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Ladkiyon ne nanga Kiya Punishment mein
02-20-2013, 05:00 PM
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Ladkiyon ne nanga Kiya Punishment mein
Rita Madam had over the time become very strict & use to punish us a lot. Infact I do not remember a single day when the day would pass without either both of us or at least one of us getting thoroughly punished. Ear twisting face slapping Murga etc were as a matter of routine. Infact we had started taking it for granted that if we are going for tuition we will be punished, also over a time our stamina of becoming Murga or enduring her punishments had also increased substantially. But these two incidents one which I have already narrated in my previous post & the one which Im about to narrate are itched permanently in our memories & even today after almost 20 years whenever we think about it we feel humiliated & embarrassed. One positive thing which came out from all these punishments was that we started scoring very well in not only Economics but also in other subjects & in Economics in my final exams I topped the class for which Rita Maam took us out for a treat of Ice Cream.

One Saturday Rita Maam called us 3.00 p.m in the afternoon as our finals were round the corner & told us that today it would at least be a two hour class as she wanted revise major part of the syllabus. We reached at around 3.00 p.m & after asking us to learn two chapters of which she would take a oral test she went for a bath. We initially started chatting & after a while just started having a look around in the house as there was nobody else in the house at that time. Just round the corner of the bed both of us saw Maams clothes lying, it was a jeans & a cotton top & her under garments, we both got curious & Praveen picked up her under garments & was just looking at them when we heard the bathroom door being unlocked we ran away just throwing the garments on the bed & rushed to our study room & sat there with books in our hands. We both were scared to our bones as we both knew that Maam would come to know as one of the garments apparently fell to the floor. For 10 minutes nothing happened & we were just keeping our heads glued to our books.

After a while we heard our foot steps & our heart beat went louder & faster. She came near us she was smelling of talc & perfume she caught hold of our ears & said Dono Khade Ho Jao still pulling our ears she made us stand. When we were standing she went & sat on the chair opposite us & ordered Stand straight Attention We stood in attention Stand at ease She made us do attention & stand at ease at least 4-5 times & than said Attention, stand straight, head still look in to my eyes both of you We did as she ordered than looking in to our eyes she said Mere ko maloom hai tum log kya kar rahe the, Mein sirf ek baar puchoongi sach sach batao varna dono strict punishments ke liye tayyar ho jao aur aise punishmensts jo na tumne aaj taak dekhi hongi aur na hi suni hoongi, Ab sach batao mere kapdon ko kis ne cheda She was looking at me I said Maam I dont Know She turned her head towards Pradeep he also said Maam we were just studying She said ok. Both of you stand close to each other She got up came near us caught hold of our hair & Slap slap slap Keep your hands behind your back & she severly was slapping extremely hardly on our faces simultaneously in a erratic manner. Like 1 slap to me 2-3 to Pradeep 5-6 continuously to me like this. After delivering at least 25-30 slaps or may be more to both of us she said Zyada Jaldi Zyada Jawani aa rahi hein tum logo ko abhi sari nikalti hoon with that she caught hold of our ears & started dragging us out we were shocked as we thought that probably she would take us out of the house & would punish us there as she always use to threaten us but thank god for minor mercies she took us up on the terrace which was at least half covered from the side where any body could have seen us. It was a big terrace at least 200 sq ft all open. She stood in the centre holding & twisting my ear & told Pradeep Go down to my room crawl on your knees & get my your rulers & My Kolhapuri Chappals from my shoe rack Go & do not dare to walk, climb up & down on your knees & crawl He did as ordered in the meanwhile she kept on twisting & pulling my ears kept on slapping me & scolding me Mere kapde chedoge Maar Maar kar aisa sabak sekhaongi ki zindagi bhar yaad rakhoge & she kept on slapping pulling my hair my ears & at times use to pull me with my collar & slap. At least she must have slapped me 50-60 times & now she was feeling a little tired in the meanwhile Pradeep was slowly crawling back towards where she was punishing me. She held my ear now & was waiting looking at Pradeep to come to her Go & get me that chair she told me. I Brought that chair & placed it where she wanted. Now both of you stand up together facing each other She said & sat on the chair crossing her legs in a relaxed manner. Both of you hold each other ears & 100 baar uthak baithak karo, chalo shuru ho jao We looked at her in a pleading manner but started doing uthak baithaks suddenly she screamed No not like this stop. One would sit & the other would stand & do not dare to leave each others ears, if you leave the ears I will increase the number of sit ups, Now start again Sit, stand sit stand She started co-ordinating our movements but it was so painfull as the arms were getting stretched & also the ears were getting pulled to the maximum when you were getting up to stand & this was also creating a lot of strain on the thighs. She had also ordered us to count them loud in unison. After 100 without waiting she ordered Ab dono Murga Ban Jao, back upar aur terrace ke 10 chakkar lagao & she started walking behind us with a ruler in hand Phatak Phatak 2 spanks on my back side & 2 On Pradeeps Seedha Chalo kamar seedhi She carried on spanking us time & again on all these 10 rounds. After that she said Both of you come here & sit on the floor near my chair. Kuch akal thikane aayee ki nahin We said Maam we are very sorry we will never do it again to which she replied Abhi to Maine sirf punishments shuru kari hein but you will be extremely sorry when I am finished with you We both we heart broken when we realized that is more to come. After 5 minutes of scolding we had also recovered our breaths she said Now both of you pick up one one chappal of mine in your right hands & start slapping your own faces with my chappal We were really shocked & felt really humiliated but did as she ordered. Not lightly Give to me she took the chappal from my hand & gave resounding slap with it on my cheek & repeated the same with Pradeep & said Would you do it or you want me to do it We started doing it earnestly & she made us slap ourselves with her chappal on our face 10 times on each cheek.

