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Laurie vacations without me in the Philippines
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Laurie vacations without me in the Philippines
Part 1

After a cold and rainy winter in Taipei, Laurie, my wife, convinced me to take her on vacation to the Philippines where she could warm up a little. After getting "massaged" to orgasm on the beach by a pretty little Filipino named Lupe, Laurie then fucked Lupe's friend, Rey in our room. Me? Well, I had lost a bet and was now paying off... I got Rey hard for her and then licked her pussy clean after he left puddles of cum in her cunt.

Laurie offered me to Lupe for the rest of our trip, but before she could use me, I was called back to Taipei on business. Laurie was not about to end her vacation early, so she came back as far as Manila and stayed there for an extra five days.

I wasn't there, but this is as accurate a re-telling as I can remember from her recollections.

Some friends from Taipei had arranged a room for us (now used by Laurie) at the Manila Hotel, a big, beautiful European-style hotel. Big balcony, big bed and being alone was making Laurie kind of a pissed off girl. After checking in, Laurie changed into one of her bikinis and headed down to the pool.

Laurie stands about 5'6" and weighs about 125 pounds. She is not the thin, hard-body type of woman at all. Rather, on top of her well-tuned body (she is an avid tennis player) there are soft curves over a perfect ass on top of legs that just won't quit.

This particular bikini showed off a lot of those top curves and even more of that perfect ass. (I suspect she was wearing it to try to "get even" with me for leaving her. She knew that just telling me she wore it at the pool would make me hard and a little short of breath.)

She was only at the pool a short while when two of my business associates, their wives and some of their kids wandered over to say "hello, where was I?", etc. Well, Laurie and I have always kept our more playful nature away from the business community, so she wound up even more pissed off that she couldn't play any "pool games" while I was away.

That night, Laurie changed into the only "dressy" outfit she brought - a black little nothing that hugged her from just above her nipples to about 3 inches below that delicious little curve where her ass cheeks meet her legs. She thought (quite correctly) that she could probably torture me for hours in that dress. Now, she had nothing else appropriate to wear in the hotel bar.

Alan, one of my office colleagues, was waiting for his wife to arrive when he spotted Laurie sitting at the bar. He waived and made his way over in a few steps. Laurie told me later that as he complimented her on her dress and made small talk, his eyes never left her breasts. In that light, it seemed that they were clearly visible through the stretch fabric. As he stared, Laurie said her nipples got so swollen and her aureoles puffed up so that they were clearly in sight, as well.

Alan kept talking, gesturing closer and closer to Laurie's breast with his hand when, out of nowhere, his wife was at his side. Laurie turned halfway around, caught her breath and then turned to say hello.

Alan and his wife left shortly after, leaving Laurie alone at the bar. She asked the bartender to suggest some place for her to go after dinner. He strongly suggested her room, as Manila was far too dangerous a place for a foreign woman to go out alone at night. Now a little drunk, very horny and frustrated by the bartender's advice, Laurie returned to the room, stripped off the dress and climbed into a hot bath.

As the steam rose around her, she reached for a glass of something cold and found... nothing. From the bath she could reach the phone (a pleasure found in good hotels) and called room service for a split of cold champagne, leaving instructions for the bellboy to enter the room.

Ten minutes later, she opened her eyes to a discreet knock on the bathroom door. She told the bellboy to enter and found herself looking at a short, but good looking Filipino boy of about twenty five. Pulling the wine cart behind him, he turned towards the tub, his eyes sweeping over every inch of her pink and tanned flushed skin. He said she looked comfortable. He poured a glass of champagne and leaned across the tub to hand it to her. Laurie lifted herself high enough to expose her breasts completely. As she took a sip, Laurie said she was dying for a massage.

Danny, the bellboy, said his friend Raul gave massages for the hotel. All he had to do was
call. "Do it," Laurie said as she stood up in the bath and waited for Danny to hand her a towel. As he reached it toward her, my wife stood still until Danny realized she was waiting for him to dry her off. He gently patted her down and wrapped her up in a large towel. Then he called Raul.

Raul was up (very up, Laurie told me) in five minutes with his bag of goodies. Almost a double of Danny, Raul stripped down to loose white shorts as he set up his portable massage table. Taking Laurie's hand he led her to the table where he had spread towels out and had her lie down on her stomach, with her face in a small hole in the table. Strong hands, thick fingers and hot oil are what Laurie says she remembers most about the experience.

