Krystal had told her brother how badly she wanted his cum
Two days had passed and Krystal and Mike both had found that they went out of their way to spend time together. It was no surprise to Mike, after all, he was in his prime and anxious to not only learn as much as he could, but also to get off as much as possible. Krys, on the other hand, was in a state of constant surprise at her behavior. She knew better, they were brother and sister, damnit! But still she could not deny the longing that overtook her when they were alone together.

Mike had been a quick study, she had to admit. They had spent the prior night with her explaining how to properly eat her out. The teacher – student atmosphere was odd but also incredibly erotic for both of them. The first couple of tries Mike barely had to touch her with his tongue and she was spasming as she suddenly orgasmed. It had been an exhausting night for her, considering the multiple orgasms she had forced herself to endure in order to make sure he knew what he was doing. She had a duty to her brother though, so she endured it without complaint.

Krystal smiled fondly, she had never met anyone willing to devote so much time to satisfying her before. Out of a sense of fairness she had alternated between licking the head of his dick and rubbing it over her lips while she stroked her hands up and down him and told him how much she wanted his cum. He had not lasted long, blasting heavy spurt after spurt of sticky cum onto her surprised face, neck, and tits. She rubbed it into her skin and licked it off her lips and fingers, turning herself on even more and managing by site and deed alone to keep him hard.

Krystal shook her head and laughed, amazed yet again at how horny her brother was. They were practically the same age, with her only a year older, but he was like a stallion trapped in a pen... even after he had been used for stud service! Krystal crawled out of bed, feeling the dried cum that had not completely soaked into her skin pull at her breasts and neck. She smiled fondly at the memory, then laughed again as she remembered some of the things she had said to him.

Trying to drive him over the edge Krystal had told her brother how badly she wanted his cum. How she needed it. How she wanted to spread it all over her body and bathe in it. She wanted to taste him and drink every last drop he had to offer, and she wanted to feel his seed spraying deep inside her pussy and her ass. Of course she did not really want all that, she had just said it to help him get off. And boy had it worked!

She remained resolute, however, there was no way she was going to let her brother in her pussy. As wrong as what they were doing was, that was a line she would not cross. Telling him she wanted his cum inside of her was just a turn-on for him, not something she wanted. Krystal could feel the heat in her pussy and when she slid her hand down to her smoothly shaved mound and slipped a finger in her slit she had to admit the idea turned her on too.

Krystal let her fingers continue to work inside of her, sliding in and out of her vagina while her palm rubbed across her stiffened clit with delicious friction. Her other hand teased her nipples, pinching them sharply then sliding down the length of her body. Her fingernails were short, Air Force regulations, but they were long enough to use them on the skin of her hip and thigh to tickle the skin and raise a trail of puckered flesh.

Krystal's mind drifted back to the night before, when Mike had pleasured her with his tongue so that she came more times than she could count. She moaned at the memory, both in satisfaction at the pleasure and in irritation at it all blending together so that none of it really stood out due to the large number of climaxes she had. Her mind drifted to the taste of Mike's salty-sweet pre-cum as it coated her lips the prior night.

In her mind Krystal remembered staring into his lust-hooded eyes and telling him what she wanted, how magnificent his cock was, and how good he tasted. Her hand slid behind her raised leg and gripped her ass check and upper thigh, feeling her fingers dig in t her skin. She moaned again. She had told him she wished she could ride him with his cock deep in her pussy until he filled her so full of his spunk again and again that it ran down their legs. She would then suck him into her mouth and taste their juices together, keeping him hard so she could mount him again, maybe even taking him in her ass.

Krystal hissed, remembering the last part. Her had inched over as she lifted her hips up. With her right hand she continued to stroke her fingers in and out of her sex while her left teased the valley between her buttocks, sliding on the sweat and juices that had overflowed from her pussy.

Her pinky finger poked at her asshole, making her gasp at the sensation. A bolt of electricity went through her body, starting at her clit and leaving her in a dreamy and breathless state. She slid her pinky up and down her puckered sphincter, mouth open at the sensations that ran through her. She had never played with her ass before, it had always been taboo. She shuddered as her finger caught on the opening and tried to press itself in.

Krystal ground her palm against her clit more forcefully, causing her hips to grind up against it and tearing a ragged gasp from her throat. She slid her fingers down the crack in her ass, gathering up more of her overflowing juices before returning. She suddenly pictured it was Mike doing this to her, and before she knew it she rolled over under her blankets. Her hands remained glued to her body, one in her pussy and the other in her ass. She drew her knees up, hiking her ass in the air and spreading her cheeks. Desperate with need she directed her pinky finger to her asshole again and pushed, twisting slowly.

Krystal groaned loudly, relishing the sensations she was feeling. Then the wave that had been building within her broke, crashing over her and sweeping her away. She found she could no longer breathe, but fortunately she did not notice or care. Her eyes showing only the whites she shuddered on her bed for a long drawn out moment, then started spasming as the first earthquake passed through her. More followed, robbing her of strength and eventually forcing her finger out of her ass with the pseudo-convulsions. She lay there on her knees in her bed, her blankets strewn chaotically about her and her breathing coming in ragged gasps.