After all the slapping ear pulling face slapping with hands as well as with chappals our faces & ears were red paining & firing but she would not budge. We once again tried our luck & apologized profusely but in vain. Ultimately to our utter surprise & horror she said Dono Khade ho jao We stood Ab dono aapne aapne kapade utaro We were shocked but she said Tum sochte the mein mazak karte hoon jab mein tumhare se kehti hoon ki Nanga kar ke Pitai Karoongi but aaj jo tum logon ne kiya hai Tum ise layak ho We had tears in our eyes but she would not budge & screamed Nange ho jao Sare kapade utaro, khud karte ho ya mein uthon Reluctantly, shamefully we slowly started removing our shirt & finally removed it Side par rakh do aur baniyan bhi utaro we did as ordered now our heartbeat was much faster with shame Nange hone ka matlab bhi samjhana padega kya Do not make me repeat my self again & again or else tum he pachtana padega aur jaldi karo apni apni Pants bhi utaro Listening to her threats we started removing our pants & with utmost shame stood before her in our undies eyes down cast on the floor. Now why dont you look at me pehle to mere kapade nihare ja rahe the We were both dreading the ultimate but than she said Dono corners mein ja kar khade ho jao, kaan pakdo aur apna apna naak kone se 100 baar ragdo aur zor zor se ek saath bolo Maam we are sorry Chalo shuru ho jao. Just imagine our shame full position young boys standing naked just in undies holding ears & rubbing our noses on the wall & saying sorry Maam. We were carrying on the punishment as ordered when she intervened & said Naak puri uthak baithak me deewar ke saath ragadni chahye We followed the order & with great difficulty tried to keep our nose as close to the wall as possible resulting we got scratches on our noses. After we had completed 100 sit-ups she made us wait there in the corner for us to regain our breaths & than said Naak deewar ki taraf aur ab bilkul nange ho jao apne apne underwear bhi utaro We felt utterly humiliated & did not want let go our modesty totally, but probably apprehending our reluctance & break our whatever little will power was left in us she quietly got up from the chair with the wooden ruler in hand & phatak- phatak phatak- phatak very severely she started beating us with the ruler on our hips our back & on back of our thighs Nanga to mein tumhe kar ke rahoongi marzi tumhari hai ya to khud payar se ho jao varna agar mere ko karna pada to bahar gali mein le ja kar Nanga karoongi aur ek ghannte ke liye murga bana doongi aur tumhari back par tumhari books rakh donngi Scared we slowly removed our undies & stood naked with our face towards the wall. She suddenly ordered Hands up straight above your heads She apparently wanted to humiliate us to the worst. When just we thought that now all is over she ordered About turn face me both of you now Seeing our reluctance Mein uthon kya We immediately turned towards her & closed our eyes Open your eyes & look at me sharm to nahin aati tumhare ko, aise kaam kyon karte ho ki mere samne Nange khade ho kar punishments Khani paden aur sharminda hona pade ab dono apne kaan pakdo aur phir 50 baar bolo Sorry Maam Aur zor se bolo sari duniya ko sunna chahiye We did that & than she again started scolding us verbally after five minutes of verbal humiliations she made us stand on the small terrace wall naked while holding our ears. After while she asked us to get down & said Ab dono Nange hi 20 minute ke liye Kone mein ja kar Murga ban jao, Mein Ja rahi hoon agar zara se bhi hile to phir dekhna. 20 minute ke baad kapade daal kar niche aa jao. We went to our respective corners & became a Murga there. We did not know the time nor did we have watches but I think this was her way of testing we did not move from the corners & carried on being Murga after a while she came up & told us to get dressed & come down. We went down feeling ashamed & totally humiliated embarrassed & with tears in our eyes. We had just been punished totally naked our modesty was taken apart & we were cursing the moment when we decided to touch Maam cloths.

