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Indian Wife and the Star Sales Guy
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Indian Wife and the Star Sales Guy
It was a Saturday morning in our apartment in the Bombay suburbs. I sat on the edge of the bathtub with the pregnancy test in my hand, wrestling between anticipation and a looming sense of disappointment. Finally the stick's display changed. I sighed and got up. As soon as I walked out of the bathroom, my husband Manish looked at me with raised eyebrows. I shook my head.

"Are you sure?" Manish got up and took the pregnancy test from my hand.

"I have done this over a dozen times now, Manish." I said, controlling my irritation.

"Well, we just have to keep trying and praying." Manish said, throwing the stick in the trashcan.

"We could also get tested and figure out if......"

"NO!" he snapped at me. I looked away. There was an awkward silence, something that had been happening al too frequently in recent days. Then Manish took my hand and said,

"Ketaki, we just have to be patient. We don't need to get paranoid and start letting doctors tell us nonsense."

"I guess....."

"Have faith in God. He will give us a baby when he thinks we are ready for it."

Not the religious bullshit again! I was about to say something nasty when the phone rang. Manish went to answer it. It was his sister calling from California. We spent the next hour or so talking with them. After that, I went to the kitchen to start lunch.


Monday afternoon. I sat at my usual corner table in the break room of our office with an lunch box. I was just picking at the food, in no mood to eat it. My close friend and colleague Bhakti joined me as always. We had been friends since business school and had been working in the same major enterprise solutions company in Bombay for almost 7 years. I was in sales and she was in HR so our cubicles were in different areas of the office. We only got time to talk at lunch and after work.

Bhakti reached for her lunch box and said to me,

"So Ketaki, judging by the mildly morose expression on your face all day......."

"Yes, still no baby."

"Did Manish agree to getting tested?"

"Nope, still the same old bullshit - leave it to God. It is now almost two years since we started trying. Any normal person would seek medical answers. But hubby dearest prefers to dabble in the divine. Did I tell you about how he wants us to go to Karnataka and visit the temple of some fertility goddess?"

"Yeah." Bhakti said shoveling a big morsel of rice in her mouth. "Why don't you just tell him about your test?"

About six months ago, when Manish had gone out of town for a week long conference, I had gone to a clinic to get myself tested. After a veritable battery of tests, the doctor's diagnosis was unambiguous. There was absolutely nothing wrong with me.

"Mrs. Joshi, there is no possible medical reason for you not getting pregnant after over a year of trying." the doctor had said. "Common sense points to only one possible reason - something to do with your husband. Why don't you set up an appointment for him to come in?"

I had nodded and promised the doctor I would do that. If only I could do that. But Manish wouldn't even entertain a conversation on the topic. On a couple of occasions, he had used it as an excuse to start a big fight.

"I don't know Bhakti." I said, finally willing myself to eat a few bites. "Every time I bring up the topic of us getting tested, he flies off the handle or starts spouting religious nonsense. I think he feels emasculated. Maybe he is scared of the truth being what it seems to be - there's something wrong with him. If I tell him my tests were normal, it will confirm his fears and lead to an almighty row."

"Surely he knows there are other ways. Artificial insemination, sperm donors, maybe even adoption...."

"Of course. But he is being really stupid by not even taking the first step. I will be 32 in a few months. Manish will be 35. The clock is ticking in more ways than one. But he is still in denial."

Bhakti nodded and kept eating. We were silent for a few moments. I was about to say something when the break room door opened.

"Hi Ketaki. Hi Bhakti. You're both looking exceptionally lovely today!"

The soothing baritone voice that greeted us belonged to Uday, the newest superstar in the sales team. He had joined our team from a competing firm six months ago. He was young...26 years old, and very dynamic and likable. Since joining, he had exceeded his sales quota by a huge margin every month, and brought in a dozen major accounts that we had been unable to crack for many years.

"Hi Uday." Bhakti and I said in unison.

"Just getting a diet coke." he went to the fridge and took a bottle out. He then walked over to our table. "That looks yummy!"

Uday was looking at the strips of spicy fried eggplant in my lunch box.

"My husband made it. it's his own recipe. Spicy eggplant fritters." I said.

"Looks and sounds delicious. I love eggplant!" Uday said.

"Would you like to taste some?" I politely asked.


I pushed the box forward.

"Ketaki, would you mind feeding me a piece? I have to go send some faxes right away, and don't want to get my hands messy."

Bhakti suppressed a smile at my discomfort at Uday's unusual request.

"Please?" Uday said sweetly.

"Okay." I shrugged and picked up a fritter. Uday bent forward and opened his mouth. I put the fritter in it and he started chomping on it.

"! That is so amazing...mmmmm!" Uday closed his eyes and made weirdly appreciative noises that belonged more in a bedroom than a break room. "Thanks Ketaki. Gotta run. Bye. Bye Bhakti."

And Uday sprinted out of the room. After he closed the door behind him, Bhakti and I started laughing.

"He likes you. wants you." Bhakti said with a giggle.

"Oh shut up! He knows I am married."

"As if that's ever stopped him!"

Bhakti was right. Uday's reputation in the office went beyond him just being a star salesman. He was also known as a bit of a playboy. He was handsome, with chiseled features, tall, well-built, very intelligent, and very easy to talk to. He was also quite the charmer, and the grapevine was rife with rumors of his dalliances. If the rumors were to be believe, he had slept with 4 different women in the office, of whom 2 were married.

"Did you hear about Pooja?" Bhakti said, switching into gossip mode.

"She's gone to America to visit her brother, right?"

Pooja was a very beautiful young receptionist who was supposedly Uday's latest conquest. They flirted and cootchie-cooed in the office quite openly. But she had taken a month long leave recently.

"That's the official story. But the truth is, she got pregnant with Uday's child and has gone away to get an abortion." Bhakti said in a low voice.

"No way!"

"Yep. She was having trouble getting such a long leave approved. That's when she told Maya about it, and Maya approved the leave."

"Wow! I had no idea!"

"Clearly, there's nothing wrong with his sperm." Bhakti said. "Maybe you should sleep with him when you're ovulating."

I gave Bhakti a mock scowl and we both started giggling. That's when two more colleagues entered the break room and we dropped the subject.


The next day I was about to leave work when Bhakti sent me a text message asking me to join her for coffee. We went to a cute little non-chain coffee shop in Juhu. Our conversation centered around the usual topics ranging from music to TV shows to office politics to complaints about our respective husbands.

"Ketaki.... I have been thinking...."

"Why start now after all these years?" I said my often used stock line. But Bhakti didn't giggle like she usually did.

"That thing I said yesterday. Maybe you should consider it."

"What thing?"

"Sleeping with Uday."

I was taken aback. Surely this was a joke. But Bhakti's face didn't show any hint of levity.


"Think about it. He is good looking, smart, and the whole package - great genes. And he can clearly get a woman pregnant."

"Are you insane?" I dropped my voice to a whisper and looked around, hoping no one else had heard Bhakti.

"And he clearly fancies you. I have seen the way he looks at you, talks to you, flirts with you. If you let him, he'll happily sleep with you and thank you for it. And you can have a baby with great genetic material."

"I am NOT going to have an affair with Uday."

"Who's talking about an affair? Just sleep with him a few times. If he knocks you up, end it. He doesn't have to know its his baby. And Manish will think God finally answered his prayers."

"You're out of your mind!"

"Ketaki, think about it. It is obvious by now that Manish has a problem. Even if you have sex day and night with him, you're not going to get pregnant."

"He will realize it eventually. Then we can consider in vitro....."

"Not before several fights. And maybe a bout of depression after he realizes he can't give you a baby. This way, you avoid all the hassle."

"Do you realize what you're saying?"

"I know the idea is a bit out there, but it is the path of least resistance. And least headache."

"Path of least sense!"

"Come on Ketaki, it's not like you've never dreamed or fantasized about Uday. And it's not like Manish is setting the sheets on fire."

"Bhakti!" I almost yelled.

I couldn't believe she was using this against me. She had gotten married only a year ago. When she told me raunchy details of her sex life, I often told her I missed the passion that Manish and I once had. Told her how the sex didn't seem as exciting any more. And how Manish couldn't last as long or do it as often as he once could. But after 7 years of marriage, that's a normal change.

My husband, as it happened, was very well endowed. The first few times we had sex, it had hurt. During our early days of dating, I measured him and he was a touch above 8 inches with an impressive girth. So it's not like there were any problems there. But other than the big penis, I just didn't find Manish as attractive as I used to. He had lost a lot of hair and packed on a few pounds, even though I had worked hard to stay slim and fit. So occasionally I would fantasize or dream about other guys and tell Bhakti about it. She told me her own fantasies too. But they were just that - fantasies.

"All I am saying is, think about it."

"You're asking me to cheat on my husband."

"Maybe, but if you think about it, it's not very different from getting a sperm donor. Except that to get a sperm donor, you will first have to drag the horse that is Manish to the water that is fertility tests, and make him drink the water that is agreeing to other methods. If you use my idea, you avoid all that hassle, and have a good time with that stud Uday. And get pregnant anyway. Just think of him as a sperm donor."

"Let's just drop this topic. I know you mean well, but it's an outrageous idea."

And so we dropped it.

But Bhakti had planted the seed of an idea in my mind, and once an idea takes root, it is difficult to completely get rid of it. Over the next few weeks, I found myself thinking about it, weighing the pros and cons. In the end, I would always dismiss the notion as outrageous. But I did find myself thinking about it a lot. Even though Bhakti never broached the topic again.

On the home front, things kept getting worse. Manish was always in a quiet or surly mood, and had almost stopped smiling. He had started praying every single day, and dragged me to different temples and religious gurus. After every visit, I ate the supposedly magical 'prasads' that had miraculous powers - from sweets to blessed fruits to syrups. manish and I had sex following a timetable, the sex being inevitably monotonous and mundane. I couldn't remember the last time I had an orgasm with him inside me. But we kept at it. And went through several more pregnancy tests. But it all came to a naught.

Then one day, after a particularly bad week at work, when the umpteenth pregnancy test said the same thing as others before it, I snapped. I insisted that we should get tests done, and Manish kept refusing. It led to a big fight during which I was tempted to tell him about my own tests, but didn't. We gave each other the silent treatment for three days until Manish grudgingly gave a half apology and I grudgingly half accepted it. But he still refused to get tested.

Almost two months passed since Bhakti first put forth her radical idea. And in the two months, I had gone from dismissing it outright to giving it serious thought. Inevitably, this affected the way I interacted with Uday. Earlier, I found his charm and his presence pleasant and amusing. Now it started affecting me personally. I started blushing at his compliments, and often found myself feeling awkward or tongue tied when talking to him. He also started appearing in my fantasies a lot more often than he used to. Be that as it may, I was still not leaning towards sleeping with him.

Then came the night of the annual sales team party. No, I didn't sleep with him. But something happened that moved things along considerably.

Like every year, the management had booked the poolside of a five star hotel for the party. Like every year, a few of the guys and a couple of the women got into the pool in their swimsuits, milling around the pool bar. Like every year, I did not. I was dressed in jeans and a casual blouse. The drinks and appetizers were making rounds. Conversations were booming. Several of the managers had made cliched speeches about what a great year we were having, but how we couldn't afford to take our eyes off the ball. Manish was with me, talking to my colleagues whom he had known for several years.

Earlier, I had noticed that Uday was in the pool. He was wearing loose knee length swimming trunks. But his chest was bare. And what a chest it was! Six pack abs, chiseled pecs, well toned arms....he looked like he had walked straight out of a male pageant. Almost all the females (and some of the men) had been checking Uday out, and Oday knew it and was preening and flirting even more than usual.

I was sitting with Manish, Bhakti, and Bhakti's husband at a table. The two guys were talking about cricket. My mind wandered and I looked at the pool. Uday was in there, about ten feet from us, playfully splashing water at Carol, an intern in the pre-sales team. She rushed towards him splashing more water, and I saw them wrestling and giggling. Uday caught Carol in an embrace, and I saw the look on Carol's face as she felt his chest. She was turned on. Suddenly, she stopped moving, and then kissed Uday on the chest. Uday smiled and kissed her on the neck. Suddenly, Carol looked around, and saw me and a couple of others watching her. She blushed and swam away.

I looked at her swim away and turned my gaze back to Uday. He was staring at me with an intense expression. Then, keeping his gaze locked into mine, he swam towards the edge. As he propped himself out of the pool, the water dribbled off his perfect torso. He got out and started walking towards me, still gazing into my eyes.

When he approached our table, he smiled and turning his gaze to the others, said,

"Hello Ketaki. Hello Bhakti. Are these the super lucky men who get to take you home every night?"

"Hi Uday! Guys, this is Uday who is setting the sales team on fire." Bhakti introduced the husbands to Uday.

"Nice to meet you, Uday." Manish said, and pointing to a chair next to him, said, "Have a seat."

Uday, ever the smooth conversationalist started talking to our husbands. And he had clearly made a great impression. The conversation turned to travel. I piped in with a comment or a question once in a while.

But my mind was focused on the contrasting sights that Manish and Uday, sitting next to each other made. My balding, paunchy husband next to this shirtless wet Adonis. A couple of times when I tried to sneak a glance at Uday, he caught me doing it and gave me a mischievous smile. I looked at Bhakti and saw that she had noticed it as well.

Fifteen minutes later, Uday excuse himself and went to talk to another group of people. The party went on for another couple of hours. When we reached home, Manish was too drunk to do anything but crash on the bed and pass out snoring. I changed into pyjamas and lay down next to him. But I couldn't sleep. My mind was replaying images of Uday's perfect body and his enchanting smile. I closed my eyes and slipped my hand into my panties. I imagined that I was with Uday in the pool, like Carol was. I fantasized us going from splashing water at each other to wrestling in the water, to making out, to finally having sex right in the pool. I had a particularly satisfying orgasm that made me moan loudly. But when I opened my eyes, Manish was still snoring. I turned away from him, closed my eyes, and willed myself to sleep.

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RE: Indian Wife and the Star Sales Guy
Like every year, after the annual party, came the big sales planning meeting. All the managers sat with the VP of Sales, the country managers, and a few other head honchos at the main table. Us sales reps sat in the conference room in front of them. And we all had to make a presentation of our plan for the coming year, which would then be reviewed and critiqued by the leadership.

My turn came shortly after lunch. I started off with a summary of my previous year's achievement (at 114% of the quota, I was doing well), and then spoke about the segments I would go after, my quarterly and monthly plans, and a bucket list of customers that I had pursued in the past but failed to win. I listed the ones I was optimistic of winning this time. I concluded with a summary chart.

"Excuse me, Ketaki." the VP of Sales Shankar spoke for the first time in my presentation. "I see that Zincorp is still in your bucket list. Like the previous two years."

I gave him a sheepish smile and cursed at him in my mind. I had been hoping this wouldn't come up again this year. Zincorp was a European manufacturing giant that was expanding its presence in India. I had done my best to break into that account but had failed every year.

"Yes Shankar, it is. But this year, I am positive I will be able to win it." I said, trying to project optimism that I wasn't really feeling.

"How exactly?"

"Well, I have been able to establish a decent relationship with their procurement team and they are coming around to the fact that...."

"Don't give me jargon, Ketaki." Shankar icily said. "What is going to be different this year?"

"If I may, Shankar." my manager Satish jumped in to my defense, "Ketaki has been working very hard at winning Zincorp. But the procurement guy there is a tough nut to crack. And they do have a global contract with our competitors."

"That contract is binding only on their European units." Shankar said. "Ketaki has now been working that client for three years. I don't think she has established a decent relationship as she puts it."

"Shankar, I have full faith in Ketaki's abilities. Her record speaks for itself." Satish said a little brusquely. Shankar was taken aback. He looked at Satish and then turned to me again.

"Ketaki, don't get me wrong. I respect and admire your work and know that you are an invaluable asset to this company. You hit your numbers ahead of time and have been doing a great job."

"Thank you Shankar." I said politely.

"My concern is only about Zincorp. I recently found out that they are going to announce two new manufacturing plants In Nashik and Pune, and it will be great for our overall numbers as well as your quota if we can get the contract for those plants."

"I will leave no stone unturned." I said.

Shankar looked at me and then at Satish.

"Satish, Ketaki, you know I don't like to micromanage. And I trust the regional managers' judgment. But this account is way too important. So I am going to make an exception and step in."

"What do you mean?" Satish asked.

"From now on, Zincorp will be handled by...." Shankar looked down at his notes. "by Uday."

Uday was sitting towards the side of the room, slouched in his chair. He sat up at the mention of his name.

"Shankar, I don't know if that's a good idea. Uday is already stretched thin and...."

