Kabaddi Match
I was a teacher in a school at Bangalore. My wife Soundarya was also a teacher in the same school. She teaches Chemistry and I teach Math. Our life was quite peaceful. When I saw that two vacancies came up in the Ooty Boarding School and they paid much better, we both applied to the boarding school and we both got the jobs. Residential quarters were given to us and facilities were also good. The colleagues were also very friendly. One of my colleagues was Peter, a man almost nearing his sixties. And ironically, he was appointed as a Physical Trainer. Normally, physical trainers used to be young and this man was nearing retirement. Since he used to be quite jovial, I asked him how he managed to get this job. He replied candidly that he knew the correspondent personally and that he has done some favors for him earlier. Since the number of cabins at the staff room was limited, Peter and I shared a cabin. Despite his age, Peter appeared to be energetic and lively.

While sharing the cabin with Peter, I found a very strange thing. Though I handle Math and Math is supposed to be a subject much difficult than Physical training, the number of students who came to him to ask doubts were much more. Especially girls thronged to his cabin. It was very intriguing. The girls at the boarding school looked too good. Along with all the flowers, they had also bloomed very well in the chill Ooty climate. Especially girls in eleventh and twelfth grade who were in their eighteen’s and eighteens looked so good with well developed body features. No body would say that these were school girls. So, as these girls came to ask doubts to Peter, I started observing vicariously what “doubts” this old man was clearing. As Peter sat in his chair, there was a table and chair opposite to him. I always found that Peter never offered his visitors a seat and always made them stand by his side. That day morning, Priyanka who was a student in her eleventh grade walked in to our cabin and headed for Peter straightaway. Priyanka was my student too and while taking class, I had always eyed her lecherously. She always used to sit in the first row and some days her skirt would slightly rise up and expose her thighs lightly. She had the habit of shaking her legs and whenever she shakes her legs, her thighs will be flashed to me. I could see this clearly especially if I sit in my chair just beneath the black board. Just to watch the creamy white thighs of Priyanka, I used to give them some Maths problem and then sit in my chair. As usual, Priyanka would shake her legs and I would devour the sight of her thighs. I distinctly remember that once when there was a Mid term test, I had distributed the question papers and sat in my chair. Priyanka was seated in the first row. The paper was extremely tough. I could see that she was in highly tensed state while writing the answers. In her tension, her leg shaking was frantic. The skirt was slowly rising with every shake and almost half of her thighs were exposed to me. Just then, an idea struck me and I put my pen down. When I knelt down to pick up the pen, I had a darshan of Priyanka’s pink colour panties. What a darshan it was! Her thighs were almost creamy white and very fleshy. As both the thighs converged, in the center there was the light pink coloured panty with flowers in it. One flower was positioned exactly on top of her cunt. I simply wanted to put my tongue there. Throughout the two hour test I dropped my pen quite a number of times and had many darshans. Priyanka however was oblivious to all these things. She continued to freely shake her legs and show her thighs to me. As soon as Priyanka entered our staff room, I was reminded of that day.

Priyanka wished me “Good morning Sir!” and straightaway headed towards her Physical trainer, Peter. Peter welcomed her with a very warm smile and said,
“Come in Priyanka baby! How are you?”
“I am fine, Sir!”
She was standing just opposite to him and there was a table and chair in between them.
Peter signaled to his side and said,
“Come near baby! Come over here” He pointed out to the space just next to his seat. Priyanka walked near him.
“Yes baby, tell me, what exactly do you want to know?”
Priyanka glanced towards my side and saw if I was watching. Exactly just a second before she could look, I buried my eyes into a book and pretended as though I was deeply studying something. Once she was sure that I wasn’t watching or listening she started talking.

“Sir, I am getting pains in my legs after I exercise!”
“Well where is it paining my dear?”
“In the legs, Sir!”
Now Peter gently placed his hands below her knees and pressed her calves. They must have been very tender. He pressed them gingerly and asked,
“ Is it aching here?”
“ No Sir, slightly above!”
He raised his hands further and touched her knees and asked,
“Is it here?”
“No, Sir!”
He then placed his hands on the edge of her uniform skirt and put his hands underneath her skirt. I could sense from my seat that his hands must be now on her thighs. A sixty year old man groping a eighteen year old girl putting his hands under her skirt…
“Is it here Priyanka?”
As Peter’s hands tenderly caressed her thighs , I could see that the expression in her face slightly change and she was relishing this old man’s touch.
“Ya , almost near that place” she blurted.
But still Peter did not stop his exploration. He led his hands further up and touched her panties. He softly pressed his middle finger against her panty line just over mound and asked,
“No pain here dear?”
As his fingers pressed her cunt over her panty, Priyanka let out a slight gasp and said,
“No, Sir!”
But Peter did not stop with that. He slid his hands through her hips and placed it on her buttocks and pressed her ass cheeks. He asked her,
“Here too, there is no pain?”
Again Priyanka sensed the sixty year old man’s hands on her buttocks. He allowed him two three presses and then said,
“No, Sir!”
“Ok girl, I will tell you what you must do….first of all you are weak in your legs…all along you have been concentrating on rest of your body. You have to do some leg exercises. Do as I say now! Fist stand at ease. Yes, spread your legs further. Now bend down and try to touch your feet. First your right hand should touch left leg and vice versa.”
As Priyanka tried to stand in the position told by Peter, Peter himself put his hands on her thighs and spread her legs to the desired level. Priyanka bent down. My eyes almost popped up. She was showing her back to me and as she bent her skirt raised and exposed her thighs from back. As she tried to touch her feet, the skirt stood in the air and I could clearly see her panty. One side of her panties was slightly raised up as she bent further and exposed her ass cheeks a little. That was great…a eightteen year old girl giving ass cheek darshan to me. I thanked my stars that I was sharing a cabin with this Peter. As she bent down, Peter put his hands on her hips and tried to turn them slightly so that she could touch her feet. As his hands were on her hips, I could see that his thumb almost brushed against the bottom of her breasts. Priyanka turned from this side to that side and as she tried to touch her left foot, I got a glimpse of right side ass cheek and as she turned to touch her right foot, I got a glimpse of left side ass cheeks. I gently placed my hands underneath my table and rubbed my cock a little. After about two three rounds of exercises, Priyanka left the room. She did not forget to thank Peter and Peter playfully pinched her cheeks and said,
“Do it every day and you will have shapely legs, baby!”
I saw her leaving the room with a smile on her lips.
After Priyanka left, Peter looked at me and winked mischievously. I just smiled and kept quite.

