other.

Her son's cock bulged up inside his pants, throbbing powerfully. Neither Brett nor Sally made any effort to conceal what they had been doing.

Karen ran her tongue over her lips as she looked between the slim thighs of Sally, making the girl giggle. Taking a seat across the room, she kept her eyes trained on them, her eyes twinkling and hotly expectant. Her tight
skirt rose past her knees, almost to mid-thigh, and she left it there. It was a way to let Brett and Sally know her feelings, she thought. For a while they looked at each other. The tension was heavy in the room. Karen was trying to come up with some way to let them know what was on her mind.

She didn't have to say a word.

Sally, watching Karen, placed her hand boldly upon the bulge of Brett's cock. She rested her hand there, palm down, not feeling or rubbing. Karen licked her lips again as her own cunt began to twitch and steam. Then Brett began to move his hand up and down Sally's golden thigh. There were no words passing between them, only heavy, expectant breathing.

Then Brett moved his palm to cup Sally's cunt.

Karen watched, not speaking. In fact, no one said anything. The tension between them all was thick with erotic anticipation, and Karen for one did not want to break it. Her cunt was throbbing wetly as she gazed at them, watching her son and his girlfriend feel each other up. She had never seen anyone doing this before, and the excitement created within her was terrific.

She had never suspected she could be so
thrilled to watch others engaged in this erotic play. To her, sex had always been a participation game, not a spectator thing. Yet, she was seeing how wrong she had been.

Sally and Brett, after watching Karen for a long time, finally became more interested in each other. Karen saw her son's hand slide up the girl's golden thigh and into her crotch. As Brett moved his hand into the heat there, Sally gasped and began to claw at his pants, attempting to get his cock free. Karen's pussy was melting with wet heat underneath her skirt. She was gripping the arms of the chair, her eyes glassy with pleasure, her firm tits moving up and down as she breathed.

As Brett began to kiss Sally, Karen felt the urge to go to them, to help the girl release her son's hard cock. But she felt frozen in an erotic grip of desire to watch them, to see how far they would go with her sitting there in the same room with them.

Finally Sally had Brett's pants open, and her small hand slipped inside and pulled his cock out. Sally moaned as she wrapped her eager fingers around his cock and began to stroke up and down jerkily. She squirmed her small ass about while Brett managed to work his fingers underneath the very thin crotch of her cut-off jeans. As his hands went under, Karen saw the
flash of the-girls puffy cunt, the cunt she had enjoyed tongue fucking so much. She could just see her son's finger fucking in and out of the tight, sugary cunt of Sally.

The moaning, gasping pleasure of Brett and Sally increased until neither could take much more. Sally turned loose of Brett's cock and yanked her top off, revealing her tight little tits with those pink nipples. She worked on her shorts with feverish hands, and they, too, went to the floor, leaving her succulent body totally naked.

Karen saw her son's eyes grow hot as he looked at the girl, his cock jerking about. Sally then began to work on Brett's pants, dragging them down and off his feet. Karen stared at her son's cock and balls, curling her hands into fists as her cunt lurched and she came almost to orgasm. They hardly knew she was there watching them anymore.

Sally climbed onto the couch, spreading her legs so she stood on her knees with her cunt hovering above Brett's cock. Karen gazed at the creamy tightness of the girl's sweet ass cheeks, saw Sally reach down to take hold of Brett's cock a sigh, almost a swooning sound, Sally lowered her cunt to Brett's upstanding prick. Karen watched the swollen head of her son's cock slip into the wetness of

Sally's gripping cunt. Sally's naked ass shivered as she settled downward, the full length of Brett's cock deep inside her lightly haired cunt.

For a moment Sally sat there, her fine ass cheeks quivering, as she held her head up, eyes closed, her face contorting with pleasure.

"Ohhh, fuck him!" Karen whispered, grasping one of her tits through her thin sweater and digging into the spongy flesh. "Fuck him . . . fuck him!"
Whether her words reached them or not, Sally began to lift and lower her creamy ass, and Karen could see her son's cock, glistening wetly now, being fucked by Sally. Karen's own pussy burned with a tormenting heat, and her clit was so inflamed she could hardly stand it. She began inching her skirt upwards, spreading her knees as she sat watching, her eyes fixed upon Sally's ass moving up and down. Brett's hands came around to clutch the wiggling cheeks of Sally's ass, his own humping up to meet her thrusts.

Karen's skirt was at her lap now, the thick hairs of her cunt revealed. She spread her legs farther and began to rub at her fiery clit, licking her lips as she strained her eyes.

Before Karen knew it, she was on her feet, holding her skirt about her waist and moving
toward them. As she moved, her hips swayed. She lifted her light sweater until one swollen tit was revealed. Cupping her tit and holding her skirt at her waist, Karen moved to the couch at their side. She climbed onto it, standing on her knees, looking down at them.

Her son grinned at her, and Sally giggled in delight. But she kept her ass moving up and down on Brett's cock. She had her hands on his shoulders to brace herself, using the muscles of her slender thighs and stomach to fuck him.

"Does that feel good, Sally?" Karen whispered, her eyes blazing. "Does Brett's cock feel good in your little cunt?"
"Oh, yes!" Sally mewled, her naked body shivering.

"Fuck him, honey!" Karen urged with a throaty voice. "Fuck his hard cock . . . fuck it good!"
Brett, still grinning at his mother, pulled one hand off Sally's churning ass and gripped the inside of his mother's smooth thigh. Karen lifted one knee, swinging it wide, and she began to rub at her hairy cunt with a total lack of embarrassment. She squeezed at her tit and rubbed her swollen clit while the kids fucked, both watching her now with excited young eyes.

The breathing was heavy and hot, and no one said anything again, all of them much too aroused to speak. Moist sounds came from Sally's cunt as she fucked up and down Brett's throbbing prick, and Karen, moaning softly, slipped her middle finger into her own cunt and began to fuck in and out. She was intensely excited to be fingerfucking herself while they fucked, while they watched her.

When Sally lifted her hand from Brett's shoulder and shoved Karen's sweater up above both her tits, Karen's eyes became glazed with lust. The girl curled her fingers about Karen's tit and kept her small ass bouncing on Brett's cock. As Sally leaned-forward and licked her tongue about her nipple, Karen groaned and released her tit to slide her hand down the creamy back of the girl, finally holding one small ass cheek which was moving up and down. Her fingers touched the fingers of her son which still clung to the other cheek. Sally closed her wet lips around one of Karen's nipples, sucking hard and wailing softly as her ass kept bouncing.

Shoving her hand along the perfect curve of Sally's ass, Karen found her son's, balls. She held them for awhile, then spread her fingers along the base of his wet cock, feeling Sally's fiery cunt smashing down. Again she took her
son's balls in bet hand, puffing Sally's head tightly into her tit now. Tugging at her son's balls, Karen moaned as ecstasy shot through her body. Karen trembled as the girl's hot mouth sucked hard on her tit, and then she felt her son's hand up between her thighs, one of his fingers probing into her boiling cunt.

