Kajol in role of a Don's wife - Sex Story
Shahinsha was the leader of an evil profession and the dacoit gang was in a tribal area of India. They collected emoluments and allowances from the businessmen of the town at gunpoint. The gang never hesitated to commit a dacoity in town or out of town. People in town, lived in fear, they had no courage to speak out against him or disobey his orders Finally the government launched a grand operation to have the dacoits shut down. Shahinsha with some of his friends had been arrested and had been sentenced to prison for seven years. Kajol, his wife, was attractively built, a pink skinned beautiful middle-aged woman. Kajol was about thirty-six at that time and had probably put on a few pounds from having kids, yet her body had softened to become much more succulent and lustful. She knew that all the men in the town lusted after her, but no one dared to look at her because they feared her husband. She was tall and fair skinned. Her eyes were large and black, her long black silky hair reached to her hips. Her nose was slightly upturned. Her lips looked like they were perennially painted with a deep shade of pink and that complimented her light skin very well. She had a slightly oval face with a sharp chin and when she smiled, dimples appeared on her cheeks. She could easily be considered a knockout.She had large, wide flared hips that completed an hourglass frame and a perfect heart-shaped ass that every man would love to touch. But her best features were her large round firm and succulent breasts. Her tight and round buttocks were her precious treasure. Her figure though was sultry. All the curves and bumps were where they ought to be and she had a very graceful way of walking. Just with enough sex appeal to tease but not to appear cheap or easy. If she had not been the wife of Shahinsha, all the men at the town would have made war to make love her, but being wife of the Shahinsha no one in the town had the courage to look at her with a full eye.

Living in a conservative society she rarely went out side the house and whenever she went out she concealed her face with a veil whenever she left home. Since her husband had been sent to jail two years ago, she had been forced to seek her sexual release with-in her home. She lived in India, a rather conservative country, though having its share of amorous opportunities. Her husband was a notorious legend and precisely for that reason, no man ever dared to have any relations with her for there were spies and they feared for their lives. Kajol was living with her three children. Since her husband had been sent to jail two years ago, she had been forced to seek her sexual release from with-in her home.Shahinsha was the next-door neighbor of the Raj family. Raj was a young 19-year-old boy. They had known each other for many years. Though Shahinsha was a rogue and evil, he had always maintained a neighborly and good relationship with Raj family. They always had a great time at their house. Kajol and Raj mother were very close friend .Of course Raj always enjoyed watching Kajol's ass and ample breasts in her tight shilwar qameez suit, an Indian popular conservative outfit. The only other man who was allowed to enter in the Shahinsha house was Raj, as he had gone there often when he was a child. Kajol loved him and Shahinsha also loved Raj. Raj had grown older and was now 19. He was a really muscular and tall with amazing hazel eyes and soft, wavy hair. She was always friendly to him. Raj usually did odd jobs for Kajol on occasion. He always ran for her whenever she needed something from the market.Kajol was in her mid thirties, her sex urge was strong and she desperately missed the pleasures of the body. Her husband was great in bed and she needed him. He knew all the tricks of making her happy. She always suspected he was very experienced with women, though he never

Admitted anything. He fucked her in every position possible keeping her very happy. She really missed her husband. It had been two years since he was taken away and Kajol hadn't had sex. She was becoming increasingly frustrated. Her thoughts were not always kind to her husband, wishing he were here instead of in jail.Kajol was not of loose character woman nor she was a nymphomaniac, but sex is sex, especially at the age she was at that time. She considered several means of masturbating, but wasn't that a perversion as well? Noble, typical conservative and religious women don't do that. But, if she had to confess, she must confess that she had indeed masturbated, a couple of times, but each time she would feel so filthy, so sinful, so obscene, afterwards. It seemed she was an obvious failure trying to resist temptation. She always felt regret afterwards. She would feel like such a slut that it was obviously something she should feel shameful about.Once when Raj was eating lunch in