Another day, I saw Jasmine enter our cabin. Jasmine, though she was in her twelfth class, she resembled someone who was studying ninth or eighth. Her body growth was not upto her age. She was not very slim and all that. She was in fact fat. But her main problem was, she was flat chested. I have heard many boys of the school tease her with words like, “road roller” “Feroz Shah kotlah flat pitch” etc while I have seen her in the school corridors. Jasmine walked in demurely and dint even look at my side. She went to Peter and wished him. Peter as usual was his enthusiastic self when talking to girls.
“Yes , Jasmine, how are you? Why are you not enrolling for any games?”
“No Sir, I am not interested in playing any games, Sir!” Jasmine said. Ya, that was true. Actually she was her class topper and was a very studious girl. But why did she have to come to peter? I was curious.
“Sir, I have a problem!”
Peter immediately sensed an opportunity. He said,
“Why don’t you come over to my side, Jasmine?”
Jasmine walked up to his side. She spoke in a very soft voice. I had to strain myself to hear what she was saying.
“Sir, People are teasing me that I look too young!”
Peter laughed at this and said,
“Hey Jasmine, Everyone wants to look young. You see me. I am an old man of sixty…almost old enough to be your grand father. Even I want to look young only. So if you look young , it is good!”
“No Sir, its not that!” Jasmine hesitated. She then said reluctantly,
“I am not fully grown up! I do not look how an eighteen year old girl should look…”
Though peter got the point, he still pretended as though he did not understand. He said,
“where exactly are you not grown up? I see that you have a lovely face. Your legs are also tall and good.”
“No..no not in the legs!”
Peter gently placed his hands on her thighs just over her skirt and groped. Jasmine was a very shy girl and she went a step backward.
“No No not in the thighs…!”
“Come forward Jasmine!” Jasmine came forward. He then placed his hands on her hips. It must have titillated her. She laughed and said,No Sir, there is no problem” He then slid his hands behind her and groped her buttocks. He cupped her ass cheeks. I could see from behind that though Jasmine did not have proper breasts she had well developed buttocks which were almost bulging under her skirt. Peter took his time pressing them and he then said,
“I see that you have a very good backside!”
Jasmine blushed. She almost said in a very hushing tone,
“Sir, my top portion of the body…..” and stopped. As if he understood, Peter placed his hands on her chest. He pressed her small budding breasts and kneedled her nipples a little along with her tops. Jasmine closed her eyes and let him feel his breasts. After pressing them for a few seconds, Peter took out his hand and said,
“ Ya, I see a problem here! But in can be solved!”
Immediately Jasmine’s eyes brightened and she said,
“OK Sir, what should you do?”
“Physiotherapy is the best! You need some massage there to activate growth there! I will show you how to do” So saying he again placed his hands on her breasts. I could see that his hands were fully engulfing her breast. He then slowly rotated his hands on top of the breasts in a circular motion. He increased his speed of rotary motion gradually and then he was giving her a very fast breast massage. I could see from the corner that Jasmine completely enjoyed this. After doing it for about four minutes, he then asked her,
“How do you feel?”
She bowed her head and said,
She then asked him eagerly,
“Sir, will my top become normal if I do it for a month?” I saw that she was carefully avoiding the word breasts in her talk.
“ No No , it will take almost six to eight months”
Jasmine was disappointed.
“Oh, that long, Sir?”
“Why, do you want a change soon?” he asked.
She said shyly, “yes Sir!”
“Then you have to have a direct massage!”
“How to do that Sir” she asked innocently.
“I will show you…..unbutton your shirt!” Peter said!
As Jasmine unbuttoned her shirt, I was almost on the verge of my chair. She totally unbuttoned her shirt. Peter the ordered,
“No lower your pinafore a little so that I can slid my hands under your pinafore! Do you wear a bra?”
“No Sir, I don’t because that was not necessary” Jasmine almost bit her lips as said those words. She lowered her pinafore and Peter slid his hands into her pinafore and touched her breasts directly. As he fondled her naked breasts, he said,
“See jasmine, you and I should be very professional about this. Just to keep ourselves in check, call me Grandpa throughout the time I massage you!”
Jasmine too felt that it was a good idea. Just as she felt Peter’s hands engulf her breast, she said,
“OK Grandpa!”
Peter kneaded her nipples. Though her breasts were small, her nipples were almost the size of a ripe grape and Peter pinched it slightly. He asked her,
“How does it feel baby?”
Jasmine closed her eyes and said,
“It feels good Grandpa!”
He swiftly moved his hands in a circular motion and massaged her boobs. Jasmine held the edge of the table with her hands as she found it difficult to control herself. She said,
“Ahhhhh that feels so good Grandpa!”
“Ummmmmm pinch softly Grandpa!”
“This side breast too Grandpa!”
I was stroking myself furiously on seeing this old man balling this young girls boobs. After about ten minutes of balling , peter stopped.
He then said,
“Drink lots of milk and keep doing this exercise!”
“Ok Sir, I will do it everyday in my room!” Jasmine said enthusiastically. Peter gave her an odd glance.
“Hey, how are you planning to do it in your room?”
“Why, I will massage myself every day!” She said.
Peter gave a teasing smile and said,
“This will not work if you massage yourself!” This method will work only if a male’s hands touches your breasts!”
“ But Sir, where will I go for ….?”
“ Why, you haven’t got a boy friend?”
Again, Jasmine bowed her head and said,
“ No Sir!”
“ Then you will have to come to me whenever I am free!” Peter said as if he was reluctantly helping her! Jasmine agreed to this and thanked him and left. The funniest part was she never even realized that I was sitting in the same room too. Only after her fourth day of successful boob massage, while she was leaving she casually glanced towards the other corner and froze when she saw me. She was still shocked. She came near me and muttered,
“Sir, I am just getting treated by Peter Sir…..” She was at a loss for words. Peter got up and came near us. He put his arms comfortingly around her and said,
“Don’t worry Jasmine, Maths Sir will not tell anybody about this treatment. You can come everyday like before!”