Karen jerked her hips to and fro, flicking her son's finger as much as he was fingerfucking her. She held his balls tightly in her hand, feeling them writhe. She leaned down and kissed her son's mouth, working her tongue in for a long, deep probe. Lifting her face, Karen found Sally's moist lips searching for hers, and they kissed each other with wild and licking tongues. As her tongue swirled into Sally's greedy little mouth, she felt her son's lips pulling at her nipple as he fingerfucked her cunt. She pulled at his balls and raced her hand back to squeeze Sally's tightening ass, then back to his balls again as if she could decide what she wanted to feel most.

With a wail, Karen pulled from the hands and mouths of Sally and her son. She went to her knees between the knees of Brett. She stared at Sally's cunt fucking up and down on his cock, watching that throbbing prick glisten with the wet, steamy juices from that succulent pussy. Moaning in passion, Karen shoved her
face into her son's crotch, licking frantically at his precious balls. Her tongue tasted the sweetness of Sally's cunt at the base of his cock, and, still moaning, she swirled her tongue upwards to lick at the jerking, naked ass of Sally. Her tongue tip dipped into the girl's heated ass crack and twirled about Sally's tightly clenching asshole. Sally gurgled and arched her ass back, still managing to fuck Brett's cock.

Karen's hands went everywhere, feeling Sally's thighs and ass and hips, even reaching around to squeeze Sally's tasty little titties and twist her pink rubbery nipples. She fondled her son's balls and shoved her hand around his cock to feel the fuzzy heat of Sally's cunt fucking him. She licked his balls, shoved her tongue beneath them and probed at his asshole as best she could, then dragged her tongue back up over his balls and, tasting the juices at the base of his cock, up into the heat of Sally's asshole again.

Karen's tongue went up and down, licking in a fiery wetness from her son's asshole, to his balls, to his cock, and then to Sally's tight asshole, repeating the journey time and again. Her cunt was going through tight, steaming orgasms as she licked the kids. She shuddered with ecstasy when she felt one of those young assholes tighten and flex against her tongue.

Sally was groaning loudly and her ass was bouncing faster, and Brett was fucking his cock up to meet the wild lunges, and Karen knew they were both on the brink of orgasm. She sucked her son's balls deep into her mouth, her nose pressed into the heat between Sally's ass cheeks. Karen gripped one of Sally's hips with one hand and her son's with the other hand. She sucked hard on her son's balls as they became tight, writhing in her mouth. She felt him shaking as his cock gushed thick come juice into Sally's starving young cunt. Her nose was pressed into Sally's asshole, and the spasms she felt against her nose told her that Sally, too, was coming. The squeals and grunts were unnecessary.

Sally's cunt slipped from Brett's cock after they had finished coming, and, with a whimper, Karen lapped her tongue about her son's cock, taking his prick into her mouth and sucking for a bit. Directly before her eyes was the sugary cunt of Sally, and she let her son's cock go so she could swipe her tongue up and into the pussy her son had just fucked. Fucking her tongue into-Sally's tight cunt, she tasted the creamy come juice he had spurted.

Finally Karen sat on the floor, her knees up and wide apart, her skin at her waist. Her tits were showing beneath her shoved up sweater,
nipples fiery with hardness. Sally scooted off Brett and sat beside him, her knees wide apart, the pink lips of her puffy cunt revealed.

Sally giggled in a girlish manner, cupping her pussy with a small hand. "I'm full of come juice," she said between giggles.

Karen grinned and cupped her son's cock and balls, her other hand sliding up Sally's thigh. "Did you feel what I was doing while you two were fucking?"
"That's what made me come so much, Mother," Brett said. "I thought you were gonna suck my balls off."
"Was you trying to stick your tongue up my ass, Karen?" Sally wanted to know.

Karen, grinning lewdly, nodded her head.

Sally giggled when Karen admitted she had been trying to shove her tongue up her ass. "Nobody ever put anything up my ass before," she giggled. "Except a finger. Brett stuck his finger up there just the other day."
"Did it feel good, honey?" Karen asked.

"Strange, kinda," Sally said, "But, yes, I like it."
"Wanna try my cock?" Brett laughed.

"Are you crazy?" Sally laughed with him.

"Your cock would split me in two."
"No, it wouldn't, Sally," Karen said. "It hasn't hurt me yet."
Sally looked at Karen, her eyes huge. "You let him fuck you up the ass?"
Karen nodded, smiling happily.

Sally looked at Brett's cock, then at Karen. "Really?"
Karen nodded again.

"Show me," Sally said, jumping to her feet with excitement. "Let me see!"
Karen removed the rest of her clothing, becoming naked before the bright, glowing eyes of her son and his girlfriend. She wondered if she would ever tire of this pleasure, being naked with them, fucking with them. She hoped that that time would never come.

She watched her son's cock swell as Sally fondled his prick. Sally was now on her knees. Watching the little girl jerk her small fist up and down his cock, Karen went to her knees at the other side of him. Sally made a nervous giggling sound and snaked the tip of her tongue over the piss hole of Brett's cock, her eyes sparkling at Karen. Karen smiled her encouragement and watched Sally open her small mouth and take the smooth head of her son's cock between her lips. Sally sucked the head of
his prick for a while, then drew back, offering Brett's cock to her. Karen sucked at his prick a bit, then dipped her head down, taking his cock fully into her mouth.

"Oooooo, that's good!" Sally whimpered, leaning down and watching Karen suck the full hardness of Brett's cock. "That's what I would call a mouthful . . a mouthful of hard cock!"
"Mmmm," Karen moaned as she bobbed her mouth up and down on her son's cock. Karen lifted his balls in offering to Sally, who quickly darted her sweet face down. With her lips holding her son's cock, Karen watched his balls disappear into Sally's wet mouth.

"Ohhhhh, shit!" Brett groaned in ecstasy. "Suck me! Both of you, suck me! Oh, shit, piss. . . suck my cock, Mother! Suck my balls, Sally! Ahhhh, shit, shit!"
Karen lifted her mouth. "Trade me, Sally," she said.

Sally darted her mouth to Brett's cock while Karen mouthed his balls. Their faces touched often, and Sally shoved a hand under Brett's thighs to feel about the curls of Karen's cunt. Returning the favor, Karen probed at Sally's tight cunt, too. Soon they were fingerfucking each other as they went from Brett's cock to his balls, taking turns and squealing in
pleasure. Sometimes they would meet and kiss each other.