"He is stretched thin because he has been doing an amazing job winning new clients. And the most important new client for the Western region is Zincorp. No offense Ketaki, but I think Uday has a better chance at success there. We can transfer some of Uday's clients to someone else and give him Zincorp."

"I have no problems with that." I shrugged and said. I did not. I hated the Zincorp people anyway. Their procurement head Vinod Sharma was an insufferably creepy and disgusting old man who shamelessly leered at me during every meeting. His underlings were no different. Uday was welcome to take a crack at them.

"If Ketaki doesn't mind, I am okay with it too." Satish said and sat back.

"It's decided then. Uday, Zincorp is now yours." Shankar said.

"Thanks Shankar." Uday got up and brushed his hand over his shirt to straighten a wrinkle. Despite the setting, an image of his bare chest flashed in my mind and I looked away.

"But I have a request." Uday continued.

"Yes?" Shankar asked.

"I would like Ketaki to stay on the account with me. It's a big and complicated organization, and she already knows most people there. Her knowledge and presence will be of great help."

"It's okay Uday." I spoke up. "You don't need to do this. I am perfectly fine with you getting Zincorp. It's a nice gesture, but I don't mind being pulled off the account."

"It's not a gesture, Ketaki." Uday flashed me a warm smile. "I meant what I said. I will need your help."

"Okay, we've spent enough time on this." Shankar impatiently cut in. "Uday and Ketaki will both be working on Zincorp. Satish, it's up to you to decide how to divide credit between them."

"Thanks Shankar." Uday said, sat down, and smiled at me. I smiled back.


"I am sorry. I know you found the idea outrageous couple of months ago, but I have to say it. This is a sign from above. The Gods that Manish keeps praying to want you to hook up with Uday!" Bhakti said as she sat down in our favorite coffee shop the next day.

"Not this again! It's just one account that we're working together on."

"Gives you the perfect opportunity to....."

"Let's change the subject!"

And we did. But maybe I was protestething too much because I had felt a small surge of excitement at the idea of working with Uday on this account.


A week later. Wednesday night. It was almost 9 PM and I was sitting in a conference room with Uday preparing for our first joint sales call at Zincorp the next day. Over the last few days, Uday and I had talked in the office about our strategy, and I had filled him in with all the details that I knew. There still was that awkwardness but it was slowly wearing off. That night we were going over the specifications of their plants and machinery, and were making a rough chart of their local office's organization structure.

At one point, I sat back and started rubbing my neck.

"Sore neck?" Uday asked, seated across the table from me.

"Yeah. I think I slept wrong last night." I said.

"Allow me." Uday swooped out of his chair and was behind me. Before I knew it, his hands were on my shoulders.

"What are you doing?" I said, half-heartedly trying to shrug his hands off. But even through the fabric of my blouse, I could feel the warmth of his palms on my skin.

"Just relax. I am good at this." he said.

I felt his thumbs press hard near my spine.

"Owww!!!" I said.

"It'll only hurt for a second."

Sure enough, the pain subsided, and instead, I felt relief. The muscles in my neck and back relaxed as Uday expertly massaged the sore area.

"Ummm....hmmmm......yeah that feels good." I closed my eyes and moaned.

Uday moved his fingers gently along the side of my neck and pressed. I pushed my head back.

"This is amazing! How did you get so good at this?" I said, between moans.

"I know my way around a woman's body." I heard Uday say in a soft whisper.

I opened my eyes. Uday's face was about a foot above mine, and it looked upside down. He gazed into my eyes with an intense piercing look. I was locked into his gaze. I noticed his face coming closer to mine, but somehow my brain didn't register it, or didn't want to act on it. His prominent cheekbones came close to mine. I felt his breath on my chin. I saw the quiver in his lips. And soon, I felt those lips on mine.

His hands stopped massaging me and stayed on my shoulders. His lips pressed into mine. I was frozen as he started kissing me. My brain told me to break away from the kiss but my lips refused to respond. I found myself kissing him back, our faces upside down towards each other. After what seemed like an eternity, but was just a couple of seconds, Uday pulled away. But his face stayed a couple of inches away from mine.

"Sorry.... you're so beautiful..."

I just stared silently. He seemed to be waiting for my reaction. I was waiting for my reaction. But the only reaction I had was heavy breathing and rapid heartbeat.

Uday waited for a couple of seconds more and then turned the swiveling chair so that I was facing him. And started kissing me again. I responded by putting my hand on the back of his head. This time the kiss went on for a full minute or so, and I only pulled away from it when I felt his tongue probe my mouth.

I stared at him in horror and pushed my chair back.

"I should go...." I said, getting up in a hurry. I started gathering the printouts that were spread on the table and stuffing them into my bag.

"Ketaki.... I am sorry if I...."

"It's getting late." I interrupted him.

Uday just stood there watching me scramble about to get everything in order. Avoiding looking at him directly, I moved towards the door of the conference room.

"Wait." Uday said and I stopped.

"I am married." I said, my back still towards him.

"I know. I am sorry." I heard Uday say. "I just wanted to ask you what time do you want to meet here for the Zincorp call."

"830 is fine." I said and almost sprinted towards the elevator.


It was 10 am the next day. Uday and I were sitting in the lobby of Zincorp's office in Powai. I had a slight headache because I had been unable to sleep all night. I kept struggling with my conflicting emotions about the kiss with Uday. In the morning, we met in our office and drove to Zincorp in his car. I was dreading the subject of the kiss. But thankfully, Uday joined me in pretending that nothing had happened. And here we were now, seated on different couches.

"Mr. Sharma is ready for you." the receptionist said.

Uday followed me as I walked down the corridor and knocked on the door of a corner office.

"Come in." said a familiar voice.

I opened the door and entered the office. Vinod Sharma, procurement manager for Zincorp's Western India operations was seated behind his desk. He got up and shot me a smile displayed his uneven nicotine-stained teeth. And as usual, his eyes drifted to my breasts and stayed there a moment before returning to my face.

"Ketaki! It is always a pleasure to see you."

As Sharma moved from behind his desk, his ample belly jiggled. I noticed that the circle of hair around his big bald patch was a salt and pepper gray, as opposed to the usual black. he must not have dyed his hair in a while. Sharma came to a stop in front of me, and with the leery smile on his face, extended his hand. I politely offered my own hand and he grabbed it and limply shook it.

"Hello Mr. Sharma. Nice to see you." I said, flashing him a half-smile with some effort.

Sharma held my hand in his and looked at me up and down. He always seemed to be shamelessly stripping me naked in his mind. Being an attractive woman in the male-dominated world of technology sales, I was used to men checking me out and letting their eyes wander. But most men did it instinctively, and tried to be furtive about it. And they usually curbed their lustful thoughts and looks after a few moments.

But Sharma was one of the, if not THE most shameless lecher I had come across in my career. He didn't try to hide the fact that he was ogling. In fact, he seemed to want to make it obvious, the dirty hog. Sharma continued to look at me as if I was on display. This despite the fact that I was wearing a very modest and formal blouse with no hint of cleavage and plain gray trousers with a comfortable fit. But the way he leched, I felt like I was a stripper on a pole.

Finally Sharma had his fill of staring at me and his eyes fell on Uday standing behind me. His lecherous grin subsided.

"Oh hello!" Sharma said politely, reluctantly letting go of my hand and extending it towards Uday.

"Mr. Sharma I presume?" Uday said gracefully taking a step forward and grabbing Sharma's hand. "I have heard a lot about you from Ketaki."

"Really?" Sharma threw me a glance with the leer reappearing.

"All good things I assure you. I am Uday Kaul."

"Nice to meet you Uday. Please, be seated, both of you."

Sharma turned around and walked back to his seat. Uday and I sat in the chairs in front of him.

"So how can I help you?" Sharma said, shifting into full leer mode as he stared at me chest.

I was about to start talking when I heard Uday's voice.

"Our Vice President of Sales has personally put me in charge of the Zincorp account. He is really committed to improving the relationship between our organizations."

Sharma's smile turned into a frown as he looked at Uday and then at me.

"So Ketaki, you won't be coming anymore? It'll be him?"

I was about to explain that I would still be on the account and that Uday would be working with me, when Uday spoke again.

"Oh, Ketaki will be reporting to me. And the VP has asked me to make sure that Ketaki helps me in every possible way to give you what you want. So I am in charge, but Ketaki is still on this account. Under me."

Before I could register any outrage at this blatant misrepresentation, I was taken aback when Uday raised a hand and patted my back with it patronizingly. What the fuck was this guy doing?

"Oh that's nice to hear." Sharma gave my chest another look and continued. "We like Ketaki here. And we like your product. But your prices are too high. Too high! And the installation and delivery times quoted are also unsatisfactory."

"Is this true, Ketaki?" Uday raised his voice as if scolding me. "Why are we quoting Zincorp such high prices and not assuring them of quick service?"

I was at a loss for words because of this ugly transformation in Uday. From being the genial charmer, he was suddenly acting like a surly boss. And he wasn't even my boss! I was senior to him in age as well as time spent in sales. But not wanting to squabble in front of a customer, I swallowed my anger and said,

"The delivery and installation terms Mr. Sharma wants can only be given at that price. And if we cut price...."

"Don't give me excuses, Ketaki." Uday interrupted me with a rude tone. He then turned to Sharma and smiled, "You will have to excuse Ketaki. She doesn't realize the pressing needs of your business. And how important the operations of Zincorp are for the Indian economy as a whole."

"Well, if you can match our price demands, we can start doing business." Sharma said, seemingly reveling in the dressing down I had gotten. For my part, I was livid with rage and was barely able to curb an instinct to slap Uday across the face.

"Of course Sharmaji." Uday dropped the formal salutation and switched to the informal but respectful Hindi one with the "ji", and sat back in his chair. "but we can talk about that at leisure. Today I am here just to get to know you. Man to man."

I detected an edge in the way he emphasized the word 'man'.

"Splendid." Sharma said, beaming at Uday. "Would you like some tea?"

"Absolutely." Uday said. He then turned to me and said, "Ketaki, I would like to talk to Sharmaji one on one. Go wait in the lobby."

Huh? No 'please', no respectful tone. More like an order. I seethed as I looked at Uday. He looked at me expressionlessly, then put his hand on my shoulder and pushing it said,

"Go on, get going!"

Again, exercising massive self-restraint, I got up, nodded at Sharma and walked out of the room.

"Close the door behind you." Uday said.

I was almost stomping towards the lobby, my ears burning with rage at the utter disrespect I had just been shown. I felt like punching one of the walls while I walked, pretending it was Uday's face. As I walked to the couch in the lobby and sat down, the receptionist gave me a confused look. I guess she was wondering why my meeting with Sharma, which usually lasted at least half an hour, had ended so soon. I picked up a newspaper and tried to read it. But instead I spent the time listing the different ways in which I would chew out Uday when he came out.

By the time Uday walked out to the lobby with Sharma, almost an hour had passed. The time had done nothing to lessen my anger. If anything, I was even more enraged as I kept replaying the scene from Sharma's office in my head.

I got up as Uday approached, but he barely acknowledged my presence. But Sharma was staring at me piercingly enough for the both of them.

"Great meeting you Sharmaji. I will be back soon." Uday shook Sharma's hand and started walking out rapidly. I said goodbye to Sharma and ran behind Uday, struggling to keep up. As the elevator doors closed, Sharma threw another look of longing at my breasts.

"WHAT THE FUCK....." I started yelling but Uday put a finger on my lips and said,

"Not yet. We're still in the client's building."

I angrily shoved his hand away from my mouth and stood there simmering with rage. We were silent as we walked to the parking lot and got into Uday's car. I was about to yell again when Uday's phone rang. He put his bluetooth earpiece on and answered the call.

"Oh hello Mr. Nath. Yes, I am going to take another crack at the specifications with your target price...."

I tuned out as Uday talked to a client. Uday started driving. The traffic was insane and we had barely moved a kilometer in twenty minutes. Uday's phone call seemed to be winding down. I was puzzled as he pulled the car off the road into the greenery near Film City. A few moments later, he finished his call and took his earpiece off.

"You have the right to be pissed off, Ketaki." Uday said in his usual soft voice, not the hard as nails asshole voice he had used at Zincorp.

"YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!" I finally unleashed my rage. "I told you I was okay with giving you the Zincorp account. You and that pervert Sharma can make babies for all I care. Why did you have to drag me over and then kick me out?"

"I am sorry but....." Uday said.

"And what the fuck is this bullshit about me reporting to you? I am NOT reporting to you, you dipshit."

"Of course, but you see..."

"I am taking this straight to Satish. The stunt you pulled in there should get you a warning, if not a pink slip. I have never been so humiliated........"

I went on in that vein, yelling at Uday for a good ten minutes until I ran out of breath. He gave up trying to interject and just listened to me yell with a contrite look on his face.

"Take me back to our office." I said, folded my hands and looked away.

"Okay, now that you have said your piece, will you let me say mine?" Uday said. I stayed silent.

"Ketaki, listen. I really like you. I think you are smart, talented, tough as nails, and of course very beautiful. Have I ever been rude with you before? Ever?"

"No...." I said.

"So shouldn't it be obvious that I was just putting on an act? Playing out a routine?"

"A routine?"

"Let me explain." Uday said turning sideways to face me. "You have been after Zincorp and this Sharma idiot for what, three years now?"


"And he's yet to give you an order?"

"I told you about the price demands and....."

"Forget all that. The point is, this guy does not....well....he does not like the relationship he has with you. He is not happy. I don't know exactly why. But whatever you have said or done for him in the past hasn't made him happy enough to give you even one piddly order."

I stayed silent. I still didn't see where this was going.

"Now, here's what I know. Three years, dozens of meetings, zero orders. And I saw the way he looks at you. Fucking lecher. To him, you're just a piece of meat."

"You noticed?" I asked sarcastically.

"I am not blind. But here's the thing. Other than wanting to trap you in a dark alley, this guy has problems with whatever he sees you doing as a sales rep. Maybe he is just a misogynist who thinks women should stay confined to the kitchen and bedroom. Maybe he perceives you as being too haughty."

"Haughty???" I said a little to loudly.

"The point is, if I am to come in and win this motherfucker over, I need him to like me and trust me from the word go. And quickest way to do it was act like an asshole there, blame you for not helping him out, and make him seem like I am on his side. That was the act, the routine. A bit like good cop bad cop, but instead, helpful salesman, unhelpful saleswoman."

I looked into Uday's eyes and saw an earnest sincerity. I felt my anger dissipate.

"Why didn't you tell me about it first?" I asked.

"I didn't know I would do it myself. I made that decision based solely on what I saw of him in the first minute or so. And the reason I asked you to leave was to not have to keep berating you. And to make him open up to me about you."

"So what did he say about me?"

"Whatever he said was utter bullshit and totally untrue. You're a great sales rep. He is the asshole. But the point is, we have to arm twist that asshole into giving us the orders. And this is the best way to get him to do it. I make him believe I am his savior, his friend, his advocate, and make him sign on the dotted line. At the prices we want."

I began to get some idea of why Uday had such a great record of winning unwinnable accounts. He seemed to have a take no prisoners approach to sales, one that made the customers believe he was on their side.

"So is this how it will be with Zincorp? You will be the preening asshole and I will be the bumbling idiot? I am not sure if I can take it."

Uday took my hand into his and gently squeezed it.

"Ketaki, it's your decision. If it makes you uncomfortable, we can drop it. Just be normal. But I am telling you, based on my conversations with him that he is much more likely to give the order to Uday the asshole than Uday the nice guy or Ketaki the nice lady."

I looked at Uday. He continued,

"Just remember, whatever I say or do will be an act. must be obvious to you how I REALLY feel about you."

He raised my hand to his mouth and kissed me on on the fingers gently. Awkwardly, I pulled my hand back.

"Uday...." I said, not sure about what to say next.

"Ketaki, surely you are attracted to me too." Uday said, leaning towards me until his face was a few inches away from mine.

I looked at his handsome face and into his deep brown eyes. He raised his hand and gently rubbed the back of his fingers against my cheek. His touch sent a shiver up my spine. At 26, he was about six years younger than me, but I was acting like a teenager with a huge crush on the coolest guy in school.

The previous night, he had leaned in to kiss me and I had let him. Somehow I felt it was my turn and leaned forward, meeting his lips with mine. He pushed his tongue in and I met it with my own. Then Uday put his hand on my back and pulled me into a closer embrace.

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RE: Indian Wife and the Star Sales Guy
"Right there in the car!!?? Were there people around?" Bhakti asked with a shocked expression on her face. Her coffee was sitting there untouched. After work, I had almost dragged her to the coffee shop and started spilling my guts.