Kajol's house he praised her by saying, "Auntie Kajol, you are a good cook. I wish that my mom could cook as well as you do."Thank you Raj, your mom also is a good cook but you just never noticed," she replied with a laugh."Raj, would you like some more?" she asked him, seeing that his plate was almost empty."Sure, Auntie," Raj said, holding his plate out to her.For you Raj," smiling as she ladled out a huge mound of chicken onto his plate.He grinned. "That's okay; don't think that I'm a pig Auntie. I eat more than you because it is very delicious.""Never mind, this is like your own home and you can eat whatever you want here.""What I want. How about if I want to eat your ample breasts." he thought, but said to her, "Oh auntie thank you." He couldn't help but stare at her breasts when he said it though.He was staring at her breasts. He wished she didn't have bra on. He wanted touch them, to take them in his mouth.Kajol realized the boy was staring her breasts. She blushed as she felt his eyes caressing her. As a normal boy would, he was staring and his mind started imagining what it would be like to see her naked and to fuck her. He was staring as if he was already undressing her. His cock got even harder than it was. He had fantasies about her, to fuck her. Naturally he couldn't do anything about it. He even felt a little guilty, perhaps as she always treated him in such a maternal, motherly manner as if she were his second Mother. He forced the thought from his mind and said that he was going. He went back to his house leaving Kajol alone in her home.She didn't feel angry that Raj was gawking down her breasts, instead became ashamed at herself for how she was feeling towards him. Strangely, she felt flattered and reconsidered thinking of Raj as a young boy. Raj was quite strong, well built. She admired his looks and cared for him for many years. She felt a perverse tingle down below her waist. She was feeling all warm and funny inside. She had always had an affectionate feeling toward Raj, but more as a son. He had been so helpful ever since her husband had gone to jail and she admired how he had grown into a man. He had done so much for her. She really didn't know what she would do without him. Kajol's eyes were scanning Raj's body by this point, and Raj became a bit self-conscious, for his erection.Kajol also noticed his cock was erect under his shilwar and she was awed at the apparent size. She was already attracted to Raj as a child, her helper, like her oldest son and her friend when she was in need. But now she felt something else. Kajol touched her lips with her tongue and continued to look at Raj in possibly a new light, giving him the impression that she didn't mind his staring to her breasts.

He had noticed her glancing at him almost hungrily. He left in an awkward silence; they were both aware of their own illicit feelings towards each other but not sure what to do about it.After he left she continued thinking about him. He was a young and energetic and she imagined him on top of her. She knew she was becoming wet thinking about him and at that moment Kajol intended and decided that she would try to seduce him. She felt a little guilty about these thoughts, but she couldn't deal with the idea of having to wait five more years! He would never tell and he was allowed into her home. No one would ever know. There was no one else she could turn to.That night she kept wondering how Raj's young cock would feel in her. Her face would burn with shame as she had always thought of him as her own, her son, her friend. Yet, once the idea entered her thoughts, she could no longer stop it.Most of the time she was indeed in control, and only when Raj came over she felt a bit uncomfortable, at times even averting her eyes, wondering what he must be thinking of her. She wondered if he was imagining her naked breasts slipping out of her qameez. She even began to have dreams of being with Raj. She would get wet just fantasizing about him fucking her. This seemed like a great solution to her to solve her frustration.She actually started teasing him a little. Teasing a young boy, no, a young man, she corrected herself. She was teasing him, showing her thoughts and affection by showing him the cleavage of her breasts. Her lush curves which her dress never efficiently hid from his appreciative eyes were his to gaze upon.She kissed him on special occasions and on their festival, traditionally as when he was a child.
She started kissing him now more frequently when she didn't see him every day. She now would hug him a little longer and would kiss him longer, more lingering than usual. She would press her breasts to him wanting him to feel her, which Raj felt always and usually became embarrassed when he felt his cock twitch.Soon she realized that when he was there at her house, he was stealing glances at her ass, and she never hesitated to give him the opportunity. She would give him a little playful show.Raj was also thinking that he'd better be careful so that he didn't do something stupid like make a pass at a very dangerous mans wife, but he was helpless.She began to dress more and more provocatively to see if he was attracted to her, low cut qameez, skin-tight dress; there was nothing she wouldn't do to get his attention.If anything, Kajol knew that she had been misbehaving, which made her feel all the guiltier. But she couldn't help it. She started not wearing a bra. She knew Raj would look and notice. Kajol started him teasing by giving him glimpses of her cleavage from her low cut qameez. Raj surely had seen much, yet he was always hungry to see her bouncing breast. But he did not have the courage to approach Kajol.Kajol expected him to make the first move, or at least to show her his affection. She could tell by the way he looked at her that he wanted her. She waited but Raj never visibly showed any reaction so she decided she must take the initiative or nothing may happen, but it also took her more than a month to get up her courage. This would not be an easy thing to do for she was not a deliberately bold woman. With her husband, there had never been a need or the possibility of another man.Finally, she decided to during an afternoon visit. She decided to really drop his jaw to the floor. Kajol sent her children to her mother's house so that she could have some time alone with Raj. She arranged a time