Brett, slumped on the couch, his cock standing upright and jerking about, watched his mother and girlfriend with gleaming eyes. Their mouths were hot and wet on him, and knowing that they were fingerfucking each other at the same time made it all the more exciting to him.

"Someone is going to get a mouthful," he promised, snorting happily.

"We know," Sally giggled, licking her tongue from his balls to the base of his cock, where it met Karen's lips. As Karen sucked up, Sally's tongue followed at the corner of her lips. Karen released her son's cock to the greedy little girl, who moaned in delight as she closed her mouth about his prick. Sally raced her lips up and down Brett's prick a moment, then she shoved her head to his balls. She pulled them both deeply into her mouth and positioned herself so she could watch Karen suck him.

Keeping her finger fucking in and out of Sally's gripping fuzzy cunt, Karen sucked and licked her son's balls; her eyes smoldering as Sally's mouth moved up and down the hardness of that prick. The soft moans Sally made indicated her ecstasy at sucking a cock. Even
her eyes seemed to roll about as her small mouth glided up and down.

Karen caressed her son's overhanging ass with her free hand as she mouthed his balls, a finger of her other hand still fucking into Sally's tight bubbling cunt. She writhed her naked ass, grinding her own bushy pussy onto the finger of Sally.

"Mmmmmm, I'm gonna eat it off," Sally murmured with her lips pressing at his piss hole. "I'm gonna eat this sweet, hard cock right off!"
"Do it!" Brett urged, grinding his crotch into his mother's face and pressing at the back of Sally's head. "You just suck my cock off, Sally! I'm gonna come so fucking hard, so fucking much.. . you better keep your cocksucking mouth on my cock or you'll miss it!"
With a squeal, Sally closed her lips about his cock again, sucking frantically. Karen, with her mouth filled with her son's precious balls, with a lot of tongue action as she watched Sally try to bring Brett off into her mouth. Karen fucked her finger deep into Sally's cunt, she began to rub harshly against her inflamed clit. She felt Sally twisting and pulling at her clit. Karen sucked very herd on her son's balls, pulling them as Sally sucked at his cock with a
hungry frenzy of cocksucking ecstasy. She felt her son's balls trying to draw up tight, writhing between her lips. She had her hand on the cheek of his overhanging ass and suddenly slipped a finger into the crack. Before her son knew what she was up to, Karen plunged her finger up her son's asshole.

"Ohhhhh!" Brett grunted, and began to come.

Sally's eyes popped wide and she made a choking sound as come juice flooded her mouth. Then she began to suck even faster and harder, no longer choking but gurgling wetly as she swallowed the thick come juice. Some dripped from the corners of her mouth, running toward Brett's balls and his mother's mouth.

Karen let his balls slip out of her mouth and her tongue went racing up to meet the flow of his come juice. Licking it away, Karen licked her tongue about the corners of Sally's lips, trying to get more. But now Sally was taking it all, her slim throat working greedily as she whirled the tip of her tongue about his gushing piss hole.

"Ooooo, damn, damn!" Brett moaned. "I told you I was gonna come hard and a lot!"
Sally finished him off and drew her lips from his cock. She grinned happily as she
fondled his wet prick. Her lips were puffy and looked to be bruised, glistening wetly. Karen had not noticed if the girl had come, too, but she herself had. Karen's cunt had exploded when she had seen the come juice running down the side of her son's cock. Now Sally had pulled her hand from Karen's thighs, leaving the smooth, soft inner surfaces damp and slippery with cunt juices. Karen wanted more than a finger-fuck, though. As much fun as fingerfucking was, she wanted a cock or a tongue shoved into her pussy. Sometimes she wanted to fuck, sometimes she wanted a tongue, and sometimes she just wanted to suck on Brett's beautiful hard cock.

Right now she didn't care which, as long as it wasn't another finger.

She stretched out on her back on the floor, her firm tits arching straight up tightly, her nipples, rigid. She spread her long legs, exposing her hairy cunt to them, then closing them, opening and closing.

Sally, still on her knees and clinging to Brett's cock, gazed with hot eyes at Karen. She ran her tongue over her sweet lips in a suggestive manner, especially so since she was looking directly at Karen's hair-rimmed pussy.

"You know what I want?" Karen asked in a throaty voice. "I want somebody to lick
me. . . to suck my cunt! I need a long tongue fucking my pussy, or that beautiful cock fucking me."
"You gotta wait a minute, Mother," Brett said, pointing to his half-deflated prick. "Or else get tonguefucked."
"Ooooo, that's fine with me!" Karen mewled, twisting her naked ass on the carpet, lifting her hips to offer her cunt to either of them.

Sally turned Brett's cock loose and went to her hands and knees. She moved between Karen's long, slender thighs and kissed the woman's hairy cunt. Brett watched, seeing Sally's creamy little ass arch into the air, the sweetness of her cunt pooching from her thighs, seeing the slightly visible wink of her tight little asshole.

Karen quickly grabbed Sally by the back of her head and began to churn her cunt into the sucking young face of the girl. "Oh, Sally, eat me! Suck my cunt, baby! Ahhh, yes, tongue fuck me up the hot, wet cunt!"
Brett, still on the couch, watched them, his cock swelling again. He saw the greedy way Sally sucked his mother's cunt, noticed the waving of her lovely little ass in the air. His cock wasted no time becoming hard now. His mother saw his prick, smiling wickedly up at him.

"Bring it to me, honey," Karen hissed with passion. "Bring that hard cock to me... thrust it right in mother's cocksucking mouth!"
Brett came to her, dropping to his knees and leaning over her face, his cock probing for her hungry mouth. Karen caught his prick and, with a loud moan of pleasure, let her son fuck his cock into her throat. As her son fucked into her mouth, Karen held the back of Sally's head and twisted her fiery cunt into her young mouth.

With her son flicking her mouth and a tongue fucking in and out of her cunt, Karen thought she was going to die with so much ecstasy. As soon as her son thrust his hard cock into her waiting mouth, her cunt began to convulse about the licking, darting, twirling tongue of Sally. She began to come in waves of burning, searing pleasure. She thrashed her naked ass up and down swiftly as she came, beating her ass cheeks against the carpet, wailing around her son's throbbing cock. Every muscle of her slim, naked body was stretched taut, like a rubber band about to break. Slit heaved her cunt up and down brutally, squealing around her son's cock as she pressed Sally's face into her spasming pussy.

With a loud wail, her ass dropped to the
carpet and her mouth slipped off Brett's cock. She was almost unconscious, though still acutely aware that Sally was still sucking at her fiery cunt.

"Ooooo, please, please," Karen whimpered. "I can't take much more! Oh, God . . . stop, Sally!"
The girl pulled her face from between her thighs, giggling softly as she wiped at her mouth. Karen, her eyes fogged with glowing satisfaction, could hardly see her son or Sally. Her naked body shivered visibly as she hugged her naked tits in pleasure. Her legs scissored open and close and her ass twitched softly on the carpet.