"I don't think so. I didn't see anyone."

"Is he a good kisser?"

"Amazing. Really gentle and passionate. Of course, I haven't kissed anyone but Manish in a decade." Manish and I had started dating when I was in the final year of my bachelors degree.

"So what else happened? Did you do it in the car?"

"You mean have sex? No way!" I said laughing. "We made out for about five minutes. Then one of my clients called. And he drove me back to the office. I finished my work and came to you."

"Hmmm.." Bhakti stirre her now cold coffee and took a thoughtful sip. "So what next, Ketaki? What's the plan?"

"Plan? What plan? You think I planned all this? It just happened."

"Okay, so have you thought about how far you're willing to take this?"

"I am not sure." I honestly replied. "I mean, the guy is dreamy and charming and very smart. But I am married to Manish. And for all his flaws, I do love Manish."

"Are you falling for Uday?"

"No!" I replied a little too quickly.

"Are you sure? Because remember, he is a young guy. And quite a Casanova."

"I know, but he said to me...."

"Don't be naive Ketaki. You know guys will say anything to get laid. Uday is probably thinking of you as his next conquest. If you get too involved, he will break your heart and move on to the next conquest."

"So wait..." I was confused. "Now you're telling me to nip this in the bud? After putting the idea of Uday in my head?"

"No, dumbo!" Bhakti patted me on the head. "I am saying he is probably thinking of you as just a fling. And that's how you should also think of him. Just a fling. And if you like him enough to carry and raise his child, a sperm donor you sleep with."

I listened and nodded.

"I am serious Ketaki. DO NOT fall for the guy. I know how you can get caught in the flow. If you see a danger of that happening, then yes, end it. But if you can keep a distance, then have a fling, get knocked up, and then raise the baby with Manish."


Two days later, Uday and I were again working on the Zincorp account file, figuring out the right configuration to pitch and the tentative price. We had another meeting scheduled with Sharma the next day. Since our kiss in the car, we had acted normally with each other in the company of our colleagues. But once in a while I found myself staring at him, and often caught him staring back at me. When he sent me a professional sounding email asking if I could stay back late to work on the Zincorp proposal, I agreed. I was anticipating something more. But I was also mindful of Bhakti's warning to not get emotionally involved.

Despite the sexual tension between us, we were able to focus on work. There were a few other people who had stayed back late to work. They started leaving one by one. Finally at about 9:30pm, the last person apart from the two of us, another salesman, left the office. We both watched him through the open conference room door, walking towards the elevator and get in. He waved goodbye to us, and we waved back.

As soon as the elevator door closed, Uday sprang from his chair and rushed to the door. He closed the door and deadbolted it.

"Wow, you are fast!" I said, laughing.

"Don't worry." Uday gracefully came close to me and pulled me up from the chair. "I am not fast in all aspects, if you know what I mean."

He pushed me to the wall, grabbed my hands with his and raised them above my head. He then started kissing me passionately. Holding both my hands on top of my head with just one hand, he then moved his other hand lower and started massaging my breasts over my top. Even through the fabric and my bra, he was able to locate my nipples and rub against them. I am very sensitive to anything done to my nipples and I started getting turned on. Our kissing got even more intense, our tongues in a non-stop dance.

I did not resist when he started unbuttoning my top. In a few seconds, he had all the buttons opened, and stepped back to look at me. My breasts were contained in a black 34DD bra.

"Gorgeous!" Uday breathlessly said and buried his nose in my cleavage. As his nose and lips played with my boobs, his hand went back and unhooked the bra. The bra fell forward slightly, and Uday immediately raised the cups, exposing my breasts to his eyes.

"I have been wanting to see these since the day I met you. They are so big and yet so...firm. And such lovely nipples." Uday flicked my left nipple with his tongue and I shuddered. He played with my boobs with one hand and started kissing me again.

That's when my phone rang. I cursed as Uday stepped back and went to get my phone.

"It says Manish." he said, handing me the phone.

"Hi honey." I said in an extra sweet voice.

"Where are you? Still at work?" Manish asked.

"Yeah, preparing for an important meeting tomorrow." I said, pulling the bra cups down to cover my boobs. It seemed off to have them exposed to my lover when talking to my husband on the phone. As if understanding the sentiment, Uday stepped behind me and carefully hooked the bra back up.

"How late are you going to be?" Manish said. Then added, "I miss you."

"I miss you too honey." I said, buttoning up my shirt. "I will be leaving soon. Should be home by about 1030."

Uday must have shared in the weirdness of my husband calling just as we were crossing new frontiers in our fling. He started gathering the documents.

"Sorry Uday, I need to...."

"It's okay. I understand." he came up to me and gave me a short but gentle kiss on my lips. Then started packing up his bag.

That night, Manish was extra horny for some reason and so was I. We had sex as soon as I got home and again an hour later. Manish's big dick performed admirably that night, but all I could think of was Uday. I felt guilty imagining that everything I was doing in bed was with Uday. But it helped me get an orgasm after ages.

to be continued...
The next morning, I followed Uday into Sharma's office. The fat sloth again cast that lecherous look at me, and flashed me a disgusting smile.

"Good to see you both. Have a seat."

"Thanks Sharmaji." Uday said. "Today I have for you a few configurations that will be great for your setup."

"Your configurations are always great, Uday." Sharma said. "It's the price and the delivery...."

"Of course, we'll get to that. But first, look at these charts. Ketaki." Uday snapped his fingers. He was getting into the domineering role. This time I did not mind it.

I took out the charts and handed them to Uday. For the next fifteen minutes, Uday explained the technical aspects of our product. As I listened, I felt tempted to jump in at several points. Uday still did not know our products inside out and was making a few mistakes or leaving out some crucial information. But I did not want to upset his routine, so I kept silent. As it is, Sharma was engrossed in Uday's spiel, all but eating out of his hand.

"All this sounds great." Sharma said when Uday finished his pitch. "But what about the price?"

"Ketaki?" Uday snapped his fingers again.

I pulled out my laptop and opened our firm's pricing program. I entered the details of the configuration and hit a few buttons.

"For the Nashik plant, it will be Rupees 7850000. And for the...."

"What????" Uday almost yelled. "That is ridiculous!"

"It is very high." Sharma said shaking his head.

"It already has the discount factored in and besides..." I started explaining.

"Shut up Ketaki." Uday glowered at me. "Just shut up. I gave you one thing to do. Talk to the finance guys and come up with a decent price."

"Yes, but I did...." I tried to sound sincerely sorry. This time, Uday had gone over this routine with me before the meting, so I was expecting all this.

"You did nothing. You are useless!" Uday said and banged his fist on the table.

"Now now, Uday. It's okay." Sharma squirmed at the yelling I was getting. "We can just have her..."

"What we will have her do is get out of this room, sit in the lobby and talk to the finance guys for a better price."

"Okay." I said and picked up my laptop.

"Try not to come back with another insulting price. You might not care about customers but I do!" Uday added as I walked out.

I strolled to the lobby and sat on the couch. There was no call made to the finance guys. I just sat there checking my email and various news websites. Twenty minutes later, the receptionist got a call asking for me to go back to Sharma's office.

"The finance guys are working on your request, Uday."

"Yeah, that's fine. Stay on top of it, understood? Now sit down!"

I sat in the chair, and looked at Sharma. His expression seemed somehow even more lecherous than usual.

"I liked the configuration and am convinced about the long term benefits of your product." Sharma said.

"See Ketaki, this is how sales is done." Uday added.

"Now, I need to take this to the big guys like the India level operations and finance officers, and the Asia-Pacific bosses." Sharma said.

"Sharmaji thinks they will be very impressed with what we have to offer." Uday said.

"This weekend, we have a Zincorp leadership conference in Khandala." Sharma said, pushing a brochure in my direction. "I will be going. All the big bosses will be there. We even have a tentative confirmation from the worldwide COO of the company."

"I see." I said, not sure where this was going.

"Why don't you two come to Khandala and meet with some of the big boys? I think we can expedite this process a lot faster if they hear the pitch in person."

"Oh, this weekend?" I said, remembering that it was Bhakti's birthday party on Saturday. "I have to...."

"Cancel it!" Uday thundered.

"Okay." I slowly said.

"It will be a fun event." Sharma said to me. "We have a lot of impressive speakers, great entertainment, and it is at the poshest new resort in Khandala. You can come in Friday night. We'll have dinner and a few drinks. Then Saturday at the conference, I will introduce you two to the big guys."

"Sounds fantastic!" Uday said and put his hand on my shoulder. "Ketaki and I will be there. Ketaki, remember to book a car for us."

"Yes, Uday." I said.


Back in the car, Uday asked me,

"Hey, sorry to be brusque about the Khandala thing. Is it possible for you to come?"

"I have to attend Bhakti's birthday party Saturday night. As long as we can leave Saturday evening, I am fine with it."

"Great." Uday said and put his car into gear.

Twenty minutes later, he pulled into the same spot as last time near Film City and turned the engine off. As if on autopilot, we were drawn to each other and started making out. As we kissed, I put my hand into his shirt and felt his chiseled torso. He was fondling my breasts.

"I am really looking forward to this weekend in Khandala with you." Uday said between kisses.

"Me too." I replied. As soon as I had heard about the Khandala conference, my mind had recognized it as a legitimate reason to go out of town and away from Manish. A bit of quick period math also told me that's around the time I would be at my most fertile.



"I am in love with you."

I froze. Where did love come from? I stayed still as Uday kept kissing and fondling me.

"I really love you Ketaki." he said again.

"Okay." I said.

Uday pulled back, looking embarrassed.

"Sorry. I shouldn't have said that." he said and straightened his shirt and buttoned it up.

"No, it's okay." I said, unsure of how to respond.

"Forget I said that. Let's just go back to the office."


"Love? LOVE? Please!" Bhakti scoffed.

"He sounded very sincere." I said.

"He is just closing the deal like any sales rep. Just wants to make sure...."

"No Bhakti, I think he means it."

"Okay, let's say he does mean it. So what? Are you going to dump Manish for him?"

" don't think so."

"Are you sure?"

I thought a bit more about the question I had been grappling with all day. Did Uday really love me? And what did I feel for him? And for Manish?

"Yes." I said, trying to convince myself.

"Listen to me. This Khandala trip is a great opportunity. Sleep with him. Stay back Saturday night if you have to. Forget my birthday party. Get enough of his semen in you to give yourself a good chance of getting pregnant. Then end it."

"Yeah." I said. Then remembering the real reason for meeting her, "Bhakti, did you get what I asked for?"

She reached into her bag, took out a slender file folder, and pushed it towards me across the table.

"It wasn't difficult getting it at all. You're lucky I am in HR. I've gone through it. Nothing major to worry about. Just occasional low blood pressure."

I opened the file and started perusing the doctor's report on Uday's physical exam that was mandatory when joining the company.

"No HIV or any other STDs. That's the main thing." I noted.

"Yeah, and even in terms of how good his genes are, no family history of heart trouble, diabetes or any other congenital defects."

I finished going through as much of the report as I could understand and handed it back to Bhakti.

"Ketaki, even if you were to go look for a sample from a sperm bank, you wouldn't be as sure of a great set of genes as Uday's. And we already know his boys can swim. So go get knocked up. But end it right away."

I nodded and took another sip of the coffee.


All day Friday, I was on pins and needles. I had taken a pregnancy test that morning and unsurprisingly it had returned negative. I packed a small suitcase with enough clothes for two days. When I told Manish I was going to Khandala to meet some clients with a new colleague named Uday, he had just nodded. I frequently went out of town for sales calls or conferences, so it wasn't unusual.

But I knew it was unusual. After seven years of marriage, I had almost forgotten how it felt to be nervously excited about spending a night with a guy. I couldn't just pack any random formal clothes like I usually did for such visits. It was going to be the first and possibly the last date night with a handsome young stud. Although the primary purpose of this entire endeavor was getting pregnant by top quality seed, I was also looking forward to the romantic aspect of the night. Being wined and dined, wearing an alluring dress, make up, and finally spending an entire night (hopefully) making love. I carefully chose some of my sexiest sets of underwear, including lacy ones as well as thongs, and decided to pick the final combination later.

When I was almost done packing, I also remembered something crucial. Over the years, I had all but given up shaving or waxing. If I was going to wear a sexy dress with sexy underwear, I needed to. I spent half an hour shaving my legs and my pubic area, as well as my arms. As I ran my fingers over my smooth bald pussy, the reality of the impending night sank in even further, leading to even more butterflies in my stomach. Was this really such a good idea? Maybe I could just convince Manish to get tested, and if there was nothing that could be done about his problem, go in for a sperm donor.

But then Bhakti's words came back to me. Even if I go looking for a sperm donor, few were likely to be carrying genetic material superior to Uday's. And even if I kept that cold hard practical fact aside, I had to admit that I was looking forward to sleeping with Uday. This new dalliance had brought a new excitement to my life and made me feel more like a sexy virile woman than ever before.

At work, I spent the entire time before lunch daydreaming about how that evening and night would go. I was supposed to go over the configurations for the meetings with Zincorp's top brass, but I could barely focus. I pictured Uday and me going to a fancy restaurant, having wine and a gourmet dinner. Maybe we would dance a little. Manish wasn't much of a dancer and I always missed that. But Uday's graceful body language hinted at him being an adept dancer. Then, he would take me back to his room. or my room. We would have to get separate rooms for appearances sake when we claimed expenses after coming back. We would kiss....ah...those lips of his....I would gorge on his perfectly toned chest. Then he would go down on me and get me wet. Uday was a playboy, so I was sure he was great at going down on me. And then.....

"Hi Ketaki."

Uday's smiling dreamy face and broad shoulders materialized above my cubicle wall.

"Hi Uday." I blushed, finding the object of my daydreams in flesh in front of me.

"Do you have the alternative specifications for Zincorp's Nashik plant ready yet?"

"Sorry, not yet. I'll have them ready soon."

"Great. Whenever you can get them ready. I'd like to go over them as soon as I can so that....." Uday looked around to make sure no one was watching and then winked at me, "so that I am free all night."

I blushed again and nodded.

"Just email them to me whenever you can. And you'll be ready to go at 4?"

"Yup." I said, pointing at my valise.

"Great. I'll see you then."

As Uday walked away I got up and caught a glimpse of his butt. Even in formal pants, it looked so perfectly shaped, so well toned, so imminently grabbable. Pop culture spends so much time discussing whether a guy loves women's boobs or ass, but there is very little discussion on what women like in men. I love a well toned butt as much as I like well toned chests.

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RE: Indian Wife and the Star Sales Guy
Finally the hour hand on the clock crawled to 4. I walked with Uday to his car in the company's parking lot. The moment of truth would soon be upon me. I was walking with the man I found myself hopelessly attracted to, the man I was looking forward to getting seduced by, and the man who would be the father of my child without knowing it. Whenever we passed someone in the hallway, I imagined them looking at me with a sly expression that said "Ketaki, you naughty girl!"

We got to Uday's car. He took my work bag and valise and put it in the back seat. We got in the car and snapped our seatbelts on.

"You look so beautiful.... I wish I could kiss you right away." Uday looked around at a handful of drivers and security guards in the parking lot. "But I can't yet."

"All in good time." I smiled.

"For tonight's dinner, I have looked up a few restaurants online. But the ones in the resort seem to be the best."

"Oh." I said, a little disappointed. "I was hoping to go somewhere else. So you and I can.....spend time away from the prying eyes of Zincorp people whom we'll meet the next day."

"Hmm, good point. But Sharma sent me a text message to confirm plans for dinner at the resort." Uday saw me frown and hurriedly continued, "But don't worry. We'll just spend 30-45 minutes with him, make some excuse and go somewhere else."

"Awesome!" I said happily.

Uday reached into the back seat and fished out a plastic bag with the name of a very well known Bombay designer on it.

"I got this for you. For tonight."

"Oh, you didn't have to. I packed enough of my own clothes." I said, reaching into the bag.

It had two boxes. The bigger box revealed a black sequin dress. It looked very elegant and very expensive. I unfolded it and examined it further. It had no sleeves or even shoulders.

"This is a tube dress!" I said, surprised.

"Yes, I got a boner just thinking of how you'd look in it. Too much?"

"No. Not at all. It's lovely. It's just that.....I haven't worn anything this revealing in ages. And if we're meeting Sharma... you know how he stares at me even when I am wearing boring clothes. In this...."

"Oh fuck Sharma!" Uday said. "If anything, it'll be great to see him squirm at the sight of you in this dress. Will make him even more uncomfortable and pliable. Who cares if he ogles? Like you said, he ogles no matter what you wear."