Now finally we were both in front of her she asked us to stand in front of her with our hands behind our backs & she lectured us for good 10 minutes as to why she had to give us this extreme punishment of being naked in front of her & going through the various paces of punishments. Finally she said I hope you have learned your lesson well in life now for the last time today you will slap yourself face 10 times, do 20 sit-ups holding you ears & would say Maam Iam sorry & will never do it again in life start now We first slapped ourselves than did the sit-ups holding our ears & all the time kept on repeating sorry. Now she said final part of your punishment is that both of you would get on your knees hold your ears & would rub your nose on the floor 100 times again saying sorry Maam & after that you would become a Murga & walk out of the house in Murga position & once you reach the lane out side that you will get up & go home & your home work would be that you would write 1000 time in your copy Maam Iam sorry & will never repeat this Ok now start we got down on our knees held our ears & starting rubbing our nose to the floor & after doing it for 100 times which were being loudly counted by Rita Maam. After this we got up she held both of our ears & finally warned Agar dobara kabhi koi aise galti kari to Agli baar Nanga kar ke bahar dodaongi aur aise aise punishments doongi ki Naani yaad aa jayaegi chalo ab Murga ban kar bahar nikal jao

We became Murga & walked towards the door. This is was one of the most humiliating days of our life.

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RE: Ladkiyon ne nanga Kiya Punishment mein
Ah..oil baths does bring back memories. I am from India, I grew up in a big city with busy working parents so oil baths were never really a part of my growing up. Then, at 15, I was sent to live with a distant aunt for a month who lived in a mid sized city in our native area down South. The aunt, who would have been about 42, was glad for the company (though I wasnt quite so thrilled myself). Her husband was away working outside the country while her only daughter (18 then) studied on campus in a different city.

This aunt was quite domineering by nature. She also treated me like a kid. This I guess was partly due to her last memory of meeting me when I was a kid and partly due to my very boyish looks. I was also very shy and never really resisted her instructions. She was however a very loving and caring lady.

It was very hot and those were the days before airconditioning became prevalent. She insisted I remain without a shirt at home, saying seeing me in a shirt is making her feel stuffy : She said my big city upbringing has given me false awkwardness and it was most natural for a man to remain topless. I did give in and remained without a shirt at home. Although initially I felt very embarrassed, it did give me a deep thrill as I got used to remaining topless around her.

The first weekend, she gave me some oil to take an oil bath. Oil baths are a big part of tradition in that part of the country. She was shocked when I informed her that I don’t take oil baths. She proceeded to lecture me on the medicinal benefits of an oil bath and said that I can do whatever I want at home but at her place I was to take an oil bath. She then decided that she herself will oil me up. She shooed away my objections my saying I wouldn’t do a good job and ordered me to take off my shorts (I was already topless). I meekly complied.