All this seemed to have left Sally with a burning cunt. She sat on her knees, rubbing at her sugary pussy, her usually bright eyes clouded with passion now. Karen saw her son move to the overheated girl, his hand taking the place of hers on her cunt.

Brett leaned down and began to suck at one of Sally's pink tits, fucking a finger into her tightly gripping cunt. Although Sally clutched his cock as her small, naked body shuddered, Brett was almost, exhausted. He fucked his finger swiftly into her cunt, making Sally gurgle and twist her sweet little ass. A soft intake of air came from Sally as Brett finger-
fucked her to orgasm.

All seemed a little tired now, and they sprawled on the floor, talking and laughing and kissing, hands going over naked bodies.

"I still wanna see Brett fuck your ass, Karen," Sally said after a bit. "You weren't telling me a lie, were you?"
"I don't tell lies, honey," Karen said. She had been sitting with her legs drawn up, watching the pretty little girl play with her son's cock and balls. It pleased her that both seemed to enjoy looking at her naked body.

"Will you let me see?" Sally asked.

"We'll let you see anything you want to see," Brett laughed, and squeezed Sally's small, firm titties. His cock was half hard again, and his mother was delighted.

"Will you let me put his cock in your ass, Karen?" Sally wanted to know. Her eyes sparkled with excitement as she grinned in a childishly lewd way. "Will you, huh? I'd like to see him put his cock up your asshole, Karen."
Leaning over her son, Karen ran her tongue about one of Sally's sugary nipples, drawing it into her mouth for a suck or two. Turning. Karen leaned over, her knees drawn underneath her stomach, her shoulders and head on the floor. She arched her creamy
naked ass into the air, wiggling with open invitation.

Brett and Sally peered at Karen's lifted ass, seeing her pussy, with the thick curls of hair, pooching between her thighs. They saw that her cunt lips were wet, but their eyes were drawn mostly to the crinkle of her winking asshole.

Karen caused her asshole to flex and pucker for them, as she moaned softly with anticipation of her son's hard cock fucking deep, into her asshole, burning and tingling and making her shiver with ecstasy.

Sally, with a soft giggle, suddenly shoved her face into Karen's spreading ass, kissing directly upon Karen's fiery asshole, then her tongue dragged up and down the mother's asshole. Karen mewled loudly and arched her pretty ass into the girl's face, waggling in a tight circle.

With another giggle, Sally pulled her face out of Karen's ass, saying to Brett, "Fuck her! Fuck your mother in her hot asshole, Brett!"
Karen peered between her thighs, seeing Sally tugging on her son's cock, bringing his prick to her waiting ass. Her eyes misted over with eager pleasure as the swollen head of his cock pressed against the tightness of her asshole. She pressed her ass back against him,
a soft wail bubbling from her tight throat.

"Oooo, look!" Sally gurgled. "It's going in! Your cock is going in her asshole!"
"Oooo, I know!" Karen whimpered before her son could reply." Oh, how I know! Mmmmm... harder, darling! Oh, shove that sweet cock all the fucking way up my hot asshole!"
With a grunt, Brett fucked the full length of his cock up his mother's gripping ass. Sally was squealing as she stood on her knees near Karen's uplifted ass, watching with huge eyes. Her small hands now held the cheeks of Karen's ass, stretching them wide apart so she was able to see Brett's cock fuck in, stretching his mother's asshole.

"Fuck her, Brett!" Sally wailed. "I wanna see your cock fucking her in the ass! Come on, start fucking her!"
"Mmm, yes!" Karen agreed, twisting her uplifted ass with her son's cock buried deeply. "Fuck that hot asshole, honey! Ohhh, my asshole is so fucking hungry! Give it your sweet cock, Brett!"
As her son began to flick his cock back and forth, Karen sucked in hiss after hiss of ecstatic pleasure. She moved her ass about in a tight circle for him, feeling the hot little hands of Sally holding her ass cheeks. Then there was
an added delight-she felt Sally start licking about her ass with a wet, eager tongue. Then a hand closed about one of her dangling tits. The hand, of course, was Sally's, and Brett was now gripping her swinging hips with his hands as he fucked deep into her asshole.

The sensations flooding her body wiped the murmurs and excited words of Sally and her son from her ears. She let the ecstasy take over, her ass swaying, burning as her asshole clung to her son's cock. The fact that this was making Sally very excited fueled Karen's delight.

Her son's cock felt so very hard and long as he fucked into her fiery asshole. It seemed as if he could reach the very depths of her being, searing her nerve endings, making her tremble with more ecstasy than she had believed possible.

She could hear the kids making sounds but the words weren't at all clear to her. It didn't matter. They were lewd sounds, words oft excitement, of encouragement, and that was what counted.

Her cunt, as if jealous of her asshole, steamed like a flow of lava, her fuck juices seeping and smearing the insides of her soft, smooth thighs. Her clit felt as if it would burst any second, shattering her body.

The orgasm came over her quickly.

"Oh, I'm going to come!" Karen screamed. She clawed at the carpet with her hands, shaking her lifted ass wildly. "I'm coming! Oh, fuck me, fuck me! I'm coming. . . with my hot asshole, too!"
His mother's orgasm caused her asshole to tighten even more about his throbbing prick. Her asshole seemed to suck his cock deep into her body, milking with fiery tightness. She could hear Sally yelping. Her orgasm was so hot, it seemed her flesh was melting from her bones.

"Oh . . . oh!" Karen wailed, slamming her ass back hard onto her son's cock. "Ohhhh ... ohhhh, fuck me! Oh, shit, that's good! So fucking good!"
She felt hands running about her body, feeling her tight tits, her churning stomach, the cheeks of her ass and the hairy wetness of her cunt. A scream came from Karen as she felt her son's cock swell, jerk, and then spurt that precious thick come juice into her boiling asshole. It seemed to Karen she could feel each spurt of his come juice as it splashed along the velvet-like walls of her asshole. She was sure she could feel the frothy come juice flooding her like a sudden enema. She ground her naked ass hard against the base of her son's
gushing cock, squealing in ecstasy.

Brett was in no hurry to pull his cock out of his mother's gripping asshole. Neither was she. He had told her before that he liked the feeling of his cock being held this way, and when her orgasm finally stopped, she began opening and closing her asshole about his prick, knowing the pleasure it gave him.

As her muscles weakened, she scooted forward on her stomach, the swell of her ass trembling. She continued to moan with lingering ecstasy, feeling the hands of her son and Sally rubbing about her flesh, squeezing her ass cheeks and caressing her trembling thighs.

"That was something!" Sally said when Karen was strong enough to sit up. "That was really something to see."
"You're gonna be next," Brett said, stroking one of his mother's tits.