I too dint want to stop my daily free boob massage show. I said very encouragingly,
“Its OK jasmine..its after all a treatment. I will not tell anybody!”
So Jasmine continued to come. One day when Jasmine came in as usual for her boob massage, Peter said,
“Jasmine , today I am having some pain in my hands. Today Maths Sir will massage you!”
I could not believe my ears. Wow, what an opportunity. Even as Jasmine was hesitant, peter himself held her hands and brought her towards me. She shyly stood before me and unbuttoned her shirt. My hands could not wait to enter into her pinafore and touch her tender breasts. Already Peter had been “treating” her for more than ten days and it was having its effect. I could see that her breasts were slowly developing now. I slid my hands inside and gently felt up her breasts. Then I slowly started massaging her exactly as Peter had advised. Since I had watched the massage procedure every day , I did not need any training and I circled my hands exactly as Peter used to do. Since I was considerably younger than Peter, Jasmine was very much aroused by my touch and she did an unexpected thing. All these days whenever she felt pleasure, she would moan
“Go on Grandpa!” to Peter. That day, since I was massaging her, she started moaning,
“ Oh yes Daddy..ya press there….more harder please…”
As she called me Daddy, I felt more erotic and balled her to my hands pleasure. I could see that Peter had openly stripped himself of his pants and was watching us and stroking his dick. After the massage, Jasmine thanked me and left. I genuinely thanked Peter for his kind gesture. He winked and said,
“Not just thanks, give me a treat!” I said Ok and invited him to my house for dinner that weekend.

Peter reached my house sharply at eight. When he saw my wife his eyes lecherously feasted on her. Let me tell some words about my wife here. My wife was around thirty five but she will hardly look twenty five. She had a very good body structure. Her breasts were of size 36 D and she had bulging buttocks too. I am sure that all the boys of the classes she handles must be shagging thinking about her buttocks when she turns around to the black board to write something on it. But despite her bodily assets, she was highly conservative in sex. Infact we copulate only two times a month and that too in the strictly conventional man top woman bottom position. Whenever I have suggested any change, she has refused resolutely. When I tried to bring a triple X CD to the house, after watching it for a few minutes she got furious and threw the CD outside. So, you can understand how orthodox she is. She does Pooja for each God every day.When I told her that the physical trainer Peter is coming to our house for dinner , she looked surprised. But her traditional up bringing made her respect an old man and she welcomed him warmly. Once we were seated in the hall, she went into the kitchen to bring some snacks. We started to have some drinks. While I had whisky, Peter had rum. As soon as she left the room, Peter turned to me and said,
“ Hey Ramesh, your wife looks really sexy in this homely outfit. I have already noticed how well built she is at school but at home she looks even more sexy!”
Though I knew where this talk was leading to, I played my part and said,
“Thanks for the compliments!”
Encouraged by my positive response , immediately Peter asked me,
“ Will you let me have some fun with her?” I never expected him to ask such a question. I looked at him blankly. He immediately said,
“Fun means well not screwing her and all…..what can I do in this old age…just balling and groping and some licking ….” He licked his lips as if to demonstrate his intentions. I never expected him to come out so openly with such an indecent proposal. Any way he was sharing a cabin with me and we have shared a lot of intimate moments…(One day we have even balled jasmine simultaneously with each of us massaging one breast each) . Moreover he was an old man. So , I controlled my anger and said,
“Forget it Peter, she is my wife…..she is not one of your schoolgirls who is free to serve you!”