That she knew Raj would be available; and hoped and was sure as well that Raj had respected her modesty by not telling anyone in the village.About noon, it was a very warm summer afternoon and Raj was out back doing yard work. As she'd planned she called Raj when he was home."Raj?" he heard Kajol call out towards him."Yes, auntie?" Raj replied shouting. Raj about ran directly into the person the voice was coming from."Hey Raj is your mother home?" She asked. "No, she has gone to meet her sister, why? What's wrong?" he asked."Have you a moment for me?" "Sure, what's up?" Raj asked. When he made eye contact with her that he sensed something strange about her. "Well, we haven't any water. If you have some time please bring some water from the post stand for me, as I want to take a bath. Can you do at it for me?""Sure, be glad to Auntie Kajol. I'll just bring it right away.""Auntie?" he called out as he entered. It was summer and the weather was warm.Once again he called out when he didn't get a response, "Auntie? I'm here.""Come here, I am in the bathroom and I can't come out " he heard her respond.He was a bit shocked at this. Kajol had never acted this way before. He crossed the courtyard excited with hope that maybe he could have some glimpse of Kajol as she was in the bathing room and possibly would be nude.She was standing behind the bathroom door. She hesitated for a second and then she held out her hand to take the tub of water from him. She held the tub of water with its handle. His heart was beating so hard. He winced slightly, noticing the milky white flesh of her body for a flash. He heard a loud crash, and then suddenly he heard Kajol shouting for him, calling his name.Without wasting a moment he entered the bathroom where Kajol was laying on the floor of the bathroom. The water of the tub was flowing all over the floor.

Her expression had been serious but her eyes; well he had felt his stomach flip, his heart miss a beat and his cock twitch and throb as he saw her because she was stark naked and blushing crimson. She was lying in front of him, glistening in water and it was the most erotic sight Raj had ever seen in his entire life. Her bare breasts were firm, full, mature and exceptionally beautiful with light brown areolas, each capped with a hard thick erect little nipple. He noticed all this in literally seconds.His mouth fell open when he saw the sight of his fantasy woman naked. Those amazing breasts were now completely exposed to him and he stared at those huge brown nipples surrounded by the light areola. He felt his penis growing inside his shilwar and he flushed with embarrassment, yet he thought this might be his opportunity.Kajol's eyes sparkled when she saw Raj licking his lips and trying to hide his erection behind his shilwar. It was obvious he had an erection, and a raging one at that. She was amazed that she could see the bulge in spite of the loose shilwar he wore.He immediately apologized for his entering the bathroom and dropped his head in shame and turn to leave the bathroom.Please help me, don't apologize, as I have called you, please help me, I think I have got an injury," she said coyly."Let me stand," she added and gave him her hand. He grabbed her hand and she immediately took the towel from the hanger and wrapped around her."I hope you don't mind, please lead me to my bed."When he took her hand and they walked towards her bed and Kajol came close to his arms, he made sure to keep his distance. She pressed her body against him and wrapped her arm around his, holding him tightly as to not slip and fall. An electric current passed through her body she let the contact remain. Her body was so soft; he did not want to let go. Kajol felt very excited as the aroma of his young body hit