Krystal rolled over eventually and threw back the covers. Her mind still in a fog she headed into the bathroom she and her brother shared and did her morning necessities. It was not until she glanced at the clock in the bathroom that she realized how late it was. The prior nights activities had exhausted her well toned body so much she had slept far longer than usual. Reveille would have been nearly three hours past, it is ten to 9:00. In fact, it was late enough in the day that Mike would soon be up.

Krystal flushed the toilet and washed her hands and face, then brushed her teeth. She turned the shower on and prepared to step inside when she heard a strangled moan behind her. She turned, grinning. She knew it was Mike and she threw him a saucy wink. He grinned back, shaking his head in disbelief and admiration.

Krystal bent over, exaggerating her pose so he could get a good look at her while she adjusted the shower knobs. She reached back with one hand and looked over her shoulder. Her fingers traced the crack in her ass, then stopped just shy of her recently deflowered asshole and circled it. Mike just stood there open mouthed and stiff-dicked.

Krystal blew him a kiss and winked at him when his gaze strayed to her face. He blushed, in spite of all that they had been doing recently, but his eyes locked back on the vision of her ass as she bent over. Slowly she pushed her index finger against her ass, feeling the difference of it not being lubricated as it slowly entered her. Her fingers were small and she was careful, so there was no pain just slight discomfort. Oddly enough the discomfort sent chills of pleasure through her body. Krystal stopped at her first knuckle, then pulled her finger out just as slowly. Mike could only stand in shocked awe as his beautiful older sister teased him.

Krystal straightened and turned around then, facing him directly. She walked to him and slid her hand into his boxers, grabbing his cock and giving it a meaningful squeeze.

"Did you like what you saw?" She whispered into his ear, her hot breath causing his legs to weaken.

Mike just nodded, not trusting himself to speak. Krystal grinned wickedly and licked his jaw with the tip of her tongue, stopping only when she reached his chin. "Please me today and you might get a taste of it."

Mike's eyes widened. "Wha....what do you want me to do?" He asked, stumbling over his words.

"First," Krystal said, tracing her fingernails down the sparse hair on his toned if not heavily muscular chest, "I want more of your cum. Spray me with it and mark me as your bitch."

Krystal released his turgid cock from her hand and knelt down in front of him. She stared up at him and opened her mouth. "Fuck your hand, little brother, and cover your sister with your cum!"

Mike needed no urging. His hand flew up and down his shaft, squeezing the right spots and gliding over the others. He groaned as he stared down at her, filled with lust at the erotic sight of her opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue as a runway for his soon to be flying sperm.

"Give it to me, Mike, I want your cum so bad I need it!" She panted, her hands going to her tits and holding them up as further targets. "Cum on my tits, cum in my mouth, cum on my face, cum in my hair... just cum for me, little brother. Cum!"

Mike grunted and exploded, answering all of her requests. It landed all over her, roping across her breasts, her face and eagerly waiting tongue, into her unstyled brown hair, and even dripping onto her thighs. Krystal moaned and rubbed it into her skin, reveling in the hot and slimy decadent feel of it. She reached out and pulled him to her, sucking his cock into her mouth and draining the last few drops from him.

She stood up slowly, smiling triumphantly. "Thanks Mike, I needed that."

Mike just stood there, dumbfounded. What had happened to his sister? He wondered if this happened to everyone that went in the service and then began looking forward to his own service in a few years.

", what about... you know..." he trailed off, to embarrassed to say it.

"What about my ass?" Krystal asked, turning around and backing up to him. She grabbed his hand with one of hers and placed it on her right cheek.

"This is what you want, isn't it? You want my butt, don't you Mike?"

Mike's pulse thundered in his ears. He nodded, unable to think coherently enough to speak. She guided his hand between her ass cheeks and let his fingers brush over her sphincter. She let them rest there and when he showed no sign of moving she pushed a little, guiding him. He just stood there and let her, unsure of what he was supposed to do.

"Mmmm, Mike, your fingers feel so good," she said, meaning every word of it. They were bigger than hers and if she had pushed a little harder they would have poked inside of her, no doubt causing her some pain. "I can only imagine how good your dick would feel."

And with that Krystal stepped away from him. She got into the tub and pulled the shower curtain shut. Mike stood there, hesitating and torn. He wanted his sister so badly, and knowing what she had just offered was driving him crazy. Had he messed up? Should he have pushed for more? He just stood there wondering.

"Tonight will be wonderful, little brother," Krystal's voice came over the falling water, haunting him. "Tonight your big sister is going to make you a man."

Mike said nothing, but turned away feeling a little better. He wandered back into his room, still in partial shock. Krystal watched his shadow through the shower curtain and when he was finally gone she let herself go. She started shaking at the incredible emotions and lust tearing through her. She hugged her arms about herself and stood in the warm water until she finally calmed down. Her heart was racing with excitement. She was a depraved whore, and she knew it, but at the moment she did not care. She knew what she wanted and she wondered why she had denied herself for so many years.

Even though the night was less than a day away, she suspected it was going to be the longest day of her life.
Krystal was filled with longing over the new sensations she had discovered. That coupled with the thoughts of what Mike, her younger brother, could do for her to sate those lusts, made the day slip by slowly. She visited with some friends during the day, the ones back from college on spring break, and even stopped by the insurance office she had worked at as a receptionist her final year at high school. She was considerably distracted all day though, fantasizing about what would happen later that night.