Danny kept pouring champagne for my wife. Laurie kept drinking, bound and determined to have as complete a vacation experience as she could. As she finished the last of the split, she put her head softly down on the "face hole" in the massage table - a six inch oval, well padded so your face could rest comfortably - about three inches from the edge. Danny asked if she would like a double massage. Laurie said she looked up and smiled.

Danny pulled off his shirt and started to rub her shoulders while Raul was concentrating on her lower back. She felt Raul take some warm oil and pour it slowly over her cheeks and down the crack of her ass. She told me it felt wonderful. As he started massaging each cheek, Laurie started to moan, and in that special way of hers, started to lift her ass a couple inches off the table. She said that she felt Raul's oily-slick thumb glide over her asshole while his fingers kneaded her cheeks. She was lifting herself in rhythm now, trying to catch Raul's thumb with just the tip in her ass.

As she was moaning, she felt Danny's hands lift off her shoulders and heard a zipper being undone. Laurie opened her eyes in the face hole and saw a short but incredibly thick, light brown cock staring straight up at her. She said she smiled and then opened her
mouth as she lowered her head. As Danny started fucking her mouth, Raul was working his fingers into Laurie's cunt while pressing his thumb all the way into her ass.

Quite quickly, Danny erupted in her mouth, which caused Laurie to cum all over Raul's fingers and thumb. My beautiful wife swallowed as much as she could, then brought Danny around to the side of the table where she licked him clean. Danny dressed quickly and left to resume his bellboy duties.

Laurie said Raul picked her up, carried her to the bed, and proceeded to fuck her "every which way but loose" until he was called for his next massage. Laurie said that as they were lying in bed, she asked him if what the bartender said was true. Unfortunately for her it was. The only really safe thing to do, Raul said, was to take tourist buses during the
day. And the best place to do that was to see the sights at Pansanjan Falls.

Part 2

Laurie idly stroked Raul's cock as they lay in her (our?) bed at the Manila Hotel. "Tell me about it," she said. "What are they like?"

"Do me again and I'll tell you," Raul replied.

Laurie told me that she started dragging her tongue along the sides of Raul's cock, about six inches long and thick enough to fill her mouth without killing her jaw. Between his moaning, Raul told her how to sign up for the tourist day trip in the hotel lobby, and a bus ride of about 45 minutes would bring her to where a tour company put canoes into a river.
After a canoe ride of another 60 minutes, she would be at Pansanjan Falls, one of the most beautiful and lush sights in the world.

"As lush as this?" Laurie asked, as she slid Raul's cock all the way into her mouth. This time he couldn't reply as he started to quake and Laurie sucked him for all he had. Raul cleaned up shortly after that and left.

Laurie showered, threw on a tee shirt (no bra) and shorts and made her way down to the lobby.

She saw the Tour Desk from the elevator and started to walk across the lobby. As is usually the case in tropical hotels, the warmer the outside temperature, the colder the air-conditioning is set in the public areas. By the time she reached the desk, Laurie told me, her nipples were clearly visible to anyone within sight. And the man behind the tour desk didn't even pretend to "not look" as he told Laurie about the day-long outing, gave her
brochures and took her reservation and money for the trip the next day.

"What should I wear?" my wife asked.

"We suggest swimsuits and tee shirts, as you will get wet on the river," the man answered. "And, may I say that you look particularly good in a tee shirt, Ma'am."

Laurie told me later that she made herself cum by squeezing her thighs together as the man just burned a hole through her shirt with his eyes, never leaving her nipples, which may have been as large and hard then as they ever had been.

The next morning, after a very sound sleep, Laurie showered, ordered tea and toast from Room Service and dressed for the day. Pulling out several swim suits, she decided on a regular string bikini bottom, a loose oversize tee shirt and jogging shorts. As per the suggestion of the man at the desk, she put just the money she needed, her Visa card and a few other essentials in a small "beach bag" and made her way to the bus pick-up.

Now the way this works, one bus will stop at five or six hotels, depending on which places have guests registered for the trip. Laurie's hotel was the first stop, and she got on with one other couple and two older women. It was a "greyhound" type bus with plenty of room, and everyone seated themselves far away from the others. At the next stop, however, that changed.

Laurie said she was barely paying attention when the doors opened and three men got in. When she did look up, she caught the eye of the first one on the bus - a 300 pound, greasy looking Arab who seemed, she said, to start drooling as soon as their eyes met. He was followed by two more of the same. They twisted down the narrow aisle until they were next to Laurie's seat.