Her nostrils. This time they were much closer and his cock made contact with her several times. He was getting very embarrassed.She was looking pale so Raj asked, "Auntie, are you ok?"She looked startled at his question and said, "Oh, yes, yes Raj I think I am all right," she looked shy.She still wouldn't look him in the eye and he became very concerned for her."You look terribly upset, auntie", he said. "What is it that is bothering you?""This is bad for Shahinsha, that you have seen me naked. I hope you don't mention this to anyone.""No Auntie Kajol, don't be afraid. I would never do that and this is not your fault."Raj was surprised when he looked up to see Kajol smiling at him. "Do you remember Raj when you were a kid?"Kajol asked"What?" Raj asked."I have bathed you a few times when your mother was ill.""Is it?" Raj stopped laughing and asked with genuine surprise in his voice."Yes Raj," Kajol said in a hushing voice. "I have also seen you naked several times."Raj blushed like a girl. Kajol's eyes were quick to catch his youthful nervousness after hearing her mentioning about his nudity."It’s ok! I saw you and you have seen me," Raj replied."But Now you're not that little Raj have seen you when you was a kid, the balance would be equal when I see you naked now." she said with a laugh.How looked stunned. He obviously couldn't believe his ears and that made his cock harden and the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.That was a laugh with pure sensuality in it.She looked everywhere except at him and said, "I have something important to discuss with you, Raj."Stifling a giggle she smiled and for the first time he noticed the twinkle in her eyes and his stomach and heart began turning somersaults.

He wasn't naive to refuse a woman who seemed more than willing to seduce him."Was that the first time you had seen a naked woman?" she asked."Yes, auntie, it was." He blushed and bowed his head.It was Kajol's turn to blush, realizing that her breast was the first for this young man. She felt guilty a little."Are you telling the truth?" her voice was a whisper, as if perhaps someone might be listening."Only in pictures Auntie Kajol, in pictures only." Raj replied averting his eyes."It means you have not met a girl,"Yes, auntie I have never.""You're a young man and healthy, what do you do to relieve yourself?" she asked laughing.Raj really didn't know what to say in response to this question so he kept silent and averted his eyes."Do you masturbate?"He went red in the face, He didn't reply and then she spoke, "What is a young man to do for his need if he has no way other than this?""Raj," she asked giggling like a very young girl, "Am I making you horny?"He tried to reply with something that would sound normal but all that he could say was, "Yes, auntie, you are. But I am sorry that. I do really feel bad."He really wanted so badly to be with her that nothing in the world was going to stop him."I really shouldn't have thoughts like that, about you Auntie," he added."What sort of thoughts do you have about me," she asked."I have been thinking about you..." he didn't complete the sentence."Have you had fantasies about me?""Yes! And I am sorry I have thought about you like that, I shouldn't have,""You shouldn't feel bad my little Raj. That is natural. Don't be sorry, it's flattering to know you find me to be attractive."She squeezed his neck tightly and pressed her whole body to him with a hug. He had always fantasies Kajol as a sexy and pleasant woman who had the looks to slay any man but he had never thought that his childhood fantasies would come true.She whispered into his ear, "My Raj, what did you think about when you thought of me?"

This straightforward talking hit Raj like a thunderbolt, yet his big fantasy was looking like it may come to reality."Auntie, I don't know if I really should say. This is really very difficult for me,"He could feel her taunt nipples against his chest and his cock was pressed tight against her pussy. Raj wasn't entirely sure where precisely she was going with this, but he knew she felt wonderful against him. He thought he would cum right there."If you cannot tell me my Raj, then show me." She whispered in his ear.Raj started gently running his hands over her body. He was feeling her 36-year-old breasts and she was feeling his 19-year-old cock pressed tightly against her."Ohhh, Raj, how sweet you torture me! Enough is enough...I want you and I want you now!"Kajol touched his cock and thought that it actually grew 2" in length and a 1/2 in girth, just from her touch! His cock was as hard as a steel girder and throbbed so much that it hurt.After a minute she relaxed her strong hold on his neck and said, "I'm sorry Raj, I shouldn't be teasing you like this. It isn't right for you. I am older and you are so young."What Raj did remember was their eyes meeting, and the way her eyes pierced his soul. Her arms were open and inviting him in. There was not a word spoken, but when she leaned towards him, he was already leaning towards her.Promise me you wouldn't talk to any one of this, even to your friends, otherwise you know if Shahinsha comes to know he will shoot both of us," Kajol told him. Kajol gave him a kiss on his cheek."Oh! I'm not a fool to talk someone about this," he replied.Both their religious upbringing told them that this was wrong, but nature was guiding them.
His stiffening cock and her aching wetness led them now. The moment that their lips met, he knew he was kissing a woman that no one in town dared to look at.They had surprised each other. They held each other tight again. She grabbed his ass and pulled him up tight to her. His hardness pressed against her struggling in his briefs. He felt her pert rounded bottom.Kajol thought, "Am I doing right? He is so young, and what will happened if my husband came to know?"But they both moaned in unison. That kiss was the most electric, the most intense, the most forbidden and the most yearned for kiss Raj ever felt in his young life and so it was for Kajol in all her married life. So full of need and desire, so full of wickedness. After a few short moments their tongues touched and they were lost in each other forever.She hugged him tightly and said, "I thought you didn't understand, I was so afraid." her speech escalating with nervous excitement.He caught her hands in his and looked her in the eye saying, "I understand but I thought you would never allow me this.""Why my little Raj, have you never let me know?""I didn't know how you would react Auntie Kajol...”"I know that you've only fear, if I were you I wouldn't worry about it" she replied and smiled, "No one shall ever know.""So you know, do you...and how much more do you know?" he asked teasingly and Kajol laughed and pressed her body against Raj and wrapped her arms around him kissing him with a ferocity that he had never felt."Your cock wants my cunt even now and I'm going to give it what it wants! I want you so bad. I need you."He wasn't willing to wait anymore. He was to accomplish his long cherished desire; have sex with his childhood fantasies. They held each other tight and close. His hands were trembling in excitement as he tentatively hugged Kajol. Their tongues danced with passion in each other's mouths. Kajol kissed sweetly. Her tongue danced over him as her lips pressed hard and demandingly on his open mouth. Their arms held each other tightly. That was not the behavior of a young boy and mature woman, his feminine mentor,