"He's right." Karen grinned. "You don't think I'm going to put on shows all the time, do you? I sort of like to watch a fuck myself."
Sally laughed.

"You know I'm gonna be next," she agreed.

Karen stood next to the bath tub, dripping water from her shower.

Brett was there, standing over the toilet, and her eyes became glazed as she watched him pissing, heard the tinkle of piss striking the water in the bowl. Something about this excited Karen She shivered as she watched her son piss, seeing the stream flow. There was an unexpected tingle between her thighs, and Karen thought she was about to come.

She couldn't shift her eyes from his cock. There was something about watching him piss that sent rippling shivers of heat up and down her spine. She was hardly breathing, almost frozen by this absolutely unexpected pleasure. How could watching him piss excite her? That was unusual, maybe even a bit perverted, but Karen knew she was excited, and that was all there was to it.

As Brett finished, Karen could not resist reaching for his cock. She ran a fingertip over his piss hole, wiping away a drop still there. Then, she surprised herself and her son by bringing her finger to her lips and licking at it.

Realizing what she had done, Karen laughed nervously and quickly dried herself. With the towel wrapped about her hips, she swung her ass from the bathroom and went to her room to dress.

She hardly knew what she was doing. The image of her son pissing and what she had done with her finger burned inside her already erotic mind. She dropped the towel on the floor and stared at her reflection in the mirror. She was sure that beast inside her lower stomach was roaring at her again, pacing and demanding. It had been still, silent for some time now, ever since she had started fucking her son. Now, it was there again, demanding
more and more erotic games.

She didn't try to fight that beast this time. She was giving it without a whimper. She had to give in. There would be no rest for her if she didn't. And Karen didn't want to suffer anymore, never again.

She ran her hand through the thick bush of her cunt, then pulled the strands apart to look at the pink lips of her pussy. There was the best, she knew. Her cunt was the beast that demanded total satisfaction. She was, she knew, becoming a slave to her own cunt, and there was nothing she could do about it.

There was nothing she wanted to do about it.

She turned away from the mirror, and, naked, left her room. She peered into the bathroom as she passed, but her son, of course, was not there. She found him in the living room, sitting naked on the couch, one foot on the cushions and one on the floor. His cock and balls seemed to draw her as usual. She went to her son and dropped to her knees at his side, taking his cock in her hand and pulling. She leaned over and kissed the head of his cock, running the tip of her tongue along his piss hole. She pumped at his cock for a bit, looking up into his face, her eyes shining with brightness, fueled by the burning heat of her
cunt. She was almost afraid to ask him.

"Darling," she said in a soft voice, "is Sally coming here today?"
"I don't know, Mother," he said. "She didn't say anything to me."
Karen squeezed, his cock. "Does she still want you to fuck her in the ass?"
Brett nodded.

"I hope she don't come over," Karen said, running her tongue about his balls. "At least not for a little while."
"Why, Mother? I thought you liked it when she was with us." "I do, baby," Karen murmured, her face between his thighs, kissing his balls. "But there's something I'd like to try, and I want it to be only between you and I."
"Just say what it is," her son said, running his hand through her hair. "You know me by now-always ready to try something."
"You won't think I'm bad?" she asked.

"Bad? How bad?"
"You know, dirty?"
He leered down at her. "The dirtier the better, Mother. You know that."
She gazed up at him, taking his balls into her mouth for a moment. She sucked them, then let his balls loose.
"You know when you were pissing?" she
said. "Did you see what I done?"
He nodded. "Sure, you put your finger on my cock and then licked it."
She grinned, her eyes flashing wickedly. "I get it," Brett laughed. "You want me to piss on you, right?"
Karen nodded her head eagerly.

"Well, why didn't you say so, Mother?"
"You will?"
"You know that," Brett said. "Just ask me, that's all."
"Mmmmm, will you piss on me, baby?" Karen asked, her voice shaking with eagerness, "Will you piss on mother?"
"You'd like it?"
"I don't know," she said truthfully. "I just know I want to find out."
She took his cock into her mouth and sucked, fondling his precious balls, her eyes gazing in liquid heat into his face. She ran her tongue about his swollen cockhead, probing at his piss hole.

"You keep sucking and I won't be able to piss. I'll come off in your mouth instead."
Karen sucked from his cock. "Later!" she said. "You can come in my mouth all you want later. I want you to piss on me.. . come on!"
She pulled her son into the bathroom, where
she climbed into the tub.

"I don't want to get the floor all wet," she explained.

She sat in the tub, looking up at her son as he arched his prick over the edge. She held his balls, waiting for the piss to flow over her body. Then, before he started to piss, she suddenly turned until she was on her hands and knees. She shoved her head low and lifted her ass high.

"Piss on me there!" she urged, shaking her naked, uplifted ass. "Piss on my fucking ass, my asshole, my cunt!"
Brett looked at his mother's creamy, succulent ass cheeks as she waved her ass about. With her head on the bottom of the tub, Karen pulled at her ass cheeks with both hands, stretching her ass for him, making her asshole a good target. Her cunt pooched from her thighs.

Holding his cock, Brett arched over the tub and began to piss. Karen let out a screech as the warm piss flooded down upon her ass, then ran between the cheeks and over her asshole, dripping from her cunt. She moaned with the strangeness of it, her cunt threatening to erupt into an explosive orgasm immediately.

"Oooo, piss all over me, baby!" she groaned, waving her ass erotically for him.

Brett, watching his piss soak his mother's creamy ass, her asshole and the lips of her wet cunt, became as excited as she was. He aimed his cock so the stream went up the base of her spine, then brought it back to her asshole, making her mother gurgle with perverse pleasure. Even as he pissed, his cock started to become hard, and he drew a wet pattern up and down her back, from her shoulder blades to her asshole.

Then, quickly, Karen twisted in the tub until she was facing her son, his piss splashing upon her swelling tits and inflamed nipples. Before Brett knew what she was doing, and even without giving thought to it herself, Karen suddenly shoved her face into the stream, mewling as the warmth of his piss splashed upon her lips. Then, with a soft wail, Karen opened her lips and, while her son pissed into her mouth, she closed them about the head of his cock. She began to swallow hurriedly because he filled her mouth. Her eyes were closed as Brett pissed into her mouth this way, and her cunt suddenly exploded, making Karen shake violently in the tub. She held her son's hips, with just the head of his cock between her lips, her tongue licking about as she drank from his cock.

She clung to his cock with tight lips, reluc-
tant to let him go even though he was no longer pissing. The taste of his piss inside her mouth sent explosions of the most intense ecstasy through her. She had no idea she could come with such strength and pleasure.

When Brett began to fuck her mouth, his cock swelling into beautiful hardness, Karen gobbled at his prick with her hungry mouth, moaning. He banged against her lips, fucking his cock into her throat. She had never enjoyed being fucked in her mouth so much before.