No. 1 pushed the other two into the seats across the aisle and then turned to Laurie. "May I?" he smiled.

Before she could say anything, he started to lower himself into the seat, managing to "accidentally" grab a very generous feel of Laurie's tits as his hand "slid" on the seat cover.

For the next hour, my poor wife was regretting ever listening to Raul. A great fuck, she told me, but she really wasn't enjoying the trip so far at all. The Arab kept trying to talk to her, his breath was horrible and his words unintelligible. He would leer at her chest and then smirk something to his friends. Some other folks got on the bus, but there was no way Laurie could have "escaped" at that point. Soon enough, though, they reached the launch point on the river.

As everyone got off the bus, they were told to change and stash their clothes before lining up to board the canoes. Laurie said the three Arabs were staring at her as she removed her shorts, put them in her beach bag and started towards the line. She watched the line form, saw the Filipino staff put pairs of tourists together and sit them in the canoe in such a way as the first one in sits with his legs spread, touching the sides of the boat, and then the second one sits, jamming his ass as tightly into the first guy's crotch as hard as can be.

Laurie counted the pairs, watched the Arabs watching her (maneuvering closer all the time) and at the very last second, darted in front of a young black man who was busy fooling around with some camera equipment. "Excuse me, but are you with anyone?" Laurie asked. "Can I go with you? Those guys were bothering me on the bus..."

"Don't worry," he said. "I'm not with anyone. Sure, you can sit in my canoe." At this point he had barely glanced at my wife, who was kind of "hiding" from the "big 3". "I'm Eddie," he said as he put his bag down and turned to shake Laurie's hand. Laurie told me he seemed like a really nice guy as they started to talk while moving closer to the boats.

Eddie was twenty, a sailor on a two-day pass from Subic Bay, who wanted to be a
photographer. He was coming today to take pictures of the Falls. Laurie described him as about 6 feet tall, and only about 165-170 pounds. He had a nice smile, and his teeth seemed very white against his very dark skin.

As they were almost to the edge of the river, the Arabs figured out that Laurie wouldn't be riding with one of them, and they started to get rather vocal and nasty about it. Eddie got into their boat first, put his camera bag down and spread his legs. Laurie was helped in next and sat back against Eddie. "No," said the young Filipino rower, "sit back into him, ma'am."

Laurie said that she gently pushed her nylon clad cheeks up into Eddie. He was wearing cut-off sweat pants and, she could feel, nothing else. She pushed back and Laurie said she heard him grimace as she accidentally pinched his cock with her ass.

"Sorry," she murmured.

"No problem," he said. "Just let me straighten it out." Eddie reached into his shorts and arranged himself. "Try that now," he said.

Laurie scootched back and could feel Eddie's cock nestled in the crack of her ass. She said she pushed back, wiggled a little and giggled... "Oh! That's fine now," she told him, and the rower pushed off from the dock.

Still shouting, two of the Arabs got on the next boat and they pulled out a few seconds later. Yelling now and gesturing ahead towards Laurie and Eddie, my wife told me she could make out the words "filthy cunt", "nigger lover", "whore", etc. coming from the boat behind them.

Laurie's boat had started a right hand turn, and she knew that the Arab boat would have her in view for only a couple of seconds before the turn was complete.

"Will you play along with me for a minute?" Laurie asked Eddie.

"Sure," he said. "What are you..."

Before he could finish, Laurie grabbed both sides of her tee shirt and looking directly in the first Arab's eyes, pulled it up and off, feeling the fine spray of the river water on her beautiful, full breasts, making her nipples stand dark and stiff immediately . She half turned, giving the pig a full view, and then slowly leaned into Eddie, putting her hand behind his head, drawing it down and kissing him fully on the mouth.

She told me they could hear the Arab go crazy, then the Filipino (rowing the Arabs) started yelling, and they could hear the splash as someone fell overboard even as their boat continued around the bend in the river.

Laurie said her rower told her to turn around as well, and even though Eddie didn't want to stop the kiss, she broke it off and faced front. "I'm really sorry," she said, "I shouldn't have done that, but I really didn't like what they were saying."

"No problem," Eddie murmured as Laurie felt his thick, dark lips start to nuzzle the side of her neck. "But I see you have a ring on your finger. What's up with that?"

"Have a husband, love him a lot. He's not here. And I'll tell him everything, anyway."

