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Jenny shows her gratitude
07-18-2011, 02:45 AM
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Jenny shows her gratitude
Few years back my niece Jenny stayed with us for a month as she was going through a difficult divorce. Her then husband was constantly creating problems and Jenny wanted to stay with us instead of her mother. Jenny is my oldest brother's daughter and I am about 20 years older than her. After three weeks, it was quite clear my wife Linda could not stand Jenny in the house anymore.

Finally, I was able to convince my wife to go attend a wedding in her side of the family and I promised her that while she was gone I would work with Jenny to agree to go stay with Scott and Bev since they had agreed to host her. The only thing Linda wanted to hear from me was that Jenny would be out of the house by the time she returned from the wedding.

The Linda, Jenny and I drove to the airport which is over an hour away to drop off Linda. There was not much conversation in the car other than the do's and don'ts for me while Linda was gone.

“ Do not disappoint me Jeff”, whispered Linda as I kissed her goodbye.

On our way back I started talking to Jenny about the situation I we were all facing.

I said, “Jenny, I hope you understand these things and it would be in your best interest if we made an alternate living arrangement for you.”

At first she was silent and I could see tears rolling down. I held her hand and said, “My friend Scott and Bev Martin are very close to us and they live quite close by and they have already agreed to let you stay with them.”

“ Jenny, you will always be welcome to visit us anytime you want.”

Jenny said, “Jeff, I understand that you are trying to help and I don’t know how to thank you for your kindness.”

Then Jenny went on for the rest of the drive how she was trying to make sure she would not be a burden on us. I was hardly paying any attention to what she was saying since I was busy looking at her cleavage and legs. Jenny had her top button open and she had fairly large breasts. She had her short skirt pulled up showing her thighs and I am sure she knew where I kept looking. I also started to wonder if she was trying to get my attention now that my wife was not around.

I wanted to change the topic and I said, “how about we stop and get something to eat?”

Jenny said “Let’s go to the pizza place near the house, that way we can talk for sometime before we head home.”

The restaurant was almost empty as usual for a Sunday evening and when the hostess arrived to seat us, Jenny said “we would like to go in the back, I want us to sit in a booth.”

Jenny sat to my left in the booth against the wall and this time I noticed her pull her skirt up as she sat down.

As soon as we were done ordering our pizza, Jenny said “so Jeff do you think it is entirely my fault?”

Before I could even answer she went on with why she was not to be blamed. As Jenny kept talking she would hold my left hand for little bit and then casually place my hand on her thighs. Each time she did that, I would move my hand up and down over her thighs and then take my hand off. I would move my hand as far up her thigh as possible and then slide my fingers between her thighs till I could feel her panties. But Jenny did not show any reaction to what I was doing and kept on talking.

Jenny saw I was done eating and again she took my hand and placed it on her thigh, very casually. This time I slid my hand all the way up and kept moving my fingers between her thighs so that my fingers were rubbing against her pussy. Jenny started spreading her legs apart and she started at me and said very softly,

“ Jeff, I want us to have a very close relationship and I will do what ever you want so that we can always enjoy each other.”

When we got home I quickly shaved and I really needed the cold shower. I was so horny that I had jerk off in the shower. I stood under the shower thinking about what Jenny had said in the restaurant and what Jenny’s intentions were. I had barely worn my boxers and I heard my cell phone ringing and it was my wife. She had just reached and was waiting for her bags at the baggage claim.

Linda asked, “Jeff, did you talk to Jenny about what we had decided?”

“ Jeff, tell me we are getting rid of the bitch, I cannot take it anymore.”

“ Yes Linda, she is fine with it and she understands that it is in everybody’s best interest”, I said.

While I was talking to my wife I saw Jenny walk into my bedroom wearing a short sleeve button down shirt. She came and stood close to me and I started rubbing on her cheeks with the back of my hand. I moved my hand over her mouth and she opened her mouth just a little to let my middle finger in. As she gently sucked on my middle finger I felt my dick get really hard.

I wanted Jenny to know who I was talking to on the phone so I said, “Linda, don’t worry so much and have fun at the wedding. I promise when you get back everything would be fine.”

After that I was not paying any attention to what my wife was saying on the phone. Jenny let my finger go and I started moving the back of my hand over her breasts and could feel her really hard nipples. I had the phone in one hand and I took Jenny by her hand and walked up to our bed. I sat down at the edge of the bed with Jenny standing right in front of me. Jenny started to unbutton her shirt and that is when I knew I had to finish the phone call right away. Jenny let her shirt drop down and she was now standing completely naked in front of me.

She got down on her knees and I let her pull my boxers down. Jenny let my dick all the way down into her mouth and started sucking on my dick really hard. Jenny kept stroking on my dick in her mouth and I could see she was rubbing her pussy with her fingers.

I interrupted Linda and said “Linda, I am getting another call, so why don’t you call me back when you reach your brother's place?”

Linda agreed and I hung up the phone. I let Jenny get on top of me and she let my dick slip into her wet pussy.

Jenny whispered, “Jeff, I cannot think of a better way to thank you.”

She kept kissing me all over and my dick was thrusting in and out very rapidly.

“ Fuck me Jeff…harder…harder”

“ oh Jeff fuck me”

She got louder and louder as she reached her orgasm.

Jenny stopped and started kissing me and she said “That was so good…I really needed that.” We continued kissing for a while and then Jenny asked, “was I better than Linda.”

I said, “Almost.” Jenny said “I can do way better than that bitch.” We both started laughing.

I rolled her over to get on top of her and started squeezing and sucking on her tits. I kissed her belly as I made my way down to her pussy and started licking her pussy. She really loved that and her nicely shaved pussy tasted really good. I let my tongue go all over her pussy.

“ oh…that feels good…lick me hard” Jenny said.

Very soon she was moving her ass up and down more and more rapidly as I kept stroking her clit with my tongue.

“ Jeff, eat my pussy…eat me”

This time Jenny got really loud as she reached her orgasm.

I got off the bed and went over to Jenny and started kissing her. When I stopped, Jenny got up and said “now it’s my turn.”

She got down on her knees and pushed my dick all the way in her mouth. I could feel my dick rubbing against the back of her mouth. She kept looking at me as she continued sucking and stroking my dick really hard.

I said “oh that feels great…let it go in all the way.”

Jenny kept stroking my dick in her mouth. Now, I was ready to cum.

“ Stop…just hold it in your mouth”. Jenny stopped as I waited for my orgasm.

I kept cumming in Jenny’s mouth and she gently squeezed my dick to get the last drop out. She kept licking my dick and I said “my god! You are way better than Linda.”

I helped Jenny stand up and kissed her really hard on her mouth.

“Wow…that felt awesome” I said, “You couldn’t have thanked better in any other way”

"I want to fuck you again". Jenny smiled and said "sure Jeff...when ever you are ready!"

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