I stood in my briefs in the bathroom as she oiled me up. First my hair, then my chest and arms, then my thighs and my legs, spending a good amount of time oiling up each part. She commented on how she could feel the ribs on my chest and I needed to eat up. Although she came very close she never touched my crotch. I was very embarrassed, it was obvious that the outline of my penis could be seen. She then asked me to turn around and proceeded to oil my shoulders and back. Then as she got to my lower back she abruptly pulled down my briefs. I turned around in shock, inadvertently giving her a clear view of my penis. Not knowing what to say I simply pulled my underwear back up. She rolled her eyes and said I am just a kid for her and firmly yanked my briefs back down. I stood embarrassed as she proceeded to knead my butt cheeks. She poured oil down my crack and rubbed it all across my crack almost upto my balls (but did not touch there). When she moved to my legs she did not bother pulling my briefs back up! However, when the time came for a bath I firmly protested and she gave in and let me bathe alone. Of course when I came out she ran her hand through my hair and tut-tuted that the oil was still there
Implying I hadn’t done a good job bathing and should have allowed her!

Throughout this, I was too embarrassed to get an erection. However in the week following, I frequently replayed this incident in my mind and got very turned on. She was also attractive in the sense she had a good looking face but hadn’t quite taken care of her body. My warped teenage mind grew fond of her.

Come next Sunday. This time I merely put up a token resistance and allowed her to oil me up. I grew very excited and by the time she oiled my butt I had grown a semi. This time while rubbing my butt, she reached around and oiled my penis and balls too. It was very workmanlike, did not spend any extra time there, but I was in heaven. I soon grew stiff. I was afraid of her reaction but she was very nonchalant about it. It was time to bathe and I put up no objections this time. She asked me to step out of my briefs and turn around. I did as told and bared full frontal. She proceeded to soap me up and wash me. After a good wash of my face and chest, she focused on my crotch. She scrubbed my pubes and lathered up my erection. It was a very intense feeling, thankfully I did not come. She even pulled back my foreskin a little bit. When she got to my butt, she again touched my balls. The bath must have lasted some half hour. I remember her asking me if I had a girlfriend. I said no and she said “Good boy! Focus on your studies”, with a smile on her face. Finally she asked me to dry up and left. I remember masturbating to an intense orgasm then.

Over the course of the next week, I tried to create CFNM situations (did not know this term then). She did not interfere in my normal baths. I once deliberately forgot to take a towel or change of clothes to the bathroom. I opened the door a crack and requested her to pass my towel and clothes. When she got it, I “accidentally” let the door slip a bit more than required. She was casual as ever and even briefly admonished me for being so absent minded and proceeded to tell me that it was with difficulty that she found a clean pair of underwear! If I cannot clean my underwear, I better go without any underwear rather than leaving dirty ones around! I had let dirty underwear pile up and my mind raced with the thought that she might have spotted semen stains on some of them. On a couple of occasions I hung about house in a wet towel without underwear.

Her daughter dropped by for a surprise visit during the third weekend. My aunt was delighted to see her. I was as usual topless and scrounged for my shirt. My aunt noticing this asked me to stop feeling embarrassed and “Be a man!” my cousin laughed at this and I ended up remaining topless for the remainder of the weekend that my cousin was there. It was both awkard and oddly arousing.

That Sunday I figured there would be no joint bath. My aunt was chatting with my cousin at the dining table. As I passed by, she asked me to fetch her the oil for my bath. I was confused but did as told. When I got the oil, she told my cousin, “this baby doesn’t know how to take an oil bath.” My cousin giggled and I tried saying I can manage on my own but my aunt asked me to take off my shorts right there! She did not want to bother walking upto the bathroom and said I had nothing to feel embarrassed about in front of my older sister. She then oiled me up in my briefs while she continued having a conversation with her daughter. She did not pull my briefs down this time but did fondle my butt through my underwear. After oiling, she asked me if I can manage my bath on my own and lightly swatted my butt to direct me to the bathroom!