"Cool," he said, and he started to move his long thin fingers over Laurie's ribs and then slowly started to massage the sides of her breasts as they continued their ride down the river.

Laurie started her ass wiggling a little more as Eddie started to move his hands more over her tits and with one finger on each breast, started to "flick" at her nipples. The more he did this, the more Laurie's ass moved and the longer Eddie's cock grew. Laurie said at one point, it felt like the top was out of his shorts and resting against her skin.

They kept fooling around like this and chatting, Eddie occasionally snapping some pictures of the amazing lush scenery growing around and over the river until, after a final bend, they were at the base of Pansanjan Falls. They were told to get out of their boats and they could walk under the Falls if they wanted, or they could swim in the river until lunch was served.

Laurie got out, waited until the Arabs were just within a good eye shot, and after giving them one more good look, slipped her tee shirt back on. Eddie picked up his gear, Laurie put her arm around his waist (he had seen them as well), and they started to walk under the Falls. The Arabs followed as far as they could, but a rock formation on the path forced a choice on them of falling into the river or abandoning the chase, as they couldn't possibly squeeze through the narrow side on the path.

Laurie and Eddie did, however, and found themselves alone at a small, secluded little pool about ten minutes further along the path. Eddie started to take pictures of more
tropical plants and flowers, while Laurie stripped off her shirt and dove into the pool.

"It's great," she told Eddie. "You should come in." He put the camera down, and slowly lowered his sweat-shorts. Laurie told me she almost choked when he straightened up. She could feel him against her in the boat, but she had no idea he was as large as he was. He smiled at her and walked into the pool, straight into my wife's arms. Eddie lowered his mouth to hers, slid his thick tongue into her and traced patterns on her back with his hands as they kissed.

Again, Laurie broke their kiss first. But this time, she did it with both her hands holding Eddie's cock like a baseball bat, and she had room to spare. "My husband's not here," she repeated, "and even if he was, he's got nothing like this." She bent to take some of his cock into her mouth. His skin was so dark, she told me, it was so hot to see the contrast against her light coloring.

Eddie moved to the edge of the pool and sat down while Laurie knelt in the shallow water between his legs and took more and more of him into her mouth. Too soon he was hitting the back of her throat, so he stood up and Laurie changed the angle of her "attack". Eddie hadn't gotten really hard (he never really did) so Laurie could keep him pointed slightly downward while she stretched up and fed about six inches down her throat.

When he realized he had a clear shot, Laurie said his manner changed and he went from being a willing recipient to taking charge. (When my wife told me this, several weeks later, she had me licking her slit during the tale. I asked her what she meant, and she said she stopped giving him a blowjob - he started fucking her face.) After a few minutes, he grabbed Laurie and pulled her up on shore.

He ripped off her bikini bottoms (she wore only her oversized T-shirt on the way home) spread her legs and started rubbing the head of his cock back and forth along her slit. Without a lot of warning, he plunged into her and she cried out a little from the sudden rush. Eddie dropped the "macho" routine immediately, she said, and asked if she was okay.

"I'm fine...don't stop," she told him. His eyes started to glaze over a little after that and Eddie started to pump his long black hose in and out my lovely wife's steaming pussy. He fucked her repeatedly, but couldn't seem to get all of himself into her.

He pulled out, and told Laurie to get on her knees. She did as he asked and he entered her once again from the rear. It took only two strokes this way, Laurie told me, before she could feels Eddie's balls start smacking against her ass. "He was an exquisite fuck," my darling wife told me. He was firm, but never hurtful, and he always kept his hands active on her breasts and on her ass as they fucked.

About ten minutes into it, Laurie said she felt Eddie stiffen a little and then stop as they heard their rower calling for lunch stragglers and then came upon them with no warning by the little pool. He stopped cold in his tracks, wide-eyed, nothing coming out of his open mouth. Eddie smiled at him, started hosing Laurie hard and fast, and told the Filipino, "Wait a minute... we'll give you lunch." With that, he clenched his ass, drove that monster as deep into my wife as he could, and started spurting huge gobs of
cum into Laurie's cunt.

When he stopped spasming, he gently pushed Laurie forward and on to her back. She lay on the ground with her legs spread, her breasts flushed and nipples like pebbles and cum running out her pussy lips and down her thighs. Eddie turned into the water and while washing himself off, motioned the rower towards Laurie. "If you want lunch," Eddie said,
"eat her."

"Ma'am?" He looked down at Laurie.

