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I was awoken by a loud knock on my bedroom door, and a shout from my landlady, "get up John you're late!".

I reached over and glanced at my watch, I was late!. I quickly threw my dressing gown on and headed for the bathroom, luckily no one was in, so as fast as possible I showered and returned to my room to get dressed only then did I realise I had no underwear. Then it dawned on me because I was late doing the laundry all my boxer shorts must be in the laundry room. No problem I thought I'd go downstairs and get a pair.

As I entered the kitchen Lucy and Gail we're eating their breakfasts and their mother was at the sink. The girl's both grinned at me as I breezed past them and in to the utility room.

"God no!" I said, louder than I really wanted to.

"What's the matter?" enquired my landlady.

"All my clothes are still wet and I don't have any dry underwear," I said, as I wandered back in to the kitchen. "I'll just have to wear 'no boxers' today," and started to go back to my room.

"Oh no!" said my landlady, "no underwear is disgusting and you can't wear wet clothes, so... Lucy go upstairs and get a pair of your pants just for today," added my landlady.

Before I could say "No, no, no!," Lucy had hurtled past me to get a pair of her pants and within a minute she was back in the kitchen proudly holding up a pair of her most revealing briefs smirking like crazy.

"Come along try them John, your late as it is and I want my rent," announced my landlady.

Lucy threw me the briefs and with a feeling of dejection and surrender let my dressing gown fall to the floor, I stepped in to Lucy's knickers and pulled them on.

I could only imagine how ridiculous I must have looked as my cock began to twitch wearing just a pair of girl's pants.

Lucy, Gail and their mother burst out laughing.

"He looks so pretty," Gail said excitedly.

My landlady gathered herself and said, "enough of this, John you better get dressed and off to work but, don't even think of disobeying me and taking those pants off because I will check to see if your still wearing them when you return this evening." "You know what will happen if you do," she added.

After the previous night, I knew only too well what would happen so I resigned myself to wearing them, I didn't want another spanking.

On the way to work I went over in my mind how I was going to read the riot act to Janice about my missing rent. I arrived at work 10 minutes late but as soon as I was settled I rang through to Janice's office to demand a meeting.

"I want to see Janice," I barked down the Line.

"This is Vicky Ms Banks assistant, Ms Banks is not available until then," said the person who answered.

"Right Vicky 11am it is then!" I bellowed. And with that I slammed done the receiver.

Right on the stroke of 11, I entered the outer office of the finance department, there sitting at a desk was a girl of about eighteen with a sly grin on her face. Before I could utter a word she spoke, "I'm Vicky, you must be John, Ms Banks said you could go right in."

With that I strolled in to Janice's office and closed the door behind me. Janice was sat her desk head in her papers, she did not even acknowledge my presence.

"Right what the hell is going on my landlady tells me the rent you we're supposed to send has not arrived and now I've got problems!"

Janice slowly lifted her head from her desk and said in slow steady tone, "Vicky my assistant has already confirmed to me the deposit for your rent was made on time."

"Well she's a liar!" I responded.

Janice got up from her desk walked round to the front, she then leaned back and pressed her intercom. "Vicky would you mind stepping in here for a moment I need a witness."

Witness? I thought.

"Sit down" said Janice firmly, now leaning against her desk.

I sat down and waited for Vicky to enter the inner office and stand next to Janice before Janice spoke again. "I want to thank you John, for finally giving me all the ammunition I need to terminate your employment.

Not fully realising what was happening but in a much more humble tone, "terminated for what?" I said.

"Number one, You have been rude to both Vicky and I, number two, you we're late for work this morning and third you've just called Vicky a liar." "It's 3 strikes and your out!, in fact I have your termination papers on my desk," said Janice in a triumphant manner.

The situation had suddenly changed and I quickly summed up the position I could be out of a job with no where to live and no money, I had to do somthing........anything!

"Please isn't there anything that can be done, I didn't mean what I said, please I'll do anything," I pleaded.

"Well you have obviously upset Vicky and you have behaved disrespectfully to me.....still if your prepared to be reprimanded here and now I suppose I could shelve your termination pending an improvement in your behavior," said Janice."

"Yes, yes," I squeaked, "I'll accept a reprimanded and I will improve".

