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It was a question of taste
07-16-2011, 03:08 AM
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It was a question of taste
My friend and I grew up together in the city. His family moved to an acreage south of the city when we were in grade nine. We would get together for weekends often. Our families (parents, brothers & sisters) were clueless as to how our relationship was changing from pals to intimate friends. In-deed we were pretty clueless too, but we were keen to explore and learn, especially me.

One weekend when we were in grade 11, I got a question answered.

He was bunking in our basement guest room two levels away from snoozing parents and siblings. I snagged a couple Penthouses and went down to see if I could seduce him. The last time we had spent a weekend together he asked me to kiss his cock. Well that is a story in-itself, however I’ll let you know that I did kiss his cock and very quickly developed a lifetime desire for hot and ready man iron.

With this new and exciting desire came a fear that he would have regrets and call us off before we went any further. He had not sucked me off and I was worried he would feel obliged and bail out. At that point I didn’t care if he ever turned his attention on me I just wanted him.

I slipped into his room, saying; “hey, looks like everyone is down for the night upstairs “ He said; “ohh ok, good, any new skin mages for me?” Myself: “no nothing new, but I was wondering if you’d like to see this again”.

I was relieved as his response indicated I’d at least be seeing him naked again. I showed him the same dyke spread that we viewed just before I went crazy on him last time.

He said; “yes, yes, these chicks really dig each other don’t they?” Myself: “ya, look at them just having each other, so fucking hot, I gotta jerk off”

I slipped out of my sweats and let my cock swing free. I looked at his crotch; his package was lovely in his briefs. I sat down beside him and teasingly brushed his balls with my hand as I reached over him. He pushed up his torso, paused, and then while giving me a knowing look, slipped off his briefs. His cock flopped onto his belly and quickly swelled to a full boner.

Myself: “ohh I was hoping you’d do that, I have had you on my mind a lot lately” He said; “really, that’s funny I’ve been thinking of you too”

My cock was pointing straight up and throbbing with anticipation. He reached over and started stroking my meat. I moaned and pushed into his hand. He said: “hey, I like holding your cock man, and I enjoy seeing you have pleasure but I don’t know if . . . ” Myself: “hey, hey it is cool, maybe later, no rush, if you really want to please me you’ll let me get to know you better”.

In different ways we were both relieved and this took down the tension and brought up the heat.

Myself; “I’ve been dying to suck your dick again man. I really fucking enjoyed getting you off with my mouth and hands. I want to take you there again. After tonight you’ll know that I’m your best friend for ultra keen cock worship”.

He said: “there is already no doubt in my mind, go ahead fuck me up”.

His cock was pinned to his body. (When his dick was super stiff it pointed straight up his body and pressed into his belly.)

I cupped his balls with one hand, and lightly stroked the length of his prick with the tip of one finger. I licked my finger and traced a line of wetness from his tip to his nuts. He laid back and sighed.

I said: “oh I wish my finger was my tongue” then bent over and laid a hot breath on his sack. Next I very lightly licked his shaft. Then I stuffed my nose into his sack and came up with a full wet tongue on the back of his bag. My tongue pressed between his manhood and his ass. He gasped and shifted away from me. I leaned into him though and took both has balls into my mouth and started sucking. He was going crazy as he was intensely excited.

I came up for air and grabbed his dick and pulled it away from his body and said: “ok enough teasing let me get to business here”. I wet my mouth, opened wide and stuffed his cock as far into my mouth as it would go. I locked down on him and just started hoovering. With the sucking I started to gag, but resisted and stayed on him. He started to flail and said; “dude, stop stop stop it is too fucking intense”

I let him go and with an air of ultimate control said: “ok, you only get a short break, lets shift positions.”

I laid down on my back and propped myself up with lots of pillows and said; “straddle me and face fuck me will you?”

He did just that and pushed his cock right into my face. It was warm and smelled great. I pulled his dick towards my mouth and shifted to line it up perfectly. With my other hand I teased his balls. He pushed into my mouth and said; “suck my horny hot cock you sexy fucking bitch”. Ok, no doubt about it I was happy to be this studs bitch. Now that his cock was firmly planted in my face, I had a free hand to stroke my own horny hot rod.

It was clear to me, he wanted to control the pace and literally started fucking my face as I sucked him with my wetter and wetter mouth. He pumped and pumped and pumped all the while groaning with delight.

Now I was pretty much pinned by him and was at his mercy. With this in mind I was mentally exploring my readiness to swallow his load. I didn’t know what to expect. Would I gag?, Would it repulse me? Would I fucking love it? Well I hoped to love it cause either way it was going to happen really fucking soon.

He slowed his motion, then sped up, then his cock swelled in my mouth. I couldn’t believe how much bigger it got, it was fucking amazing I was doing this to him. He stopped pumping as said; “grab my cock hard”. There was not much to grab as most of it was stuffed in my mouth, but I grabbed the base and squeezed. He pulled out and blasted his hot cum into my mouth and onto my face.

This was perfect, this is exactly what I wanted, a beautiful cock steaming its precious hot load up close and very personal. I closed my lips and held some cum in my mouth. He continued to blast on my face and neck. My heart was pounding and my head was swirling. I told myself to slow down and savor this moment, as this was the answer to one of my questions. So I swirled his jam in my mouth and pressed my tongue through it and said to myself; “yes, I like the taste of cum, I really fucking like man cum in my mouth”.

He sat back and said; “whoa, sorry man look at the mess I made of you.” I smiled and his load spilled out of my mouth as I said: “no problem, your cum is hot and delicious”. Then I licked my lips to wipe some up and have another taste.

As he watched me lapping up his load, he gave me a look that said, “wow you are fucking hot man.”

I started jerking myself off frantically and said; “move off me man I want more cum on my body”. As I masturbated I was filled with the excitement of what just happened. I was so fucking horny it only took a minute before I was blasting my own load up my body. I wiped his cum from my face and neck and pulled it down my body until it pooled on my chest and mixed with my batch of heat.

I said; “look at all the cum man, look at all this sweet fucking cum on my body!” I rubbed it all over me and then licked my hand and said; “I need a bath”. He laughed and said; “you just had one, a cum bath”.

After this unforgettable experience, I had one question left. Would I ever swallow another mans hot nectar?

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12-30-2011, 06:39 PM
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RE: It was a question of taste
A nice experiance!
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