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Life of Christopher Schwartz Part Two
07-15-2011, 05:47 AM
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Life of Christopher Schwartz Part Two
A Visit with Karen

After the incident with the gorgeous Kate, Christopher’s school day continued without any other incident But he walked off the grounds and headed to his new home something he didn’t expect happened. His ambling footsteps were often interrupted by the sounds of passing cars, that he was used to. Then he heard the sound of a car pulling in behind him, he looked behind him, Karen, the woman from the Administrative Office, was pulling up behind him in a yellow 2007 California Edition Mustang, black racing stripes. Sexy car...

"Need a ride?" She asks him as she pulls along beside him.

"Um, yeah sure, I don’t live far."

She looks at him with that appraising look, as if she is trying to figure out how much he is worth.

"Its no problem. Get in."

As he climbs into the car she asks him.

"So have any after school plans?"

He looks at her, she was changed out her bland work clothing and into a far skimpier outfit, short black skirt and a low cut red blouse, he could see now that she had nice, perky breasts.

"No, not really, my parents are working and God knows what else, so I’m pretty much on my own."

She looks at him out of the corner of her eyes.

"Ah I see, well would you be interested in hanging out with me for an hour or two? I know its not exactly the thing to do to get popular, but if you don’t mind hanging out with an older woman."

Hmmm.... I’m fine with hanging out... But I imagine that’s not what she has in mind....

"Sure that’s fine. Haha you don’t look that much older than myself."

It was true, she looked to be mid to late twenties at the latest. "Ahhh thanks, yeah I guess I am kinda young for my job."

She then changes the direction she is driving and heads for what he can only assume is her house.

As she pulls into her driveway he takes in every detail of her home.

"You have a pretty nice home."

It was a simple home, but attractive. She smiled at him and nodded her thanks, then lead him to the front door. After they walked in she told him to make himself comfortable.

"I’m going to change my clothes and get into something.... More comfortable..."

She grinned at him slightly.

"I have a PS3 and Xbox if you want to play on one, they are already set up."

As she walked out of the room he got up and started looking through her case filled with DVDs and games. She has quite the collection.... How does someone working for the school district pull in enough money to afford this.... Out of the corner of his eye he saw her walk in, wearing a tiny skirt, with a black long sleeve button-up shirt that left nothing to the imagination, he could see the straps from her thong coming out of the top of her skirt. Oh god.... His penis twitched just from looking at her.

"Um, so yeah how do you manage to get all these games and things, I thought the school districts didn’t pay for crap..."

She walked past him and bent over at the waist to open up a drawer on the entertainment center, he was given a clear view of her thong and ass, his penis again twitched, it began to swell.

"I have another business... I run a porno site..."

She then stood up, she had retrieved a video camera, she walked up to him, turned on the camera and turned it towards him. He could see her wearing the same clothes as she was presently and stripping out of them, once all of her clothes were removed she made her way to the couch and started playing with her breasts, he felt his cock swelling faster and faster. On the video camera’s screen showed Karen sliding her hands down to her pussy, she started massaging her moistened twat, rubbing and stroking, then she used two fingers to part her lips and slide her middle finger inside of it.

As he watched this he felt a hand press against his cock. He looked down and saw Karen groping his crotch, jacking him off through his pants. She then closed the camera and threw it to the couch and slid down his body, staring at the bulge in his pants, she slid onto her knees and began unzipping his black pants, she reached inside and pulled his cock out, she started rubbing it softly as he groaned with pleasure. God..... I had forgotten how good this feels.... She then slid the head of his cock into her mouth, she continued working him further and further into her mouth, his moans of pleasure encouraging her eager mouth. With one hand she jacked the base of Christopher’s member and the other hand working on the buttons of her shirt, he watched her head bob in and out on his hardened cock, and just beyond her head he could see her breasts being exposed. One and then another flopped out of her button-up, her breasts were a large B, they were firm and perky, she had small tight nipples that were a soft shade of pink. As she took him into her throat, further and further, she pulled at her nipples, caressing her breasts. This quickly became too much for his body, the pressure built up too fast. As she slid him out of her throat, pulling out till just his head was in between her lips, he came, her eyes widen with surprise as his cock squirted cum into her mouth, she pulled him out and jacked him off, the cum squirting out in long streams all over her face and breasts. God.... She’s going to flip... Panting he finally tells her

"sorry, I’m a little new to this.... I’m a virgin..... I’ve only been jacked off..."

She looked up at him with shock.

"How could a sexy guy like you be a virgin??"

He backed away a little bit.

"I just never went for it I guess, I’ve always been kinda shy."

Hmmm.... Let’s see if I can play this game... As Kate so eloquently put it.... She stood up and moved towards him.

"Oh I see, so you’re a virgin... Hmmm...thats pretty hott...."

He looked at her confused.

"What do you mean?"

"Well if you would be interested in doing so we could make some damn good money off of being a virgin that is."

Wait what..... She wants me to have sex with her on camera for money.... Hmmmm

"So you want me to have sex with you on camera and you put it online?"

"Yeah, pretty much, I can set it up as a web cam show, with a five dollar entry fee to watch. I’ll give you half. Just give me a week and I'll have that part of my site up and running. So what do you think?"

Hmm.... This could be really smart.... And I never understood how people can relate sex to love.... All right I’ll go for this.. Just have some fun on a camera right?

"All right, I’ll go for this... So I’ll get two and a half bucks for each person watching?"

She nods at him. "So what do you say to me working with you on your.... Stamina?"

She walks forward playing with her breasts.

He felt himself stiffen a bit.


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