She wrapped her arms about his hips and clutched his ass cheeks as they bunched and flexed.

Karen's brain was reeling wildly with what she had done. Having him piss into her mouth this way had created such an intense lust that it was driving her out of her mind. His cock felt enormous between her lips, stretching them so much that the head of his prick was probing into her throat. His cock had never felt so big, so hard, so sweet her cunt continued to convulse like never before as she sat in the tub, her son fucking his cock back and forth into her mouth. Her tits, pressed against his thighs, tingled with the erotic pleasure flooding her being.

Moaning and whimpering, Karen sucked powerfully, her wet mouth filling with his
throbbing cock, her tongue racing along the underside, pressing so his prick scraped along the roof of her mouth. His cockhead banged against her throat, making muffled squeals bubble from her lips. She pulled one hand to his balls, grasping them tightly in a hot hand, rolling and pulling and twisting them. She was using every skill she possessed to bring his thick, delicious come juice from those precious balls and gushing into her greedy mouth.

Karen sucked at Brett's cock as if demented, as if starving for the fuck juices of his young balls. And she really was starving for his come juice. She had never wanted her son's sweet come juice squirting into her mouth so badly before. Being pissed upon, drinking his piss from his cock, Karen had felt intensely depraved, perverse, and she had loved the feeling. She wanted more of that hot, thrilling sensation of depravity. She wanted to be used and forced and degraded in every way imaginable. She wanted her son to rape her in every fuck hole she had, to fill her cunt and mouth and asshole with his precious cock and his delicious thick come juice-all at the same time.

But that was impossible. He had one cock, and that cock could only be in one fuck hole at a time.

Even so, hungrily sucking his beautiful
hard-on, it seemed to her as if she could feel his cock penetrating her cunt and asshole, too. Her imagination was strong, very strong, and. with her mind she could feel him fucking her in all three places. Her naked body, wet with his piss, shuddered in ecstatic convulsions as her cunt went through muscle-clenching orgasm after orgasm.

Brett had his hands on the back of her head, pulling her mouth tightly onto his throbbing cock. She looked up into his bright, glazed eyes. His hips pumped back and forth as he grunted, fucking his cock deep and hard and fast into her gobbling mouth. She dug her fingers into one cheek of his tight ass, jerking his crotch hard into her face as she twisted his balls with the other. His prick was deep inside her mouth, almost past her throat, when he began to discharge. The thick sweetness of his young come juice splashed along the back of her throat, and Karen wailed in a low muffled way as he began to come into her mouth. Her eyes closed as ecstasy flooded her, the taste of his come juice sending shivers of happiness through her.

Karen felt her son's body shaking as he came, heard his grunts of delight, felt his balls writhe in her hand as they emptied, spurting come juice into her mouth.

As the spurting of his come juice dribbled to a halt, Karen wiped her tongue up and down his piss hole, her eyes again open and looking up at his now-relaxed features. He still had his fingers wound into her hair, but was no longer pulling her face into his cock. She reined her grip on the cheek of his ass, sucking on his cock slowly and gently, with love more than mindless hunger now.

Brett slowly pulled his cock from her mouth, watching it slide out. "Mother, you suck my cock so fucking good," he gasped, his chest heaving up and down. "You must be starved for my cock to suck it that way."
She smiled up at him, caressing his thighs and hips with her hands. "When you pissed on me, something seemed to happen," she said. "I always enjoy sucking you, but. . . I don't know what it was, but feeling you piss on me, on my asshole and cunt, then in my mouth . . . well, darling, I couldn't help it. I had to suck you off!"
Brett laughed and turned on the shower head. Cold water streamed down on his mother. Karen yelped and jumped to her feet, dancing about in the tub as the cold water sprayed her naked flesh.

"Damn you, you little shit!" she screamed at him, but her laughter took away any anger
she may have felt. "That's cold!"
"Frozen cunt," he laughed. "That should cool your hot fucking ass, off for a while, Mother.

"Why do you want my ass cooled off?" she asked, the cold water now feeling good to her. "I thought you like it nice and hot."
He sat on the toilet and watched his mother shower.

"Brett," she asked when she turned the water off, "did that make you feel terrible?"
"What?" he asked.

"Pissing one me?"
"I liked it, Mother," he said, grinning. "Sort of strange, sure, but I liked pissing on you." Climbing out of the tub, she handed him a huge towel, and he began drying her slender body. "I wonder if Sally would go for something like that," she said, half whispering.

"You want her to piss on you, too?" Brett looked up from where he was drying her feet. He saw the bushy hair of his mother's cunt, the pink of those fiery pussy lips.

"I just wondered, that's all," she said, hoping she had not gone too far with her son.

In her room, while dressing, Karen couldn't get her mind off being pissed upon. Her
creamy smooth flesh seemed to still tingle with it, and her cunt was twitching, As if on the brink of orgasm, but not quite reaching the peak. After putting on a breezy summer dress, she brushed her hair and looked at herself in the mirror. There was nothing there to indicate her perverse desires. All she saw was a lovely woman, a young mother raising her only son.

There was nothing on her face or in her eyes that seemed to say, "You're fucking your son, bitch! You're eating his girlfriend's cunt and letting him piss all over you."
There was nothing but the face of a very pretty woman, still youthful, desirable. There wasn't even anything in her features that told of her inner heat, of her wild, almost impossible desire for her son's cock and his girlfriend's cunt.

Karen woke up the next morning with that steaming need between her slim legs.

As her eyes opened, she was immediately aware of the fiery bubbling of her cunt, and she ran her hand down to fondle her puffy pussy lips. She pinched her throbbing clit and moaned with pleasure. Arching her ass upwards, she tossed the sheet from her naked body and looked down the smooth length of her form. Almost as soon as her fingers
pinched her swollen clit, the thought came into her mind about being pissed upon, and a shudder rippled about her flesh. It was not a shudder of revulsion, but one of anticipation, of excitement and pleasure.

As she swung her legs over the edge of the bed, Karen felt a certain awareness that today would be her day, the day in which she would find absolute relief from the pacing, bellowing beast that was her cunt. Today, she felt, would bring an end to that tormenting thing. Today would be the day she was going to end forever the greed of the beast.

Somehow, she sensed that today she would find complete and total satisfaction in her erotic needs.

As was her daily habit, she bathed for a long time in a tub of scented water, bubbles bursting about her. She spent a long time soaking in water so hot it was almost scalding her flesh. But it felt so good. The bathroom was steaming with the moist heat, and she reclined back and let her mind go, wondering what would happen with her-to her-this day. It was going to be a wonderful day; she knew.

