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Lexi's Perfect Mouth
07-16-2011, 03:05 AM
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Lexi's Perfect Mouth
My tongue runs over your left nipple, and then your right. You skin is soft under my delicate fingers. Smooth and silky. Your breasts are full, and I love gently kneading my hands in them. Pushing them together on my mouth. Your smiling down at me. Knowing that I am enjoying this new feeling. This new sex. Your body is tan, and your stomach is so tight. I know what I want to touch, and where to touch, but I'm scared. I have felt the soft folds of my pussy. The slick tightness around my fingers. I know what this feels like, but to have my fingers inside your pussy, I'm nervous, and again, a first time lover. I have had cock in my mouth. Cock in my pussy, but never have I laid on such soft delicate skin. I love feeling your nipples with my tongue. I want to work my mouth down that tummy of yours, but I'm scared. I look up at you.

"We can go as slow as you want." You say softly, looking at me with your beautiful ice blue eyes. You sit up, as if sensing my reluctance. You kiss me, softly. Your lips are warm and inviting. You taste incredible. My brain is on slow motion. As your kiss sends vibrations deep to my sex, your making me wet. I can't believe I'm making love to a woman. A beautiful woman. My nipples are hard. Your mouth on them is warm and wet. Our breasts brush together, as you roll me on to my back. You press your face into my breasts, and sigh.

"I have wanted this for so long Meirce. So long. Your body.." You suck my nipple into your mouth hard, "is so beautiful." My head falls back. I close my eyes. This feeling is unlike anything I have ever had with a man. This is tender. This is sensual. Erotic. I never thought of myself being into woman. But you and I have been friends for so many years. When you told me you were a lesbian, I secretly wondered if this moment would ever come.

"Me too," I whisper. I run my fingers through your long dark hair. I have always thought you were beautiful. Your tall lean body. Lush breasts. Tight ass. I have watched you in the gym and wanted to touch these parts of you. Never had wanted a woman before.

"I have wanted this, since the moment I met you. You are so beautiful Meirce." Your hands tickle down my sides. You mouth on my neck. Softly biting my tender skin. Your breasts are pressing into mine. I can feel the heat from your pussy on my own. You press your hips into mine, just a little. I can feel the slick texture of our pussy lips touching. Softly. You slide your hand in between us, and run one slender finger through my slit. I shiver in response.

"Oh, you are liking this." You sound surprised.

"Yes," I softly sigh. I want to beg you. Plead with you, to please put that finger in my wet hole. Please touch me. I'm screaming in my head. You begin to kiss your way down my stomach. Its hard not to tighten every muscle in my body. I'm tense. I know where you are going, and I can't wait. I spread my legs for you, knowing this is what you want. You look down at my pussy.

"Such a pretty pink pussy." You smile, and you run your finger again through my slit. Your other hand is twisting your left nipple. You bring your finger up to your mouth. You taste me.

"Oh you taste good." You moan a little.

Your teasing me. Your not meaning to, I know this. You are going slow. But I want you. I want to scream out how much I want you. Looking up at your beautiful body kneeling over me. Both of your hands squeeze your breasts, hard. Your looking right in my eyes.

"You want this Meirce?" You run you hand down your stomach, and part your pussy lips. Beautiful soft folds. You push your finger inside. "I want to eat your pussy." Your fingering your clit. "Will you let me eat that beautiful pussy?"

"Yes." I can feel my hips grinding watching every thrust of your finger on your clit. "I want it Lexi."

"Tell me," You sound sultry. Sexy.

"Eat my pussy, Lexi."

"Again," You close your eyes. Your fingers working frantic circles over your clit.