But of two adults and was natural, entirely natural. Raj was as demanding as Kajol. She licked and sucked on his neck like she was about to bite it vampire-like.Kajol took his face in both hands and proceeding to kiss him on the lips. She pulled away and then moved in a second time, this time however her tongue was pushing into his mouth. She moved her hand down to his cock and started running her fingers up and down his length through his shilwar. Raj felt the desire in her kiss. As their tongues danced against each other's she took his hands and ran them over her body. He gripped her ass, felt her smooth breasts, and grabbed her breasts like a man possessed. Their hands roamed each other's body. He felt the swell of her breast and the roundness of her ass as she ground her pussy against his aching hard on. Their kiss lasted forever. It was hungry, passionate, wanton and desiring, so much in a kiss.Raj had an incredible urge to thrust his cock inside her and fuck her like a demon. She lay down in the bed and he lay down on top of her. Immediately the kissing began anew as their lips met and she wrapped her arms around him. He began to kiss her neck and worked his way to her ear where he lightly blew and nibbled which elicited a moan and caused her to wrap her legs around his back.Slowly he began to unwrap the towel from her body revealing two brown erect nipples. She lay naked for a moment as he admired her. Her skin was soft and milky white. Her breasts were amazing, full and proud and tipped with brown marble-like nipples. It was like two very large white snow mountains. His mouth was becoming dry. There was really something uniquely appealing, erotic, in seeing the breasts of a woman, a true woman, and a woman like Kajol.

She caught his hand pressing it there to her breasts.He started rubbing and pinching them slowly. Then he increased his pinching and his fingernails lightly scratched the slopes of her breasts. Raj had admired her breasts for so long. He had imagined touching them, playing with them, but he had never imagined that actually he would take them in his mouth. She put Raj's mouth over one nipple and he softly kissed and licked all over her breast. Waves of pleasure flowed from her breasts all along her body. She moved his mouth to the other nipple. He slowly increased the speed of his tongue and deeply sucked her nipples lightly biting them with his teeth.Kajol felt as if her pussy was burning, on fire. She arched her back and groaned, forcing more of her breast into his mouth. She was panting like a wild animal. Her arms were locked around him and she continued to grind against him. Kajol never felt her breasts were special or thought of them in a sexual manner. But now, with Raj licking and sucking them, she had never felt sexier, had never knew they could ache so, and need to be kissed and sucked.Watching Raj slowly circled each nipple with his tongue was erotic. She couldn't imagine how turned on she was as his teeth grazed the sensitive skin of her aureoles."Harder!" she moaned, "Harder Raj, suck them harder."Her breasts were overflowing in his hand. He slowly covered them with kisses sliding his tongue across them.She moaned and screamed, "That feels so good, oh God it's been so long and no one has touched them, please Raj don't stop! Go ahead, feel them, lick them, suck them, bite them my little Raj. Keep sucking on them." Kajol cried out to him."You do love my breasts don't you?" She teased.Her words spurred him on and made her even hotter then he was!"I want to make love to you. I want to worship your body." he whispered and started again because now he needed no further encouragement.