"True." I said.

"Anyway, it's up to you. You don't have to wear it if you feel uncomfortable." Uday shrugged.

"I'll decide when we get to the hotel." I said.

The drive through Bombay traffic in the evening was brutal, even though we started a little before rush hour. It took us an hour just to get to Chembur, and from there, another hour until we reached the Bombay-Pune Expressway. For those two hours, Uday and I kept talking about various things from office politics to sales stories to music and movies and books. Uday was seriously the easiest person to talk to.

The traffic thinned on the expressway and we the car move a lot faster. Uday slid a CD into the player and Jazz filled the air. The jungle of ugly rectangular cement buildings that is Navi Mumbai soon gave way to lush green hills bathed in twilight. I put my head back and felt relaxed for the first time that day, coming to terms with what was about to happen. I had it all rationalized - yes, I was planning to cheat on my husband, but not for long. And for the sake of having a child to raise with him. And the motivation for it was his pigheadedness. If I happened to enjoy being wooed by a dishy guy as it happened, well, there was nothing wrong with it. It did not make me a bad person. Just made me human.

As we neared the Khopoli exit, Uday changed lanes. And took the exit ramp. It was almost dark now.

"We have enough time to make a short detour. Just wanted to show you a great scenic view I discovered when visiting some clients around Khopoli."

"Okay." I said, but smiled at the suspicion that Uday might have an ulterior motive.

Uday took the exit and got on a local road. He took another smaller road, then a much smaller one until we were driving surrounded by trees and the occasional building. Ten minutes later, he turned on a tiny unpaved road, and brought the car to a stop in a spot surrounded by trees. I looked around. I could not see a scenic view, just trees and bushes.

Uday turned the ignition off and got out of the car. He walked around to the passenger side, opened the door and extended his hand to me. Smiling, I took it and got out.

"Sorry Ketaki, I lied about the view. I just couldn't wait."

He pulled me into a tight embrace and started kissing me. I kissed him back, wrapping my arms around him. He held me in his embrace and kept kissing me as he pushed me towards the back of the car. He then picked me up and sat me on the trunk of the car.

"Ohhhh Ketaki..... you are so incredible...." he said, holding me tight in his arms.

I pushed him away slightly. He took a step back, puzzled. I smiled, then grabbed him by the collar and pulled him closer. I started kissing him and unbuttoning his shirt, feeling his chest as I did so. He responded by unbuttoning my top at the same time. I pulled his shirt off just before he pulled my top off, and we threw them on the grass. We stood there, slightly breathless, me with my bra exposed and he with his undershirt exposed.

I looked around to make sure no one was watching us.

"Don't worry. I know this spot. No danger of anyone seeing us."

Uday took a step back and in one graceful motion, took off his undershirt and threw it on the ground. I stared at the sculpted chest I had been dreaming about since that pool party, and reciprocated by reaching back to unhook my bra. I threw my bra on top of his undershirt on the ground and pulled him closer to me. For the next few seconds, both of us stared at each other's chests. Then I made the first move, running my fingers over his pecs and abs. So tight and well defined! So evident of hours spent in the gym. Why couldn't Manish work out?

Manish? Where did that thought come from? I quickly banished my husband's face from my mind and got back to feeling Uday's chest. He raised his hands and cupped my massive boobs and started massaging them. For the next few minutes, our hands bumped against each other continuously as we admired each other's chests. Then I pulled him forward until he was inches away from me. I took my tongue out, and started licking his chest and abs.

No matter how much deodorant you wear and how long you stay in AC surroundings, Mumbai's humid weather ensures that you're coated in a layer of sweat by the end of the day. So I wasn't surprised when Uday's chest tasted mildly salty. But more than the taste, I noticed the contours. As I slobbered over his chest, Uday put his hands on my back and using just his fingernails, started tracing 8s on my back. That sent shivers up my spine.

After letting me savor his chest for a couple of minutes, Uday gently pushed me back and put his mouth on my left nipple. He sucked hard, rolling around my nipple with his tongue. He then gave the other nipple the same treatment, and soon they were both hard.

"Ketaki, your nipples are by far the biggest and the most beautiful that I have seen."

He then started licking my breasts, from the bottom where the curve of the fatty flesh met the ribs to the top. As he did that, I wondered if my skin tasted as salty as his. I then felt my right hand reach for his crotch, as if on its own. The bulge was noticeable. With some effort, I unbuckled his belt with just one hand and then unbuttoned his trousers. Reaching into his underwear, I touched the first penis apart from my husband's in a decade. It was almost completely hard.

My fingers traced the length of his dick. Not bad, I thought to myself, not bad at all. It did not seem as big as Manish's but wasn't tiny either. My first guess about its length was six and a half inches with above average girth. I also noted with some amusement that I could not feel any hair. Uday had shaved his pubic area, just like I had! As I started running my fingers over his dick, Uday let go of my boobs. Immediately, I slid down from the car's trunk and was on my knees in front of him. I got my first look at this unknown cock.

It looked..... foreign. Unknown. But it also carried the allure of the unknown. I gripped it in my right hand and pumped it a few times. Like all Hindu men, Uday was uncircumcised. I don't know why I noticed it. Manish was uncircumcised too. But I guess the sight of a new dick made me note every aspect. For some reason, I was reminded me of the two circumcised dicks I had seen - a Muslim guy I dated in college before Manish, and an Israeli guy I had hooked up with on a trip to Goa right before college. I then found myself wondering about whether circumcision makes any difference.

Hmmm.... giving a blowjob to a circumcised guy was certainly easier, in terms of making him cum. The exposed head was more sensitive, and focusing on it made the guy cum a lot sooner. In terms of appearance, I wasn't sure which was better. The circumcised ones, with their helmet head prominent, looked a bit like a mushroom. The uncircumcised ones seemed like sausages wearing polo necks. They seemed more dignified. But then again......

My mind was indulging in this utterly random train of thought as I kept running my hands over Uday's dick. Finally, he seemed to lose patience and I felt him put his hands on the back of my head and pull it closer to his crotch. I move my fingers to the base of his dick, opened my mouth, and took it in. Ah, that salty sweaty taste again. I rolled my tongue over the tip of the dick and tasted the precum. Only slightly different from Manish.

I moved my head back and forth, gripping my lips and tongue firmly around Uday's dick. With my right hand, I cupped his shaved balls and played with them. For the first time in almost a decade, I found myself giving some thought to my blowjob technique. In my pre-Manish days, the guys I had been with had generally been happy with my blowjobs. And why wouldn't they be? It was something I took a conscious effort to work on. In my late teens, in the late 90s, the internet had made its way to India and I with some like-minded friends, looked up a lot of things related to sexual technique. I worked on my technique and by the time Manish entered my life, I am glad to say I was very good at it. But after I decided Manish was THE one, I hadn't given it much thought. He was happy with the way I sucked his dick. The blowjob technique was part of many other things that had settled into a routine of familiarity.

But now, I found myself wondering if I was doing it right. I was just doing the same thing that I did to Manish. But my husband's dick was much bigger. Did it work well with Uday? Suddenly, a rebuke popped up in my mind. What's wrong with you!!?? This guy's dick is smaller than your husband's! Why are you sucking it instead of being with your husband?

That rebuke made me pull back for an instant. Uday's dick was rock solid in front of me. I tried to fight off the residual feeling of guilt and resume the blowjob. But I felt Uday's hands grasp my arms and pull me up. I stood up looking him in his eyes. I saw a hungriness in his eyes that I hadn't seen in Manish's eyes in ages. He kissed me again. I marveled at how even after all this time, a kiss from him sent tingles all over my body. I felt his fingers at my waist. He was unbuttoning my formal trousers. In seconds, he had the buttons open and the zip down.

I felt a teensy scratch from Uday's nails as he put both his thumbs inside the waistband of my trousers and my panties. The fabric rubbed against my thighs as he slid my pants down. Soon, there was a bunch of fabric around my ankles. I still had my platforms on. I carefully stepped out of my trousers and panties. And stood kissing my lover wearing nothing but my shoes.

I was stark naked in an open field in the Khopoli countryside with a man six years younger to me who was not my husband. My mind finally took note of my pussy which was wet with all of Uday's ministrations. Uday must have taken note of it too because he immediately put his fingers in it. Two of his fingers entered my pussy and his thumb started playing with my clit. The overwhelming euphoria of this new touch made me bend forward and wrap my hands around Uday. And we stood there, me hugging him tight as his hands played with my pussy and clit. As his fingers worked their magic, I heard a moan escape from my lips.

Uday was at it for a couple of minutes. He then took his right hand away from my pussy and put it on my waist. The left hand also grabbed my waist on the other side. And I felt myself being hoisted on to the trunk of his car. As the cold surface of the trunk's lid made contact with my bare butt cheeks, I felt goosebumps rise all over my body. The goosebumps were amplified when Uday pushed me so that my back was touching the trunk's lid and the back window. He then grabbed hold of my knees and raised them.

And there I was. It was completely dark by then. The only light was from the half moon and the stars in the sky. And I was sprawled on the back of my lover's car, completely naked, my bare boobs slightly dangling off the edges of my torso, my thighs open, my pussy completely visible and accessible to him. I looked down and saw Uday's erect cock. I was hoping, praying, begging for it to enter me. But it didn't. Not then anyway.

Uday, driven by some sense of chivalry, decided that since I had gone down on him, he had to reciprocate. I saw his face descend towards my crotch. And felt the tip of his tongue zero in on my clit.

"MMMMHHHHHHHHHHHH" I moaned loudly as Uday's tongue found the right spot. I squirmed as his tongue continued giving me pleasure. I squirmed so much that his tongue kept losing touch with my clit. So had to put a hand on my stomach to stabilize me. With the fingers of his other hand, he kept my labia open as his tongue continued its seduction of my clit. I closed my eyes and then opened them, staring at the stars in the sky. I wasn't sure which stars were really there and which stars were the result of Uday's tongue lapping at my clit.

He poked and played with my clit, gently at times, and furiously at others. He varied the pace of his tongue's strokes with the expertise of someone who had gone down on dozens of women. He was a playboy after all! At one point of time, I could sense an orgasm just seconds away. But he backed off, making me groan in disappointment. He started again, bringing me to the brink in a couple of minutes. But then backed off again, as if knowingly denying me an orgasm. I was frustrated. I moved my right hand down to my clit to finish the job myself.

But Uday grabbed my wrist. And with some force, pushed it up so that my hand banged against the back window. He grabbed my other hand, and slapped it against the back window as well. I was in his grasp, my hands over my head, my thighs open. Uday then took a step forward, and I felt the tip of his cock touch my labia. I arched my back and thrust my hips forward in anticipation. This is it, I said to myself. It is about to happen. I am about to get.........


Just saying that word in my mind made me shudder. I felt my hips jerk in anticipation of Uday's dick entering my! Given the circumstances, cunt semed like a more appropriate word. I closed my eyes and waited.

But the dick didn't enter my cunt. Instead I felt its tip retreat from my labia. I then felt his hands let go of my wrists. I opened my eyes and saw him back away. He bent down, picked up his pants, looked at me, and smiled, saying,

"Sorry....forgot the condom!"

As Uday put his hands into his pants' pockets and took out the familiar shining square of a condom wrapper, I resisted the urge to slap my forehead.



The basic point of this whole adventure was to get me pregnant. A condom, to put it lightly, presented an obstacle towards that end.

But I couldn't just come out and say to the guy "Hey dude, it's okay. No need to use a condom. I just want to have your baby. I have seen your confidential medical file and know you don't have an STD. So just fuck me, deposit your seed, and knock me up."

So what could I say?

It might surprise you to know that when you are stark naked on your back, with your thighs parted on a car's trunk in the middle of random woods in Khopoli, your cognitive skills are not at their sharpest. I had no idea how to stop him from using a condom. Nothing came to mind.

So I just watched, aghast, as Uday slipped a condom over his dick and resumed his position. I felt his right hand go under my left armpit and then his left hand go under my right armpit. With his hands on my shoulder blades, Uday took a step forward. And finally, his dick entered my pussy. No, my cunt.

I won't lie to you. Being used to Manish's significantly larger dick, Uday's didn't register in my mind right away. It seemed less like a lover fucking me and more like an OB-GYN probing me politely. Also, the condom felt a lot less exciting than skin. In that sense, it was a bit of an anti-climax. But from the look on Uday's face, he seemed to enjoy it.

"Fuck Ketaki! You are so warm and tight!"

Uday exclaimed, and bucked his hips forward, thrusting the whole length of his dick into my cunt. My cunt, accustomed to greater lengths and girths, accommodated him with ease. And I felt a pulse of pleasure originate in my cunt and pulse through my body.

I turned my gaze downwards, towards his pecs and abs as they glistened in the moonlight. Ah yes, the sculpting that first made me lust after this man. I brought my right hand between us and started rubbing my fingers over his chest. But for some reason, Uday grabbed my fingers and returned my hand to its original position on the back window of the car.

Then he brought his face close to mine and started kissing me. That felt good. He was an awesome kisser, even if his dick was smaller than my husband's. And then, he started fucking me harder. I felt his condom-covered dick rub against and poke at the interiors of my vagina. cunt. Within a few seconds, he had increased his tempo to a furious speed.

Whoa, slow down Tiger, I felt like saying to him. If you fuck me that fast, you'll cum in no time. But his lips covered mine, rendering it impossible to mutter even the slightest protestations.


The silence of the rural Khopoli countryside was disturbed by the loud sounds of Uday's thighs slapping against mine as he fucked me at ever increasing speeds. I was enjoying this intense assault, with tidal waves of pleasures surging through my body. But I was distracted by the worry that all this might end soon with him cumming any moment.

Except he didn't!

Uday kept fucking me at ever increasing speeds until my mind went from worrying about him cumming too soon or dislocating his hipbone to just enjoying the sensation of his dick assaulting the insides of my cunt. Soon I realized that I was getting more pleasure from Uday's dick than Manish's larger dick had ever given me! At that stage, I decided to just lay back and enjoy this fucking I was getting. My moans grew louder.

"Ohhhh Ketaki....your pussy is so amazinggggg" Uday croaked as he fucked me.

Usually I wasn't much of a talker in bed and neither was Manish. But Uday seemed to like giving feedback during sex so I felt obligated to say something in response.

"Ohhh are so big and powerful."

As soon as I said it, it sounded hokey in my mind, but Uday seemed to like it. He upped his speed even more. The THWAP THWAP sounds of our thighs got even louder. I felt an orgasm approaching as Uday continued to pound my cunt faster than Manish ever had. I closed my eyes and willed the orgasm to hit me soon.


I yelled, urging Uday on. He moved his hands to my chest and grabbed my boobs, continuing to pound my cunt hard. Then, just as I sensed that my orgasm was around the corner, he yelled,

"FUCK! I am cumming! I AM CUMMINGGGG!!!!"

I felt a stream of his semen hit the insides of my cunt through the condom. Yes, he was cumming. But I groaned in disappointment at the fact that he was cumming too soon. A minute more and I would have had that elusive orgasm.

But it was not to be. Uday grabbed my boobs really hard, making me wince as he bucked his hips forward and deposited his load. It took him about 20 seconds, but at the end of it, he came to a standstill. He then bent forward, put his face in my cleavage and exhaled loudly.

"Oh Ketaki......I love you!"

There it was again. The whole messy love thing. How was I supposed to respond?

"Oh Uday.... you are so amazing!!!"

I responded.

Uday stayed inside me with his hands on my boobs for a couple of minutes. Then his dick started going limp and he pulled it out of my cunt. He stepped back, smiled at me exhaling loudly and took his condom off.

I watched carefully as Uday threw the condom into the trees. There goes the sperm I wanted inside me, I thought. Oh well, I just needed to think it through and make sure that the next time, he came inside me. Ah! I could tell him I was on the pill!

Ten minutes later, we were back on the expressway headed to Khandala. Uday wore a delighted smile on his face. I was generally contented too. It would have been perfect had my orgasm gotten time to arrive. And if he had cum inside me. But I had all night for that. I put my head on the window and closed my eyes.

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RE: Indian Wife and the Star Sales Guy
An hour later, we were at the resort in Khandala. It was almost 8 PM by then. It was perfectly located with hills in its front and hills on the back with the expressway passing right under the back balconies. Uday and I both got rooms with balconies overlooking the expressway. Uday had already gotten several texts from Sharma reminding him that we were meeting him for dinner in the continental restaurant in the resort at 9:00 p.m. That ugly old lecher was the only fly in the ointment.

"Let's meet the fat bastard for 30-45 minutes." Uday said as I opened the door to my room. "Then I'll come up with an excuse to get rid of him and continue where we left off."