"Please," she almost begged him, "eat me now and you can have me after." As quick as he could, the young, light brown boy had his head between my wife's thighs and was licking Eddie's cum out of her pussy. (How she gets so many people to do that is a mystery to me.) As he sucked the pearly gray globs out of her, he started flicking her clit with his tongue, sending Laurie completely over the edge. She stopped quaking a few minutes later and composing herself, saw Eddie taking pictures of her and the young boy.

"You will send me copies, won't you? I have to have something to prove to my
husband that today really happened." She then took the camera out of Eddie's hand and gave it to the Filipino. "Take one more, please," she asked him. Then she slipped down on her knees again along side her lucky sailor. She took hold of Eddie's cock again with one hand wrapped around the shaft and stuck the tip into her mouth. "This is for my husband's next birthday present."

Part 3 - Return to Taipei

I got home from the office about 6:00pm. As most of the expatriate staff lived near each other, we all shared the company station wagon each day, and I was dropped off just before Alan, my friend, another of the American managers living in Taipei. I guess I looked a little exasperated as I walked in the door. "What's wrong, baby?" Laurie, my wife asked.

"I don't know; Alan's been ragging me all week about our tennis match tomorrow. That's not really like him," I replied.

"Don't worry about him," Laurie said. "You know you can beat him, on the court, anyway."

"Now that's just the kind of stuff he's been saying. What does that mean?"

"You look beat, baby. Take a shower while I have a bath," Laurie said.

She headed up the stairs, letting her sweaty tennis outfit fall slowly off her slick body. "I had a rough match and I want a massage after my bath, okay?" Laurie asked.

"Sure" I turned toward the shower stall off the laundry room and stripped. I had started to get hard at the thought of massaging Laurie. At 25 years old, she was looking very fit, very hot. Not really thin, her 120(?) pounds were very nicely distributed. Nice breasts, full but not too large with great dark pink nipples, sat over a tapering waist to full hips, and legs that are still her best feature. Since I returned from the Philippines, we had really spent almost no time together.

Laurie returned about four days after I did. Too tired to talk (or anything else), Laurie fell asleep that first night, leaving me to stroke myself off to memories of Lupe and Rey. The following day, I was sent down to Hong Kong for a mini-conference, returning two days later. For some reason, Laurie just hadn't been real receptive to any romantic advances since my return. But I know her; when she wants a massage she always wants more.

I showered quickly and made my way upstairs, laying out some oil and fluffy towels on the side of our bed. I walked into the bathroom, crossed to the bath and bent down to kiss my wife. "No," she said, "shave first. I want you very smooth."

By the time I was through shaving, Laurie had gotten out of the bath, and I patted her down with towels off a warming rack and led her to the bed.

Laurie lay face down over her crossed arms, and I covered her with the fluffy towels as I rubbed her skin vigorously, starting at her shoulders and rubbing hard and fast over her perfect ass and down her long legs. Then I removed the towels and dripped oil over her now dark pink skin. As I started to rub deeply and slowly, Laurie murmured that she had gotten some pictures in the mail from a friend today, and she wanted me to see them later.

My hands moved down from her back to her ass cheeks. All of the tennis was certainly keeping Laurie in fine shape. On vacation, away from family and business associates, I have seen my wife wear almost see-through panties and bend over at "crucial" times to win a point (or interest her partner). Tennis and her beautiful ass seem to be a chicken and egg thing.

I poured some more oil over her and began to rub her ass with four fingers of each hand, letting my thumbs alternately slide lightly over her asshole. Slick now with oil, my thumbs start to press gently in as my hands keep kneading her flesh. Then, I took one finger, and, sliding it along her now very wet, hot slit, I slipped it into her pussy and pressed the tip of my thumb into her ass.

Laurie started moaning louder and louder. She started saying it felt so good, just like...Raul?

"Who?" I asked. At this point, my cock just deflated, leaving a string of pre-come between my cock head and my thigh. Laurie turned over, saw the tip of my dick lowering, and swiped the pre-come and licked it off her finger. She turned on her back, arranged her pillow and leaned halfway back against the headboard. Spreading her legs, keeping her knees raised, my wife smiled at me.

"Be a good boy. I'll tell you what happened after you left Manila if you just keep eating me. If you're very good, I'll show you the pictures I got in the mail today."

"Raul?" I repeated.

Laurie just smiled and spread her legs a little wider. "Lick me, baby."