Peter’s face darkened for a minute. Meanwhile my wife came back with some snacks and served them to us. As she served , I could see that her sari had slightly deviated and her fair hips was visible to Peter. Peter was just ogling at her sexy hips. Again, my wife went into the kitchen to make dinner. This time Peter appeared to be restless. He said,
“Ramesh, I need your wife man…she is just too sexy….I will do whatever you want!”
I simply ignored his stupid talk. He said,
“Look here Ramesh…..you have seen Priyanka , that eleventh grade student, I will arrange for you to screw her. You can screw your balls out.”
I was startled. Ofcourse Priyanka was a sexy girl whom any male in the school would love to fuck. I have seen her being groped by peter. But will he be able to make her get screwed by me. I looked at him unbelievably. Peter went on a frenzy. He said,
“I will make her do anything that you say Ramesh…..She will suck your cock…she will lick your balls ….whatever you want she will do, she will be your slave for a day….all I want in exchange is just to feel up your wife..i want to see her naked…lick her hips..feel up her fleshy buttocks and shag…..thats all…..”
I just thought for a moment. The deal was brilliant. Afterall this old man can do nothing much with my wife. And in exchange, I get a sweet eightteen to suck my cock….it was a great deal….
Seeing me think without any objection, Peter felt encouraged. He asked me, what is the problem mate, tell me…..
“Well Peter, to be honest with you, I love the deal. But my wife is the hitch. She will not accept.”
As soon as I said I was Ok with the deal, peters eyes shone. He said,
“That part you leave it to me!”
I just watched silently what was going to happen. Within a few minutes, my wife served us dinner. Throughout the dinner, peter was talking in a very fatherly way to her . My wife too enjoyed his talk and even showed him her earlier day albums where she had won a kabbadi tournament as captain of her college team. When my wife mentioned kabbadi, naturally Peter , as a physical trainer was very interested and asked her which tricks she employed for catching opponent team members. They discussed kabbadi for some time. Once dinner was over and we were sitting in the balcony and having pan. My wife some more pan to Peter. While taking the pan his hands accidently brushed against her fingers. My wife did not mind. Peter looked at my wife and asked,“Soundarya Beti (daughter), how old are you?”
My wife said,
“I am 34”
“Really, I cant believe it….I thought you were 20”
Soundarya laughed. Encouraged by this, he gently put his hands over hers and pressed them and said,
“Beti, you are so beautiful!”
My wife did not know where this was all leading to. So she remained silent. Just at that second, peter pulled my wife towards him and made her sit on his lap. Before my wife could understand what was happening, he forcefully turned her face towards him and kissed her lips. His hands were pressing the back of my wife’s head and he would have kissed her for a minute. My wife pushed him vehemently and got up. She slapped him repeatedly four five times. Seeing my wife’s reaction, I too had to act. I also acted as though I was offended and asked Peter to get out. Peter left my house silently. My wife was shouting about him the full night. She even fired me for bringing such lecherous old men to the house and spoiling its purity. I consoled her that the old man had too much rum and did not know what he was doing

Next day, I advised Peter also to say the same thing and he too went to my wife and apologized. My wife reluctantly agreed. Peter and me never discussed the incident. One day, Priyanka came to Peter for some advice on some exercise. He purposely made her bend in all directions so that I could see al her bodily assets. Once she left the room, Peter glanced at me. My cock was just full form seeing her panties and ass cheeks. He asked me,
“What Ramesh, want to screw her?”
I said “yes”.
“Then what about your wife?”
“ You know how she is…so why talk about things that can never happen?
“ Hey, every woman is a slut….only thing you will have to create a right situation to make her a slut.”
I remained silent. He said,
“Ramesh, I have a master plan…!”
I listened intently. He said,
“ See, do you know Deepti and Swetha?”
Both of them were my students. Both of them were the most beautiful girls in school. If Deepthi was very homely and sweet looking, Swetha was modern and had a sexy body. Two things were common between them. Both of them were very much interested in sports and both of them were very strict as far as boys were concerned. We cannot even see them in corridor chatting with the boys. Both were in the twelfth grade. They were among the very few girls who never came to Peter’s cabin for his “treatment”. So when Peter asked me about them, I wondered what he was planning. Peter continued.
“See, I had always wanted to grope those two teenage girls for a long time. Now your wife has also joined that list. So, I have a master plan whereby we can have all these three women.” I listened to his plan.
“See Ramesh, we will have a kabbadi match in the ground at my house. It is a private match with only two teams. You, Ashok and Selvin will be in one team. Sweta, Deepti and your wife will be in another team. I will be the referee…How about it!” The whole plan looked absurd. Ofcourse Sweta, Deepti were already in the college girls kabbadi team and Ashok and Selvin were in the boys team. My wife was an ex kabbadi champion. I have never won any tournament but I too have played kabbadi in my college days and was not bad myself. But the idea was farfetched because I was sure Deepthi and Swetha will never agree to play with boys and I was not sure if my wife would agree to play kabbadi at all at this age. I told Peter my suspicions. He listened calmly. He said ,
“That part, you leave it to me. This Tuesday there is kabbadi practice match at our school. You somehow bring your wife to watch it. I will take care of the rest.:
Though I was not confident , I followed Peter’s instructions. I somehow convinced my wife that we should stay back after our school hours and watch the practice match just for old times sake. My wife was not very receptive but she agreed. We went to the school grounds where boys and girls were practicing separately. Peter was ofcourse there giving instructions and coaching them. On seeing us, he approached us and respectfully wished my wife. No one would say this was the same old lecherous man who had forcefully kissed her. My wife too seemed to pardon him as an old man. He suggested that my wife can share some of her experiences and offer tips to the girls who were practicing. My wife too went and chatted with the girls. Ofcourse Deepthy and Swetha were there too. I silently watched as my wife coached the girls team and Peter coached the boys. After about ten minutes Peter called for a tea break. As we were having tea we were chatting about kabbadi. I noticed that Peter had carefully sent the others away and only the persons listed in Peter’s plan , i.e Deepthy, Swetha, Selvin , Ashok , my wife and myself were there. Peter said,
“ We need to have fdifferent strategies for boys kabbadi and girls kabbadi.Ofcourse girls kabbadi is too soft!”
My wife intervened and said,
“Nothing like that, strategies are same”
Again Peter said,
“No No boys kabbadi is totally different from girls game”
They both started arguing a lot.
Peter said,
“Whatever strategy you use , do you think girls can beat boys in kabbadi?”
Not knowing the trap set for her, my wife said,
“Ya , I am sure!”
“That is plain talk…..easy to say tough to do!” Peter further kindled her. My wife was getting angry. She said,
“No No I know it can be done…kabbadi is not a game of strength it is a game of tactics!”
Peter then said,
“I am challenging you that boys can never be defeated by girls in kabbadi! If u prove otherwise I will leave this physical trainer job!” He was almost shouting. I understood that he was purposely kindling her. My wife too was very angry. She said,
“Ok I will prove to you!”
Peter immediately seized the initiative. He said,
“OK, we will have a kabbadi match between boys and girls. Since school management will not like it, we will have it in my house grounds. Soundarya, you have talked so much. So you lead the girls team. Let these two girls be with you. These two boys will be in the boys team. I ma old . So , Ramesh will be heading the boys team in my place. I am throwing an open challenge at you! What do u say?”
Since my wife had already spoken too much, she had to agree. Her ego did not permit her to back off. She agreed. To my surprise, I found that even Deepthi and Swetha did not offer any resistance. Since my wife was there, they were confident that nothing untoward will happen. We fixed Saturday evening as the time of the match.