"Right John your reprimand will be in the form of a spanking and as it was Vicky you we're rude to first she can spank you first, so jacket and shirt off, pants down and over my desk," said Janice.

"What!" I exclaimed.

"Well, we can use the termination papers if you prefer?" said Janice.

"No, alright" I mumbled back.

I took off my jacket and shirt then unbuckled my trousers and let them fall to my ankles.

"Look, he's a panty boy," giggled Vicky.

Oh god I had forgotten I was wearing Lucy's panties. I could feel myself going red with embarrassment and at them same time, and I had no idea why, my cock started to swell and stain against the front of the tiny briefs I had on.

"There very nice" said Janice sarcastically, "now over my desk John and I think 50 smacks are in order." "What do you think Vicky?"

"Ooh yes" said Vicky, "and we don't need these in the way," She added, as she moved forward and yanked my panties right down.

Smack! smack! smack! my punishment had begun and my 26 year old boss and her 18 year old assistant we're clearly enjoying my suffering and the power they had over me as they could barley contain their amusement. The spanking continued until Vicky suddenly stopped and said to Janice "I've lost count".

"That's very naughty Vicky, we'll have to start again and this time John, you well have to count out loud," announced Janice.

I was too defeated to even attempt to protest so, the tirade of smacks started again. Smack! "one," I said, smack! "two," I said. By the time I had counted to fifty and received the appropriate smacks, I was sobbing out the numbers.

The punishment ended, I noticed my erection had subsided and Janice instructed me to stand up with my hands on my head. For a moment both of these gorgeous young women just stared at my groin and smiled. The tension was broken when Janice said, "right Vicky it was very remiss of you to forget to keep count, you can take John's place over my desk, now lift up your skirt and slip your panties down." Vicky obeyed Janice without question and suddenly I was staring at Vicky's lovely pert bottom waiting to be reddened. Wow! I thought, the situation was finally turning in my favour.

"Take your place John," said Janice.

I moved to the side of the desk taking up position, when Janice said with a raised voice, "oh no John, I think you have the wrong idea, this is about your punishment and your lack of respect."You we're quick to use your tongue on Vicky when you called her a liar! well tongues have other uses, so get licking and worship Vicky's arse!"

I fell to my knees and as if in a trance moved forward and tentatively stuck out my tongue and began to lick Vicky's rear. Her bottom was warm and firm as I continued to worship as ordered, Vicky was now moaning with pleasure.

"Vicky, open your arse cheeks, I want Johns tongue deep in your anus," said Janice. Moments later I was rimming Vicky's 'little star' with all my lustre with what felt like, the biggest erection I had ever known raging between my legs.

After about 20 minuets of oral attention on Vicky's bum, Janice panted, "enough John, its my turn to be shown some respect." With that said she walked over to the couch at the side of her office, and flopped down throwing her legs out wide and pulled her skirt up to her waist. She looked magnificent, creamy white thighs above her black stockings, no knickers, just her glistening pussy lips above which was a neatly trimmed black triangle.

"John get over here on your hands and knees and lick my pussy!" Janice commanded.

I was between her legs in seconds gobbling and licking her musky wet pussy, it tasted divine and I lapped away following her instructions as she barked them out. "There that's it" or "slower, harder," said Janice directing me between her moans of pleasure, until she finally tensed up and gripped her knees to my head and shuddered to an almighty climax. At the same time without even touching my cock I came all over the carpeted floor of the office.

Seconds later Janice composed herself and started to adjust her clothing she got up from the couch and noticed the pool og cum on the carpet. "Clean that up John" She ordered.

"With what?" I asked. There was no tissue in the office.

"Either your tongue or those panties you decide," replied Janice.

I didn't fancy using my mouth so I picked up Lucy's panties from around my feet and scooped up the cum from the carpet, both Janice and Vicky we're now fully straightened and attired, Vicky snatched the soiled panties from my hand and strolled out of the office declaring "these are no good now, I'll dispose of them.

"John, get dressed and back to work and remember from now on you will do what ever Vicky and I tell you to do,t and if we feel you need to be punished again you'll be back in my office for a spanking," said Janice looking down at my pathetic state.

As fast as possible I dressed and headed for the door, I turned back totally broken and whispered, "Yes Janice, Thank you."

"Good boy," said Janice.

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