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Korean Summer
07-15-2011, 01:28 AM
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Korean Summer
When Eggy went to korea Hee-Jun said she could stay for free but she is learning nothing is for free
Normal 0 Chapter 1 “Coming To Korea” Eggy rolled up her sleeves and pants as she waited for host to meet her; the train was hot and crowded. The sweat rolled off her cheeks and down to her neckline. She was disappointed that she wouldn’t look graceful to her host, she had seen his picture many times and he always looked pale even in summer. She held her suitcase tightly and swayed with the carriage. Korean summer wasn’t like Eggy’s Australian summer, it was hot and sticky and the heat was driving her crazy. Some school boys where staring at her she just kept her head down, people stared at her a lot in Korea she wish that she wasn’t different from everyone she felt like everything she did was being criticised.
The train stopped and she saw her stop Jeong-Ju. She pulled her suitcase behind her and she saw him. He was looking down at his Mp3, more handsome than the photos. His cool black hair sat up, his crisp white shirt looked loose against his cream skin and Eggy couldn’t believe that he could wear long jeans in this heat. She nervously walked towards him and he looked up and smiled.

“Eggy, I’m so happy you’re here.”
He gave her a hug,
but Eggy didn’t say anything she just stood there she was too shy he was so handsome. They walked for a while, he carried her suitcase and she linked her arm around his just to be friendly, they got to a big block of apartments

“Eggy I own the penthouse.”

Hee-Jun was the designer for LG phones, a workaholic and a coffee addict he made enough money in a year to support a big family, but he didn’t have time for dating .She looked at Hee-Jun her eyes were so big and her lips were so soft. He just wanted to kiss her. They entered the elevator and still Eggy said nothing

“Look I know you are nervous but after I fuck you the first time you will get used to it”

Smiled Hee-Jun his eyes squinted making crows feet through his glasses.

“What? What the fuck? Hee-Jun I never said I would fu….”

“She speaks, Lord she can speak, I was just trying to get you to say something don’t worry Eggy”

They got to the top and then they both lied on the tiled lounge room floor panting from their walk and the heat.
“Hee-Jun it’s so hot.” Said Eggy,

he rolled over and looked at her in the eyes. He stood up and got a mango and lied down again …he cut it slowly and placed one peace in her mouth
“Mmm its so sweet Hee-Jun I want another piece.” she giggled He put a piece in his mouth “Greedy Eggy” he laughed with his mouth full
“are you sure you want it?’
“Yep, give me a big piece” she closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide.
He crouched over her his hands near her brown hair and his knees close to her hips. She felt his knees next to her hips and she opened her bright eyes he made her nervous she whimpered but he was getting closer to her. He put another piece her mouth and kissed her slowly kissing her lips and then he entered his tongue into her pink mouth licking the mango in her mouth. Eggy screamed inside she pushed him away and pulled her knees to her chin she’d never felt this way before excited and wet down there. She was just 17 and he was 28; she looked at his handsome face again. He just smiled down at her and put the mango away in the kitchen, she wondered if when he asked her to stay with him for free he didn’t really mean it ……….

Eggy unpacked her clothes in the
closet room unable to make eye contact with Hee-Jun,his thin lips kissed hers
just hours ago and she liked it she felt her underwear still moist , but just
from a kiss ? Anyway they were just friends right ? She never promised him
anything .

"Eggy their's a problem with the penthouse."
Hee-Jun had a ashamed look on his face also not making eye
contact .

"What ?"
she was worried that he would say the penthouse is too expensive and she would have to chip in.

Eggy didn't have any money Hee-Jun
was paying for everything , education , food ,rent and extra's. He was a
designer for the LG corporation and a consultant he had enough money to buy
whatever he wanted he had a Porsche and his room was specially designed for
him, minimalist style everything was black ,white and silver. but he was always
busy, and lonely when he came home.

