Late night at the office
Late night at the Office

Sasha stared at her computer screen, looking over the numbers she needed to generate the Friday reports. Work had been busy over the last few months. To be truthful, things had been too busy. Between the long trips, long hours and late nights , it was all she could do to keep pace with everyone else in the department. Thank goodness she was working with T. If it hadn’t been for him, she thought to herself, they’d be working 24 hours a day.

The fact is that Sasha loved working with T. He was funny and articulate. So efficient. He was handsome, too. And yet, sitting there in his office, he seemed so lonely. Night after night, T would be among the last to go back to the hotel. Sasha could see him through his office window, his sad, brown eyes staring into space for a moment as if lost in thought, thinking about his family back at home, then turning downward to the papers on his desk.

Many were the times when T would pass Sasha’s desk, inadvertently catching her eye and returning a quick shy smile. Though they had been working on a huge project with each other for the past six month or so, neither one had said anything to the other that wasn’t related to work. Besides, T worked in a window office. Sasha’s office was down the hall from T.

No matter how she felt about T, Sasha could never tell him about it. It was too risky. She had to ignore the tingling in her body whenever T’ s brown eyes locked on to hers. Their boss had made it very clear to everyone in the office: The government had a zero-tolerance policy when it came to sexual harassment. Merely paying someone a compliment was enough to get you a reprimand; asking them out on a date could mean the end of your career.

And yet, there was Sasha, almost certain that whatever she felt for T, T felt for her, too. She imagined romantic evenings with the two of them sharing veggie, fruits and dining on Salad in some dark, secluded spot. Closing her eyes and licking her lips, she could almost taste his luscious thick lips. She could almost feel what it was like to run her hand on his bald head. She could almost see him looking soulfully into her brown eyes, stirring her passions and drawing her nearer. She wanted T. She ached to feel his hands slide beneath her Thong. She longed to feel him touching her thighs.

The only question was, was it worth the risk to find out???

Sasha glanced at her watch. It was eleven o’clock and the office was quiet. Totally abandoned. Even the cleaning crew had gone home. She gathered her purse to head back to the hotel, when she noticed the light in T’ s office still burning. It was now or never, she thought to herself. And then Sasha summoned up all her courage.

It would be now.

Placing her purse back down at her desk, she quietly made her way over to T’ s office, peering inside to make sure he was alone. T was too busy to notice, until Sasha slipped into his office and shut the door behind her. The click of the door latch broke T’ s concentration. But it was only when he heard Sasha’s drawing the blinds on his window that he looked up.

“Don’t say anything,” Sasha whispered and she inched closer to T’ s desk. “Not a word. Just look at me. Let me know you don’t feel what I’m feeling and I’ll turn around and walk out this door.” Sasha could feel the tingling in her thighs beginning to spread throughout her entire body. T said nothing, but stood up from his desk.

“No, don’t move,” caution... As she slowly unbuttoned his zipper and slid her hand around his warm penis he begin to rise. T, grabbed her and threw her on top of his desk and slide his hard dick in between her legs. Sasha, begin to moan as he thrust in and out of her wet pussy. T and Sasha fell to the floor. Sasha moved on top of T and began to ride T deep and slow. As Sasha rode T, his huge hands grabbed her juicy round ass.

Just as they were getting ready to explode, Sasha woke up and looked around the room and realized she was just dreaming and drifted back to sleep.

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