Later that night presented some brand new difficulties, however. Krystal's best friend in junior high and high school showed up unannounced. Erica had come home from college and had only learned earlier that day that Krystal was home from BASIC training. In a rush she had come over, anxious to renew their friendship. Krystal was happy to see her, but as they chatted and tried to rekindle their friendship she realized that she had changed, and not just a little. Erica reminded her of what they had been like as kids, and now that she had been through the ordeal that BASIC training was, she had left her childhood behind her.

As the evening wore on Krystal let her mind drift, remembering again what she had planned to do with Mike that night after Erica left. Her parents had already gone to bed, now her friend was more of an obstacle than a source of entertainment.

Erica was suddenly looking at Krystal with a hopeful and nervous look in her eyes. Krystal focused on her fully and realized she had not been paying attention to her. She desperately tried to remember what she had said and managed to drag it out of the furthest reaches of her short term memory. Erica had asked if she had remembered that time in junior high when they had practiced kissing.

Krystal smiled, allowing Erica to relax. "Yes, I remember doing that. It seems like forever ago."

Erica grinned. "Oh Krys, I wish you had gone to college with me!"

Krystal did a double take. "Huh?" She asked, trying to figure out how the change in topics made any sense.

"It's so great, all the crazy stuff you can do. All the fun! Parties, guys, good times… it's a blast!"

"What does that have to do with the two of us kissing as kids?"

"Well…" Erica fidgeted, looking away. Finally she looked up, her cheeks red, and spat it out, "I had sex with a girl."

Krystal's eyes widened and her mouth opened a little. She had not expected that.

Erica plowed on, wanting to get it out before her friend told her to get the hell out of her room and out of her house. "It was incredible, Krys! So much better than with a guy! Women really know how to please other women."

Krystal swallowed and took a breath, recovering from her shock. "So you're a lesbian?"

Krystal had nothing against girls that liked girls. She had become really good friends with one in BASIC, in fact. The official "don't ask, don't tell" policy of the United States military made such things possible.

"Noooo, I tried it a couple of times and liked it is all, I still like guys too!" Erica explained, relieved that Krystal had not, yet, told her to get the hell away from her. "I guess I'm bi."

Krystal nodded, still not sure what to think. She did not think any less of her friend, but she suddenly wondered about the short cut sweat shorts and short spaghetti string tank top she had thrown off in an attempt to get ready for bed. Not only that, but she had dressed waiting for Mike, so she had no panties or bra on. Her nipples had been hard ever since she had come upstairs and changed. Krystal realized her pussy had been wet for quite a while too, since she had been fantasizing about letting her brother fuck her in the ass and take both their cherries at the same time.

"Well that's cool I guess," Krystal said, seeing Erica wanted some sort of reinforcement. "One of my friends in the Air Force is a lesbian, so I'm not freaked out or anything."

"Thank God!" Erica said, leaning over and hugging Krystal tightly. Both as a result of her own increased hormones and Erica's admission Krystal was distinctly aware of her breasts crushing against Erica's through their shirts.

"You have no idea how worried I was you were going to think I was some kind of a freak," Erica said softly while they hugged.

Krystal laughed softly, signaling Erica to let her go. She was not certain but she was pretty sure that her best friend had been hoping to have sex with her. It was a day of sexual firsts for her but she was not sure about that.

"Oh, don't worry, I've done my share of freaky things," Krystal said, smiling soothingly.

"Oh yeah? Like what?" Erica asked, suddenly very interested. "You and your lesbian friend didn't do anything did you?"

Krystal noted the hopefulness in her friend's last question. It only confirmed for her that Erica wanted to be more than her childhood friend. She was not sure how she felt about it, so instead she focused on the question she had asked. Krystal panicked at first, realizing the freakish stuff she had mentioned was masturbating for her brother, masturbating her brother, and even sucking him off.

"Come on girl, spill it! I just admitted to you that I've had sex with a woman, what can be more freaky than that?"

Krystal had to admit, Erica almost had a point. "Alright, I finger-fucked myself in the ass while masturbating."

Erica grinned. "I never thought of that. I've never even had anal sex. I'm going to have to try it! When did you do this? While you were in Texas?"

Krystal blushed again. "Um, this morning."

"Oh my God!" Erica said, eyes wide with excitement. "That is so cool! How did you do it? Didn't it hurt?"

Verbally trapped, Krystal had no choice but to tell her. "I was fingering my pussy and grabbing my leg and ass with my other hand when my finger brushed across my asshole. It felt good so I played with it some more."

Erica interrupted. "God, that's so hot. I've never heard you talk so dirty before."

Krystal shrugged, "I'm in the military now. I may not be a sailor but it happens."

"Sorry, keep going, what happened next?"

Krystal closed her eyes briefly and tried to remember exactly how it had played out that morning. It had all been a blur of passion and movement. "Okay, my pussy juice lubed my finger up enough for me to poke it in a little bit, and that felt so dirty and different and good I wanted more."

Erica squirmed from where she sat at the foot of the bed. Her legs were straight and cross at the ankle while she used to footboard of the sleigh bed as a backrest. Krystal realized her friend was getting turned on by her story. Krystal had to admit that, with the state she had been in all day, she was getting turned on by it too. She could not wait for Erica to leave so she could molest her brother.