Back in the bedroom, she pulled on a pair of frilly, lacy, and quite fragile panties, the ones with tiny red hearts all over them. That completed her dressing for the day. She was not
going to wear anything else-just her panties. She found her son, had had his breakfast
already, with a pot of coffee freshly brewed for her. She smiled at her son as she poured a cup. Then she stood at his side while sipping it, pressing her hip against his shoulder. Her son wrapped his arms about her pantied hips and hugged her tightly. Karen turned toward him, looking down as his tongue dipped into her belly button, his hands holding the cheeks of her firm ass.

"Let me have coffee, at least," she said in a whispery voice. "You must have woke up horny, baby."
"I'm always horny, Mother," he said, lowering his head and dragging his tongue along the crotch of her panties.

"Honey," she said, swaying her hips into his face, "if you want to eat my panties, I'll take them off for you."
"Mmmm, I only eat panties when they're filled with a hairy cunt and round ass, Mother..

"Of even if the cunt isn't so hairy, mmm?"
"You mean Sally's?"
"Are you eating any other little pussy I don't know about, Brett?"
"Nope, just yours and Sally's, Mother," he responded and ran the flat surface of his
tongue as best he could along the crotch of her pretty panties. "And that reminds me. I spoke to Sally this morning."
"So early?"
"She called," he said, caressing his cheek about the bulge of her cunt hair. "Didn't the telephone wake you, Mother?"
She shook her head. "Is she coming over?"
Brett nodded his head. Karen hugged her son's head to her lower stomach, grinding against him, smiling. Already her cunt was ready. So were her asshole and mouth and tits and every part of her. She knew exactly what she wanted to do today with her son and the pretty little girl. If Sally refused, well, there were always others out there someplace. It was simply a matter of finding them, and Karen had no doubts about finding them.

She twisted her stomach into her son's face as his tongue licked at the hot flesh above her elastic waistband. She shoved the panties down, exposing the thick cunt hair. She leaned her shoulders back and looked down as her son sucked at the hair with his lips. When he slid his hands inside her panties from behind, she pulled away.

"Let's wait, honey," she said, her voice heavy with desire. "Let's wait for Sally."
"I don't know if I can," Brett said, pointing
to his cock. His prick was standing up, the head swollen and seeping from the piss hole. "I might come off just looking at you, Mother.

"Don't you dare." She grinned. "I'd rather have you come off in me. I don't want to have to lick your come juice off the floor.

"You'd do that?"
"For you, anything," she said, leaning down and jerking his cock a bit. "Don't you know that by now, honey?" She kissed her son, running the tip of her tongue along his lips, then stood upright. "But we're still going to wait for Sally."
She turned and wiggled her ass at him. Before she could move away, Brett grabbed his mother by her hips and shoved his face against her ass. Before Karen could pull away, laughing with delight, he had pulled her panties down and was sucking on one cheek other ass. She leaned over and wiggled her naked ass for him, and laughed with delight as his wet tongue dipped into the crack of her ass, swirling about her tight, hot asshole.

"Mmm, you want to eat my ass out, honey?" she asked, wiggling her ass into his face. "Or just fuck it with your tongue?"
Her son gave a muffled reply, his tongue licking up and down the crack of her ass. He
swiped it along the tight ass pucker, and Karen squealed with pleasure, placing her hands on her knees and arching her creamy ass back into his face. She felt his tongue probing upon the tightness of her asshole, and she moaned with pleasure as his tongue slipped into her asshole.

"Oh, go ahead," she said in mock resignation. "If you must eat my asshole, then I suppose you must. Shove that hot little tongue as deep up mother's asshole as you can, darling! Tonguefuck the shit out of me! Oooo, that's the way, Brett! oh, you can stick your tongue almost as deep as your cock! Fuck it...ram that hot asshole...eat my hot fucking asshole baby!"
Karen leaned over farther yet, shoving her ass into her son's face, wiggling and grinding as his tongue penetrated with short, fiery thrusts. His hands dug into her hips, pulling her ass into his face. She could just see his cock between her thighs, but was unable to reach his cock.

Brett, with his face buried into the sweet heat of his mother's ass, ran his hands up to clutch at her tight tits, pulling on them as his tongue fucked in and out of her tight asshole.

Karen danced on her feet, squealing and whimpering and mewling with pleasure. His tongue, although unable to penetrate deeply
into her asshole, went far enough to thrill her with excitement. She pressed harder into his face, enjoying the way he pulled and twisted at her firm, spongy tits while his tongue fucked up her ass.

"Ohhh, you're going to make me come, Brett!" she moaned. "Do you want to make mother come this way? You want to tonguefuck my asshole and make me come?"
Before her son could reply, Karen's cunt convulsed, causing her asshole to squeeze his tongue, sucking and milking on it. She screamed softly as an orgasm burned through her. Brett, feeling his mother's asshole gripping his tongue, fucked in as deep and fast as he could. Karen, even as she came, was looking at his cock, and she knew by the way his prick was throbbing that he was about to come off.

While her orgasm continued to burn through her body, she jerked her ass out of his face and, since her panties were already pulled down, shoved her crotch to his lap. But instead of feeling his cock fucking into her boiling cunt, his prick went straight up her asshole. She started to lift up and put it in her pussy, but her son gripped her around the waist.

"Don't move! I'm coming, Mother!"
Feeling his cock explode in her asshole,

Karen began to fuck up and down, riding her son's cock with her asshole, fucking him swiftly and mewling as come juice flooded her ass.

After he finished, she remained on his lap, his hands clutching her tits as she leaned back. Brett kissed the smooth flesh of his mother's shoulder blades as her asshole flexed on his cock. Finally, with a sigh, Karen lifted and his cock pulled free. Turning toward him, she grinned. "You sure couldn't wait, could you?"
He shook his head.

Pulling her panties up, she snapped them about her hips just as a knack sounded on the front door. "That's Sally, probably," she said. "Want me to answer it?"
"I'm naked," he said.

"What do you think I am?" she replied.

"Hot ass, for one thing," he grinned.

She patted his cheek and pulled a robe from the back of a kitchen chair, pulling it over her shoulders and going to answer the door.

It was Sally, of course.

She came in with a huge smile on her young, pretty face, her eyes dancing with pleasure. After the door was closed, Sally pressed up tight against Karen, pulling the robe apart and kissing each of Karen's tits wetly.

"Mmm, you don't waste any time, do
you?" Karen laughed and pulled back. She dropped the robe on the floor as her son came in, his cock and balls swinging invitingly. Karen watched the two young ones hug and kiss, then her son was undressing Sally, who was eagerly helping him.

"You know what I want, don't you?" Sally said to Brett as he pulled her small panties down her legs. "I didn't get it last time."
Karen saw her son look at her quizzically, but she was sure, she knew what Sally was talking about. "You want him to fuck you in that pretty little ass, fight?" Karen said.