My cousin returned to her college. My aunt and I had grown quite close. She still adopted a very matronly attitude towards me. A couple of days later, we went out shopping. We had roamed the streets in her scooter the whole morning in scorching heat. At the end she commented “poor kid, you look exhausted.” I replied that “yes, I think I need an oil bath.” (Oil bath is known to have a relaxing effect and reduce body heat.) she seemed pleased to hear this and drove us back in double quick time.

This time after oiling me up she decided to let the oil seep into my body for some time before washing it off. I started to wrap a towel around my waist but she stopped me saying the oil will get onto the towel. Instead she asked me to stay like this and she would be back after completing some quick chores. I then took a bold move and followed her into the house. Buck naked. I even helped her out and we chatted. The whole scene seemed very natural. I remember her looking at my dick and commenting something like, “Good to see how comfortable you have become. You were so shy to even take your shirt off and here you are now, your pappu (penis) bouncing all over.” And then quickly added “don’t get conscious, you may be all grown up but you are like a child to me.” By the time we got to the bath, I was excited to the point of being delirious. It was another fulfilling bath. This was when I asked my aunt if I could pee, I really wanted to. She groaned and gave me the go ahead. As I peed I remember her standing right there watching. Upon my return she remarked how boys are so unhygienic and I need to clean my pappu after peeing. She then proceeded to wash it After the bath I tried to delay getting dressed and walked around naked pretending to figure out what to wear. Yeah, I was not thinking right I changed into a pair of briefs, then called her into my bedroom. I play acted that I needed her help figuring out what to wear. I first said this underwear is itchy and dropped it right in front of her and pretended to look confused. She handed me another one I wore it and said it was too tight. I demonstrated how it clung to my skin and made her feel it. She remarked I had grown fat. I discarded that and when I tried to make some excuse at the next one she handed over, she suddenly seemed annoyed and left saying I could wear whatever I wanted.

As I reflected on this incident later that day I felt as though some sort of intimacy barrier was breached and grew very uncomfortable about the whole thing. I had cooled down by then. I withdrew from her and kept my distance. The next time I told her I would oil bathe on my own and she didn’t press. Soon it was time to go and I was actually relieved to rush out of there.

As I reminiscence about those days now, I often wonder how sexual the whole thing was. I never saw her naked or even remotely touched her; but there clearly was a sexual element to it. I think a part of her really enjoyed it, after all she was a lonely housewife whose husband spent extended periods away. Also I was not closely related. Another part of her probably justified the whole thing as I am just a little kid and she was doing this in a matronly spirit. And although a deviation there was some custom in it (I have heard that my grandmom used to bathe my grand dad too, besides her kids!). Do I feel abused? No, certainly no. I was grown up enough to understand what is what (I was nearly 16) and definitely enjoyed it. I even encouraged the whole thing.

More than ten years have passed since. We rarely meet now but are still fond of each other. Such an incident never repeated between us.

So there, that’s my deepest and most pleasurable secret that I havent mentioned to anybody till now.
Title: Re: Nude oil baths by sisters
Post by stickman80 on Jun 26th, 2011, 12:22pm
rohan3484... What a fantastic story! I am also from India and have had many many experiences being bathed by my aunts, housemaids, older sisters. When I was young, naturally being naked was no problem. But i do agree with you that as I got older, there was some sexual element to it. I was never "abused", never jerked off and I never ejaculated in front of any woman who gave me a bath. Also I was the only one who was naked, i never saw any women naked.... The sad thing is that after I started getting older, like 12-13 and I regularly started getting erections, the baths stopped. Nobody had to tell me it was time for them to stop, i just understood, but it certainly was exciting
Title: Re: Nude oil baths by sisters
Post by Allan_C. on Jun 26th, 2011, 2:44pm
Great story, Rohan, and yours too, Stickman. Thanks to you both for sharing. Both sort of complement earlier stories in the thread, including mine about my Lankan housecleaner in Singapore perhaps -- in the sense that she was a young woman comfortable at dealing with an older man, me, whom, as she began her morning's work, she found naked & with a morning erection, and so decided she wanted to have sexual contact with...and thus began an affair that lasted many months.