I lifted her ass off the bed and slid my pillow under her, then lay down with my face held by her creamy thighs on either side. "Gently," she said. "It's a long story."

Laurie started off by telling me once more how pissed off she was that I left her alone in Manila. I started to apologize, but she told me to be quiet. I was not to say a word during the story. I continued to run my tongue lightly over her pussy lips, causing them to start to swell a little. Laurie continued.

"My mood didn't get any better when I ran into Alan at the pool."

"Actually," my wife said, "Alan and his wife saw me at the pool and came over. You know that black bikini I bought at the beach?" I thought back, I remember Laurie showing it to me, but I couldn't picture it. "Small top," she mused, "and thong bottom."

I suddenly remembered, and the thought of Alan seeing her in that really started my pulse racing. We had always agreed, Laurie could do virtually anything she wanted, but we always kept it away from family and business.

"Well," she continued, "I didn't really want him staring at my chest, and I think Marcy (Alan's wife) was a little uneasy, so I left the pool."

"Baby," she said, "I was really pissed."

I kept licking her pussy, sometimes drilling my tongue into her sweet ass or making lazy figure eight's over and around her clit, while my wife told me all about sitting at the bar in her cocktail dress. This time, when she saw Alan, she was a lot more comfortable. "He was just staring right through my dress," Laurie said. Her breath was coming faster now as I kept my tongue flicking lightly on just the side of her hooded clit. Even though I was really uncomfortable hearing about Alan, blood started swelling my prick again.

"My nipples got so hard, and he was waving his hands around, you know how he does," she said, "and I actually moved a little closer so he "accidentally" brushed against me with his hand. When his finger tip grazed my nipple, I almost came!" And now she did, for the first time this evening. As her stomach started to heave, and her cunt started to spasm, I put my whole mouth over her pussy and started to suck her sweet love juice as she was cumming and cumming.

A few moments later, Laurie, calm again, told me to get her some wine and she would finish the rest of the story.

When I got off the bed, Laurie started smirking at my hard on. "So you think Alan's cute, too?" she asked.

"What?" My mind was now reeling and I didn't know what my extremely hot wife was talking about.

"Just get me the wine, and don't touch yourself yet, baby."

My wife assumed her "story telling position" again, this time with chilled
wine in hand. I started a fresh assault on her ass, rimming it lightly, enjoying the clean, tangy taste on my tongue.

"Of course, Marcy showed up again, but this time I was too far gone to let the evening go." She told me of her initial decision to order the champagne from room service and be naked in front of the bellboy, to sucking his cock and fucking her masseur, Raul. When she told me that Raul was better because he shoved his entire thumb up her ass, I came all over my own thigh. Laurie looked down when I finished shaking, and told me to clean
myself up so she could continue her tale. When I reached for a tissue, she stopped my hand. "Come on, sweetie," she smiled a very wicked smile at me, "you know better. Lick it up."

I did, just thankful that Alan hadn't figured into the rest of the story, and she continued.

Laurie told me in great detail about everything, from buying the ticket at the lobby desk to ending the trip in just her T-shirt, making out on the bus with Eddie. "When the bus pulled up to the hotel," Laurie said, "I asked Eddie if he would like to come up with me. When we were walking to the elevator, guess who I saw?" I groaned as my wife clenched
her pussy on my tongue. I knew the answer.

"Eddie had his arm around me and we got onto the elevator. I saw Alan looking at me kind of funny, and then I realized that Eddie's hand was sliding my shirt up. When I pulled it down, I realized Alan must have glimpsed my pussy and my ass. The door closed, and I about swallowed Eddie's tongue. I was so hot from seeing Alan's face!"

Laurie got caught up in the moment and shuddered as her orgasm washed over her again. I kept licking away, my tongue flicking at an increased rate, matching my heartbeat every time Laurie mentioned Alan's name.

"Massage my legs for a while, baby. I'm getting some muscle cramps." She lay back flat on the bed and I poured some more oil over her thighs and calf's and started to rub.

"By the time we got down the hallway," my wife continued, "I almost couldn't get the room key out of my bag. Eddie did, though and he carried me into the room, tearing my shirt off as he did."

"It was wonderful, baby." Laurie moaned, remembering Eddie's body and the way his cock felt in all of her holes..

"He fucked me with that beautiful black cock, Over and over until I couldn't take it any more. After a bath (and shower for Eddie), I told him to order dinner from Room Service. He called the order in as I sucked his cock," Laurie said.