"I rolled over then, my right hand buried in my pussy and my left rubbing her butt. I stuck my fingers into my pussy to get them juicy and then just popped my finger in my ass. In minutes I was cumming like you wouldn't believe!"

"Mmm, I believe it," Erica said, squirming some more. "Didn't it hurt, putting your finger back there?"

Krystal tilted her head as she thought about it. Had it hurt her? She did not think so. "No, not really. It was weird at first, and a tight fit too, but I was so relaxed and so horned up I wanted it bad enough to not even think about it."

"God, I want it too! I can't wait to try it!"

"You really are a perv!" Krystal said, laughing at her friend. Erica had a red t-shirt on with a bra underneath but Krystal could easily see her friend's nipples making dents in the t-shirt.

Erica just grinned. She pulled her feet up and sat with her knees out and her legs crossed in front of her. "Tell me what else you've done… sounds like I have some catching up to do."

Krystal froze. The only other times she could talk about would be with Mike, and that was not something she was ready to confess. What they had done was bad enough, let alone the fact that her pussy yearned to feel him within it. She had a hard enough time denying him and herself that.

"No, it's your turn now." Krystal said, trying to buy herself some time or, better yet, distract Erica completely.

"Why, do you have some big dark secret?" Erica teased.

Krystal's heart skipped a beat and then started beating even faster. "No!" She answered quickly. Too quickly, she realized. "I, um, well… I just wondered what it was like with another girl."

Erica's hands stopped sliding in little circles on her thighs. She looked at Krystal for a long moment, making the Airman suddenly nervous. Finally she leaned forward a little towards her, the movement purely symbolic, and spoke in a hushed voice, "I could show you."

Krystal's mouth parted. She was going to say no, but then she was afraid that Erica might pressure her for more details. Her unusual indecision lasted one moment too long. In that moment Erica scooted a little closer to her, though Krystal was using the headboard for her back support opposite Erica. Erica's hand rested lightly on Krystal's shin.

"You're not sure, I understand," Erica said, misreading her. Her hand began to lightly rub up and down her skin. "Let's start with the kiss. Kissing a girl is nothing like a boy. It is soft and wonderful and patient. A girl takes what you give and does not force you or fight you when kissing. A girl's tongue is soft too, it knows how to touch yours because it knows how it wants to be touched."

Erica's hand was gliding further up Krystal's leg, rubbing at her knee on her upstroke. Krystal watched it nervously, suddenly finding herself terribly uncertain of her course of action. She wanted to speak out and tell Erica to stop but she found she could not speak.

"Now imagine those soft lips and tongue leaving a trail of kisses down you're throat to your boobs. Imagine them sealing around your nipples and sucking on them, licking them, nibbling on them. I know how I like to have my nipples kissed and sucked, I would treat yours the same way."

Erica's smile was equal parts innocence and corruption. Krystal glanced down and she thought she could see a slight discoloration in the crotch of her friend's jeans. She wondered if she had gotten so wet she had soaked through her pants.

"You may be scared, but I see your nipples want to find out what it feels like," Erica said, staring openly at Krystal's breasts.

Krystal breathed heavily, trying not to show how confused and aroused she was. Her nipples had been hard for so long they were starting to ache with need. Krystal wanted to reach up and pinch them so badly she started to raise her hand off the bed before she realized it. She quickly redirected it to her lap, hoping to disguise the movement. She looked away from Erica, struggling for something to focus on to clear her head. What she saw left her heart hammering even faster.

Mike was staring at them from the barely opened bathroom door. She looked away quickly, seeing that Erica was still focused on her chest, and then looked back. Her brother had not moved. She winked at him, a sudden idea coming to her. She would share this with Mike so that it could continue to be a day of firsts for them both.

"They do?" Krystal asked Erica, raising her hand to cup her breast through her midriff tank top. Erica's breath caught in her throat and Krystal heard it, making her grin as the balance shifted. She dropped her hand back down, ignoring the urge within her to keep massaging herself.

"Oh, they do," Erica said huskily. "Then after I had sucked your nipples so much you would be begging me to keep at it cuz you were about to cum I would stop. I'd slide down your sexy tight belly, leaving a trail of kisses, until I reached your pussy."

"It's shaved," Krystal offered casually.

Erica's eyes had been traveling down Krystal's body as she spoke about it, but now they jumped back up to Krystal's face. "Shaved? Bare?"

"As a baby's bottom," Krystal agreed, smiling.

Erica's eyes flew back to the junction of Krystal's hips. Finally they wandered back up to her face. "I don't believe you. You would never do that, Krys, you told me so yourself our senior year."

"It's true, it made things easier in BASIC."

"No way. Prove it!"

Krystal grinned. "No way, dyke, you just want to see my pussy."

Erica grinned and nodded. "Yes, I do. I want to see if it is a sexy as the rest of you."

Krystal uncrossed her legs and spread them slightly on the bed. She lifted her left leg, the one that Erica was rubbing, and slid her hand down her thigh beyond the end of her shorts and then back up. She caught the edge of the fabric with her fingers and curled them under it. She pulled them up her leg, exposing her inner thigh. She leaned her leg out to the side, bending it at the knee, and continued the painfully slow revealing of her upper leg.