I smiled, and then looked around to make sure the lobby was empty. Then I pulled Uday towards me and planted a long wet kiss on his lips.

"And remember..." Uday said as I stepped into my room. "You don't have to wear the dress I got you. Whatever you feel comfortable in is okay. I'll see you down in the continental restaurant at 9."

I closed the door and plonked my valise and my laptop bag on the bed. It was a well decorated room. I started stripping off my work clothes. Getting fucked by Uday in that remote meadow had gotten me even sweatier. I needed a shower. I got naked and went to the bathroom.

A quick shower later, I came out. Completely naked except for the towel wrapped around my hair, I walked to my valise and opened it. In it were several dresses I had packed as options for this "date night" with Uday. I picked up the first one, a dark blue dress knee length with a plunging neckline and overlapping diagonal patterns below the waist. Tried it on and looked in the mirror. It was good, but not quite perfect. Then the second one, a red backless evening gown that ended a couple of inches above my knee. Manish loved this one. The third was a jade colored figure hugging satin dress with a halter neck. The fourth was a stylish tank top with embroidery and a wrap-around skirt.

I tried all of those on one by one, but wasn't quite satisfied. Then my eyes fell on plastic bag with the dress Uday had got me. I had forgotten all about it. I took out the box, opened it, and picked up the black sequined tube dress. I held it against my naked body and looked in the mirror. Wow, it really was short. Considering my ample bosom, it would show a generous amount of cleavage at the top. And it ended just a couple of inches below my crotch. It's not like I had never worn such skimpy clothes. It's just that I hadn't worn such skimpy clothes in over a decade. No way was I wearing this.

I folded it up to put it back in the bag, when I noticed the smaller box. Oh yes, I thought to myself. There was a second box. I had seen it earlier in Bombay but forgotten all about it. I slipped it out and opened it. It had another velvet covered box inside it. I opened it and saw a beautiful necklace studded with small diamonds.

"Holy shit!" I said and dropped the necklace in shock. I bent down to pick it up, and examined it carefully. They seemed like real diamonds. Uday had spent a fortune on me! He was going all out!

I felt guilty about leading him on. He had told me on not one but two occasions that he loved me. And he had given me this super expensive necklace. And what was I doing in return? Just treating him like a fuck buddy plus sperm donor. No, it wasn't fair. I had to give it back. I could not keep it.

Then I thought a bit more. No, not about keeping the necklace. I couldn't do that. But about wearing the necklace for the night, and returning it to him only when we got back to Bombay. He had put a lot of thought and effort into these gifts. The least I could do was wear them on our special night. So yes, I decided, I would wear the necklace. And I would wear the sequin dress. So what if Sharma stared? Who cared? It would make Uday happy.

Make-up took just five minutes. I am blessed with a complexion that does not require much make-up. Some eye-liner and lipstick and I was set. I straightened my hair with the handheld iron I had packed, and made sure it looked smooth and silky black. Next came the underwear.

The dress looked snug and I didn't want even a trace of panty lines showing. So I picked up the only thong I had and slipped it on. I was not usually a big fan of thongs, but on this occasion, I had no choice. The bra came next. Usually, such a tube dress had some light padding in the bust and could be worn without a bra. But only by women with normal sized breasts. My DD monsters, if kept unshackled, would bring the dress down on their own. But an off-shoulder tube dress meant I could not wear a bra with a strap.

I rummaged through the bras I had packed and found a black half cup with detachable shoulder straps. I removed the straps and hooked on the bra. The cups covered about a third of my boobs, just about hiding my nipples. Without the straps, my jugs pushed hard against the half cups, but stayed confined.

Then I slipped on the dress Uday bought me. It was a snug fit, but not uncomfortably so. I pulled the dress up to cover the bra cups and left about an inch of cleavage on display - alluring and classy without seeming sluttish. The hemline was high for sure, but if I kept my movements elegantly restricted, I would be fine. I put on the necklace, its diamonds resting just above my cleavage. Finally, I slipped on black pencil heel shoes. I usually avoided wearing heels but this was a special occasion and a special dress.

I looked in the mirror and let out a low whistle at how hot I looked. Ketaki, you bombshell, I said to myself. Even at 32, you've still got it. My bust, encased in the strapless bra and the shimmering dress looked prominent and appealing. The necklace seemed to draw attention to the cleavage. I turned around to look at my butt. That looked great too, thanks to the heels! I hoped no random romeos tried to pinch it tonight. It was all for Uday. I stood there admiring myself for a couple of minutes more. Then reminding myself to dress up a lot more even when with Manish, I decided to get going. It was just five minutes to 9. I picked up a small black handpurse, put my cellphone and some other necessities in it, and walked out of the room.

As I walked to the elevator, I passed a busboy and two male guests, all of whom gave me lingering glances before politely looking away. Yes, I was turning heads! In the elevator, I rode with two elderly women, of whom one gave me a dirty look, and the other smiled at me and said I looked pretty.

Walking out of the elevator on the ground floor, I crossed the lobby and headed towards the restaurant. Every head, male and female, seemed to be turning to check me out. It was not an entirely unfamiliar experience. In my late teens and early college years, I had gone through a phase where I wore super short clothes. But once I got serious about my career, I started dressing professionally. I didn't want my looks to undermine my intellect and ability. I wanted to be a go-getter not a bimbo. So it had been almost a decade since I wore something this revealing.

The feeling was oddly empowering. I wasn't really insecure about my looks or my body. I was just.... I guess so secure that I had stopped thinking of it as an issue or something to flaunt. I dressed well and worked out to keep looking good. But the dressed-to-kill part of me had been devoted to Manish. This dress reminded me of how I still had what it takes.

I walked into the restaurant and saw Uday standing near the hostess with Sharma. He looked so hot with hair hair gelled, a thin gray shirt that hinted at his awesome chest, and black jeans. Uday, that is, not Sharma. Sharma was wearing nondescript shirt-and-trousers with what seemed like a new blazer. He looked as ugly as ever, but I noticed he has dyed the remnants of his hair.

The two men noticed me walk towards them. Uday's face lit up at the sight of me wearing the dress and the necklace. He smiled at me and nodded approvingly. I smiled back and stood next to him.

"Wow Ketaki! You look very beautiful!"

That praise was in Sharma's voice. I looked at him. Sure enough, he had elevated his lecherous look to stratospheric creepy heights. His mouth was open, his tongue hanging out a bit, and his wide eyes were focused firmly on my chest. Despite being used to his roving eye, I felt annoyed at how blatantly he was staring.

"Thanks." I politely said and turned my eyes back to Uday.

"Divine... absolutely divine!" Uday said, took a step forward and pecked me on the cheek. I smelled his heavenly cologne as his lips caressed my cheek, and involuntarily, I blushed. I wished Sharma wasn't there, so I could just take Uday back to my room and squeeze every living sperm out of him. Sharma had a meaningful, almost playful smile as he watched Uday and me. Suddenly, I wished Uday hadn't kissed me, even if it was on the cheek. I didn't want to get the rumor mills started.

"Your table is ready, Sir." a waiter approached us. "this way please."

"After you." Sharma extended his hand towards me. I followed the waiter, with Sharma and Uday behind me. I could almost sense Sharma's gaze burrowing into my ass as I walked. Instinctively, I made sure the hemline was down.

The waiter took us past some tables, a couple of fancy fish tanks, and a fountain. We then passed a jazz band playing in front of a small dancing floor. Past it, we walked into what seemed like the farthest corner of the restaurant. There, the waiter pointed us to a semi-circular booth. I got in, slid to the center, and immediately regretted doing it. It meant that although Uday would be on one side of me, Sharma would be on the other. If we had gotten a regular table, Uday and I could have sat on one side with the buffer of the table between me and Sharma. But now, he would be right next to me.

Uday sat to my left, and Sharma to my right. As soon as Uday sat, I slid as close to him as possible without being in his lap. For a moment, it seemed like Sharma would slide closer to me as well, but he didn't. He sat there, and addressing my cleavage, said

"So nice of you two to come."

"Thanks for having us over." Uday said and I nodded, wondering if the double entendre in Sharma's comment was intentional.

"I am sure the bosses will approve your pitch." Sharma said, still talking to my boobs. How shameless was this man? I was used to his gawking but this was getting too much. I threw Uday a quick disgusted glance.

I don't know exactly how Uday interpreted my look. He had noticed Sharma's leer too. So what he did next seemed like a "back off" sign. Uday put his right arm around my back and grabbed my right shoulder. I felt a tiny shiver as his fingers grabbed my bare skin.

"Both of us are very excited about the prospect."

Sharma noticed Uday's pull me closer and gave him a wide smile displaying his yellow teeth. The implication in the look was obvious. What Uday had just done wasn't something you do to a female colleague with whom you have a strictly professional relationship. Sharma's smile implied that he had concluded that Uday and I were having an affair. How dare he, I thought to myself. I mean yes, we were having an affair, but who was Sharma to chuckle at it?

If Uday's gesture was meant to assert some sort of territorial dominance, it didn't work. Even with Uday's arm around my shoulder, Sharma kept staring at me. He would have kept staring if the waiter hadn't interrupted. He introduced himself, handed us the menus, and rattled off the day's specials.

"Anything to drink, sir?"

I always find it annoying how waiters at even the fanciest restaurants in India treat the males in the party as the only decision makers. In my occasional travels to Europe and America, I hadn't seen this chauvinistic attitude among the wait staff. But in incredible India, it was always "Sir" who got asked such questions, not the "Mam".

"Champagne! We should have champagne!" Sharma almost leaped up.

"Great idea!" Uday said. "We should celebrate the beginning of a beautiful relationship."

As he said that, Uday gently pressed my shoulder. It did not escape Sharma's notice, who flashed that all-knowing smile again. He looked at the menu and ordered a bottle of some exotic sounding champagne. I checked the menu and saw it cost 11,000 rupees! Wow! This was going to take some justifying with the accountants in our company, no matter how big an account Zincorp was. As if reading my mind, Sharma said,

"Tonight's bill is on us at Zincorp."

"No way! You're the client!" Uday protested. "We'll take care of it."

The two of them had a short pleasant argument about who would foot the bill, which concluded with Sharma winning. He also ordered a couple of appetizers to go with the champagne and the waiter left.

"Sharmaji, why don't you tell us a bit about all the people we will be meeting tomorrow."

"Sure. Let's start with Mr. Winston, the Global VP for operations...."

As Sharma started talking, I felt Uday's right hand come off my shoulder. He put it under the table and soon I felt it on my left thigh. I almost jumped in surprise, because he grabbed my thigh hard. Sharma hadn't noticed it because the table hid it from his sight.

As Sharma droned on, Uday's fingers slowly moved up the inside of my thigh until they reached the hem of my dress. I struggled to keep a neutral impression as the fingers then reached under the dress, pushing the hemline up. In a few seconds, Uday's fingers were at my thong. He moved the fingers around the edges, and must have realized I had wearing a thong. He gently pressed his index finger against my clit, and then took his hand away.

Sharma was still talking, seemingly oblivious to what Uday had just done. He still threw the occasional glance at my face and my chest. I suppressed a coy smile as Uday ran the back of his fingers against my thigh again and took his hand away. Soon the waiter returned with the champagne and appetizers. The three of us clinked our champagne flutes and raised a toast to Zincorp. I took a couple of sips. It was very smooth and rich champagne, deserving of its price tag.

"The tequila shots." Uday said to the waiter and then turning to Sharma. "Tequila chasers are great with champagne."

I tasted one of the appetizers, a goat cheese bruschetta, and took another sip of the champagne. Sharma had already emptied his flute and the waiter rushed to refill it. As he continued to talk about the big bosses, I almost jumped out of my skin. Something really cold touched my thigh. I realized that Uday, without anyone noticing, had taken an ice cube out of the champagne bucket and was running it up and down my thigh. I squirmed a little, resisting the urge to giggle as the cold ice tickled my skin. And then Uday almost made me lose it as he put his fingers under my dress again and pressed the ice against the crotch of my thong.

I shivered visibly, and Sharma interrupted his monologue and asked,

"Are you okay, Ketaki?"

Uday immediately took the nice cube away from me and I felt relieved.

"Yes. Just felt a cold draft." I said. "Please continue. You were talking about the CFO."

Sharma stared at me, then at Uday whose face wore a coy smile. Sharma smiled meaningfully and then continued talking. The waiter returned with a tequila bottle, three shot glasses, ice and lemon. We each took a shot, and the tequila burned down my throat. It had been ages since I did tequila shots. These days I stuck to mixed drinks or wines.

"Refill!" Uday said, and the waiter complied. I took the shot again, and didn't suck on the lemon wedge this time.

In a couple of minutes, I felt the tequila's effects. I hadn't anything since lunch other than a couple of bites of the appetizers. And I always get buzzed very easily on an empty stomach. Sharma was still droning on, but with some alcohol inside me, I didn't find his voice as grating as I usually did. I just sat back and listened, looking forward to the time he would leave us alone.

"Oh I love this song." Uday said and slipped out of the booth. "Dance with me."

I took his hand and followed him to the dance floor, glad to be able to spend some time with him without Sharma hovering around. Uday put his arms around my back and I put my hands on his shoulders as we danced to the intoxicating sax number.

"Every pair of eyes is on you." Uday whispered in my ear. I looked around, noticed that indeed was the case, and blushed.

"You almost made me lose it with that ice cube." I said in mock anger.

"Haha, sorry about that." Uday said as he swiveled me around. "You have no idea how difficult it is to keep my hands off you tonight."

"I appreciate the sentiment. But could you try to keep them off while Sharma is around?"

"Oh, who cares about Sharma or anyone else? You need to stop caring so much about what other people think."

And then as if to make his point, Uday drew me close and planted a long wet hard kiss on my lips. The kiss melted my protests away. I hugged Uday and felt his muscular back with my fingers. A handful of people dancing around us noticed us amorousness and started staring. But Uday was right. Why should I care about them? I looked into the eyes of a frowning woman and kissed Uday even harder. Uday responded by putting one hand on my butt and cupping it gently. I realized I was actually feeling a bit turned on, making out in public like this.

Finally the song ended and Uday broke the kiss. We walked back to the table where Sharma was wearing an even leerier grin. He had obviously seen what Uday and I had been up to. It was now confirmed that we were more than just colleagues.

I slipped back into my seat to find a glass full of fuzzy liquid in front of me.

"I ordered us all some vodka and sprite." Sharma explained.

Not a bad choice. I wasn't a big fan of hard liquor, but vodka and sprite always agreed with him. I took a sip and was surprised at how strong it was. Must have been a double drink or as they call it here in India, Patiala peg. I had already had one champagne and two shots of tequila. This strong drink would get me beyond just buzzed and teetering on drunk territory. Which, I decided, was not such a bad thing. I always enjoyed sex a l more when drunk. Manish often commented how much more aggressive and responsive I was in bed when drunk. Maybe it helped lower the inhibitions soldered onto the mind of any attractive Indian woman raised by protective parents.

I had already gulped down half the drink when the waiter appeared for our main course ordered. I ordered poached salmon, and both the men ordered lamb chops. Uday also told the waiter to bring us three vodka martinis, his favorite drink, when our current drinks finished.

The conversation turned to the state of the industry and the economy. It was mainly Sharma and Uday doing the talking. I was sitting there, feeling the vodka strengthen its grip over me, fantasizing about riding Uday very soon. Uday must have guessed from my face that I was daydreaming about him. even as he kept talking about some upcoming IPO or other, he put his hand on my thigh. His fingers traced the familiar path under my dress and to the top of my thigh.

But this time, it went further. I felt him slide his fingers inside the side of my thong front and gently flick my clit. I let out a sharp sigh, and Sharma glanced at me. From where he was sitting, he couldn't see Uday's hand, but he clearly suspected something. Fortunately, he just threw me a curious look and resumed the mundane conversation with Uday.

Uday started gently rubbing my clit in a circular motion, and I was overcome with a feeling of arousal and panic. I tried to push his hand away but it stubbornly resisted and continued to do what it was doing. Uday's mouth seemed to have no inkling of what his hand was doing because it continued to talk to Sharma about boring stuff. I made a couple more attempts to push Uday's hand away but failed.

Oh to heck with it, I decided, took a large gulp of the drink emptying the glass, and just sat back to enjoy the fingering. He was working my clit at the perfect tempo, sending waves of pleasure up and down my body, but not quite threatening to bring on an orgasm. As this continued, I felt my cunt getting wet. Uday must have guessed that too, because after a few minutes, his thumb gently poked at the entrance of my cunt even as the other finger kept working the clit.

