It was some of the best sex I ever had.
My ex girlfriend let’s call her Shel and I had great sex and I want to share with you our first time and then how I taught her to give the ultimate blow job.

I noticed Shel at work and how well she filled her jeans out, so one day I asked her supervisor about her. The Supervisor being a female that I had also tangoed with was very direct, she’s easy go for it. Soon a date was arranged and we hooked up at a company party. We danced for hours then I ask her if she wanted to follow me home, of course she said. No sooner then we were in the door she was on her knees unzipping me and taking out my cock, giving me a so-so blow job. Then we were down the hall to the bedroom where we had four hours of mind blowing sex. This girl was really experienced in beneath the sheets activities. She settled on top of my erection sliding it in and out of her hot wet pussy. Then I was doing her doggie style, she moaned, groaned and screamed begging me for cum. Finally I tossed her on her back and deep drilled for thirty minutes and then came in her in a climax that rocked us both. We continued to make love all through the following day in almost every room of the house. In the kitchen while breakfast was on the stove she leaned back against the counter sitting astraddle a stool wearing a white robe and I entered her hot and very wet by then cunt. Standing firm on the floor I banged away at her, shudders ran through her body as she came several times then I spent my load all over her tummy her hands eagerly rubbing my baby batter into her skin. After breakfast and a shower we moved to the front room where we took turns pleasuring one another orally. Finally I entered her doggie style again, her head resting on the couch arm and began slow fucking her creamy little pussy. As I rocked back and forth her sounds of contentment became screams of pleasure and then I wet a finger and began to massage her anus. Soon she was begging me to fuck her ass so ever so gently I began to ease in the head of my cock into her and much to my surprised she opened right up. Soon I was pounding my cock in and out of her ass clear to my balls. Needless to say I soon squirted a huge load of jizz into her secret place and we both fell over arms and legs entwined and lay panting for sometime. Liking a superior blow job I soon started training this little slut by having her watch old porn movies of my hero cocksuckers, didn’t take her long to get the mouth and hand action just right. So for the next two years she spent the night several times a week and almost every morning she stopped by on the way to work. A blow job…she would kneel in front of me taking my cock in her mouth while her left hand stroked it often having a orgasm herself while she was getting me off and never missing a drop, always making a deal out of the swallow and licking my balls. But all good things cum to an end and we stopped seeing one another about four months ago. One day I hope to find someone just like her willing to learn.

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