Title: Re: Nude oil baths by sisters
Post by abel on Jun 27th, 2011, 1:50am
Thank you all for your stories,I really enjoyed them.
Title: Re: Nude oil baths by sisters
Post by Bobby_Bare on Jun 27th, 2011, 7:24pm
I really enjoy reading these CFNM traditions from other cultures. So I welcome our friends here from India. I hope they are still around and can tell us more about these traditions.
I recently saw some photos on another site about Indian culture showing boys swimming naked and running naked on public beaches and open park ponds, some of them in full view of clothed women and girls present. And they are not little boys but quite grown up boys. I will not post the links here because they show underage nudity, although totally innocent and non-sexual.
It seems that this tradition of boys swimming nude together with clothed girls and women is still strong in many parts of Asia, including India. So I am not surprised with the accounts by our Indian friends here about older boys being bathed and bathing nude in front of clothed girls, even in the open.
Title: Re: Nude oil baths by sisters
Post by stickman80 on Jun 27th, 2011, 11:42pm
Thanks Bobby_bare....

one fun memory comes to mind when we were in india, the whole family went to the north near the himalaya mountain range, to a place known for its beautiful waterfalls. as the waterfall pours down the mountains, there are several pools of cool crystal clear water that form at different points of the mountain. generally speaking, these pools are totally segregrated between men and women, but the norm is for young kids, girls AND boys to stay with their moms. when we got there, we hadn't planned on swimming so nobody bought swimsuits. because i was young, my grandma told me it would be fine for me to go naked. ofcourse I didn't mind, and seconds later I stripped off completely and was completely naked in front of my mom and grandma, and there were three other middle age women there. I got lots of looks and smiles, while running around naked doing cannon balls into the natural pool. I even had a conversation with two of the women telling them where we were from and how old i was, standing there without a concern, without a shred of self conciousness many times with my little pecker right at their eye level. after we were done, my grandma dried me off and helped me get dressed. I didn't get erect that time, but what a great feeling it was to be the only naked male there in front of several different women. That was the thing, for a young boy to be naked is absolutely NORMAL, there is nothing awkward or shameful about it. Society there just isn't uptight toward young male nudity, and rightfully so, there was nothing sexual about it. But on the other hand, for a girl the same age to be naked is not cool and definitely would not fly. So yes there might be a double standard, but for CFNM lovers like myself, it is a total plus.

on that same trip, I had a couple of other times with similar experiences. we were on my aunts farm, and they have a river flowing right through their orchard. I was out there with my aunt and one of the maids, and I asked my aunt to let me swim there, she said "sure go ahead" and without another word I stipped off and swam. for whatever reason that day i did get a semi because i remember the maid started laughing me and asked why my 'peepee' was getting fatter? My aunt smiled but didn't say anything. I didn't get a full blown erection that time either and again it wasn't sexual at all, but what fun! Great thing about india when you're young, you don't have to be modest.
Title: Re: Nude oil baths by sisters
Post by abel on Jun 28th, 2011, 2:56pm
To Stickman;You didn't say how old you were when you went to the Himalayas.Thanks for sharing.
Title: Re: Nude oil baths by sisters
Post by stickman80 on Jun 28th, 2011, 3:08pm
probably 11 or 12 years old, a few years before high school
Title: Re: Nude oil baths by sisters
Post by Willie_T on Jun 28th, 2011, 6:48pm
Stickman80's story reminded me of the time I was on the upper Irrawaddy river in Burma north of Myitkyina. I was invited to a lunch on a raft in the river near its confluence, a popular spot for locals. From the floating restaurant in the river we could see an extended family of ethnic Indians walk down to the riverside and set up a family picnic. Probably a dozen or more people from three generations.

At was decided that a young boy, probably five or six years old needed a bath. Two or three older girls in their early teens proceeded to strip the little fellow naked and walked him to river's edge where they scooped cold river water on him while he yelled and jumped because of the cold mountain water. He didn't seem to mind being nude in front of his siblings or family members and the adults paid no attention to the bath.

