Kareena Kapoor and Shahrukh Khan Nude in Movie Asoka
Aŝoka (Devanagari: अशोक) is a 2001 Bollywood epic historical drama film. It is a largely fictional version of the life of the Indian emperor Ashoka the Great, of the Maurya dynasty, who ruled most of southern Asia from 273 BCE to 232 BCE. The film was directed by Santosh Sivan and stars Shahrukh Khan as Ashoka in the lead role.

The screenplay was written by Santosh Sivan and Saket Chaudhary, the music was created by Anu Malik and the dialogue by Abbas Tyrewala. It was originally released as Ashoka The Great in India. The Tamil release title is Samrat Ashoka. Asoka is the maiden venture of Arclight & Films, established by Shahrukh Khan and Juhi Chawla. The film was widely screened across the United Kingdom and North America, and was also selected for screening at the Venice Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival, where it got positive response.

However, the film failed to please both critics and the audience alike and flopped at the box-office.


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