He started again licking all around her breasts with his tongue occasionally flicking over her nipples. He could hear her moans and she put her hand on his head and pulled him in tighter to her. She started to run her fingers through his hair just as he started to lightly nibble on her swollen erect nipples. Soon he felt her hands reach up, and with a devilish grin she skillfully unknotted his shilwar string, pulled the string and began to pull his shilwar off.To make it easier for her he rolled over to the side of the bed and ( www.indiansexstories.mobi ) pulled his shilwar all the way off. She gasped when she saw his cock. It was thick as her wrist. Her husbands' cock was of average length and girth and this was huge compared to it. Raj's cock was really huge, so terribly firm, stiff, and proudly erect. She started to stroke him with one hand then grasped him with both. Slow and sensual her hands controlled him, stroking the length of him as she continued to kiss him.She was truly feeling a bit flustered."Oh my little Raj," she whispered throatily, "This is so much bigger than I expected. I don't know."Kajol was thrilled and nervous, as it was so wonderful to once again after two long years feel a firm, hard cock in her hand. To feel its smoothness and hardness. To see and feel its strength, it's incredible length. Using her hands she gently stroked it watching the purple bulb swell with arousal as her hands moved up and down his cock. She groaned clutching his cock with a desperate need.Raj gasped at the feel of her delicate hand on his cock. It's so much nicer to have the feel of a woman's hand on his cock than his own rough fingers. The hands of an experienced mature and attractive woman, the hands of a naked woman.She rolled Raj onto his back and began kissing him with a passion and fire that he had only dreamed of experiencing."You have a nice cock my little Raj. I can bet a wife would just love your cock!" Kajol said sexily.She laid on her back in the traditional missionary way spreading and bending her legs offering her warm wet treasure to him.

She had shaved her vagina this morning, and it was glistening with her desire, her need. Raj sat on the bed between her legs; he looked at her puffy lips of the pussy with admiring eyes."Raj, I think this is the first time you have seen a between woman's thighs.""Yes auntie Kajol, I have never seen woman naked," he replied."Do you masturbate thinking about it?"Yes, all the time auntie."She was hot! Very hot, wet, and loose but not too loose. She raised her face to him with smoldering eyes and softly pleading, "Ok, Raj, "Enough teasing. Put it in me, put it in me Please do me now!"She gasped, her breasts heaving, her legs fully spread. "Oh it has been so long for me," she confessed.He didn't really know what to do and had felt too self-conscious to ask if he was doing it right. "My Auntie, will you tell me how? I mean, let me know how I should do it?""Oh, yes i’ll tell you, sit here now, in between my legs." She spread her thighs wide.Raj wasted no time in honoring her wish. She helped to position him. Raj had never done this before, with anyone, but placed his cock right on her slit, trying to find her depths, trying to push it inside her.As he tried to shove it in, she instructed him. "No wait; first just caress my pussy with the head. Use it on me."Raj was now rubbing his cock against her pussy. She could feel the hot head of his cock teasing against her clitoris. He kept biting on her nipples when Kajol suddenly reached for his cock. She reached and grabbed his cock and pushed him towards her opening."Put it in me now Raj. I need it inside me. Now, push it in but slowly because you are too big."He just looked down at her face for a moment. He didn't have much time to think of matters. He pushed his cock past her folds. He kept sinking deeper and deeper inside Kajol's pussy. Raj thrust with

