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Island Heat
07-14-2011, 10:12 AM
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Island Heat
What I'm about to tell you happened 3 months ago in Samoa (if you don't know where that is its in the Pacific), where I was born. My family migrated to New Zealand when I was only 8 yrs old, I'm 28. So my family (dad's immediate family) all go back to Samoa for a Family reunion. My parents, two older sisters Lisa 30 and Amanda 32, my oldest brother James and myself are on the plane headed for our Homeland Samoa. Our seats are all pretty much in the same area(Economy Class). On my ticket it stated I had the window seat but my sister Lisa wanted to it so I swapped with her. Two hours into the flight Lisa pulls out a PSP! I was shocked.
"Lisa I didn't know you were into gaming!?"
She says "I only got it for the flight, I can't sleep when flying so I needed something to keep me occupied. To my surprise she pulls out headphones and connects them to her PSP, leans her head on the Window and starts play her game. I must have asked her 1000 times to give me a turn but the bitch wouldn't give in.

We get off the plane to the welcome of a Heat wave, it was like walking into a Oven.
We all get in a Taxi Van and head off to the Hotel. We get there and we see all of our cousins and uncles etc queing up at the Counter. Samoans are very loud people, even when the aunties kiss you on the cheek its loud (smooching of lips). Yes you guessed it! Somehow I don't know how but some fucking Idiot stuffed up our Bookings. The Travel Agency only booked one room for us! The blonde bitch of a Agent thought Two parents and their four little kids....WTF MAN! She booked a Family suite. My parents and two sisters took the Family suite while my brother and I got the last room available.
After putting all our bags in our rooms we met up in the foyer with the rest of the Clan. There was a Feast planned for us later in the evening, and when samoans eat they EAT!
It was so damn hot I was drenched in my own sweat by the time everyone had come down to the Foyer. My Uncle Sam suggested that we all go for a swim in the Pool to cool off, him being the eldest of the Family no one objected. Not that anyone would have in this heat. The water was Heaven. After two hours of cooling off in the Pool we are told to go back to our rooms and prepare for the Feast.

After the Feast we all head off to the Bar for some serious drinking, thats how my family drink when the all get together. We all try to out drink eachother. It was night time and I thought that it would get cooler. No chance of that! It just got muggy. All this sweat was making me uncomforable so I waited for the Oldies to leave the bar so I could have an excuse to sneak off back to my room and sleep away the heat.
James and Amanda had gathered up all the cousins and had planned a night out at the local bars. I was having none of this, one thing I know - I can't drink for shit! Even my sisters drink me under the table!
The Oldies made their move saying they had better get to bed as they had a early wake up call (why can't they just say their tired?).
This was my chance,
"I'm off to bed too I've got a mean headache" I say.

My oldest sister Amanda looks at me and laughs, "yea yea yea we heard that excuse before you pussy!"

James winks at me giving that "it's cool bro" look.

I get to my room strip off all my clothes and lie on my bed trying not to breath, "less movement creates less heat", I tell myself. I was finally getting cooler when I realised I wasn't really feeling sleepy.
"Great. What the hell am I gonna do now?"
Then comes a knock at my door.
I grab a a towel, tie it around my waist and open the door.
"Lisa? What you doing here? Didn't you go out with James and Amanda?"

"Yea I did, but it was too fucking hot in those bars. Bro wheres the bathroom?" shes so drenched her clothes were stuck to her body, like someone had tipped a bucket of water on her.
"That way".

She closes the door, chucks her handbag on my bed and heads for the bath room.
"Are there any towels in there? I'm gonna take a cold shower".
I fall back on my bed, "Yea, wait why don't you go shower in your own room?"
"Do you really think I'm gonna go back to that room? You know what Mum is gonna be saying! 'doing her best impression on our mum "Lisah doo you no wat peeball are sayeeng about you blah blah blah, "bro Im not in the mood for her bitching" she says as the shower is running.

The towel is making me hot again so I untie it and just lay it over my private area. I notice Lisa's bag and decide to have a nosy. To my delight I find her PSP! SCORE! I turn it on, damn things take a decade to load. What comes up on the little screen is a total shock to me!

It's PORN!

This bitch!! No wonder she didn't want to share it with me on the plane. I push play, it's already deep into the movie she mush have had it on pause or something. On screen is the most beautiful little tight ass getting pumped by a huge veined cock. The little whore on the movie is saying something but there is no sound. I search through Lisa's bag and find the headphones.
Sound ON!

"fuck me harder! oooooh gawwd yes!" the little slut moans

I look down and see that my towel has risen. My cock is rock hard, a good wank will fix that I think to myself. Just as I was about to move my hand down to destroy my manhood, my sister walks back into my room. Looks at me with her PSP in hand.

"You fucking asshole! There isn't that much battery life left and I forgot to bring the charger!!" she lunges at me.