Sally nodded, her eyes shining with burning excitement as she began to fondle her own little cunt, spreading her feet on the floor. "I used my finger a lot last night in bed, and it felt so good. I came a couple of times doing that. But I bet I come more with Brett's cock up my asshole."
Karen laughed again, low and husky. "If you're like me, you'll come."
Brett, on his knees after removing Sally's panties, moved about the girl until he was behind her. He was fondling her small, tight ass with his hands, and gently shoved at her back, making Sally lean over. Karen moved to her son's side, watching him. She saw the pink pucker of Sally's asshole wink at them. Sally,
giggling like a naughty little girl, leaned over much farther, arching her ass back. Karen scooped her hand under Sally and cupped a springy tit, pulling one cheek of Sally's ass back while her son did the same. A glance at his cock told Karen that Brett was going to be up to fucking Sally in just a few more seconds.

Brett opened his mouth and shoved it between the creamy cheeks of Sally's small ass, sucking against her asshole. Sally squealed with pleasure and shook her ass in his face. Karen released the, small girl's tit and used both her hands to hold her sweet ass cheeks apart as her son sucked and licked that tight, fiery asshole.

His cock was up and throbbing now. Brett pulled his face away and stood up. His cock was level with Sally's asshole as she stood leaning over, her hands braced on her knees. Karen grasped her son's cock and pulled his prick between those succulent ass cheeks, pressing the swollen cockhead against the girl's asshole. Sally made a gurgling sound as she felt the rubbery head of his prick press against her.

"She's going to be tight, darling," Karen said, "so be careful."
"Fuck that!" Sally yelped. "Rain it to me, Brett!"

Brett clung to the small girl's hips, his mother holding his cock, the head against her asshole. He fucked forward. Karen watched her son's cock, penetrate that small opening. Sally let loose a wail, but it was a sound of intense pleasure, not pain.

"Ohhhh, give it to me!" Sally urged. "I told you I used my fingers a lot last night! Oooo, that feels awfully good! You're so thick and hard and . . . oh, do you go deep! Fuck me up my asshole-now!"
Karen watched as her son began to fuck his cock in and out, seeing her pink ass flesh cling to his prick. The sounds Sally made were enough to tell Karen the little girl was enjoying this very much and that she didn't have to worry about Sally being harmed.

Sally twisted her small ass about as Brett fucked his cock back and forth. Karen moved her hand down the cheeks of her son's ass, between his legs and held his swinging balls, kissing the spine of Sally, licking along her shaking ass cheeks, sinking to her knees to lap with her tongue at the slimness of Sally's hot little thigh.

Seeing this caused Karen's cunt to boil insanely, and she moved her hand along Sally's trembling stomach, through the softness of her sparse cunt hair. She rubbed at Sally's dis-
tended clit and probed into the girl's tight wet cunt with a finger, feeling her son's cock throbbing through the thin flesh separating Sally's asshole from her cunt.

"Ooo, fuck me, Brett!" Sally was gurgling in a thick voice. "Fuck my asshole! Fuck me up my hot ass.. . finger fuck me, Karen! Ooooo, I'm so weak, so fucking weak!"
Karen slipped underneath, her head between Sally's feet, looking up between those slim, exciting thighs, seeing her son's cock fucking in and out of Sally's tight little asshole, seeing that sugary young cunt bubble with seeping sweetness. Karen writhed her own naked ass on the floor and began to urge Sally to lower herself.

Sally, her legs shaking, began to lower her naked body, with Brett's cock never being taken out of her clutching asshole. She drew her knees under her stomach, her cunt above Karen's face. Karen felt the little girl's cheek resting against her bushy cunt, the small hands sliding under to hold her firm ass. She lifted her face slightly and pressed her mouth into the sugary wetness of Sally's bubbling pussy, licking and sucking on it, her son's balls brushing her forehead. She could watch his cock fuck Sally in her tight asshole and eat Sally's cunt at the same time.

Karen felt Sally's tongue searching for her hairy cult, and she spread her legs wide. When she felt Sally's tongue plunge into her hairy cunt, Karen lifted her ass and began to slam her pussy up and down, banging and rubbing it against Sally's mouth. Karen shoved her tongue as deep as she could into the tight heat of the girl's pussy, her eyes burning as she watched her son fucking that young asshole. Sally was bouncing about and squealing with ecstasy, licking and sucking at Karen's fiery holding tightly to her ass as it revolved about.

Sally was coming. Karen could feel that young cunt gripping her tongue with heat. Karen fucked her tongue in and out as her son fucked into the tiny asshole, her eyes watching. She closed her inner thighs about Sally's head, feeling an orgasm burning through her. Sally, her mouth pressing hard and tight into Karen's cunt, wailed and gurgled as she came, her tongue fucking in and out of Karen's juicy pussy. Brett fucked his throbbing cock in and out of Sally's asshole, making slapping sounds against her sweet ass cheeks.

Brett groaned, fucking his cock as deep as he could into Sally's asshole. Karen felt her son's balls writhe on her forehead and saw the throbbing at the base. She knew her son was coming, spurting that come juice into this
once-virgin asshole.

Sally was making strange sounds of ecstasy as Brett filled her asshole with come juice. She was no longer licking or sucking at Karen's cunt. She was shaking with orgasm after orgasm, her mouth resting upon the puffy, slippery hair-lined lips of Karen's cunt.

Karen felt her son's balls become still on her forehead, and that told her he was finished. She rested, kissing at the smooth sweetness of Sally's inner thighs and puffy little cunt as they rested.

Brett pulled his cock from Sally's asshole, and his prick dangled against his mother's nose. Karen shoved her head back and let the cockhead slip between her lips. She ran her tongue over his piss hole, finding one last drop of come juice there.

"Are you about ready, Sally," she heard her son say.

"I think so," Sally replied.

Wondering what they were up to, Karen felt Sally lift her ass, shoving her knees so they were along side her face, that cute pussy about six inches up from her. Karen saw her son take hold of his cock at the base.

Then her son and Sally began to piss. "Oh!" Karen said in surprise. The warm piss from her son's cock and

Sally's cunt splashed into her face at the same time. There was an immediate response between Karen's thighs. She suddenly erupted into fantastic orgasms as they pissed into her face.

Sally was giggling as she pissed, trying to look between their bodies, but unable to. Brett was silent, but grinning with pleasure. Karen closing her eyes as an expression of mindless ecstasy came over her face, opened her mouth, feeling the warm piss splash over her tongue. Karen lifted her head and cupped her lips about Sally's cunt and let the girl piss directly into her mouth. Then she shoved her mouth around her son's cock, going from one to the other, coming with force as she wondered if her body could stand much more.

The beast was finally satisfied.

As she felt herself slipping away with the most intense pleasure ever, she heard Sally saying, "I'm next! I'm gonna be next ..


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