His hips and felt his dick slide easily up into Kajol's eager pussy. The impact of his huge dick penetrating inside her made Kajol scream in joy as well as a gentle pain. Her pussy clamped down on Raj's cock like a vise as he entered her.Kajol moaned softly as he filled her and settled deep in her. His balls were squashed tight against her buttocks. She felt so wonderful, so hot, so wet, and so soft. She grasped hold of his cock with her cunt and thrust her hips against him.She was scratching his back and ass as she gasped "Do it, Raj, pound it in and out now, harder."Soon he was in all the way. Kajol lifted her legs high, her knees almost to her shoulders. She never felt a sensation like this in her life. She felt as if her cunt was ripping open. It pained her but it was softening and the pleasure was becoming much more. After a moment she didn't feel any more pain but a wild pleasure, as he pushed his cock in and out. She felt as if she was being ravaged by tidal waves. She moaned out in pleasure. She bucked her hips upward and wrapped her legs around his trying to direct his cock deeper into her pussy with great pleasure and many rapid thrusts that sent Kajol in heaven..She was wild, wild and uninhibited and he loved that. He pushed into her velvety, honey-soaked, silky flesh. She felt so good and tight too, a perfect fit. He heard her gasp again as he pushed deeper into her softness. He wanted to push inside her as deep as he could. She clasped him tight with the muscles of her cunt.Raj worked his hips hard and fast, thrusting rapidly in and out. He wanted this so bad. His cock was so hard and his balls were so full.
Kajol spread her legs further apart trying to give even more access to her cunt. His cock was growing thicker as he pushed into her harder and faster,Raj was fucking her with the thickest cock she had ever dreamed of. She didn't realize. She felt like her insides were being stretched out. It didn't hurt now, it felt like heaven. Her ankles were on his chest and he was holding her up and fucking her as hard as he could."Fuck your auntie hard, Raj! Fuck me with your hard cock, every one in town wants to but no one has the courage to ask, but I want you my little Raj! That feels so good, darling. Oh Raj. You can have anything you want...absolutely anything. I'll give it all to you," she whimpered. “As she spoke, she pushed her hips hard up toward him.He was thrusting hard, pulling almost completely out then driving back inside so his cock slipped and pulled out from her cunt."Easy, easy Raj. This is now yours for five years. Relax, ah, yes, now, now, shove that cock inside me!" Kajol groaned like a tigress in heat.She quickly took his cock in her hands carefully lodging the head of his cock at the entrance to her depths again. She whispered into his ear. "Do it Raj now, give auntie your big hard cock again."He thrust downwards and she screamed as she bucked her hips. Her pussy and his cock were making loud squishing noises that filled the room. She moaned with unbridled lust and lifted her legs and locked them over him, her heels against his moving buttocks. She pulled him in with her legs pushing him deeper into her crevice where her molten desire was overflowing.Raj drove in deep and held his cock there. He was snorting and panting through clenched teeth, aware of the feel of sweat streaming down his back, chest, and thighs. Her hands came over his rising buttocks and cupped them firmly driving him deeper and harder every time. He loved the cozy wet feel of Kajol's pussy and he pounded it relentlessly, gasping wondrously as she responded in equal measure lifting her butter-soft tummy to his moving waist.He reached up and wiped the sweat from his forehead and eyes and looked down. He

Watched his cock pump in and out of her. Kajol was also drenched with sweat on her forehead and her bare breasts.Although embarrassed, Kajol wasn't going to allow her coyness to stop her getting what had built up in her body like an unstoppable train, and finally she just blurted it out...."Oh Raj, you know I can't say these things, don't you, I don't use those sort of words."Oh, it is you I wanted, I wanted what you are doing so bad, oh Raj please, yes, yes, please, just do it hard, just do it, fuck me, please. Fuck me some more! Raj, we will do it every day."She closed her eyes again, embarrassed at her own words. Kajol was panting and telling him how much she needed his cock. She begged him not to stop.Raj lowered his head to her nipple, sucked it slowly, tonguing its tip. He took her other breast in his hands and pinched its nipple. Then he bathed the goose bumped areola.Kajol was moaning and begging for him. She begged him to make her cum. Raj felt her tremble deep inside. He felt like he couldn't hold out much longer. Raj told Kajol he was very close and she begged him to cum inside her. She wanted every drop of him.She gripped at his ass as he thrust harder and harder into her; his balls were slapping her ass. She kept urging him to cum more, whispering in his hear to plant his seed deep within her, to soak her with his juices, to spurt his hot, wet cum deep inside, speaking in a way that she had never imagined she would do.