The Saturday came. I was waiting for the evening. We then proceeded directly to Peter’s house. His house was almost on top of a small hill in Ooty. He had a well maintained garden. Besides it, there was a basketball court and open ground. We reached there sharp at five. Peter welcomed us. I found that the boys Selvin and Ashok had already come and they were exercising. They were in their shorts and banians. Both of them were my wife’s students. They wished her. My wife too wished them . I found that she was getting tensed. The thought that she had to be in the field along with her students must have made her feel odd. Deepthi and Swetha arrived just five minutes after us. They were wearing their kabbadi team dress which was a short skirt and tops. My wife and I had brought dresses with us. We went to the change rooms and changed into dresses suited for the match. I wore shorts and banian like other boys. But my wife was hesitant to wear short skirt. So she wore her tracking suit which was a pant and T shirt. When she stepped out, Peter, Selvin and Ashok were all surprised as they had always seen her in a sari and never in such dress. This tracking suit fit closely to her body and the pant could not hide the fact that she had very good buttocks. The match started. Peter sat in the chair at the centre. My wife, Swetha and Deepthi were on one side.

Myself , Selvin and Ashok were on the other. First it was our turn to go into their territory. We decided to send Selvin. As selvin went in, I found that the two girls were in one corner and my wife was on the other. Selvin headed for the girls straightaway. He tried to touch them. But they were careful. When Selvin tried to go deep, my wife came from this side. Selvin escaped from being grabbed by my wife. He returned. Then Deepthi came inside. Deepthi was short. She was slightly plump also. Her skirt was rising as she tried to run here and there and her creamy white thighs flashed. I immediately got a hard on seeing her thighs close quarters. I wonder what the boys must have felt. I saw that Selvin too was eying her plump thighs. Just when it looked Deepthi will return back, Selvin dived upon her and held her thighs. I could see the instant reaction of Deepthi. Just as Selvin’s hands cam in contact with her thighs, she let out a gasp. Selvin tightened his grip. Immediately Ashok cam from the other end and he hugged Deepthi from behind not allowing her to get back. I could distinctly see his hand brush against her breasts. I too did not want to miss out on the opportunity . Though it was pretty clear that Deepthi could not escape these two guys and there was no need of my help, I too went and caught her other thigh which was free. Oh, how soft it was. I slowly raised my hands and my felt up her thighs. It was so soft and fleshy. For Deepthi, it must have been a first time experience where she had two guys holding each of her thighs and one guy hugging her from behind. She let out her breath and Peter declared her out.

The Ashok went in. Ashok again was trying for swetha . Swetha kept going behind and behind. Ashok followed her. He was just a foot away from her. He extended his hands to touch her. Just then my wife came from this side and caught his thighs. Ashok was really hairy . and he had hairs in his legs too. My wife caught his thighs . Ashok tried to get out of her clutches. But by this time , Swetha too hugged him from front and pulled him towards her. They somehow managed to bring him down. My wife never left his legs and Swetha fell flat on Ashok to prevent him from moving. Her breasts were brushing against his chest. Ashok lost his breath. He was declared out. So he went out and Deepthi came in. Then, my wife came in. She tried to get me out by touching me. Just as she followed me, Selvin cam running from behind and put both his hands just on her T shirt pressing her boobs. My god! It was such a rare sight. My wife’s boobs were juggling in that t shirt and just then Selvin’s hands covered them. A eightteen year old boy, her own student pressed her boobs right in front f her husband. My wife even then never gave her breath. She immediately turned towards him and forcefully removed his hands. As she tried to touch her line, Selvin desperately tried to pull her back. He would have touched her breasts, her stomach etc but my wife proved to be slippery and she went back successfully and Selvin was out.