"He was amazing," she kept on, "it was like he could control if his cock got thicker or longer, or how hard he wanted it, or when he would cum. Room service said dinner would take about twenty minutes. About eighteen minutes later, Eddie loosed a load in my mouth, and some was dripping out when the room bell rang. He tasted great, but we were both really hungry. Eddie threw on a bath robe from the closet. The white of the robe was so sexy against his black skin," Laurie closed her eyes, remembering.

"Wait," she opened her eyes with a start. I let go of her calves and she reached across to her night stand and took out a pile of pictures.

She picked through the photos. "They're in order already," she said, but I want you to see Eddie." She pulled one out, and I saw a very good looking young man, about 25 years old. He was thin but muscular - very attractive.

Laurie flipped again onto her stomach, propping herself up on her elbows. "Keep working my butt, baby. I'll show you the pictures." And as I kneaded her cheeks and licked her little hole, Laurie showed me the pictures Eddie took of the canoe trip. When she came to the photo of her holding Eddie's cock, kneeling in front of him, I almost stopped heart felt like it was flying in my chest.

That's what my wife was fucking? Anger? Jealousy? Lust? I didn't know, but my own cock was hard as steel, and I was rubbing it unconsciously against Laurie's leg as I was licking her ass. I did know that if that is what she wants, I can't give it to her, and that thought made me harder still.

Laurie held back the picture again of Eddie in the white robe. "I took this," my wife said, "as Eddie answered the door. We though it was Room Service, but..." and Laurie's voice suddenly got very hoarse, and she started to shake a little more. Laurie started to hold up another picture now, and as I could just about make it out when she said, "But it was Alan, coming to see if I was all right."

I looked up from Laurie's puckering hole, and right into the face of my business associate, tennis partner and erstwhile friend. Without touching myself, I started spurting gob after gob of cum all over my wife's ass.

"That's right, baby. Now lick that up, quick. I want to roll over and see your face for the rest of this."

Eddie threw open the door, and Alan rushed right by him, Laurie continued. With a very concerned look on his face and a lot of emotion in his voice, he hurried to the bed, asking Laurie if she was all right, before he could really get a handle on the situation. She said that all it took was a split second before Alan seemed to notice she was naked and licking cum off her lips, smiling at Eddie and not really covering her self up. "I'm fine, Alan, we're fine. This is Eddie. He saved my ass today at Pansanjan Falls."

Just then, the door opened in Eddie's hand, and a room service waiter pushed a cart into the room. It turned out to be Danny, from the previous evening. He just breezed past Alan and as he brought the bill over for Laurie to sign, he fiddled with her breast and gave her a long kiss. "Your trip okay?" he asked.

"Fine," Laurie told him. Danny set up the table and excused himself, leaving Laurie naked on the bed, Eddie standing about fifteen feet away, and my good friend moving close to the bed, staring at her total exposure, not knowing what to make of this yet.

"Laurie," he said, "I thought you looked good in the bar, but I never knew how beautiful you really are."

Just then, Eddie asked Laurie if she wanted Alan to "partake" of their dinner as well. My wife then stopped talking, took my face in both her hands and said, "Sorry, baby, but I just couldn't help myself." Then she pressed my face down once again into her crotch and told me to keep my tongue as far in her cunt as I could manage.

"I took Alan's hand," Laurie said, "and put his palm over my nipple."

Again, my heart started racing. Now, more and more of Alan's comments since his return were starting to make sense. I looked up "you fucked him, didn't you?"

"Baby, listen. By that time, he had seen me completely naked; I'm the one who put his hands on my tits, and my black lover was standing only a few feet away with his dick flapping in the wind. What do you think? Of course I fucked him!" And Laurie started spasming again as her voice got louder. "And after Eddie left the next day," Laurie continued, "your friend sent Marcy shopping and I fucked him again!"

Laurie was over the top at this point. My cock had never been harder, but every time I moved up to slip inside Laurie's pussy, she pushed me away. "No, not yet," she kept repeating. Laurie slowly got up and swung her legs over the side of the bed. "Stay here," she said. "I need to take a quick shower."

She headed downstairs as my questions trailed out after her. How many times? Was he any good? What did she tell him about us? What did she tell him about me?

Laurie answered the last question from the bottom of the stairs. "Everything," she said.
"I told him everything about you. Now just shut up and wait for me."

I laid in bed, in anguish about how I could possibly face Alan at work or at the tennis club again. The American community in Taipei was small enough anyway. If this got out......

