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Indian Weekend with an unknown teacher
02-12-2015, 01:22 PM
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Weekend with an unknown teacher
I am sales officer in public sector. I have been working there for 2 yrs and i was happy with my job and life. But then i started feeling emptiness as in my busy life i didnt get chance to have fun. I am 24, well built, tall and living alone. I wanted some change and it soon came in strange way.

I was going back to home in car at evening. I was bit tired and fed up of my boring life. I had to prepare food everyday and then remaining time i spent sleeping. But it went different that day. On the way to home, i saw a lady. She was in pink saree and a little chubby stood in the middle of road. I stopped the car near her. She walked towards the right window of my car and peeped inside. Her face was quite close to me. In the street light i could see her mature face and huge assets. She might be around 36. She said, " Beta can you please drive me home. Today i dont see buses here". I said, " Why not? Get in". She sat in the front seat and put her purse to her side.

On the way she told me that she is a teacher in college. She is divorced and her two sons and a daughter study far from her. I was under impression that she live alone like me. I thought why not make friendship with her and get rid of our loneliness. Soon we reached her home. She asked me to have a tea and then go. I said, " Thanks Aunty. But i have to go home. Its already very late". She said, "Its ok. Your parents wont mind". I said, "Thats not the problem. I live alone. But my home is very far". She laughed, " Oh come on. If thats the problem then why not you stay in my house for tonight. And Its weekend". I thought for a while and agreed. I parked my car beside her house and got into her house. She put her purse on sofa and said, " Sit here. I bring something for you".

I felt so good because i was no more alone. Her room was full of strange smell. It was the smell of her perfume she wore which i smelt while driving. She came back with two cups of tea and handed one to me. She sat next to me and sighed. I said, "You have such a nice room and its so clean". She laughed," Haha. I didnt notice". Oh God. She looked amazingly beautiful when she laughed. I said," you have a beautiful smile. And your tea is so good". She said, " Aww thank you". She actually didnt noticed my feeling. Then she raised her hands to tie her hairs. While she was doing that, i could see a girl who is still single. I instantly fell in love with her. I know i was 24 and she was 12 yr elder to me and also a divorcee. Her huge assets and mature figure couldnt stop me. I know that i cant propose her as it wont be good in society.

She was very close to me. Many times her arms and thighs touched mine. I was dying to hug her and feel her in my arms. I went to her bathroom and changed. She told me to go bedroom while she would be preparing food. She went to the kitchen. I was in t shirt and lower which she provided me. After half an hour, she brought me dinner and sat next to me. In two years, i never had such nice food and that with such a beautiful lady. It was the best moment of my life. After we finished the dinner, she changed and came back. She was in light blue saree and black bra. I said," Are u going to sleep here?". She laughed," Haha its my room only". I said," Oh sorry. I didnt know that. Where is the other bedroom?".

As i began to get up, she said," Its ok. No problem if you can manage here". I kept quite. She smiled, " I guess no problem" She switched off lights and got onto the bed. I could feel heat while lying next to her. As hours passed she fell in deep sleep, I shifted close to her and rested my thighs on hers and hugged her. She hugged me back. Her eyes still closed and it seemed she was not in sense. We lied in this manner whole night and I didnt realized when i fell in sleep.

In the morning, i woke up after i heard her voice. She said," Beta. Your breakfast is there on the side table. I am going to the bathroom". I felt as if i was married and my life changed so quickly. I also took bath and joined her in her bedroom. She said," Can you stay here for today?". I accepted her offer. She was behaving so differently. She was resting against the wall with mobile in her hand and looked damn beautiful in her light yellow saree. She wore orange bra and had her hairs untied. She asked me to sit beside her. We talked about many things whole day and It seemed she started liking me.

She showed me her college pics in which she looked like a princess. She rested her head on my shoulder and unhesistatingly touched me. Oh God i could feel her huge assets touching me and her thighs over mine. She said," i like you. Promise me that you wont leave me". I loved her but feared of having relationship with her as its not acceptable in the society. I said, " i like you too and I will always be with you". That night was going to be my life changing night. I brought my lips close to hers and kissed her. Suddenly she stopped me and said, " No we cant". I said," Why? You said that you like me". She said, " Ofcourse i like you but..". I said," Its ok. Its not wrong". I removed her pallu and said," Let it get stripped from your body".

She did as i said. Then she dropped her petticoat. O God her huge thighs appeared in front of me. It was going to be a memorable night for me. I took off my t shirt and lower. She looked at me from top to bottom and laughed. I laughed too with her and said," Whats so funny?". She said," You are very young. Can you manage me?". I said, " Ofcourse i can. I am gonna eat you tonight". I laughed and said, "O baby come and eat me". I went close to her and stripped her completely. I wasted no time and hugged her. For the first time i felt her boobs and her pussy getting poked by my cock. While hugging, I caressed her ass cheeks with my palm. I licked her shoulders, sweaty underarms and cleavage which tasted awesome.

Then i moved to her huge boobs. I spent long time over there. She had plenty of milk in her and all went inside me. Straight a way i went to her bottom. I licked her inner thighs and hairy pussy. Her pussy seemed tempting. I opened it and poked it with my tongue and licked it as deep as possible. She was moaning in pleasure and making sexy expressions. Her precum flowed inside my mouth. I swallowed it. Then i touched her asshole. I thought to try it at the end. I stood up and laid upon her, positioning my cock right over her pussyhole. She said to me," Baby go all inside me".

I smiled and slowly it went inside her. I could feel her inner skin rubbing my cock and at the end it hit her womb. Getting so deep inside her was an awesome feeling. I rubbed it over there for a while. She was in extreme pleasure. Her sexy facial expressions forced me to fuck her hard. I started moving it back and forth and gave her pleasure she deserved. Her boobs bounced and my cock hit her hard with each push. I was feeling like in heaven. She was moaning and saying, "Oh fuck". I increased the speed and soon exploded inside her. She also wrapped her legs around mine and climaxed. I collapsed on top of her. Our fluids intermixed and contained inside her womb. We kissed each other and remained like that till we gained back our energy.

I said, " That was awesome. You have my sperm inside you". She said," Ohh sit. I am gonna be pregnant now". I said, "Oh no. Do you mind having our baby?". She thought for a while and said," But it would be a secret between us. No one should know that its ours". I said, " Ok done". I again got excited by looking her mature figure and i wanted more. I said, " Did u try anal?" She said, " Hell no. Its painful.".Somehow i persuaded her for that. I turned her back and parted her plumpy ass cheeks. There i found her asshole hidden. Never thought about licking down there.

She laughed, "Baby are you gonna lick it or what?" . I said, "Yup". She said, " Hell no. Dont do that". I said, "Haha. You taste sweet. I am already licking". I licked and bit her sphincter. My cock already hardened and ready to try her virgin ass. I started putting it inside. My cock made it way deep inside her. Her sphincter firmly gripped my cock and she could feel the pain. I asked, "Is it bearable?" She said, "Yup. Fuck me Babe". As i was moving, she was shouting in pain but she kept it low for me. Soon i cummed inside her. We both were happy and it was the begining.

If you like my story then mail me at You can also chat with me.
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