I inhaled sharpy as the thumb entered my cunt, and Sharma looked at me again. I smiled it him, the smile being powered mostly by bliss at what Uday was doing. Our drinks had finished so the waiter brought out the vodka martinis. I took a sip, wishing I could just close my eyes and completely relax as Uday fingered me. I reached for the olive in the drink and ate it.

"I love olives!" I said in a voice huskier than I intended, partly because of Uday's fingers.

"I don't. Here, have mine." Uday fished out the olive from him glass with his left hand and lovingly put it in my mouth. The booze had definitely lowered my inhibitions because I ate it with a very suggestive expression my face, like in some hokey porn scene, and sucked on Uday's finger for a second.

I guess Sharma loved what I did, because he clumsily fished out the olive from his glass.

"Have mine too."

Sharma slid across the semicircular seat in one quick motion until he was right next to me, his extended hand pushing the olive towards my mouth. My mouth had been open anyway, and before I could react, his stubby nicotine stained fingers had pushed the olive in.

Uh oh! Sharma had moved into a place from where he could see Uday's hand inside my dress. Uday realized it and quickly withdrew his hand, but Sharma's eyes notice the motion and saw the hand as it was retreating. I followed Sharma's gaze towards my crotch and noticed that while retreating, Uday's hand had inadvertently folded the hem of my dress up and my inner thighs, glistening with moisture, were visible. I quickly pulled the dress down.

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RE: Indian Wife and the Star Sales Guy
I couldn't bear to look Sharma in the eye. He slowly moved away into his original position, and there was an awkward silence. My heart was racing with embarrassment. I took a few more quick sips of my drink to calm my nerves.

"I have to take a leak." Sharma slid out of the booth.

As soon as he was out of earshot I turned to ask Uday to not do that again,

"Uday please don't...ohhh...

Uday has swiftly put his hand inside my dress again and instantly found the old spots. Except this time, his thumb was on my clip and he slipped two fingers into my cunt.

"Don't what?" he nonchalantly asked as he started fingering me at a pace much more rapid than before.

"Thaaaaaaaat." I said, doing my best to keep my voice low.

"But you're clearly turned on. You like it. Maybe you don't realize it but you're an exhibitionist, turned on my being fondled and kissed and fingered in front of an audience?"

"Oh my god!" was the only response I could muster up as Uday's fingers now started working at a furious speed. I grabbed the table to stabilize myself and my hips moved in response to Uday's fingering. He still managed to retain his grip.

"Sharma is gone but I think that young lady there knows what's happening."

As I writhed under the assault of the fingers, my half-closed eyes followed Uday's gaze to a table where two couples of what seemed like college students were sitting. One of the girls was staring at me and nudging her friend.

"Uday please......shit!"

My hands moved from the table to Uday's arm, which I gripped, but didn't really try to push away. I was too deep in now. I wanted that orgasm he was dragging me towards. Eyes closed, I leaned against Uday, resting my head on his shoulder as his hand started pushing towards the finish line.

A few seconds later, I opened my eyes and saw that both couples at that college kids table were now staring at me, clearly aware of what was happening. I guess Uday had a point about me having exhibitionist tendencies, because far from being frazzled by the fact that they were watching, I felt turned on.

"MMMmmmmffffff!" I bit into the rolled up fabric of Uday's shirt sleeve to muffle the involuntary utterances that the orgasm, which had started, was causing. My hips bucked, shaking the table slightly and causing the silverware on it to rattle as a tsunami of pleasure washed over me. And I lost all sense of time and place, shame or dignity, and just rode that tsunami. Finally, the orgasm subsided, and my teeth released Uday's sleeve. I had just had the most powerful orgasm of my life in full view of at least four strangers, at a table in a posh restaurant.

"I'LL HAVE WHAT SHE'S HAVING!" one of the guys accompanying the girls loudly said, making an obvious Meg Ryan joke.

Joining in the laughter were not just his friends, but also people at two other tables, indicating that I had a bigger audience than I had realized. The pleasure of the orgasm was replaced by the shame and I stared at the table as I slid the thong's crotch into place and straightened my dress. I then emptied the martini, and felt the cool warmth soothe my nerves.

"Let's go to your room. Or mine." I said, struggling to keep my voice straight.

"We still haven't eaten."

"We'll order room service."

"But Sharma is with us."

"We'll tell him I feel sick."

I looked at Uday with pleading eyes. He just smiled.

"We'll go, but let's have another dance first."

Uday took my hand and helped me up. As I stood up, I felt slightly groggy. The after-effects of the orgasm combined with the drinks had made me woozy. That's when the waiter. brought two shot glasses filled with tequila.

"Compliments of the ladies and gentlemen at that table." the waiter said.

Uday picked up the tequila, looked at the college kids, smiled, and raising the glass to them, downed it without salt or lime.

"Come on Ketaki, don't be rude."

I picked up the glass Uday handed me and downed it, then smiled shyly at the table.

As Uday led me to the dance floor, again, all eyes seemed to follow me. I wondered how many were just admiring my looks and how many were curious to see what the skimpily dressed big breasted drunk slut would do next. As I thought those words, I blushed with shame but also arousal. This wasn't me. I was a successful well educated and well respected sales rep in a top company with a glorious career ahead of me. My manager had often said he saw me as a VP by 40, and a top executive by 45. It wasn't like me to be fingered in public, drunk, by some random colleague in front of a client. I had done by best to not do anything that seemed like using my looks or flirting to get ahead. If anything, I was known as a bit of a hard-ass ice maiden.

At the same time, this was me. Or used to be me. No, I hadn't exactly been made to cum in front of an audience before, but in my late teens and early 20s, I liked to have fun pushing the envelope. I was the first girl in my traditional middle class high school to procure a vibrator that a German tourist lady living near my house sold me. During a train ride to Delhi during college, I had dragged my then-boyfriend to the train bathroom, and fucked him bent over the rickety steel wash basin. I got drunk and had one night stands. Of course, all that had ended once I got married. I had "grown up". But maybe once in a while it was not be so grown up, I told myself.

Uday held me in a tight embrace and swayed to the jazz tunes the band was cranking out. He then started fondling my butt with both hands. I opened my eyes slightly and saw a small crowd had gathered around. One of them let out a low whistle as Uday turned me around so my back was touching his chest, and then fondles my boobs. I noticed Sharma was standing at the edge of the dance floor, drinking in the sight. By now, his presence had become peripheral to my concerns.

For the next five minutes, Uday and danced like nobody was watching. Or maybe like everybody was watching, because it was something we both clearly enjoyed. Uday held me, turned me around, kissed me, groped every part of my body, and on one occasion, even picked me up and spun my around. That made my legs kick involuntarily, showing a handful of onlookers my thong.

As the song was ending, Uday hugged me, and I felt the fingers of his right hand rubbing my back over my dress. His fingers seemed to be searching something. The next second, I realized what he was searching for. The hook of my bra. Very skillfully, Uday twisted the bra from over the dress and unhooked it. That made the weight of my boobs push the bra's half cups and the dress slightly forward. I immediately put one arm over my chest.

"Whh...what are you d-doing?" I slurred.

"Shhh." Uday said, then I felt his right hand go down the front of my dress. He reached for the bra and gave it a tug. It slipped out from my dress and soon it was in Uday's hands raised over my head. I felt a draft and realized, much to my horror, that this had made my boobs spill out of the dress. My massive jugs were on display to half the restaurant, erect nipples and all. Instantly, I pulled the dress up and covered them, but a few whistles indicated that even in that short moment, several people had seen my naked boobs. The look on Sharma's face standing in the distance showed he was one of them.

"Sir your food is ready."

A waiter stepped on to the dance floor and said to Uday. Uday nodded and started leading me back to the table, bra in his hand.

My boobs, now without the shackle of a bra, kept weighing down the dress. It would keep slipping down a couple of inches as I walked, and I had to keep pulling it up. even tried holding it in place by clamping down my arms to my side but the sequin on the dress made it difficult for it to counteract the weight of my boobs. Finally we reached the table and I swayed into the seat. That motion again made the dress slip down, displaying the top half of each breast, and I pulled the dress up and sat down, relieved that now it wouldn't slide down.

The plates were laid out in front of us and the waiter brought three more glasses. I don't even remember what the drink was. Uday picked up a glass and put it to my lips, and I, thirsty from the dance floor, took a couple of big swigs. I then turned my attention towards the salmon. I was ravenously hungry. I picked up the knife and fork and started stuffing the salmon into my mouth.

Uday took a couple of bites from his lamb. Then I felt his hand on my thighs again. This time, he didn't put it under my dress. Instead, he started rolling the dress up. I tried to resist, squirming away but he kept trying, and managed to pull the front hemline all the way up to my crotch.

"No, please." I whispered.

"What happened?" Uday said and then he put his left hand over my left ear and pulled me close until our faces were almost touching.

Before I could say anything, he pulled me into a kiss. As I leaned, the front of the dress started slipping down again. I raised my right hand to pull it back up, I felt Uday's left hand move from my head to my right hip, and pull the dress up from the side and the back. My hand was caught between my boobs and Uday's chest. I then felt his right hand go lower between our bodies and hitch up the dress from the other side. The dress was now snugly rolled up around my waist, and I felt the cold leather touch my buttchees, which were mostly exposed because of the thong.

Now, except for the flimsy thong, I was completely naked from the waist down. Uday whispered in my ear in a stern voice,

"Don't you dare roll in down. Finish your drink. And eat your dinner."

I felt like defying him, but for some reason, the edge in his voice made me obey. I took a couple of big swigs of the drink, picked up my fork, and started eating. Uday's right hand returned to my thighs. He pushed my right and left thighs apart, so I was sitting there, with my legs wide open. He then slid his hand inside my thong and started fingering me again, very gently.

I decided to just give in to the moment, and focused on the food, enjoying the pleasure Uday was generating between my open legs. Even as I ate dinner, the movement of my arms made the the dress keep creeping down, and I always had to make sure I kept pulling it up. I lost sense of anything in the room apart from the salmon in front of me and Uday's fingers on my clit.

Anyone watching me from a distance, with the table hiding me from the stomach and beneath, would have thought I was simply eating my meal, occasionally struggling with a loose dress front. They wouldn't know that below the table, I was almost completely naked, with even the flimsy thong now pushed to a side. This continued for ten minutes as I downed the umpteenth drink of the night and another shot of tequila. My head was spinning, and I tod myself I should stop drinking.

So far this time, Uday had just been working my clit. Then suddenly, he inserted two fingers deep into my wet cunt in one rapid motion. That gave me a start and I almost jumped. The fork flew out of my hand, bounced on the table with a loud clink, and fell down to the floor.

"I'll get it."

Sharma's voice. Shit! I had forgotten Sharma was even there. I watched as he put his lamb chop down in the plate and bent down to pick up my fork. The drinks were really having an effect on me, because it was only a couple of seconds after Sharma disappeared beneath the table did I realize what this meant. Below the table, I am sure Sharma got a perfect close-up view of my naked thighs and hips, as well as my cunt with Uday's fingers in it.

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RE: Indian Wife and the Star Sales Guy
It was no surprise when Sharma stayed down there for much longer than it takes to pick up a fork. Then I felt his greasy finger on my shin and I yelped and tried to kick it away. But he kept fondling my shin and seemed headed towards my thigh. I reached down with my right hand to push him away. But he grabbed the hand and easily held it to the side. I felt his other hand on my thigh when,

"Excuse me, Sir. Ma'am." A distinguished looking man in a suit was standing next to our table. He bent in the waist, and addressed Sharma below the table. "You as well Sir. I am the manager of this resort."

Sharma reluctantly slid above the table and sat in his spot.

"Yes?" Uday said turning to face the manager, his but fingers still in my cunt and on my clit.

"Sorry, but this is getting too much. This is a family restaurant." the voice was polite but firm.

"Fuck you asshole." Sharma said loudly with a slight slur. "We've already paid over 20,000 rupees worth of food and drink."

"Please don't make a scene, Sir." the manager said politely. "We appreciate your business and the patronage of your company. But please understand my position. Customers are complaining, especially women."

"Fine." Uday took his hand away from my crotch.

"I am afraid I am going to ask you to go up to the room with this...." the manager shot me a contemptuous look and seemed like he was about to say whore or slut "....woman. We'll have room service send your food up."

"Okay!" Sharma shrugged and slid out of his seat.

Uday got up too, but I was unable to move. I wasn't sure which sentiment held a stronger sway over me at that time - not having my clit and cunt fingered any more or the utter shame of the manager kicking us out of the restaurant.

"Let's go Ketaki." Uday shoot me by the arm.

I slid out of the seat, feeling my head spin. I got up with some effort, stumbled, then fell back on the seat. Uday pulled me up. I looked around and realized all the tables were staring at us. No, at me. Not at my face. Not even my boobs. So then what...... oh shit! I looked down and remembered my dress was still bunched around my waist. The entire restaurant was getting a look at me almost naked from the waist down.

Quickly, I grabbed the dress by the sides at my waist and pulled it down. But I pulled it down too much. The hemline reached just above my knees, which was several inches below where it was supposed to be. So, you guessed it, my boobs popped out and swung side to side.

"Shit!" I said and pulled the dress up, finally putting it in place.

"Let's go." Uday held me up by the arm and led me away.

I was having trouble walking in the pencil heels, and kept tripping over them.

"Help me with her." Uday said.

Soon, I felt Sharma's greasy fingers grab my other arm, and with the entire room swimming in front of my eyes, I tottered along. Even in that drunken state, I noticed the looks of everyone in the restaurant as we passed by. Most of the women had shocked or disgusted looks on their faces as did some of the men. The other men were staring at me with their mouths and eyes wide open.

Finally we exited the restaurant and reached the resort elevators. Uday now took me in his arms and pushed me into the elevator. I stood in his embrace, back towards him, my head on his shoulder. My eyes were closed.

I felt some singers on my chest, going into my dress and pulling it down to expose my breasts.

"What're you doing, Sharmaji?" Uday said in an irritated voice.

"She has such amazing tits."

I felt his greasy palm on my left breast. I tried to push it away but my hand just went through air. God, how drunk was I? I couldn't even move someone's hand from my boobs without taking careful aim?

"Yeah, but no need to show them to whoever is watching the elevator camera." Uday gestured above his head and pulled my dress back up over my boobs.

Now even the elevator was spinning. I closed my eyes, because whenever I opened them, I felt like I was having a vertigo attack. The elevator came to a stop, and I felt myself being dragged through the corridor. After a few dozen steps, I heard the beep of a keycard and heard a door open. My eyes were still closed.

I was plopped down on a bed. I opened my eyes. It was a bedroom in a suite. This wasn't my room. Must be Uday's, I thought. Sharma gave me a long lingering look, then turned around and walked out the bedroom door. Ah good, finally alone with Uday.

"M....Uuday" I slurred. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

I folded up my knees and opened my thighs. Uday started unbuttoning his shirt and said,

"You don't have to ask me twice!"

Wearing just his pants, he jumped on the bed and on top of me. He pulled my dress down to my waist and started biting my boobs. I ran my fingers over his abs and his pecs. He then pushed the dress up from my thigh and soon it was rolled up around my waist. With one swift motion he took off my thong, which by now was soaked. He then unbuttoned his trousers and took out his hard erect dick.

I reached down, grabbed his dick and pulled it towards me.

"Fuck me!" I said in a throaty voice.

"Yes. Just let me slip on a condom." Uday said, reaching into his pockets.

"Noooo! No condom!" Even in that drunk and horny state, I kept focus on what the basic point of this exercise was.


"Don't wear a condom. I am on the pill." I lied. "I want to feel you inside me, skin not rubber. Come on, fuck me."

By now I was so horny, my hips bucking, begging for penetration like an animal in heat.

"Oh. But still, I prefer a condom." Uday said and took out a wrapper.

"No, please. Just fuck me like that!"

But he ignored me and slipped a condom on anyway. Ah screw it, I thought to myself. I had the entire night to convince him to fuck me bare back. I opened my thighs wide and waited. Uday put his arms under my knees, lifted them up and entered my sopping wet pussy in one motion.

Uday's dick sent waves of pleasure through my body as we fucked on the soft bed.

"I've been waiting to bang your horny cunt all night." Uday whispered, then started fucking me really hard. The motion made my boobs shake in a circular motion. As I looked at the ceiling, I felt it spin. The booze was still reigning over me. I closed my eyes and the vertigo sensation stopped.

"Ummmm.." I moaned with my eyes closed, and lost myself in the moment. All I could feel was that cock hammering me. I tried to reach forward with my hands and feel Uday's abs, but I was so drunk, my hand just moved in the air and plopped on my stomach. I giggle through my moans.