"You BITCH! You have been holding out on me! It's my turn now!" I tell her.

She tries to grab at the PSP but I quickly stretch my arm away from her, her upper body is leaning across my chest, covered in her towel she tries to reach for the PSP.

"Give it back to me you asshole! It's mine. Who the fuck told you to go into my bag anyway?"

I grab her by the shoulder holding her, "Just let me use if for 20, 10...ok 5 minutes and I'll give it back, Promise!"

"NO! I told you the battery is about to die!" She pushes my arm holding her shoulder and tries a dive for the PSP.

I'm too fast for her, I stretch out even more twisting my body beneath her putting the PSP out of her reach.
I laugh at how desperate she is to get her PSP. Dirty bitch.

"Okay ok. Just 2 minutes then I'll give it back" I tell her.

But she just looks at me blankly.

"What? I said I would give it back!"

For a second she looks scared, like the look on a child when they have broken something really expensive.

"Lisa, What is it?" My sister Lisa is not one to be silent. She is known in the family to speak her mind and will scream her head off to get her point across. So seeing her like this slightly freaked me out.

"Lisa, wtf? What is it?"

She looks at me for what seems like an eternity and says


"What?" I say.

"Mark. Your dick." she says


"Your Dick is in me".

I heard her say it. I just couldn't comprehend it at that very moment.


She takes a deep breath,

"Mark" she says my name like how a teacher would say it if I was being naughty in class.


I answer just like how a smart arse kid would.

"Mark, YOUR..DICK..IS..INSIDE..ME" she says calmly

Then it hits me, my dick is inside my sister! I'm not as shocked as I should be. I just look at her.

"oh my god" came the whisper out of my mouth, my dick twitched with excitement, she gasped and in turn made me gasp AND in due course made my cock twitch again. This time she let out a little moan.

My cock twitched and she moaned for about 5 minutes before she said,

"You're in me".

"Yes I am" I said.

She looked away thinking, my cock twitched, she gasped.

Trying to catch her breath she looked at me and said very sofly,

"I think I'm gonna cum" she looked worried as she said this, yet she couldn't stop her breathing.

Finally the shock hits me!
...'my sister is sitting on my cock, and she is about to cum all over me'...this thought made my cock go even harder then it was before, suddenly my sister put her hands on my shoulders to support herself as she shook uncontrollably on top of me. The hotness surrounding my cock made the heat around us seem cool. I felt her ecstacy running down my balls. She tried to hold back her cries but to no avail.

"OO MY G-God." She finally let out.

"I'm So Sorry! I didn't mean for that to happen, honestly Mark. Please forgive me I don't know what came over me" she said in a panic as tears ran down her cheeks.

"I don't know what came over you, but I do know what came all over me!" I said smiling

She punched me on the chest, which really hurt! Samoan girls now how to punch.

"Don't fucking tease me you asshole I said I couldn't help it!", still crying.

I could tell that she felt really guilty for having a orgasm while sitting on her little brothers cock. She was looking at me to save her, asking me with her eyes to say something to make her feel better.

"'s ok. It was a accident!" it was the truth.

"A Accident? A Accident!, is that all you can say!" she yells at me, ready to punch me again. She brings down her right fist onto my chest but I catch her just in time.

"A Accident? You fucking prick!" shes really furious now and the tears are a stream.

"What do you want me to say? It was a accident!!" I plead with her

She pulls her hand free and raises it ready for another punch. She brings it down faster this time and I just dodge it but moving my head to the side, in doing this my hips move upwards and all her anger leave her for a few seconds.
We lock eyes and the monster is back in her again. I raise my hips again.
She gasps.
Her breathing is deep from anger towards my explaination of what had just happened. Yet when I drop and raise my hips, the breathing is still deep but slowly losing its anger.
I keep eye contact with her and start to slowly move my cock in and out of her, she is so wet. Tears are running down her cheeks as she fights back her moans.

"I hate you" she says, more of a moan then anything, but it made me stop fucking her.

She looks at me with disapointment while tears still running down her cheeks and says,

"You asshole, why did you stop?"

I thought she wanted me to stop. I thought wrong.

I start fucking her again slowly, but this time she is moving with me. Our breath is one. We are like those Beautiful sex scenes you see in a Hollywood Movie. We are making LOVE

"Mark I'm gonna cum again."she cries sofly

"Oooooh god.oh........uh." her pussy clenched me so hard I nearly came right there and then inside her.

"Lisa get off me! Hurry up get off I'm gonna cum!"I said straining to hold it back

"Just come in me" she said looking at me

"HELL NO! What if you get pregnant?"

"Bit late for that now. Do you think your pre-cum are just blanks?"

She leans in close to me as she rides me, our lips touch, but nothing more. She slowly brushes her face on mine.

she whispers in my ear


I nearly black as I cum deep inside my sister.

End of Part I..


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