The girls then soaped him up until he was covered in suds and while they washed him they took care to clean his penis and retracted his foreskin in the process. This yielded a small erection which one of the girls noticed and bought to the attention of the others. They boy didn't seem to mind although the erection disappeared then they rinsed him off in river water. They then dried him and gave him clean clothes to put on. Just a small incident in a family outing.
Title: Re: Nude oil baths by sisters
Post by rohan3484 on Jun 28th, 2011, 9:25pm
Thank you all for your encouraging words.

I feel such a thing is a throwback to the joint family system of the past, where division of labor in family necessitated such activities. In general, female modesty has been highly valued while male modesty is unheard of in the largely patriachical Indian society. Have never seen such a thing in urban, nuclear families, including my own. I guess modernisation is taking its toll on the more innocent times, though this statement is true across nations, as I understand from the various accounts of when male skinny dipping was natural in the United States some decades back.

This sort of gives a backdrop to where my aunt's mindset/behavior was coming from. While my age was more of an exception, a little more backstory may be insightful. My aunt is a lady known to get things done her way. I have heard that she runs her household with an iron fist. All it would take was a stern glance from her to freeze me and make me do her bidding. This episode was before I hit my growth spurt. I was shy, slender in build, same height as her and hadnt really developed facial hair. This coupled with her forceful personality made it easy for her to treat me as a kid. I remember she made me sit on her lap once in a crowded bus much to my embarassment.

Of course she knew I had grown up. She often commented on how I was turning out to be a good looking young guy and she could see girls falling for me.

We became very close, I was a confidate she could pour her heart into. Our days were filled with mundane activities without any CFNM flavor. But there was a lot of playfulness in our relationship too. She would pat, smack, squeeze my bum a lot. For eg, she would always wake me up by swatting or shaking my butt. Never the shoulder. Good job done would earn a pat in the rear.If i was being naughty, a playful smack. Her threats to punish me would be to make me stand nude on the street (never resorted to this though). But all this was done more in a mischievious spirit than with any perverted thoughts.
Title: Re: Nude oil baths by sisters
Post by rohan3484 on Jun 28th, 2011, 9:38pm

on 06/27/11 at 23:42:52, stickman80 wrote:
Thanks Bobby_bare....

one fun memory comes to mind when we were in india, the whole family went to the north near the himalaya mountain range.

Stickman! What a fun story!

I have witnessed this many times. You just need to visit any communal dipping place, such as a beach, a prayer spot on a river bank, waterfall etc.

Whole families go in for a dip. The men readily strip to their underwear while the women are always fully clothed. Even in the water, such is the value of their modesty! Anyways, while drying up, mothers do not think twice before stripping their little boys completely nude in public and changing them. And they see no problem with their boy or anybody else's boy running around nude, dick wagging et al. But the same treatment is never applied to girls.

I remember a picnic in school where we visited a water park. 12-13 year olds. The girls were all careful to change in the change room. While lots of boys were roaming in their underwear and changed in the open when the change room got too crowded. No one seemed to mind this, not the teachers, not the girls or the park attendants.
Title: Re: Nude oil baths by sisters
Post by Bobby_Bare on Jun 28th, 2011, 11:04pm
I admire these societies where male nudity in front of females is aceptable, at least up to a certain age. I suppose most of us in the West were brought up in a prude society, where male nudity in front of females was forbidden, unless it was done behind our elders backs.
I also think that this is a healthy way to grow up because it breaks the ice between boys and girls. Of course total nudity for both sexes would be a step further, but this would make the element of excitement absent because it becomes mundane, as anyone can see in a nudist colony or household.
And of course there is the sexual taboo element. A nude girl in front of boys, whether nude or clothed, would be a risk of open sexual relation. So CFNM seems to be the best and safest option, and is why it is so much accepted by many societies.We became very close, I was a confidate she could pour her heart into. Our days were filled with mundane activities without any CFNM flavor. But there was a lot of playfulness in our relationship too. She would pat, smack, squeeze my bum a lot. For eg, she would always wake me up by swatting or shaking my butt. Never the shoulder. Good job done would earn a pat in the rear.If i was being naughty, a playful smack. Her threats to punish me would be to make me stand nude on the street (never resorted to this though). But all this was done more in a mischievious spirit than with any perverted thoughts.

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