Then Uday straightened my legs and put them on his shoulders. He bent forward, making me bend in the waist, and moved his hands to my butt. Only the back of my head and the top half of my back were now resting on the bed. Rest of it was in the air. I felt a pleasant tension in my back curve at that angle, like I felt during yoga. My eyes were still closed. Uday's dick was still diligently fucking me at ever growing speeds. And with his hands under my butt, he was squeezing and fondling, occasionally poking at my asshole.

In that moment, I felt so contented. With my eyes closed, and the room silent except for the sound of our bodies slapping against each other, the only sensory stimuli for me were Uday's dick ramming my cunt and both his hands squeezing my butt. Soon I felt his fingers grab my boobs and then squeeze my nipples. Ahhhh, that felt good. Nipple-play is something I always enjoyed. I thought about what a great multi-tasked Uday was in bed. His dick was going at it rapidly at the same time his hands were squeezing my butt and simultaneously playing with my nipples.

My train of thought braked and braked hard. Huh? I slowly counted, trying to keep my head clear from the effects of alcoho. Yes, that's one hand on my right butt cheek, second on my left, and a third on my right breast. Immediately I opened my eyes and shrieked. Or tried to shriek. What came out was a half squeal half groan.

The hand on my breast was a dark and fat one with chubby fingers. It belonged to Sharma who was sitting on the bed right next to me, his yellow stinky grin just a couple of feet above my face.

"Num.....nuh......" I tried to form cogent words. Sharma grabbed my other breast and squeezed it hard. That gave me some impetus.

Using all the strength I could muster, I pushed myself away from Uday dick. Stumbling with great effort, I crawled backwards towards the head of the bed. There, I picked up a pillow and covered as much of my naked body as possible.

"What's wrong?" Uday asked, sitting on his knees with his dick hanging out.

"Him.... no...what..." I shook my head and with great effort, formed a sentence "What is he doing here?"

"What am I doing here?" Sharma shrugged. "It is my suite."


"I had just gone to the bathroom."

I sat there, my head spinning, my cunt aching to welcome back Uday's dick, and the remnants of my senses aghast that Sharma had seen me naked, getting fucked by Uday, and played with my boobs. I tried to make sense of the situation and how to react. Uday crawled close to me and put his arm around me.

"Considering how much you enjoyed the audience down there, I thought it would be kinky and nice to have an audience for sex."

"But....." I felt like saying - why him? Why this ugly smelly, disgusting, perverted fat old man? But even in that drunk naked state, my sales instinct stopped me from insulting a client.

"I've seen it all downstairs anyway." Sharma added.

"Trust me, you'll like it." Uday said, tugging at the pillow I had in front of me.

"No tul...tum.... no touching." I said, looking at Sharma, whose face looked like he had just won the lottery.

"Agreed," Sharma nodded.

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RE: Indian Wife and the Star Sales Guy
I released my grip on the pillow and Uday flung it to the side. And there I was. For the first time, fully and willfully naked in front of Sharma. Every movement my body made seemed like a vulgar gesture, the way he stared at me. Even the gentle heaving of my breasts because of my breathing seemed like something obscene.

Sharma was almost drooling as he watched Uday grab me by the hips and lay me on my back. He put my feet back on his shoulders and resumed the banging at the same speed he had left it. I closed my eyes and tried to forget about Sharma's presence. I started moaning again with every thrust, and a while later, saw that Sharma was rubbing the crotch of his pants. The sight of this dirty old man disgusted me. But Uday was right. I also felt very turned on by the fact that he was watching me from up close as I got fucked. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine myself the way he saw me. A picture formed in my head.... of my boobs shaking up and down, the flesh of my butt hanging off the bed, Uday's dick going in and out of my cunt.

"UNNNHHHHHHH........" came a sound, that too from my throat.

Maybe it was the acute awareness of being watched by Sharma, or the way I pictured myself as he saw me, or the fact that Uday had really upped his tempo, but I felt an orgasm hit me out of nowhere. Uday kept his hands firmly on my waist to anchor me down as I shook and hollered at the orgasm. I thrashed about, a bundle of goosebumps and pleasant spasms. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the orgasm subsided, and I was resting still on my back again as Uday kept fucking me.

I turned my head towards Sharma and saw that he had his dick hanging out of his pants, with his fingers wrapped around it. I looked into his eyes and tried to give him a disapproving look.

"You can't expect me to watch a sexy siren like you get fucked and not jack off to it." Sharma said in explanation.

I was trying to decide what to say when I felt Uday's dick come out of my cunt. He rolled me over and pulled me up by the waist. I was now on all fours. He gently pressed the small of my back, making me arch and thrust my butt upwards. My boobs hung heavy, with the nipples brushing against the bed sheet. Then Uday put his left knee next to mine, unfolded his right leg and put it near my shoulder, and rammed his dick in. The force almost made me fall forward, but Uday's grip on my hips held me in place.

I turned my head and noticed Sharma again, sitting with his legs folded on the bed two feet away. From this higher angle, I could get a much clearer look at his dick. I watched it with curiosity. It wasn't much in terms of length. Maybe 5 inches or so. Not much in terms of girth either. And the folds of fat above it probably made it look even smaller. It was surrounded by thick black and gray pubic hair. But what made me stare in wonder was the shape.

The dick was bent. And I don't mean curved upwards or downwards like with some guys. Sharma's erect dick was actually bent, not just curve, but bent to the left. It looked like the edge of an ice hockey stick, with the tip of his dick pointing sharply left. How the fuck does something like that happen, I wondered to myself.

"I was born with it." Sharma had noticed me gazing at his dick and guessed the question I had. "You want a closer look?"

Before my booze addled brain could string together a refusal, Sharma had slid forward and gotten on his knees. His dick was just inches from my face. Uday's thrust were making my body move back and forth, and at its forth-est, Sharma's dick almost touched my lips. Up close, it looked even more unusual. The veins running along it were also laid out in an odd pattern. And I noticed that Sharma had huge balls, disproportionately bigger than his dick.

"You can feel it if you like." Sharma gently reached for my hand, but it was supporting my body and didn't budge.

Then suddenly, Uday increased the force with which he was ramming me.

"Ahhh!" I screamed as I was thrust forward.

Sharma deserves credit for thinking on his feet. Just as that happened, he put a hand on my hair and pulled it ever so slightly towards his crotch. My mouth, open from my scream, suddenly found the unwelcome presence of Sharma's freakish dick in it.

"Mmmmfff.....mmmmm..." I tried to protest, but Sharma was having none of it. I also noted that Uday didn't say anything. Sharma's hands held my head firmly and he started gradually fucking me mouth with his dick. I fought back a gag reflex brought on by the disgusting taste of his dick which seemed like a mixture of sweat, urine, and god know what else. His pubic hair carried a waft of their own and they kept rubbing my nose and face.

The bent tip rubbed against the inside of my right cheek and my molars. As I gradually got used to the smell and the taste of his dick, I also stopped struggling. I registered this unfamiliar feeling of having a dick in my cunt and another in my mouth, like some tramp. And far from being disgusted, I actually liked it. This is the sort of stuff Ketaki from 10 years ago would have done.

My mouth went from being a reluctant host for Sharma's mouth to showering it with hospitality. I started using my tongue and lips, and made a conscious effort to suck Sharma's dick in a way he would enjoy it. I was really amused and intrigued by how its shape felt inside my mouth. As I sucked on the dick, I found my mind drifting to thoughts of how it would feel inside my cunt. Brrr.... I shook the thought away.

For about five more minutes, I was on my knees with Sharma's dick in my mouth and Uday's in my cunt. I had expected Sharma to cum in my mouth soon, but he seemed to have staying power. Uday too had been pounding me for close to half an hour now. My thighs and knees were beginning to hurt. Finally, I felt Uday's grip on my waist tighten and his fucking tempo increase. I realized he was about to cum soon.

I took Sharma's dick out of my mouth, turned my head around, and breathlessly said to Uday,


But he was too far along to register anything I said. Soon he started jerking his hips and even through the condom, I felt his jizz. Uday kept cumming for a good twenty seconds or so, and I wished the condom would break somehow. Uday's final thrust was really hard and knocked me down on my sides. I was on my side, my ass raised up sideways, my legs folded to my left, my arms under me. He withdrew his dick with a plop sound and went to the bathroom.

I lay in the position, tired, but also suddenly feeling a void in my cunt as Uday's dick had left it after such a long time. I was still lying on my side, giving, I imagine, a great view of my butt and my cunt to Sharma. Suddenly, I felt him move towards me. I saw his kick his pants off and jump on his knees behind my butt. Before I could refuse or push him away, Sharma had thrust his misshapen dick into my cunt.

"Ahhhh!!! Just as warm and tight as I have been imagining all these years!" Sharma put his hands on my hips and started fucking me.

"FUCK!!! OH GOD!!!" I heard myself scream. I had opened my mouth to tell him to get off me, but somehow it changed into cries of pleasure. The angle I was laid at, and the angle Sharma's dick was bent at had caused a happy confluence between the tip of his dick and my g-spot.

"You like that don't you?" Sharma said in a hoarse voice, and spanked my left hip a couple of times.

I just stretched out my hands along the bed, closed my eyes, and tried to come to terms with the fact that this smelly ugly old man's moderate sized dick was somehow giving me way way more pleasure than Uday's. Yes, size doesn't matter beyond a point. But still, this was a shock. It was like sifting through garbage to find a bag of gems.

My shrieks had not grown louder. I hope the resort security folks wouldn't barge in.I felt a rustle of fabric, and opened my eyes to see that Sharma had unbuttoned his shirt and was taking it off. His black hair belly was jiggling and slapping against my hips. Half his chest hair were white. And his face wore a thick layer of sweat whose drops fell on my boobs. I was disgusted but also oddly aroused. I looked into Sharma's eyes. He smiled back, and then bent down and kissed me.

The kiss was clumsy and unpleasant. Sharma's lips were chapped and rough. His breath smelled of tobacco and something else. His stubble rubbed against my cheeks. And his tongue just blindly thrust into my mouth, no gentleness.

"Well well, you two have become friends I see!" came Uday's voice. Sharma broke the kiss and I saw Uday with a towel wrapped around his waist standing next to the bed. Sharma now grabbed my hair and started pounding me even harder. Getting rammed in the cunt by the4 most disgusting man in the world while being watched by the most handsome man in the world felt so....wrongly right. That perverted realization along with Sharma's dick brushing against my g-spot made it happen again.

Shivering I braced for my second orgasm in a short time. Uday recognized the shiver and the expression on my face.

"Good work Sharmaji, you're making her cum."

"Really?" Sharma said in a delighted voice and started pounding me harder.

This orgasm was so forceful, I almost pushed Sharma off me. Almost. Because as it happened, watching my naked body writhe and twist made Sharma cum too. For about half a minute, Sharma and I were both hollering and grunting, shaking and clawing at each other. Finally, we both stopped shaking. Sharma collapsed on topof me, almost knocking the wind out of my lungs. I felt his fat stomach rub against my flat one. He kissed me deep and hard again. And then rolled off the bed.

I lay there on my back, breathless. Now that there wasn't a man between my legs, they took the opportunity to protest against the onslaught. My thighs were hurting like crazy. Even my breasts, which had been swinging and shaking all night, were sore. Uday was sitting next to me. He ran his fingers over my butt and my back. My eyes were half closed with exhaustion and with the remaining drunkenness. I kept looking into Uday's beautiful eyes. And before I knew it, I had drifted into slumberland.

I wasn't sure how long I slept. Must have been an hour or two. The sleep was full of a series of short and rapidly changing bizarre dreams with a strong sexual component. In one dream I was naked in our office conference room making a serious sales presentation to the entire office. The VP of Sales asked me how my being naked was going to help sales. And I pointed to a line graph. Except the graph traced the shape of Sharma's bent dick. Then I was cooking naked in the kitchen with half a dozen ugly kids around me. "Honey I'm home" came a voice and Sharma walked into the kitchen. Then Manish was sitting on a pile of pregnancy tests. And then I was being fingered. I was sitting in Bhakti's birthday party being fingered by someone. But I couldn't see who. Bhakti was laughing at me, as were all her guests. Then the guests disappeared. Then all the lights went out. And I was on a bed in darkness, still being fingered. And also kissed on my neck. While someone was operating a chainsaw in the distance.

Wait.... this part wasn't a dream. It was real. I was on my side in the dark room in the resort and I was being fingered by.....

"Awake?" Uday whispered in my ear. Phew! The chainsaw voice was Sharma snoring from the other side of the bed.

"Ummmm...." I put my hand on Uday's head and played with his hair. His fingers had gotten me wet and ready again.

Soon he withdrew his fingers and I felt his erect dick poke me from behind. I laid on my side with Uday behind me, spoon-fucking. The bed creaked but Sharma kept snoring. Uday moved his right hand all over my body, spending most time on my boobs, pinching and pulling my nipples. His sculpted torso rubbed against my back and my butt, and I noticed how different it felt from Sharma's flab rubbing against me.

"Umm.... Uday..."

"Yes Ketaki."

"Did I really have sex with Sharma? Or was that a dream?"

Uday stayed silent and increased his pace of fucking me. After a while he said,

"Yes you did."

It had to be true. Why else would I be naked in bed with Sharma snoring a few feet away?

Uday changed positions and got on top of me, missionary style. As he spread my legs and hammered my cunt, my thighs started hurting again. I also became aware of a mild headache starting to come alive. I looked towards my right, saw Sharma's fat silhouette snoring like an industrial engine, then closed my eyes. Uday changed positions again, this time turning me over on my side and fucking me on his knees, like Sharma had. I realized that it felt nowhere as good as it had with Sharma.

About ten minutes later, Uday finally came inside me. This time, I noted with pleasure, that he was not wearing a condom. Finally I had gotten the fucker's elusive sperm inside me. But I had also gotten Sharma's sperm inside me. I closed my eyes, shook my head, and decided to deal with this mishmash of sperm later. I soon fell asleep again, with Uday's arms around me.

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RE: Indian Wife and the Star Sales Guy
I woke up in darkness again, with an urgent need to pee. Uday's arm was wrapped around me as he slept. I gently moved his arm, and tiptoed in the darkness towards the bathroom, chuckling at how loudly Sharma was still snoring. I reached the bathroom, which was across the living room outside the bedroom. It was a big suite! I turned the light on, closed the door, and relieved myself.

When I was washing my hands, I looked in the mirror and was shocked by the unfamiliar image. Hair disheveled. Lipstick and eyeliner streaks all over my face. Half a dozen hickeys on my boobs. And my inner thighs and crotch were completely caked with dried semen and juices. I hopped in the shower, turned the water to hot, and let it wash everything away. Ten minutes under the hot water made me feel clean, but the bathroom got very steamy.

I turned the water off, dried myself, wrapped a towel around my wet hair. Then I reached for a bathrobe hanging behind the door, put it on and tightened the sash. I walked out of the bathroom and turned the lights off. I was still feeling warm from the shower. I stood in the living room of the suite, looking at the bedroom entrance. Then I saw the door to the balcony on my left. Some fresh air would feel good right now, I decided. I turned away from the bedroom and towards the balcony.

Stepping on to the balcony, I closed the door. It was slightly chilly, but not too much. This balcony also overlooked the expressway some 200 feet below. Just like the one in my room. I looked around the honeycomb of dark balconies and tried to figure out which one was mine. The dark silhouettes of the Sahyadris stood statuesque in the background. Occasionally, the horn of a truck sounded from the expressway. The stars were out in half the sky. A half moon was hidden behind a small cloud. I opened the towel wrapped around my wet hair and started rubbing my hair with it again.

A couple of minutes later, the balcony door opened. I turned around to see Sharma step through it. He was wearing just his underwear and a loose t-shirt. The hair around his big bald spot was standing out like a porcupine's quills. In his hand was a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. I wrapped the towel around my head again, put my elbows on the granite top of the balcony wall and looked at the dark hills. I wasn't quite sure what to say to Sharma. He seemed unsure too. Just stood a couple of feet away from me and lit a cigarette. He took a couple of puffs, put his elbows on the balcony wall and stood in the same pose as I was.

"Can I have one?" I heard myself ask, looking straight ahead.

"You smoke?" Sharma sounded surprised. He turned and looked at me.

"No. I mean, not any more. I used to. Some times."

I saw the open pack of cigarettes in front of me. Wills Navy Cut, I noticed the brand for the first time. I pulled one out and pressed it between my lips. Sharma lit the lighter and held it in front of me. I brought the cigarette near the flame and took a long drag. The deliciously evil smoke filled my lungs with the compassion of a long lost lover. I watched the gray smoke disappear in the darkness as I inhaled. I leaned with my elbows still on the granite and kept smoking.