"Eat my pussy, baby. I want your tongue on my pussy." My hips are moving quicker. You open your eyes. Your stomach muscles go tighter. I can tell you are going to cum. Your other hand is pulling at your nipple harder. I begin to slide my hand down, wanting desperately to cum with you. To touch my swollen clit. Without warning, your mouth is on my pussy lips, you part them with your tongue. You lash at my clit. Your fingers are still working. Your moaning into my pussy. I moan aloud. Your mouth is so soft, yet harsh. Your working my clit with your tongue. You definitely know what your doing. I feel your finger start to enter my tight hole. Its ecstasy. Your finger curves up inside me, and you are already on my g-spot. The feeling sends a rush through me. I'm already going to cum. My hips are grinding against your mouth.

"Oh fuck, Lex, I'm gonna cum.." I moan loudly.

"Yes, Meirce, cum for me." You say quickly into the soft folds.

I grab my breasts with both hands. I squeeze hard. I pinch my nipples, looking down at your beautiful mouth on my bare pussy. Your finger faster inside me. I can no longer take it. The wave rolls through me. I cum in your mouth. I arch my back, burying my head into the pillows. You moan into my pussy, as your orgasm rips through you. Your sucking my juices into your mouth. You begin to kiss up my stomach. We are not done yet. I sit up, and grab your waist and whip you around under me.

"My turn." I say to you.

"Ooohhh" You kind of squeak out, smiling. You grab my neck and pull my mouth close to yours. I can smell my sex on your mouth. I love it. You kiss me hard. You pull back and look at me. "You taste so fucking good. Do you like how you taste on me Meirce?"

The lust has taken over. I want this now more then anything. I want my fingers inside of you. I want to feel your soft pussy lips on my mouth. To taste you. To feel your hard clit as my tongue rushes over it.

"Yes baby. I love my pussy on your mouth." I say softly. I start to kiss down your neck. I can't wait to feel your nipples in my mouth again. The hard little nub. I suck and pull and bite. I can already feel your hips gently moving under me. I look up at you. Your hands are entangled in my long blonde hair. I can take no more. I kiss my way down your stomach. To your hips. I can smell your sex. Fresh sex. It smells incredible. You spread your legs for me. Wide. Your pussy lips part, and I can see how wet you are. It glistens. Your cunt is tiny. I slide my finger over your clit. You buck in response. I gently circle your clit one more time, before sliding my finger inside you. It is so wet. I feel your walls tighten on my finger. I slide it back out. Moment of truth. Can I eat you. I bring your finger up to my mouth, and suck your juice off my finger. I sigh and close my eyes. Your taste is so sweet. I completely lick you off my finger, and then realize, I don't have to wait. I burry my face in your pussy. Licking your clit hard. Listening to your loud moans, and your panicked breath, makes me feel so good. To know that I am going to make you cum. I slide a finger back inside you. Your hips gyrating against my mouth. Your hands in my hair. I look up. Your face is beautiful. I can tell your going to cum. I can't wait to taste you. I slide another finger into that tiny hole.

"Yeah, yeah yeah," and you cum. Your sweet nectar flows into my mouth. I have had mens cum in my mouth before but this is nothing like that. This is pure nectar. Its texture like silk. Its taste is sweet. I lick your pussy lips clean. I kiss my way up your stomach, take a finale stop at your protruding nipples I can't get enough of, and meet your mouth with mine. We kiss slowly for a long time. I feel your hand run down my body. Your touch soft. You pull on my side, urging me to lay down. We wrap our bodies together. Our breasts pressed together.

"Well," you ask.

I close my eyes. "It was heaven." I open them to you smiling.

"That's just the start. You haven't even begun to know. See why

I am a lesbian Meirce?" You giggle.

"Yes, it's beautiful. But don't think your going to convert me." I joke with you.

You smile at me, and kiss my lips softly. "Well, it will be fun trying."

"I love cock so much." I kind of pout.

"You can still have cock Meirce. Just let me get you worked up." your hand runs down and cups my ass.

The thoughts going through my head, of my man watching you eat my pussy. Looking at him stroking his cock.

"Yeah, I could be down with that." I smile at you.

"We will work on that then. For now, you will need your sleep. I'm not even done with you yet tonight." You pull my head towards your breasts. I rest my head there. Thinking of all the dirty things I can do with you now. But that will be another story.

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