Indian The naughty mom
Its about me and mom.:-)i had my first opportunity to see my mom naked was wen ,i was 17 years old..from then i wanted to fuck her badly :)which recently happened and i fucked her pussy and ass very badly.:-)i first went in her room she was asleep and slowly i started removing her saree and made her nude and then she got up to my surprise she didnt say anything and walked naked to the roof top.:) she went sat there i followed her like a mad man with a huge cucumber in my hand as soon as i approached she said wat do u want from me?i said whole of u i want to suck,fuck,lick and i want u to cum on me.:)she was shocked to listen to his son talking so filthly in front her mom.:-)she told me not to fuck me but u can do other things so slowly got closer to her took her in my arms and started kissing her and fingered her ass..and took cucumber in my hand and started inserting in her pussy she started moan now like ah baby...yes baby...oh..:)then i slowly removed the cucumber and started to insert my cock in her...she resisted now but i fucked her hard enough and she started to enjoy and then she started shouting faster baby fuck ur moms pussy faster and harder..and during it made sounds like ah...oh...ooooh...and fucking sound was coming like lurp...lurp...lurp...and slowly moved towards her ass hole but she said no as it would be i brought her inside my room and made her lie down on my bed and started applying vaseline inside her asshole.:) then i slowly said mom i want ur ass..she didnt say yes neither she said no...she said do wat ever u like im all yours for today. then i inserted my cock in asshole it was very tight and mom was in intense pain....i suddenly moved rapidly and my cock was in her ass...she shouted with oh baby wat r u doin to ur mom....i replied mom its called anal fuck and slowly my whole cock was buried in her....slowly juices started to flow all of sudden we both collapsed and went asleep with my cock in her until morning.:)from then my mom stays naked with me and started to fulfill our erotic desires.:-)
Its gud.:-)

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