I was left alone now. I went in. The two girls clasped their hands to each other and waited for to come up further. In my corner of my eyes, I was looking at my wife. I knew that she will come from behind. Just as my wife started moving and I got distracted a bit, immediately Deepthi pulled my legs. I fell down. Within a second both the girls were over me. Swetha had fallen over me in such a way that her boobs were just over my face. I could clearly sense Deepthi’s soft hips over my cock. What a feeling! Two teeny girls over me. I pretended as though I was trying to escape from them and just groped my hands as far as possible. I could distinctly feel my hands grabbing a breast. I did not know whose it was….Deepthi’s or Swetha’s ….it was soft, round and firm. I also managed to press some ass cheeks. Since I had pressed two different types of ass cheeks…..one the plumpy one ..must be Deepthi’s and the other small soft one ….must be Swetha’s….i guessed I had pressed the buttocks of both the girls. By this time my wife too joined them and she expertly twisted my arm which made me lose my breath immediately. I was declared out. We could not believe it. Within five minutes we had lost the opening game. It was a best of five. So I came back and had a short team meeting. Peter also joined us. I could see that my wife was giving a triumphant smile at Peter.
Peter said aloud,
“See boys, the main problem was you were not agile enough. You did not move fast. I think there is a problem with your dress. Why don’t you strip of your shorts and just wear a jaddi. And Ramesh , you are doing the team no good by wearing that pants which is easy grasp for the opponents.” Immediately all three of us stripped of our other dresses and we were in just our jaddis. All the boob touching had given me a big erection and with jaddi it was fairly obvious to everyone. I saw that the boys too were having an erection. I noticed that Deepthi was glancing at my erection and when I looked at her , she glanced away. The second game started.

Deepthi came in first this time. As soon as she came she came towards me thinking that I was a sfae bet when compared to boys. Just as she extended her hands to touch me, I caught hold of her hands and pulled her to me. She fell on me and both of us lost balance and fell down. While falling, her face pressed against me and accidentally our lips touched each others. Oh, what a sensation it was. She must have just wetted her lips with her tongue, I guess. Her lips were moist with saliva and just as her lips brushed against my lips, my lips too became wet. I fell down and Deepthi fell over me. Immediately I put my hands underneath and tried to grab her. My hands touched her thighs. I brought my hand slightly above and took it up her skirt until my hands rested on her panty just above her buttocks. I pressed her ass cheeks. As she struggled to get up, I hugged her buttocks even more tightly and as she violently moved her head , my lips came in contact with her lips quite a number of times. By then, Selvin and Ashok joined . I cud see that they went for her plump breast. They balled it much to their desire. Though Deepthi lost her breath, peter delayed giving her out and I kept pressing her ass and selvin and Ashok kept balling one of her breast each. When Peter declared her out and she got up and went, she looked like a girl who had been gang raped. Selvin went in and straightaway went for my wife this time. Just when my wife though he was going back, he turned and hit straight at her boobs. It was a powerful hit. Straight at the right boob just over her T shirt. When my wife tried to catch him, he slipped off and came.

It was left to Swetha to save her team. She walked in. I saw that by this time both Selvin and Ashoks cocks were tenting in their jaddis and I was not bad myself. As swetha approached, she could not take her eyes off our bulging jaddis. She tried to go back but just as she tuned Ashok pulled her skirt. She fell down and her skirt was raised up to her panty. What legs she got….very shapely very model like…..I immediately fell down upon her such that my head just rested over her panty. I could almost smell her pussy….waw! I moved my head such that my lips brushed against her thighs. I cud see that Ashok put his head on her breasts and Selvin fell over her such that his jaddi was on top of her face with his cock pressing her face. Swetha surrendered immediately. Again, seeing our comfortable position where each one of us had buried our heads into, Peter delayed the call for a few minutes. We had won the second game. I cud see that my wife was tensed and she wanted to win anyway. I cud see peter commenting to the boys,

Well done boys! Un have proved how much superior boys are to girls….. The dress only made us lose the first game….Once my boys were in jaddi, the girls had nothing to hold to….and we could win easily…..! ” As Peter said this, I cud see that my wife exchanged glances with the other two girls. They had a secret discussion. Then my wife came to us. She looked at Peter and said,
“Last round we had lost because you took the advantage of our dress. And with u stripping to jaddi u have an unfair advantage. So we have decided to strip to our underwear. But I want all this to be highly professional and it should remain a secret. The girls and myself would not prefer this news going out. If you promise to keep it secret, we will play next game in our underwear.”
As my wife spoke, I cud see that the boys were almost nodding even before she cud complete. I agreed. Peter gave a moment of thought as though he were very professional about the whole thing and said,
“Every team has the freedom to choose its attire. After all it’s a private match!”

My wife left. They went behind a tree and when they came out it was a sight that I can never forget. First Deepthi came out. She had black bra and black panties. The bra was too small to cover her plump breasts . It exposed a lot of cleavage. It was the same with her panties. As she walked, it was evident that the panties could not fully hide her ass cheeks which were bulging out. Next Swetha came out. She was wearing green panty and blue bra. As she was lean, the inner wear covered her private parts fully but as she was tall, her legs and thighs were exposed and any one cud shag just seeing at her legs. Then my wife came out. As the boys were wearing jaddis the reaction cud be clearly seen. Their cocks gave a throb just as their chemistry teacher came out in bra and panty. My wife looked completely different. Soundarya was wearing a pink colour bra and a matching rose colour panty. Her thighs were almost like Sridevi’s. Her boobs were popping out . Her hips were slender like Aishwarya. And she had a nice protruding ass like Dimple. Even I who had seen her naked many times and who had screwed her, found it difficult not to get excited. The boys could not wait to get into the room and have a go at her. Peter was just licking his lips looking at my wife’s breasts. The third game started.