Erica's hand fell off her leg as she moved it away from her, but she did not mind. She was focused on seeing what it was that Krystal was showing her. With every quarter inch her pulse quickened and her pussy throbbed. Erica leaned over, trying to get a better view.

Krystal pulled the flexible fabric up a little further and then she pulled it over, just barely showing her smoothly shaven outer labia. She held it for a few long seconds then let go of the fabric, letting it fall against her skin. Erica groaned so quietly Krystal did not even think that her friend realized she had done it.

Erica's face flushed with arousal. Krystal was teasing her now, instead of the other way around. She had been so close to seeing her. "I didn't see anything, Kris," Erica said, lying to try and get another show.

Krystal shrugged. "I guess you'll just have to think I'm lying then."

Erica frowned. "I've never seen a woman with a shaved pussy before, just in pictures or on the computer. Damnit Krys, you better show me or I'm gonna make you!"

Krystal laughed. "I'd like to see you try." Erica had always been a little bit tougher than she had been. A little more athletic, and a little bit rougher. Now that Krystal was fresh out of BASIC and in the best shape of her life, plus she knew some self-defense moves, she knew that Erica did not stand a chance against her.

Erica sprang on her before she was ready, however. Her fingernails gouged into Krystal's trim stomach as she grabbed the top of her shorts and pulled. Krystal yelped in surprise and tried to slam her legs together to stop the de-pantsing maneuver. Her legs could not close, since Erica had managed to get in between them rather easily. Her hands had by now grabbed onto Erica's and she pulled at the, trying to pry their death grip off of her shorts which were by now halfway off her hips.

The sweat-shorts were old and had already had their legs torn off to turn them into shorts. It was only a matter of time before Erica's longer fingernails poked through the flimsy fabric. She laughed in victory and fixed her fingers securely into the growing tear before pulling at it.

Krystal tried to stop her but she had no leverage and did not realize what Erica was trying to do. She thought she had succeeded, in fact, in making Erica let go of her shorts with one hand. The sound of the tearing fabric caused her triumphant grin to vanish and her strength to falter.

Erica pulled with a hidden reserve of strength, tearing one leg off from the seam that ran down the crotch of the sweatpants all the way to the waist band. Krystal stared down in disbelief as her right leg remained covered but her left leg and half of her crotch was exposed to Erica's lecherous eyes.

"Double or nothing?" Erica asked with a grin.

Krystal frowned. "I can't believe you did that," she said. "You just ruined my favorite pair of shorts!"

Erica smiled haughtily. "If you'd like I can make it up to you… maybe kiss you and make it better?"

Krystal had another idea. Erica was still leaning halfway over her. She reached out and put her arms around the surprised girl, pulling her closer to her. Excited and thinking she had finally won Erica went willingly. Krystal grabbed a hold of the bag of her shirt, including her bra, and pulled. Hard. Erica gasped as she heard and felt her t-shirt tearing, then the snap and sudden looseness. She fell backwards, unwittingly helping Krystal pull her ruined short and bra off of her.

Erica lay on her back on the bed, her arms at her side. Now all she had on was her socks, jeans, and panties. And a bright red flush across her face and chest. "I don't believe you just did that!"

"We're even now," Krystal said smugly. She lifted her ass up off the bed and slid her ruined shorts down her legs, kicking them off to the side then just sitting there.

"Well I guess you earned it," Krystal said, spreading her legs enough so that Erica could see her bare pussy.

Her condition forgotten Erica propped herself up on her elbow and stared at Krystal's crotch. Her breasts rested gently against Krystal's ankle and her right hand laid on her knee. She gently rubbed her hand up and down her leg while she admired Krystal's shaving job, among other things.

Krystal noticed her friends boobs pressed against her ankle. Krystal and she had always worn a solid C cup bra until BASIC, which had trimmed her down to a borderline B / C cup. Erica was still fully into a C though, from the looks of things. Looks and feel, Krystal admitted to herself while barely stifling a giggle. They had seen each other naked over the years from time to time but never paid any attention to it. Now suddenly the nudity was awkward because it was so interesting.

Krystal glanced back to the bathroom door and saw Mike had opened the door a tiny bit more to peer in. From the way the shadows moved she knew he was beating off as he watched them. Krystal reached down to her pussy and rubbed her hand over it teasingly.

"Mmm, smooth…"

Erica gasped. "You bitch," she said, her voice soft and husky.

Erica's hand slipped off of Krystal's knee and went to her jeans. She unbutton them waist and the fly and slid her hand into them. Krystal's eyes widened at her friend's bold move.

"You're just going to finger yourself in front of me like that with your pants on?" She asked, still shocked in spite of it all.

Erica looked at her and grinned wickedly. "Unless you have a better idea?"

Krystal laughed and shook her head.

Erica shrugged. "Fine, you win."

Krystal was almost disappointed. Then she realized that Erica was not really stopping. Instead she was sliding her jeans and her panties down her legs and tossing them onto the floor. She cocked her right leg up at a 90 degree angle and continued sliding her fingers into her slit, focusing on circling her clit. Krystal watched, too stunned to do anything else.

"It's not shaved, but I keep it trimmed," Erica said softly.

Krystal started, realizing at last that she was staring at her friend's pussy. Suddenly she was aware of the smell in the room, it reeked of their aroused and uncovered pussies.

"Take your shirt off, Krys," Erica pleaded. "I've always loved your tits, let me see them please!"