"this apartment was designed for me...and just me ..."
he blushed, she didn't understand

'Eggy i'm sorry to tell you , this room only has one bed !"

"But you bought this apartment after you knew i was going to stay with you"

"I planned my apartment so you could be as close to me as possible.

"Really , Hee-Jun why did you ask me to live with me ?"

"Because I like you" he
smiled again

Eggy had a bad feeling in her

Later that night...

Hee-jun made dinner ,not changing his
face expression all night

his eyes looked at her in desire ,

as she ate his lust grew watching her
lips drinking milk without a pause he thought about her sucking his cock in the
same way .

she tried to work out where she stood
in his mind friend, girlfriend. sex slave ?

"So when i go to school can youhelp me study? Look I know your busy and you don't want a little girl hanging in your bachelor pad coz you want to bring the korean ladies home and tap that,
right ?'

"No, I'm not interested in korean women." he purred and drank some wine, staring straight into her eyes with his sexy stare, heknew the games she was playing

(gulp) " So i need school books and equipment you have to take me shopping and I’m really picky."

"Yes lets go shopping tomorrow, i want to also buy swim wear i want to go swimming next week , I'll buy you a new bikini."

"Bikini ha , no i have a pudgy stomach,"

he didn't say anything they finished dinner and Eggy changed her clothes to thin white shirt and blue short shorts she pulled them down as much as possible to cover her thick thighs .

she brushed her teeth in front of the
sink Hee-Jun came behind her, her face became red and she brushed slower
Hee-Jun put his arm around her stomach

"Are you sure you don't mind sleeping in the same bed ?" he looked at her in the mirror

he changed his clothes to a singlet
and long track pants, his white arms were well toned and you could see his
shoulder blades.

"Yep " she lied, her heart
was beating faster and faster with every second his hand stayed on her stomach
now pressing a little harder.

"I think your stomach is cute ,
better then too thin korean girls I don’t want to see your ribs,”

he started laughing ,

"What ? " she looked up,
thinking he was just joking and he thought she was so fat.

"You know korean girls usually wear a bra with pyjamas." he giggled

"AAAAHHH...Oppah don't be mean to me."
She spun around hugged him close and pouted with her arms in
between their bodies and he could feel the pleasure growing down there.

“No , I like it , it makes me think about all the things you could do with m …uhh I mean at home , if you didn’t have a bra.” Hee-Jun letting his true thought almost slip out

anyway he said that sentence it
would’ve turned out wrong….

Eggy looked down on the bed she would
share it was place neatly in a corner a perfect square shape with white and
black sheet and a silver metal frame she slipped in and faced the corner her
heart pounded and little feeling inside her begged to be touched, she felt the
bed move as Hee-Jun got in.

he pulled her close and softly rested
his erection on her back teasing her slowly with his hardness he groaned and
she felt that feeling again of excitement. He ran his hands up and down her
hips and moving to her stomach he traced her breasts with his index finger and
then found her nipples poking out through her shirt. She whimpered and wriggled
underneath his strong, smooth hands
pretending not to get wet from him pinching her nipples. He breathed in her ear and kissed it

free he didn’t really mean it ……….
she turned around to face him and then she met his eyes , his handsome slanted eyes looking at her they seemed he was thinking something about her like he wanted to ask her a question .
she felt like she wanted to squirm as she looked at him. Hee-Jun moved his hand down her hip and down her shorts . he found her wet panties and played with her pussy for a while over he cum soaked panties. no man had touched her before like this her body was wriggling and she felt so alive. Next he put one finger into her pussy and and slowly inserted it his long finger pushed all the way until he could feel a hymen her virgin pussy spasmed in response and Eggy didn't want him to stop. Then Hee-Jun took his hand out and wiped his finger across her shirt.
"Just checking my Eggy."he said rolling over
Eggy didn't say anything, she didn't want him to stop, and now she was left lying their horny as fuck .

to be continued
to be continued..^^

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