Raj plunged in one last time, and then squirted all his seed into her pussy. Kajol came hard when she felt him cum. They both came together that first time. He just kept stroking her pussy until he was finally spent. They collapsed afterwards. He was trying to catch his breath while Kajol was lying there, her body shaking from all of their fucking. She held him lovingly close and they lay panting together one over another, listening to the roar of their blood subside.Raj kissed her sweat soaked forehead and sucked her pink nipples once more and then he rolled over off of Kajol, and laid next to her on his back. Kajol wiped his cock on the towel then she wiped herself. They were both drenched in sweat and decided to rest. The animal in them had calmed itself for a moment at least. They lay there hot, wet and sticky in each other's arms.Raj rolled over onto his side, and laid his head on Kajol' breasts chest. "Kajol, why couldn't we have done this long ago?"She replied, "Well, there will be many more days and maybe nights like this." Kajol kissed his forehead.She moved so that they were both lying on their side facing each other. Sweat had matted her hair a bit so he reached over and brushed the hair out of her face and she smiled."That was amazing," he told her.Kajol grinned and gave him a quick and passionate kiss before saying, "Well I'm glad you enjoyed it because it was your first, it was also amazing for me."Raj wanted to sleep, but Kajol was rubbing his cock and soon his cock grew, gaining strength until it was pointing upwards like a ship mast. Within minutes of getting the erection, she felt the hardness of his cock was almost like a stone. She looked at his cock with awe."What's this Raj, you became hard again? She pulled him hurriedly back over her eager body."When you are with me and my cock is in your delicate hand what would a poor cock do?"Her eyes were glowing with excitement and joy to see the raging cock and felt proud that she was still attractive enough to make cock like this. "Its strange for me, my husband had never became hard twice in our married life,"She patted him on the cheeks and said, "I'm an old woman and I am tired and exhausted but I will do it again for you Raj."

She slipped over him and squatted over his hard cock, and slowly worked the head into her waiting pussy, before bracing one hand on the bed and the slipping down over the rest of his cock into her moist pussy."Oh sweet auntie. Your cunt is so tight!"She slowly rotated her hips counterclockwise and began to ride up and down Raj's hard pole. She loosened her muscles and slowed down her pace. She wanted to fuck him a little while longer. Every time she would thrust down on his cock, Raj would lean up a little - the ridge of his cock was rubbing right against her clit. She was going crazy with lust! She was now bouncing wildly up and down on Raj's cock, She pounded him to her heart's delight from above till her hips reddened with the continuous impact on his lower abdomen, till sweat poured off her body. She collapsed on him, a squealing quivering mass of jelly flesh. They took a moments rest and then she said, "I can't do it like this anymore. Take me from behind my Raj."She went on her hands and knees and he went behind her and continued. He positioned himself and she helped him. He placed his cock in her cunt and with ease he quickly shoved all the way into her juicy pussy, grunting and pulling her hair and slapping her ass. She met him thrust for thrust, moving her hips back against him. She started having orgasm after orgasm. She was so turned on, she couldn't stop shaking. "Fuck my sweet cunt, you little bastard! You teased for long, Keep me cumming all over your hard cock!" After 20 minutes of continual hard sweaty fucking, it was Kajol who was begging him to stop, as she could not take it anymore. After screwing vigorously for what seemed like hours, Raj shot his cum into her pussy. She could feel how hot it was as it exploded inside of her! They lay panting, gasping, completely sated."Oh my Raj, your Mother is like my sister. How she would be think about me if she came to know that we have done?"Who is going to tell her aunty," Raj replied."Promise, do you promise you would keep it secret?"Yes! Aunty I promise you i’ll never tell to any one,""Is care don't tell any woman in the town, they will kill you by fucking, because I think that You must have the biggest cock in the village my little Raj?""Ok. Aunty,""Oh my little Raj, you know so little, so little of us women and our wants.""I couldn't understand my sweet aunty," he replied."you'll never understand, I think, I should be proud of you, Raj, and perhaps hungry?"Kajol and Raj met from time to time, always in Kajol's house or Raj's house and, they both acted as if nothing had happened. But when they get a chance they never missed she thought every position of fucking to him, Raj was also a quick learner and soon he became master of fucking. They both pleased each other, Kajol by her skills of maturity and Raj by his young hard cock and much stamina. Now Raj was her sweet young lover and she never deny his any demand. Raj always wanted to let him her ass and at last she promised him that she would allow him to fuck her ass.