Having gone to far to stop Krystal pulled her tank top up and over her head, revealing her athletic breasts with their super hard nipples. Erica gasped and clamped her hand to her pussy as she shuddered for a few seconds, then she started fingering herself again.

"Did you just cum?" Krystal asked.

"Mmm, it was only a little one. God you are so hot!"

Krystal could not believe it. This day had gone so incredibly wrong. Here she was naked in her bed with her best friend, both of them naked and her friend fingering herself to one orgasm after another while staring at her body. She looked to where Mike was at again and saw he had not moved. She winked again his way before turning back to Erica.

"I thought you couldn't wait to fuck yourself in the ass?" Krystal asked. She was not sure but she thought she might have heard a gasp coming from the bathroom. She fought the urge to smile and focused on her friend.
"Oh God! Yes, I want to!" Erica said, sliding her fingers deep into her vagina and shuddering. "I'm afraid… show me how, Krys. Please?"

Krystal shifted her right leg off to the side then lifted it up as high as she could. She looped her right elbow around her knee so that she was spread wide open for unimpeded access to her pussy. Her lips parted easily, adding more of her sexual aroma to the room. The fingers on her left hand slid down to the cleft in her flesh and rubbed through her the wetness. She plunged them deeply into her pussy, needing no warming up so long had she been turned on.

"Hold my left leg up as high as you can so you can watch," Krystal said, shocked at what she was doing. Had the show not secretly been for Mike it would have stopped a long time ago. Erica repositioned herself quickly, sitting on her knees while she held up her friend's leg and stared unashamedly at her. Krystal could not have been any more exposed had she been in a doctor's office with her feet in stirrups.

A few twists and a couple of pumps later she pulled her fingers out of her dripping sex and slid them over her perineum and stopped when she felt them tickle her rectum. She moaned for her audience and heard Erica gasp. Erica's hand slid a little lower on the back of her leg, but she paid it no mind.

Krystal rubbed her fingers over her asshole, coating it with her juice. More ran down from her pussy, aided by gravity and the path of least resistance. She dipped her fingers back in her sex for a fresh lube and then began slowly pushing against the muscular barrier.

"Oh my God!" Erica whispered when the tip of Krystal's index finger poked through the pink muscle. She watched Krys' sphincter expand and swallow her finger slowly. Without even realizing it her other hand reached out and gingerly brushed against Krystal's butt cheek.

"Mmm, what are you doing?" Krystal asked, caught up in the beginning sensations that had nearly overpowered her that morning.

"Oh Krys, baby, you're just so beautiful… I'm sorry, I couldn't help it, I had to touch you. I…" Erica trailed off, distracted by the intoxicating site in front of her and unable to concentrate.

"Oh Erica, you have no idea what this feels like. It's incredible! I can't wait to get fucked in the ass!" Krystal specifically looked at Mike and winked at him yet again as she said that.

Growing bolder, Erica's hand rubbed against her buttock, growing closer to her heat with each rub. "I want to do it," Erica whispered. "I want to feel it!"

Both girls knew what she meant. Krystal Had a moment of indecision and then nodded mentally. "So shut up and do it already."

Erica's breath caught in her throat for a minute. There was a million things she wanted to do to her friend, but she figured she had better not push her luck. There was a world of difference between a finger and a tongue, after all.

Krystal gasped when she felt Erica's finger tracing the length of her slit, gathering up her juices. She tickled her clit and made her stomach seize in pleasure, then dipped her finger deep inside of her. Erica curled her finger up to rub against Krystal's g-spot, showing that in no uncertain terms she knew how to pleasure a woman. Reluctantly she withdrew her finger and repositioned it alongside Krystal's. Krystal pulled her finger out of her ass slowly, teasing Erica with her gradual retreat even though it was only in to her first knuckle. Then it was free and Krystal moved her hand to her pussy to idly stroke herself while she waited for Erica to make her move.

Erica traced the wrinkles of her sphincter with her finger tip, reveling in the sensation as much as Krystal was enjoying the sensation of her finger in her most sensitive and private of places. Krystal looked to the bathroom and mouthed the words to her brother, "I want you". She wished it was him instead of Erica that was about to deflower her.

Then Krystal suddenly realized that she had wanted Mike to be the first one to have her ass. Suddenly her anal virginity was about to be taken by the wrong person. As silly as it was – and Krystal realized it was silly – it mattered to her.

"Erica, wait," Krystal said, trying to come up with something… anything, to stop her.

Erica stopped her breath hissing between her teeth. She was close, all she had to do was apply a little pressure… But she stopped. She was a woman and she knew from friends at college what rape was all about. She pulled her hand away and let Krystal's leg back down on the bed. She cast a longing glance at her bald pussy before Krystal let her other leg down beside it.

"You have to kiss me," Erica said, hoping she could still manage to get something out of the encounter and hoping for more.

"What?" Krystal asked, grateful and surprised.

"After all that I want you to kiss me, then I have to leave and fuck myself all night long to get over the condition you put me in," Erica said with a dangerous smile.

Krystal could appreciate that, and she did feel bad for the girl after everything that had happened. Krystal had used her to give Mike a show and had not thought about the consequences.

"Come here then, and I'm sorry, I'm just not ready for that, especially with you going back to school and me going back to the service," Krystal said, mixing truth with a lie.