"You're incredible." Sharma finally said.

I stayed silent. A few moments went by and I felt Sharma hesitantly put his left hand on my shoulder. I did not react. He slowly pulled me close to him. I was now standing right next to him, his arm around me, as we both smoked. Gradually, Sharma moved his hand lower and rubbed my back. I looked at him. His ugly face worse an expression of arousal and trepidation. I guess he was wondering if I would lash out at him if he tried fucking me again. It must have been obvious to him that the first time, he had just been lucky to be in the right place at the right time when Uday was done fucking me. Uday had warmed me up all night and after that, Sharma had swooped in. Now, I had slept, showered, and wasn't drunk any more.

I was wondering about the same thing from my perspective. How far did I want to let him go? A few hours back, I had found even his gaze abhorrent. Since then I had let him see first my boobs, then my cunt in the restaurant, then let him watch as I got fucked, then fucked his dick and finally let him fuck me. I could not deny that I had enjoyed it, thanks mainly to the bent tip of his dick. But where do I draw the line now, sober, cleaned up, and on a balcony? I took a few puffs as I weighed this question in my mind.

By then, Sharma's hand had made a slow and careful journey to the small of my back over the bathrobe's sash. Gradually, he slid it down, and put it over my left butt cheek. Gave it a squeeze, then moved it to my right butt cheek and gave it another squeeze. I kept smoking and looking straight ahead. A moment later, after seeing no resistance or reaction from me, Sharma scrunched his fingers and pulled up the back of the robe. He kept pulling it up gradually until I felt the coolness of the night on my bare ass.

He then put his left hand on my bare butt and gently moved it lower. The back of the robe fell back, hanging over his wrist as his fingers came to a stop on my labia. I let out a low moan with a puff of smoke as his index finger gingerly entered my cunt. Then his middle finger joined it. And he slowly started fucking my cunt with his fingers. It was already far from dry. His actions started getting it moist again.

I grabbed the edge of the balcony wall and bent lover, my boobs resting on the top of the wall through the robe. As Sharma pushed his fingers deeper into my cunt, I let out a whimper. My fingers parted and the almost burnt out cigarette fell down. I bent forward to see it fall on the lush green lawn. I hoped it wouldn't start a fire. Sharma stubbed out his own cigarette on the outside of the wall and threw it down. Then he took a couple of steps and moved behind me.

He took his hand out from under my robe and I let out an involuntary sigh as his fingers exited my cunt. His movements were now more assertive. I felt him raised the back of my bathrobe, exposing my ass again. This time he tucked the back of the robe into the sash and took a step back to admire my butt. I turned my head around and saw his ugly fac wearing an expression of delight as he stared at my fleshy buttocks. I looked ahead again at the shadows of the hills.


He spanked my ass hard and the sound seemed to echo in the quiet night. I flinched and tried to stand up straight, but I felt his left hand on my back push me down. He held me down and them SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK spanked me hard a few more times. I winced at the sting of his spanks.

"I've been dreaming about doing this since the first time you walked out of my office, these inviting buttocks swaying behind you."

"It hurts." I said more as a matter of fact than in complaint.

Four more spanks landed on my ass. Then they stopped. I heard a faint rustle of fabric and then felt the moist tip of Sharma's dick poke against my butt. His left hand was already holding me down. His right hand moved down my ass crack and parted my cheeks. And then I felt his bent tip enter my cunt. Slowly, it filled me up, the angle of the bend again rubbing against parts of my inner wall not used to being rubbed that way.

I inhaled deeply and braced for the fucking to begin. It started at a much more luxurious pace that last time. On the previous occasion, Sharma had opportunistically penetrated me and had impatiently fucked me hard fearing that I might push him off. This time, the build-up had been slow and he knew I was willing. So he was relishing it. He moved both his palms to my ass and fucked me with long slow strokes. Again, I was amazed at how good his strokes felt. It helped that I was not looking at him, although his big belly rubbed against my back and reminded me of exactly who he was.

A few minutes later, his right palm took a break from massaging my right ass cheek and reached for the pack of cigarettes on the balcony wall. He lit one and took a few puffs as he kept fucking me. I was starting to feel more and more pleasure at this fucking, but mindful of being in a balcony, I kept my moans to a minimum. Sharma then put his left hand on my left shoulder and pulled my torso straight until I felt his breath on my ear. He bit my earlobe, a little too hard making me yelp a little louder than I had intended to. Then he raised his right hand and put the cigarette to my lips. I took a puff at the same time as a particularly hard thrust in my cunt and started coughing.

Sharma held out the cigarette for me to take. I took it in my right hand and took a smaller, better timed puff. Meanwhile, Sharma's now-free right hand moved swiftly inside the front of my bathrobe and grabbed my left tit. Squeezing it really hard, he started fucking me a little faster.

"Don't....cum......inside." I whispered in between strokes.

"Still a long way way." Sharma said. Then he put his left hand under my robe to join his right hand, and he grabbed me by my breasts and pulled me even closer. That made me straighten and his dick slipped out of my cunt.

As I took another puff from the cigarette, Sharma's right hand reached for my head and pulled off the towel wrapped around my hair and threw it on the floor. The moist hair fell around my shoulders and Sharma buried his face in it and took a deep whiff. He then turned me around so I was facing him. His ugly features, bald head and yellow teeth flooded my view. He took the cigarette from my hand and took a couple of puffs as he took a step forward, his dick rubbing against the front of my crotch over the bathrobe. He clumsily kissed me and then put the cigarette back in my right hand.

"Keep your elbows firmly on the wall." He pushed my elbows back.

Next, he untied the sash of my bathrobe and opened it, cupping my breasts for a brief instant. Then, he almost knocked me off my feet, literally and figuratively, as he swiftly reached down and lifted me by the knees. I lost my balance and my left elbow nearly slipped off the wall. Luckily, I moved it back and was able to stabilize myself.

The bathrobe hung limply behind me as my butt was hoisted in the air, and my knees were in Sharma's hands. he took a step forward and moved his hands to hips and then held me up my the butt cheeks.

"What're you doing?" I asked as I struggled to get comfortable.

"You'll love this."

"Oh fuck!" I said biting my lips as Sharma shoved his dick into my cunt again. He was right. This position, with my body suspended in the air did feel pretty good. Sharma's belly slapped against my stomach as he started fucking me, gently at first and then faster. I was reminded of the cigarette in my hand. I slowly raised my right elbow off the wall, still managing to retain my balance and took a puff.

"Wrap your legs around my back." Sharma said and I complied. And the delightful fucking continued. It went on for several minutes as I finished the cigarette and threw it away. But I didn't light another. Unused to this much smoking, my throat was feeling dry.

I was amazed at how great Sharma's bent dick felt inside me from this position. He moved forward and started biting my boobs as he stepped up the pace of fucking. I closed my eyes and did my best to keep my moans low. When I opened my eyes a couple of moments later, I noticed a movement in the periphery. I followed the movement and saw, much to my shock that someone was standing in the balcony two floors above as and four windows to the right.

" watching us." I whispered.


I motioned with my eyes, and Sharma turned is head around and looked. It didn't seem to bother him, because he turned back and kept fucking me at the same pace.

"It's too dark for them to see anything." Sharma dismissively said.

Panicking, I looked at other balconies and windows. And saw what looked like at least two more figures standing in a balcony on the far side of the resort. How long had they all been watching?

"Let's go inside." I pleaded with Sharma but he ignored me and kept fucking.

My eyes swung from one watcher to the other in panic. Was it panic? or was it arousal? Because soon, I started feeling an orgasm approach. A big one. Shit! I was going to have an orgasm in front of others. Or maybe it was coming because I had an audience?

"Slower." I whispered but Sharma increased his speed. And yep, there it was, almost here.

With great effort, I bit down on my lower lip as the orgasm surged through me like a hurricane.


My clamped lips did their best to muffle the sound, but it was still pretty loud. I started thrashing about, my blows rubbing the balcony wall. Sharma, showing presence of mind, realized I might slip, so he grabbed me under my armpits and pulled me into an embrace. He still kept thrusting his dick into my cunt. I wrapped my hands around his neck, my body perched over his massive belly as I wailed and thrashed and the orgasm finally subsided.

Sharma slowly let me go. My feet touched the floor but my knees bucked and I slumped down on the crumpled towel that once used to be around my hair. My head was at the level of Sharma's crotch and he immediately shoved his dick into my mouth and started bucking his hips. Watching me cum had set him off too. As Sharma's salty semen flooded my mouth, I thanked the stars that he hadn't cum in my cunt again.

As soon as Sharma emptied his load, he let go of my hair. I shot up rushed to the balcony wall and spit out his semen into the darkness below. Si stood there, breathing hard, trying to regain my composure. I looked around and the watchers were still there. Right away, I tied up the bathrobe and walked inside. Sharma followed me.

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RE: Indian Wife and the Star Sales Guy
I went to the bathroom, cleaned myself up, and came out. Sharma was sitting on a couch in the living room with the TV on at low volume. He was still wearing the t-shirt and his underwear, its crotch now moist.

"I'm not sleepy." He said by way of explanation.

I wasn't sleepy either. I sat on the couch, at the other end from where Sharma was sitting. As I put my elbow on the armrest, I realized it was slightly bruised. I rolled up the sleeve of the bathrobe and rubbed the bruise.

"Sorry if I rode you too hard." Sharma said, flashing his jaundiced smile.

I stayed silent and looked at the TV screen. It was playing a Beyonce video.

"This Beyonce." Sharma said turning his gaze back to the screen. "She has some ass, huh?"

We both watched Beyonce's ass shake to the music.

"You know, your ass is almost exactly the same shape as Beyonce's."

"No it isn't." I said.

"Yes it is." Sharma slid close to me, put his hands on my waist and turned my butt sideways facing him. He fondled my ass and then looked at the screen. "I can hardly tell the two asses apart."

"Can we not talk about my ass, please?" I said, feeling a bit irritated, and slapped his hand away. But he put put it back on my ass.

"You should be proud of your ass. It is so beautiful, so perfect, so very Darwinian."

"Huh?" I said, slapping his hand away again. "How can an ass be Darwinian?"

"Don't you know the evolutionary reason behind women having prettier and fuller asses than men?"

"I'm not sure." I never pegged Sharma as an amateur evolutionary biologist.

"You, see, until a few thousand years ago when we humans were just cavemen, we fucked like animals. Mounting from behind. Doggy style. Like we were fucking earlier before I hoisted you on your elbows."

I blushed at his reference to our fucking.

"So you see," he continued, "what men saw while fucking was the ass jutting upwards. That made them prefer mating with women who had nice looking round asses. I'll show you."

"It's okay." I said, but Sharma had already put his hands on my waist and pulled me to knees. He raised the bathrobe again, exposing my butt.

"So women like you with asses like this," Sharma put a palm on my right ass cheek with a smack. "were fucked more and bred more, and passed on their genetic material to their daughters who also tended to have great asses. So the reason for great asses - natural selection. Hooray Darwin!"

"I see." I tried to sit back down but Sharma held me in place.

"Fuck, what an ass you have." he said, and then I felt his nose on my butt and his tongue flick at my cunt.

"Ummmm." an involuntary moan escaped my lips.

Sharma's tongue then moved to my clit and teased it, making me squirm on my knees on the couch. His tongue then started lapping hard at my clit, and again, I felt pleasure surge through me. Within a couple of minutes, I was breathing hard and gently squealing at every stroke Sharma's tongue laid on my clit. I grabbed on to the hand rest of the couch with my ass raised in the air as Sharma kept working my clit with his tongue. I was sure that if he kept going at it like that, I would have an orgasm soon. But Sharma withdrew. I groaned and looked back at him. He was slipping his underwear off.

"Already?" I asked, surprised. It had been hardly ten minutes since he came in my mouth.

"Not quite." He said. I saw that his dick wasn't hard. "Just trying another thing I've been fantasizing of doing with you."

He took his underwear off, sat on the couch and turned sideways to face me. I squealed in surprise as he grabbed me by my thighs and raised them a foot above the couch. I hung on to the armrest with my hands, the only part of my body not raised in the air. He held me like that for a few seconds and chuckled as he watched me squirm in the air, trying to avoid falling down. Then he slid under me, and let go of my thighs. My body landed on his with a thump as I realized what he wanted to do.

He pulled my knees closer to his face and put them on either side of his head. My chin rubbed against the lower portion of his hairy balls as I slid down (or up) his body. And there I was, positioned in a 69 with a man whose very smile seemed abhorrent to me until a few hours ago. He moved me a little to adjust the exact alignment and soon I felt his tongue flick my clit again. He resumed teasing it, but at a slower pace than before.

I raised my head and brought my eyes to rest upon the task that I was expected to reciprocate with. His dick was limply resting on its side on the bed of his thick gray pubic hair. It looked so sad and lonely. I moved my hair to one side, wrapped my fingers around his dick and took it in my mouth. It tasted bad, but then I figured I didn't have much cause to complain, since chances are, my juices were still on it from our romp in the balcony.

I sucked his limp dick, alternating between a lot of suction and gentle licking. It did not respond right away. I kept at it for a couple of minutes but the dick stayed limp. I even tried licking his balls, as bad as they tasted. My technique usually got Manish hard even if he was dog tired after a long day at work. But Sharma's member proved unresponsive.

I on the other hand was responding a little too well. This happens to me frequently. After I have a few orgasms under my belt, so to say, my nerves ending, probably fresh from the exercise are ultras sensitive. The first couple of orgasms may take time, but later on, especially with the clit, I can cum very very fast. And that's what started happening.

Within a couple of minutes of Sharma's tongue starting its work, I came again, this time my boobs rubbing against his big hairy belly creating an utterly foreign sensation for my nipples as I shook. I also felt my thighs slap Sharma in the face as I moved under the orgasm's onslaught and managed to slip in a "Sorry" between my groans. All this while, my fingers were wrapped around his dick, trying to coax life into it, but in vain.

Once my orgasm receded, I stopped shaking, and turned my attention back to his dick. I started sliding off his body, thinking that since I had cum, 69-ing didn't make sense. But Sharma grabbed my ass and held it in place.

"I like the view. Stay the way you are."

I obeyed, trying not to picture the exact "view" Sharma was getting. I started sucking on his limp dick again, wrapping my index finger and thumb tightly around its base. As I worked the unresponsive dick by swirling my tongue around it, I noticed that a hint of the bend was evident even in this state.

Meanwhile Sharma was running his hands all over my ass and my thighs, fondling them with delight. He put his fingers into my ass crack and traced a line up and down it. Then he spanked my right ass cheek so hard, it pushed me forward and made his dick slip out of my mouth. I propped myself back up on my elbows, my hair falling all around my face, and took his dick in my mouth again. His spanked my left ass cheek next, but I was expecting the blow and absorbed the impact with my elbows. And then Sharma started spanking me alternately on each ass cheek, every couple of seconds.

Sharma was evidently an avid spanker. And he seemed to derive more than just casual pleasure from it, because as he started spanking me, his dick slowly started coming to life in my mouth. It might have been my expert tongueing too, but the element of the stimulus from the spanking could not be ignored. I did not mind. I always enjoyed light spanking, and although Sharma's blows were landing a bit harder than I was accustomed to, I actually found myself liking them. The fat raspy fingers of his hand were a contrast from Manish's relatively slimmer and smoother ones. My cunt started getting wetter.

After a couple of dozen or so spanks, Sharma stopped. His dick in my mouth was almost fully erect now. The bent tip was becoming more and more prominent. Then I felt Sharma put the fingers of both his hands into my ass crack and part my ass cheeks. Imagining what that enabled him to see made me blush. He ran his tongue up and down my ass crack, making it wet, something that made me feel very uncomfortable. And then....


I screamed as Sharma inserted a finger into my asshole. I squirmed and tried to get off him, but he kept his left hand on my waist and held me down. I felt his fingers probe deeper into my ass. I clenched and it stopped.

"ASSHOLE!!!" I yelled, struggling to get off him.

"My sentiments exactly!" Sharma said and guffawed at his own joke. An inch or so of his finger was still in my ass. I reached back with my hands to fight him off but he slapped my hands away.

Finally, with a great deal of effort, I pushed the back of the couch hard with my right hand, and jerked my hips outward. That made Sharma lose his grip on my waist, and I slid off him and fell to the floor, his fingers pulling out of my asshole in the process. Sharma was still laughing as I sat up on my haunches and shot him an angry look. He sat up straight on the couch as well.

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