First , Ashok went in. More than trying to get them out, I cud see that he was going deeper and deeper just with the hope that my wife wud fall on him. When it looked like my wife was very defensive this time, suddenly Deepthi caught Ashok’s hips. As he turned , he fell on her. Swetha too fell upon him. My wife was cautiously keeping away because if she too touched him and if Ashok escaped the whole team wud get out. But Ashok pushed the girls and got up. But both the girls were cringing to him from both sides and pulling him. There breasts just under their bra were just crashing against his body. But Ashok was stronger and he was steadily pulling back and along with both the girls he was approaching the line. Just when it looked like he would return back, Deepthi bit his shoulders in desperation. Same time Swetha pulled him back and Ashok fell down. Still, he tried to creep back. When there was just a few more yards, my wife took an instant decision and she dived at him from behind and pulled his jaddi. Just as she pulled him back, Ashok lost his breath and Peter declared him out. Next Deepthi came in. As she neared Selvin, Selvin hugged her tightly but she slipped off and went back. I was left alone. I went in. Once I eached the middle, both the girls dived on me. As I tried to slip off, Deepthi pulled at my jaddi. I tried to wriggle away but Swetha bit my face. I guessed that they were now desperate to win and violent. Still it felt good that her teeth pressed against my face. I cud sense the wetness in my face due to her saliva. I lost my breath and before Peter cud blow the whistle, I took revenge and took a bite at Swetha’s face. As the whistle blew, I took out my teeth and I gently brushed my lips against her tender cheeks. I found that she was shyly wiping my bite mark in her face as I walked out. We had lost the third game.

Peter called us and started counseling. He said,
“ They are conveniently pulling your jaddi’s . Why don’t u remove ur jaddis?” since Peter was talking quite loudly, I cud hear the girl let out a gasp. My wife came to us. By then, already Ashok had removed his jaddi and his cock which was a good 10 inch popped out like a snake. As my wife came to talk to Peter, I found her eyes fixed on the ten inch cock of Ashok. She said,
“Peter, let us not stretch beyond a point…..why do u want to strip totally?”
Peter answered coolly,
“Just last round , I allowed u to choose ur attire. So I don’t see anything wrong in this. We promise to be professional.” Just as he was talking, Selvin removed his underwear and my wife who was about to answer Peter stopped short. Her eyes were glued to Selvin’s cock. It was almost 11 inches and it was circumcised in the edge having a nice pink end. I cud see my wife involuntarily lick her lips. She dint say anything and went back. After a minute of consultation with teammates she came back. Knowing how orthodox my wife was, I was sure that she was going to call it quits. Soundarya came to us and said,Ok, We agree for the boys team to strip. But we don’t want to give them any undue advantage. So, we have also planned to strip totally. But again, we want the whole thing to be professional. Remember that it is just a game!”
My heart skipped a beat. I reluctantly pulled out of my jaddi and stood naked. Within minutes all three girls striped themselves of their bra and panties. They did not even bother to go under the tree this time. Deepthi had pink nipples. Her cunt was fully shaven and looked like a bun. Swetha had brown nipples. She must not have shaven her cunt for more than months. Her cunt was very hairy. My wife had big black nipples which were erect. I thought that this must be due to seeing the boys’ cocks. Her cunt had a bush of hair which was well trimmed. The fourth round started.

First Deepthi came in. Once she was about a feet from the boys, Selvin cud not control himself and he jumped at her. I cud see that his hands were groping her buttocks. As he held her, I stepped in and caught hold of her from behind. I wanted to take maximum advantage. I kept one hand over her naked breast and my other hand on her shaved cunt. My erect cock was pressing against her ass and Selvin’s hands. But Deepthi did not give her breath. I gently rolled her nipples in my hand. This time she let out a gasp and stopped telling “kabbadi”. Peter declared her out but not before I rolled her right nipple and Selvin kept his face against her plump breasts.

This time for a change I went in first for my team. I focused on Swetha. As I touched her breasts and turned to return, she dived on me and we both fell. Swetha’s face was just next to my cock. I tried to turn but my wife fell upon the top portion of my body and I had to lie facing upward. Still, I tried to crawl my legs upward. And naturally, I was stronger and pulling them both towards the line. At this point, Swetha did an unexpected thing…without anything to hold on to, She caught hold of my cock. As the hands of this teenage schoolgirl covered my cock, my cock stiffened. But I dint give up. I kep on crawling. I also pushed her hands and held them back. Swetha saw that I was nearing the line and her hands were also held by me. She did an unexpected thing then…..She put her mouth over my cock and pulled my cock with her mouth hoping to pull me back.. As I sensed the warmness of her mouth on my cock, I knew that she was desperate. I wanted to extend this blissful moment. So, I held my breath and kept telling kabbadi kabbadi. Swetha was sucking my cock violently. My wife who was lying on top of me saw this but she too did not resist. She also wanted to win desperately. After four five sucks, I gave in and let my breath out.