Erica crawled up her body, surprising Krystal, and straddled her hips. She sat in her lap, making sure her sopping wet pussy ground itself into Krystal's belly, and pulled the airman to her. Their kiss brought back memories to both of them of many years past, when they had taught each other how to kiss for that time when they had their first date. It quickly escalated beyond that, however. Their lips parted and their teeth ground against each other briefly. Their tongues danced and Krystal had to admit that Erica was right, it was an incredible kiss. Still, something was missing from it. Soft on soft felt great, and their tongues swirled around each other wonderfully, tasting and sharing the others flavors, yet something remained absent.

Krystal decided that as much fun as it was, she just was not interested in girls. Sure, she could appreciate a good looking woman as well as anyone. Hell, she had even found them more than attractive, she had lusted over one girl in the Air Force before that girl had hurt herself and been shipped off to medical holding for recovery. But even that lust was not a longing to be with them, merely a desire to possess them. She longed for her brother, and realizing that scared her.

Both girls heard the strangled moan coming from the bathroom that time. Erica spun around, nearly falling off of the queen sized bed in the process. Eyes wide with panic, Krystal jumped up after her.

"What are you doing?" she asked frantically.

"I heard something over there… if that piss-ant brother of yours was spying on us…"

"What? No, there was nothing. Come back here, I was really getting into kissing you," Krystal said, trying to distract her.

"You were? Really?" Erica said, turning back to look at her. She glanced back at the bathroom then looked back at Krystal. "Hang on, I gotta know."

Krystal hurried after her, praying that Mike had hidden himself. Erica opened up the door and looked around, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. She even went to the door to his room and opened it a crack, seeing it dark inside. She looked back, mollified, and headed back towards Krystal's room. She stopped at the door and stared at it, a look of disgust on her face.

"That little shit… Krys, why did you have to have a brother?" She said, pointing. "That little fucker spied on us and jerked off all over the door. Krys, he saw us naked!"

Krystal followed her finger with her gaze and saw the strings of cum darkening the wooden doorframe. Suddenly her mouth watered in spite of the situation they were in. Before she could think up anything to say Erika had spun around and was marching back into Mike's bedroom.

"You stupid little shit, do you have any idea how much trouble you are in!" She said in a voice tightly controlled with fury. She walked up to the bed and punched his sheets, making him grunt in surprise. "What right do you have to watch us? How much of a pervert are you to stare at your own naked sister!"

Mike, no longer pretending to be asleep, sat up in bed and raised his arms to defend himself. The fact that both women were still naked was not lost on him either. In spite of Erica's raving he was grinning at the situation and how little she truly understood.

"Erica, hang on," Krystal said soothingly, coming up behind her. "Mike always had a crush on you, I just never told you cuz I didn't want you teasing him about it."

Erica eyed her suspiciously then turned back to her brother. "Is that right, you pervert?"

Mike shrugged. "Yeah, kinda." Inexperienced with women he was, stupid he was not.

"Well well, how does it make you feel to know you were watching your sister kiss another girl?" Erica asked.

Mike cleared his throat and saw Krystal nod her head over Erica's shoulder. "I wasn't watching her," he mumbled.

"Let's see what kind of affect we had on you," Erica said, yanking back his sheet and surprising him. His cock was stiff as a board again.

"Not bad, Mikey," she said, using his childish nickname that he hated. "I've seen bigger in college, but since your sister didn't want to finish what she started, maybe you can. What do you say, want to fuck your first college girl?"

Stunned, Mike looked beyond Erica to Krystal for guidance. Krystal was glaring at the back of Erica's head and did not catch Mike looking at her. Dismayed, Mike looked back to Erica and gaped like a fish.

"What's a matter, Mikey, are you still a virgin?" Erica chided him. "I can be your first, you know."

Krystal realized what the problem was right then and there. More than just Erica's taunting behavior towards her brother, whom she loved, it was jealousy. Mike was hers. Tonight was their special night, and she was on the verge of ruining it. She saw Mike looking at her again and she shook her head, telling him not only what he needed to know, but also what he wanted to know. Mike had never seen the look on his sister's face that she now wore.

"Cat still got your tongue? Did you like it when I was going to play with your sister's asshole, Mikey? Is that the problem? Are you gay? Do you want to fuck me in the ass instead, or do you need to call your boyfriend over?"

"That's enough," Krystal said clearly, her voice pitched low and menacing.

Erica turned back to her, laughing at Mike's plight. "Come on Krys, it's just like good old times, we're giving your brother a hard time is all."

"No, Erica, we were never this cruel to him, although we were still more cruel than he deserved. You need to leave now," Krystal said, her tone brooking no negotiation.

"Krys, what's wrong? Look, let's just go back to your room and forget this little shit," Erica was getting nervous, not recognizing what had come over her friend.

Krystal turned and went back to her room, Erica followed uncertainly. His curiosity getting the better of him, Mike slipped out of bed and padded after them silently as well. He knew something was up and no amount of teasing was going to deny him front row seats.

Back in her room Krystal opened up a drawer and took out the first t-shirt she found. She bent over and picked up Erica's discarded pants and underwear and then handed the pile of clothing to her. "It's time for you to leave, Erica. I am going to let you walk out of here and forget any of this ever happened because of what good friends we used to be."