Nearly ten minutes went by when I heard Laurie start up the stairs. "Please, honey," I was almost crying from the whole emotional outburst, "how could you do that to me?"

"When you see the size of your friend's cock, you'll know," she murmured as she entered the room.

"What do you mean," I asked, puzzled and in total confusion. "I've seen him in the shower before."

"I don't think like this, though." Then I saw Laurie reach back out of our bedroom door and, with his cock in her hand, lead Alan into our bedroom. I couldn't breath as he started grinning at me.

"Laurie told me everything," Alan said and he started laughing as he sat down on the edge of our bed. "Mostly I liked the story of Lupe and Rey." I was in shock now, but Alan continued. "Come here, buddy," he said and Alan put his hand around the back of my neck. "I know you wouldn't want me repeating any stories out of school, so to speak." Alan kept talking as he kept leading me around to the side of the bed. When I got there, Laurie started giggling with Alan.

"See, Al, I told you he will do anything for me." Laurie leaned over and gave my cock a little pinch. "Do what he wants, baby. You know you want to make me happy." Laurie leaned over Alan and took his penis in her hand. "Come on, baby, you know what to do," she said as she held his cock up and Alan pressed harder on the back of my neck.

Laurie watched Alan slip his cock head past my lips and she started moaning, rubbing herself all over my friend. "Isn't he just the cutest thing," she started laughing again, and then she hissed "with a cock in his mouth!"

Alan leaned back into my wife and kissed her harder than I ever had. As he started pummeling her breasts, his dick started twitching in my mouth. "Oh" he said, "that's too good, but I want to see him eat my cum out of you."

"Whatever you want, sweetheart," Laurie smiled at Alan as she scooted up on the bed. Alan rolled over onto my wife and slipped his moist cock into her in one push.

In a complete daze now, I sunk to the floor and just watched, wide-eyed, as my friend and business associate just pumped about eight inches in and out of my wife's cunt. Nobody could take the excitement for long, though, and within a minute or two, Alan groaned deeply and I saw his ass clench as he drove as deep as he could into Laurie's pussy. Three, four, five times his ass clenched and Laurie started mewling like a pussycat gone wild.

When she regained a little control, Alan slid his cock out of her with a little "pop" and rolled over onto his side. "Now watch," Laurie told him, and she crooked a finger at me.

I crawled up onto the bed, between her raised legs and again, put my pillow under her ass. I bent down lower and smelled an intoxicating aroma of sweat, pussy and cum. The light brown hair sparsely covering Laurie's pussy was wet and matted down, and several globs of Alan's cum were trailing down my wife's pussy and into the crack of her ass. I started licking, swiping my tongue from ass to cunt, cleaning all of Alan's pearly goo off my wife.

Then, as Laurie started moaning, she spread her lips apart with her slender fingers, and told Alan to hold my head still against her cunt. I licked her out completely, swallowing everything I could.

Now," Alan said, "clean me."

Laurie pushed my head over to Alan's crotch. As I took Alan's semi-deflated cock back into my mouth, Laurie started to finger herself in a slow, sensuous motion. "Make him come again, baby," my wife hissed at me. "I want to come at the same time Alan does."

I started rolling my tongue around the head of Alan's cock, and he started to swell in my mouth. As he grew longer, Alan made me slide around the other side of the bed so he could tilt my head and throat at the right angle. When he was ready, he kissed Laurie and started pinching her nipples hard with one hand while he held me in place with the other. With a twitch of his hips, Alan slid all eight inches of his cock down my throat, and started fucking my face with a fury.

Laurie, seeing this, started moaning again, working her fingers in and out of her cunt and dancing them across her clit.

I was stroking myself off at the same time when we all seemed to cum within seconds of each other. When Laurie announced she was cumming, Alan's balls drew up and he started jetting cum down my throat. Swallowing as fast as I could, my own hand was a blur, pulling up and down on my own cock, until I spurted a stream over my thigh and onto Laurie's.

When we had all caught our breath, there was a very loud silence in the room. "Listen," Alan said, looking straight at me with his arm still around my wife's shoulder, idly flicking her nipple, "nobody's going to know about any of this. I will never mention it to anyone. Marcy would kill me if she found out. But your not going to tell her, are you, buddy?" Alan asked me, not really expecting an answer. "Besides," he said as he leaned into my wife for another kiss, "this could work out for all of us."

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