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Lilly and Katie's Night Out 2
07-14-2011, 07:16 AM
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Lilly and Katie's Night Out 2
As they drove to a new club that had just open in town Lilly and Katie couldn't‘t help playing with each other while Katie drove down the street. Lilly would casually rub Katie’s thigh, moving it closer and closer to her pussy that was already wet again, but just as Lilly’s hand made contact with Katie’s clit she would pull it away, only to go back to stroking Katie’s thigh. Katie was on the verge of another orgasm when they pulled up to the club.

When they drove up there was a long line outside, but both of them got right in, and saw that the club was packed with people, “I’ll go get us drinks” yelled Lilly over the pounding music. She made her way over to the bar and ordered two vodka martinis and was waiting to get them when a tall very handsome man came to stand beside her. He was muscular and fit with the bone structure of a model. He was wearing dark jeans and a black button down which subtly betrayed a rock hard body beneath it. They made eye contact and immediately sparks flew.

Lilly felt her face get warm and the wetness return stronger than ever he smiled and said “Hi I’m Jake.” He had dark brown tousled hair that stuck up in artful disarray and beautiful butterscotch eyes that matched his toothpaste add smile . Lilly couldn’t help but smile and said, “I’m Lilly. It‘s a pleasure to meet you.” he chuckled and said, “ No it’s my pleasure. Let me buy you a drink.”

Lilly didn’t object and they walked back to Katie with their drinks. Lilly introduced Jake to Katie and she could see sparks between them too, she knew it was going to be a good night. They sat in a booth talking and casually finding reasons to touch each other lightly, soon Jake said, “Why don’t we dance.” Lilly and Katie looked at each other and each grabbed one of Jake’s hands and lead him to the dance floor.

Lilly then grabbed Katie’s hand and began dancing with her, rubbing her self against Katie’s pussy and guiding her hand across her breasts and ass. Jake came up behind Katie and started grinding to the music, with his hands on her hips. Katie turned to face Jake and he moved his hands to feel every part of her. By this time Lilly was so wet that she had to start rubbing her pussy against Jake’s rock hard cock that his pants were struggling to contain.

She could feel his erection pushing through his pants making her pussy ache . Katie gave them both a look and motioned them to join her outside. They immerged from the club a little bit boozy and very horny. Lilly turned to Jake and asked her most sultry voice, “ So do you want to come back to my place with us?”

“Where’s you car?” Jake replied. The girls gave a each other a naughty look and lead the way holding hands and swaying their hips. Katie sat in the drivers seat and Lilly and Jake sat in the back; they immediately set off. As soon as the car pulled out Lilly reached over and laid one of her hands on Jake’s leg, and she began stroking it to the beat of a song playing on the radio.

She softly touched Jake’s hard long cock, making him moan with pleasure. This only spurred her on. Lilly leaned in to met his muscular but soft lips with her delicate mouth. Jake reached behind Lilly’s head and pulled her closer to him as her parted her lips with his tongue, Lilly unzipped Jake’s pants and pulled his rock hard member out of his boxers and began jacking it off with a level of skill that Jake had never experienced. Lilly ran her soft hands up and down the long shaft twisting it ever so slightly, making a few drops of pre-cum push out from his pink mushroom shaped head. Lilly began working her hand faster and Jake growled with pleasure and pulled Lilly tighter into his embrace, kissing her more passionately.

Lilly attacked Jake’s dick with even faster strokes; she could feel his balls tightening and knew he was going to cum, so she ducked her head down and stroked him one last time as she engulfed his cock with her mouth. The pleasure was too much for Jake and he came with so much force that Lilly had trouble swallowing it all. She got all of it down with the exception of one drop that hung in the corner of her mouth.

Katie watched this scene unfold from her read view mirror. It turned her on so much to see her best friend and lover pleasuring a man like only she could. Just then they pulled up to Lilly’s house and Katie turned, reached back, and grabbed Lilly; licking the spot of cum from Lilly’s lip she pulled her into a passionate kiss, their lips were crushed together and their tongues explored each others mouths.

Katie could taste Jake’s warm seed on Lilly’s succulent lips, and it made her hungry for more. Katie pulled Lilly into the front seat; giving Jake a great view of Lilly’s bare pussy lips. Katie’s hand moved down from Lilly’s cheek to her inner thigh and slowly towards her wet throbbing pussy, when her fingers brushed Lilly’s silken pussy she broke away to moan and look at Jake. He was sitting in the back with his huge cock sticking out of his pants stroking it slowly, bringing his cock back to its shining glory.

“Why don’t we go inside?” whispered Lilly. She and Katie tumbled out of the car and pulled Jake out of the back seat, barely giving him time to pull his pants up. They practically ran to the house and while Lilly struggled to unlock the door Jake grabbed Katie and brought her lips to his, kissing her passionately.

He ran his tongue over her lips and gently bit Katie’s bottom lip and tugged on it gently. Katie moaned and ran her hand up to Jake’s rock hard cock that was barely contained by his pants. Lilly finally got the door open and the three of them stumbled in.

They immediately made their way to the bedroom and Katie gently pushed Jake down on the bed and stripped him of his shirt, pants and boxers. Then Lilly and Katie began undressing each other. Katie pulled Lilly’s dress over her head freeing Lilly’s breasts. She leaned in and took one nipple into her mouth making it harden and making Lilly sigh. Lilly lifted Katie’s head and kissed her fervently, Lilly led Katie our to the bed and they both put a hand on Jake’s cock. They moved their hands together, and made him moan.

Lilly and Katie both knelt in front of Jake and began to kiss each other around the head of his huge cock, pushing his head into each other‘s mouth. They both licked and sucked on cock, running their tongues up and down in opposite directions making him almost explode. Lilly worked her way down and took one of Jake’s balls into her mouth while Katie swirled his head with her tongue and took him deep into her throat.

Lilly could feel Jake’s balls brimming with cum so she gave his balls one last lick, pulled Katie up, and helped her to mount Jake’s throbbing cock. Katie lowered her self inch by inch onto Jake’s nine inch cock. She rocked her hips, moaning loudly and drew him into her until she lay pelvis to pelvis with him.

“God your so tight” Jake said through clenched teeth. Katie just moaned and clenched her pussy around Jake’s member. She slowly lifted her self up and slid her body up and down his shining cock coming up to where his head was almost out and slamming back down to the hilt. Katie was swiftly approaching an orgasm and let out a scream as Lilly rubbed her clit as it traveled the length of Jake’s cock. Katie’s hips moved faster and faster until she stiffened and came with so much force that she pushed Jake over with her and the two of them continued thrusting until the last after shocks were over.

Lilly could see that they were both too tired to continue right away but she knew that their rest would not last long.

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