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Karina and Saniya
07-18-2011, 01:39 AM
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Karina and Saniya
Hi friends I have been introduced to this site only recently. I have found this site very interesting, though there are many stories I feel that only some are real experiences the remaining are fantasies.

I felt an urge to share with you an incident that happened to me. It’s a real story.

I have a close friend; we were together from our college days. After fishing my college I got a job in Cochin, Kerala. My friend was also a native of Cochin. He had his own business which he took over from his father. His father was leading a retired life. Since I was very close to him I also became very close with their family. I was considered as one among them. I could just walk into their house since they never kept their door closed.

My friend got married to a very beautiful girl and she had a sister who was also very beautiful, she was at that time studying in 10th. My relation with his wife became very close; though I usually used to fantasize about having sex with her I never approached her or talked to her in that manner. They had a child and in the mean time I also got married to a beautiful girl. My fantasies about my friend’s wife almost vanished after my marriage. My friend’s wife became pregnant for the second time and delivered their second child.

My story begins here, very soon after her delivery my friend’s father suffered a heart attack and was admitted to a hospital. I on knowing this visited the hospital and came back to my friend’s house. On reaching there I understood that my friend and his mother had gone to the hospital. His wife’s sister had come there to give her company as now she was doing here engineering in a college here, and that day she was having a holiday. Now for the sake of making things easy let us give some name to these two characters my friends wife can be called Karina and her sister Saniya I am giving them these name for two reasons first to hide their real identity and other to give you an idea of their appearance, they looked almost like Karina Kapoor and Saniya Mirza.

Now continuing the story further, Saniya was not aware of my presence in the house and Karina was taking some coconut oil from the kitchen to apply on the child on seeing me she was standing and talking she informed me of some important job opportunities that had come in the paper that day and while I was reading it the unexpected happened. Saniya walked into the room totally nude (she was going to take bath and wanted some oil to apply on her head, since they were sisters they never cared much on being naked among themselves) Since it was unexpected even Karina couldn’t react fast. She had almost walked half into the room when she became aware of my presence and in that shock she rushed towards her sister and Karina in a sudden impulse dropped the oil which was in her hand to the floor, Saniya slipped on the oil and sprained her ankle and could not get up. I also came out of the shock and rushed to her side and picked her up and made her sit on the sofa and massaged her leg. Let me tell you guys she was a figure to look at and I was mesmerized with her beauty, I became aware that something might happen today but decided to play safe and slowly. Saniya slowly stood up, and now Karina started to shout at Saniya. I brought the tempers down by telling her that now since I have seen everything there is now use shouting and told Saniya to go and close the front door or else someone might just walk in and see us all in this state, so she slowly went to the door shaking her sexy ass and tempting me like hell. On reaching the door I do not know what went into her she just stepped out into the open. Their house had another structure in the front so it was not visible from the road but the neighbors could see this. I went to her and asked her if she wanted to walk out nude she said yes I then told her to wait and went outside and surveyed the surrounding areas when I felt it was safe I gave her the green signal and I stood guard at the gate to warn her if any one were to come. Karina Almost fainted on see all this, the shock was evident on her face she stood in the portico watching this, slowly she started to relax and was urging us to come inside, Saniya on the other hand was enjoying this thoroughly so was I, she was becoming bolder and wanted to come near the gate but I forbade her she was also teasing me by shaking her boos and ass. Karina again asked us to come inside and Saniya responded by asking her also to join the fun, I did not wait for her answer and immediately told her to wait till I lock the gates properly so that no one will be able to come inside very fast, and I went on to lock the gates. When I came back I found that Karina had gone inside since the baby started to cry. It slowly started to rain and the atmosphere became very romantic Saniya did not want the day to end soon. After some time Karina appeared in the portico and you won’t believe to our surprise nude. My, what a site it was, two beautiful girls nude, I think I could not have asked or more. My dreams used to be centered on Karina and now I had both. Karina also stepped out in the rain and informed us that her husband and mother-in-law will come back only by late evening, this was music to our ears. Saniya and Karina started to discuss something among them and then came to me and ordered me to remove my clothes since I had seen enough and now they were also entitled to see me.

I told them that it would now be safe to go inside since I would not be able to guard the gates so we went inside on stepping inside the two sisters stripped me nude and started to play with my body, for me it was heaven, I also started to squeeze there boobs and ass, licking and fingering them, it was the first time for Saniya and she started to get her orgasms very soon, the heat was building up and we went to the bedroom, Saniya was virtually pleading with me to fuck her but I kept on arousing her. Since she was a doing it for the first time I asked her about her periods and understood that it was the safe time of her periods, then with the help of Karina I tried to insert my organ into her, her vagina was properly lubricated so it slipped in easily and hit the helm. She gave a cry of pain Karina advised her to bear it then it will be fun and she sat on her face and asked her to lick her vagina, I pushed my organ into her and broke her virginity then started to pump her hard she forgot the pain and started to vigorously lick Karina’s pussy, the excitement had got into her and slowly got into the rhythm she stated to moan and she held me tightly she had at least 3 orgasms during that period, Karina started to suck Saniyas boobs this made Saniya almost mad with pleasure and we both came with the maximum satisfaction. It was great I had never experienced this type of pleasure with my wife I think it was the excitement of having the forbidden fruit that gave the pleasure. My organ went limp after this and Karina looked a bit disappointed I asked them to clean my organ and then told Saniya to take it in her mouth, this did the desired effect my member slowly started to rise and when it became hard I started the foreplay with Karina I started to rub her boobs and Saniya had my tool in her mouth I was kissing Karina like mad, slowly I went down to Karina’s pussy and started to lick her of her juices and Saniya also offered me her pussy which I licked alongside with Karina’s. Now again both were breathing fire it was getting very hot I inserted my organ into Karina’s pussy and started to ride her and Saniya offered her pussy to be licked by Karina, soon we changed positions and now Karina was over me and riding on my tool, I was licking Saniya she had come an umpteen number of times. Since I had already come once Karina could ride on me for a long time and she was enjoying this, now both of us felt we were approaching the climax we reversed our position and I started to pump her hard the noise of our flesh hitting could be heard loud Karina could not bear the excitement and almost dug her fingers into my hands, she was crying with pleasure and then we both came, both of us were exhausted, all three of us had a small rest then Karina went to feed her baby myself and Saniya were lying on the bed fondling each other, we heard the door bell ringing, a fear went in through our heats, Karina came running into the room and informed us to be quite, since some of their family friends have come, we got relived knowing that it was not the family members.

Having such a beautiful babe by my side how long could I resist so we slowly started to play and our energy got recharged I started to mount Saniya, by this time Karina bid the guests good bye closed the door and came into the room she was amazes by our stamina, she also stripped herself and joined us I rode on Saniya and gave Karina a wonderful licking experience. We then slept for some time then took bath together; Karina informed us that it was time for their elder daughter to be back from school. We dressed and then promised each other that we will cherish this experience but will not share it with our friends or any one known to us. After kissing them I left promising to meet again when another opportunity pops up. We never had an opportunity after that till today but my relation with them became very strong and we use to flirt with each other when ever we are together.

That’s all my friends hope you enjoyed this incident. Your comments are welcome my email is xxxxxxxxxx

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