My wife went in. The boys were eager to have her inside the line. Once she crossed the line, immediately Selvin pulled her down. Ashok was bolder and after seeing Swetha suck my cock,they knew that anything was Ok now. So as my wife tried to wriggle out from them, each of them started sucking each boob. My wife still kept telling kabbadi kabbadi. Ashok licked her big black nipples and gently bit it. My wife dint give in. Selvin licked her breast and went down and started licking her cunt. He forcefully spread her legs and put his tongue into his chemistry teachers cunt. My wife did not stop telling kabbadi. Hi bit her thighs. He slightly turned her and bit her buttocks. But my wife wud not stop. Ashok went up and positioned his dick just above her mouth and just when she opened her mouth to tell kabbadi, he inserted his cock into her mouth. My wife , with a 12 inch cock in her mouth still managed to say kabbadi. Peter neared them and he had to kneel down to hear her kabbadis as they were coming very faintly with a cock in her mouth. As he kneeled next to her , I cud see that he casually put a hand on her breast and felt her up. Ashok started moving his cock slowly at first and then rhythmically in a fucking motion and he was mouth fucking my wife. Selvin was deeply licking her cunt and just then I noticed a strange thing. Since both the boys were busy licking and mouth fucking my wife, they were not holding her now and if my wife desired she cud easily move out. But she was lying there allowing herself to be mouth fucked and her cunt to be licked. Peter too understood this. He signaled to Selvin and Selvin quickly mounted his cock into her cunt and started fucking her. My wife stopped telling kabbadis but never got up. Selvin’s 14 inch cock was pumping her furiously now. Just as it looked like my wife was going to come, Peter suddenly blew the whistle and declared her out. The boys as if on cue tried to get up. My wife who was blissfully enjoying 2 cocks of teenage boys did not understand what was happening. As the boys were getting up, she looked around. She realized the situation. She then did an unexpected thing. She pulled back Selvin and made him fall on top of her. She pressed his buttocks. Selvin acted as though he did not understand….My wife kept pressing his cock and rubbing it against her wet cunt which was oozing now. But Selvin acted innocent and asked….What do u want Madam?”
My wife with her eyes half closed said,
“Do it!”
“What Madam?”
she was getting impatient. She wanted his cock inside her cunt very badly. She said,
“Put it in!”
“ Put what ?’ he asked.
She became restless now.
She caught hold of his cock by her hands and put it inside her cunt and said,
“Bloody idiot, fuck me fuck me like u did just now….come on pump the cunt of your Madam!”
Selvin was encouraged and he mounted her again. He kissed her lips. My wife extended her tongue and played with his. He fucked her like a machine.

I looked at the two teenage girls who were standing naked next to me. They were keenly watching my wife getting fucked by the boys. I went near Deepthi and put my hand on her breast. She did not resist. I kissed her and she responded with her pink tongue. As I was kissing her and pressing her boobs, I felt a hand on my cock. I saw that it was Swetha. She was rubbing my cock with her hands. She looked at my cock and was licking her lips. I turned to her and said,
“Suck me!”

As if obeying orders, she immediately knelt before me and took my cock in her mouth. For a starter she sucked well. As she sucked I licked Deepthi’s breasts. I took one breast at a time and tried to put it fully in my mouth. She said,
“Ahhhhhhh Ramesh Master…….i am feeling wet there!”
She took my hands and placed it on her shaved pussy. By this time Swetha had sucked me hard and my cock was in full temper. It was wet with Swetha’s saliva too. I made Deepthi lie down and inserted my cock into her cunt. Since she was a virgin, it was difficult. But the lubrication created by Deepthi’s cunt juices and Sweth’s saliva was helpful and I was able to penetrate her.
“Aahhhhhhhh” she said.
I started slowly and pumped her. I pulled Swetha to my side abd kneaded her nipples. I sucked on them while I fucked Deepthi. I cud also see that Selvin was violently fucking my wife now.
“Faster , you bastard, pump it in don’t stop” mY wife was in full command. She turned to Ashok and pulled his dick to her mouth. She lashed at it with her tongue. After making it sufficiently wet, she said,
“Fuck me!”

Ashok who was completely new wondered where to fuck as Selvin was pumping the single hole that he knew of. My wife became impatient. She tilted to one side without letting Selvin take out his cock from her cunt and showed her plump buttocks to Ashok. She rubbed her hand on her buttocks as if to signal him. But Ashok did not understand.
“Fuck my ass….. u asshole “ finally she told openly. Ashok slid his cock into her ass. As selvin thrust from one side into her cunt, Ashok thrust from behind into her ass.
“Aaahhhhhhhh that’s good….Ashok….. u cunt licking bastard….dont stop…….Selvin…My boob sucker keep the tempo….ya right there…..bloody… .fuck…..ahhhhhhhh ……..ya …drill my ass…..u bastard…..”

here, I was pumping my heart out into Deepthi’s cunt. Swetha got up and sat near my face pointing her cunt to me . I licked it. I put my tongue deep into her. She closed her eyes and enjoyed it…
“Master…….ummmmmm lick more….deeply…. .aahhhhhhh”
as I licked I pumped faster.
Deepthi yelled….
“Master, I am coming…….ahhhhhhh don’t stop…….keep fucking……..ooooooooohhhhhhhh”
As I was nearing to come myself, I got up from Deepthi and mounted Swetha….She spread her legs wide to accommodate me. I started fucking her.
I turned to Deepthi and said…..
“Go behind and lick my ass” She went and started licking mu ass. Her small tongue entering my ass felt good…..!
I was nearing to come. Swetha too was moaning loudly now….
“Ahhhhh Master…..It feels so good….**** cock in my cunt…….Ohhhh great…….yaa…..Ahhhhhhhhh”
I kissed her lips and bit them as I came with a shudder…..
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhh”

My wife was still not through and now I cud see Peter mounting her with both the boys after having safely deposited their cum into my wife’s two holes were sucking her breast.
The sixty year old man who was sent out of the house last week by my holy virtuous orthodox wife was happily fucking her.
“Ahhhhhhh Peter…..Thats it…….U r great….Those young fuckers were kids…..U know how to fuck oldy…….Haaaaaaaaaa I am coming”she was yelling…..

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