"What? What kind of shit is this? After all those years we were there for each other you're just telling me to get the hell out? Is it because you think I'm a lesbian? I'm not you know," Erica fumbled, holding her clothes in front of herself protectively.

"I don't give a damn whether you are a lesbian or not. I think you are a self-possessed snooty bitch and I don't want anything to do with you. When you realize there is a bigger world out there and you have more important things you could be doing with your life other than putting perfectly decent people down in an vane attempt to make yourself feel bigger, than get in touch with me. Until then, get the fuck out of my house!"

Erica gasped, stunned by Krystal's words. She stood there speechless for a long minute until Krystal spoke up again. "Put your clothes on or leave naked, but I want you out of here in less than one minute."
Still stunned speechless, Erica began dressing rapidly. Mike chuckled from the doorway as he watched her, feeling that vengeance was a very tasty dish indeed. Erica turned on him and her facial features contorted in rage. It was his fault this was happening. His fault that she was not making love to Krystal at that very minute.

"You always were a little shit that got in our way, damn you!" She spat out at him. Then Erica was stumbling. The world was turning sideways and only her hand and shoulder crashing into the doorjamb kept her from falling to the floor.

Erica looked around, trying to figure out what happened, and saw Krystal standing next to where she had been with her stance low and her legs spread slightly. Her hands were raised and she reminded her of some cheesy martial arts movie. Then the ache in her jaw made itself present, sending pulses of pain with a regular throbbing through her face.

"You hit me!" She gasped, realizing what had happened. "I can't believe you hit me!"

"Leave, Erica, and don't come back. And don't let me find out you've ever said or done anything to my brother either," Krystal demanded.

"You stupid bitch! I'm going to kick your fucking ass!" Erica said, pulling the t-shirt on and then walking towards Krystal. She swung her hand out at her, intending to slap her across the face.

Krystal ducked under the slap and rose behind it, grabbing onto Erica's arm and twisting her about so that she was behind her. Her arms quickly settled into a sleeper hold around the girl's throat. "Are you going to leave or do I need to snap your neck?" Krystal said, applying a little pressure for affect.

Erica's eyes were wide with fear. Mike was not laughing now, instead he was suddenly worried that his sister might actually go through with it. He had never seen her like this before. She really was a soldier. It kind of scared him too.

"I'll go," Erica hissed, her windpipe partially constricted by Krystal's forearm. Krystal nodded and after another gentle nudge as a reminder, she let her go.

Erica scurried out the door, glancing back at Krystal once in the hopes of seeing something other than what she saw in her eyes. She saw someone capable of doing exactly what she had said, and it sent chills through her. No witty retorts available, Erica hurried down the stairs and out the front door of the house.

"Damn," Mike said after they heard her car pull away from the house and roar off into the night. Krystal took a deep breath and turned to him.

"I've never had to use what I learned before outside of practicing… Wow."

Mike laughed, his laughter infecting Krystal as well. The tension shattered and she came to him, throwing her arms around him and hugging him, letting him hold her as the adrenaline slowly drained out of her system.

"My sister's a bad ass," Mike said to her when she finally stopped shaking.

"Don't you forget it!" She said, tapping her knuckles into his shoulder. They looked at each other and their lips met in a less than chaste brotherly – sisterly kiss.

"Thanks sis, I owe you one."

"Hey, I've gotta take care of you, you're my little brother, I love you."

Krystal stopped after saying those words. She realized they meant more than she had meant them to mean. More than she had ever thought they could mean. Something had started happening when she got back from BASIC and saw the look in Mike's eyes, and that something had come into its fullness thanks to Erica's behavior. She lowered her eyes a minute, tears threatening to overcome her. How could she possibly have let something like this happen? Her own brother, for God's sake!

"What's wrong, Krys?" Mike asked softly, seeing the suddenly troubled look in her eyes.

Krystal blinked away the tears and looked back up at him. She smiled at him and said, "Nothing Mike, nothing at all. How about you take me to bed now, I have something special in mind."

"After all that you still want me to fuck you in the ass?" He asked with the couth of a typical 18 year old high school boy.

Krystal smiled and shook her head. "No, little brother, that can wait for another day. Tonight I'm going to make you a man."

Mike's eyes widened as Krystal pulled him by the hand to her bed. She sat down in it and scooted over, making room for him as well. "But Krys… I thought you said we couldn't do that? I mean, that's incest!"

"Baby, I'm safe, trust me. We're not going to bring any retarded babies into the world. I just want to be the one to give you something you will remember forever," Krystal said, soothing him. She knew it was more than that, but he had his whole life ahead of him and did not need to be shackled down with what she felt.

"Now get in her and let me show you how to really please a woman! And we're not going to stop until you've filled me with so much of your cum that it's running out of me, you got it?"

Mike grinned and hopped into the bed, letting her guide him into her arms. They kissed again, as lovers this time with their tongues leading the way. Mike did indeed have a lot to learn, but he proved a willing and able student as the night wore on. As for them fucking repeatedly until the cum ran out of her, Krystal went back on her word and made him keep going even beyond that, thanks to the recuperative powers of an 18 year old libido. The overflow she cleaned up off of him with her mouth, and in the process she decided that as much as she had grown to love his cum, it was even better when it was a mixture of both of their juices.

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