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Im in love with my best friend part 1
07-14-2011, 10:15 PM
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Im in love with my best friend part 1
I was feeling stupid not your ordinary stupid either I was feeling completely idiotic. Why was he running through my mind again? Last night, I had a complete break down because of him. I was almost positive his girlfriend and him were going to have sex on Friday. That would kill me--literally. I cant live if they have sex. 'I have to stop this' I thought looking at my computer screen. My mom popped her head in my door "Me and your dad are going to your brothers football game in a few." she said. I nodded then I got the idea. My parents were going to be gone for 3 to 4 hours. I had to get to him before tomorrow. This---was fate. I was meant to talk to him tonight. I quickly emailed his phone.

"what are you doing---at like 6? cause...i want to come over...or have you come here, if you can--so we can talk. because i need to---before tomorrow. please?"

"K but u gotz ta b gone by lik 10. . . Kk" he replied

My lips spread into a smile thinking about him. "uhmm okay--ill probably leave before then cause i don't want it to be extremely late walking back.
its already gonna be dark by the time i get there. Ugh i hate the dark...i hate walking alone...
your lucky i have the need to see you---well maybe your lucky. uhmm yeah i have to wait for my parents to leave. which will be around 6. then ill leave so ill get there around uhmm 7:30? Ill have to leave by like 8:30. so its only an hour..but...i need to see you."

"call me so i can tell you what trailer is mine" He sent back

I emailed him back saying I would and looked up a map to his house. Pretty simple, basically a straight line. Soon my parents were gone, I hooked my laptop up to the printer and grabbed the phone to call Tyler. "hello" his voice rang into the phone
"hey" I beamed. My heart pounded inside my chest.
"hey, alright well my house is behind two white houses-you cant see it from the street." He explained
"okay-" I grabbed the directions and carried my laptop back to my room. "well ill be there in about an hour and a half. If I get lost and come back I'll call you. If im not there in two hours and I haven't called. Call the Cops." I said only half joking.
"oh god" he replied laughing lightly
"okay see you soon-love you" I said
"alright-love you too" he said and hung up.
My heart stopped as I pulled the white hoody that used to belong to him over my head, grabbing a notebook and the directions. My plan was falling perfectly into place. I couldn't get ancy yet though, one little thing could completely destroy my delicate little plan.

I grabbed a flashlight and headed out into the street pulling the hood over my head trying to hide my identity as best as possible. I walked swiftly down the highway checking my map every so often.

Soon I was on his road, I saw the two white houses and my heart pounded heavily in my chest. He was standing on the porch, I couldn't believe it. I was here-I made it. Tyler stared at me, he was beautiful. Wearing only a blue and gray letterman jacket showing off his perfectly muscled torso and basketball shorts. I slowly walked up his steps to his porch. "hey" I smiled.
He smiled back "hey" he said wrapping his arms around me
"I probably smell" I said, He laughed at me
"like my jacket?" he asked
I nodded "I had to disguise myself the best I could" I laughed
We walked inside, and he led me to his room.
"oh I brought this for you--but I don't know if I want to give it to you" I said looking at the notebook I had brought.
He smiled "what if I just steal it?" He said taking it from me.
I shrugged and walked inside his small room. Sitting on the edge of the bed. He sat next to me wrapping his arm around my shoulder pulling me towards him.

"Now what was so important you had to walk two hours to tell me?" He asked pressing his forehead against my temple
I panicked as my heart frantically pounded in my chest; almost forgetting my whole reason for coming here. "hmm?" he asked awaiting my answer.
I threw my hands over my face "No- I feel stupid" I said
He pulled back lightly and my head jolted up to look at him, seeing his lips curl up into a crooked smile. A weak smiled appeared on my face "don't feel stupid" He said leaning towards me again.
I quickly looked back towards my knees as he nuzzled my cheek softly. I sighed thinking about how dumb I was. I was finally with him-finally alone, and I wasn't taking advantage of it. I looked back up at him and he raised his eyebrows curiously. "come on-tell me" he said.
I laughed lightly looking back down at my knees "I'm going to be so mad if I walked all this way and can't tell you."
"so tell me" he said in almost a whisper biting the top of my ear, sending a shiver down my spine making me flinch away from him.

I closed my eyes and sighed "What are you doing tomorrow?" I asked him.
"Amber" he replied simply taking his arm from around my shoulder.
Her name echoed in my ears; sending a shooting pain through my heart. The kind of pain that would normally make me keel over gripping my chest in agony. I took a deep breath ignoring the throbbing of the holes raw edges. "I know--" I said softly and looked up at him.

Tyler stared at me "You came all this way to tell me not to go see Amber?" He asked confused.
I nodded barely "I just---dont want you to fuck her" I said looking away from him. I heard him laugh lightly. ' great; now I feel even stupider. ' I thought
"Well-I wasn't planning on it. Not yet at least. I'm going over there to meet her parents." He explained. 'oh God, I am an idiot' I thought as I looked up at him in disbelief.
"and even if I wanted to. We wouldn't have time." He said as he grabbed the notebook from beside him and started to open it. I threw myself over him trying to close it "no no no please don't read it in front of me" I begged. Tyler laughed and nodded "okay okay" he said tossing it over to the side.
I looked up at him "do you see how much I love you?" I asked him. He nodded smiling crookedly "Obviously to walk all the way here just to tell me not to see someone-when It would have been much easier if you talked to me at school."
I shrugged lightly and looked at him.
"so is that the ONLY reason you came here?" He asked eyeing me curiously as if I had another reason behind coming. I nodded "well. I wanted to see you too-but- that was my main reason" paused "its because i love you"
He smiled "I don't know if its more love or more stupidity" he wrapped his arm back around my shoulder. I smiled weakly. The truth was I didn't know which one it was more of either. Did I love him so much I was willing to be completely stupid? Or was I just so stupid to think that maybe I could make him love me? All I knew was that I love him, and the only thing that mattered right now was him. This moment with him.

Tyler pulled me towards him again, I turned slightly letting our cheeks brush, ending up nuzzling his neck. I closed my eyes breathing in the sweet scent from his skin, from his hair. My eyes slowly opened as I felt his cheek sliding back against mine. His lips were now only inches from mine as he turned them towards me. I couldn't move. I stayed completely still watching him close the small gap. My eyes closed instantly as his soft lips touched mine. My heart almost exploded out of my chest. My hand ended up clasping the side of his face. Blood boiled underneath my skin, burned in my lips as i kissed him back hard. Those lips. His lips. The ones I had been longing for. The ones I missed so much. They were mine again. He pulled back and smiled at me. I stared at him; and smiled weakly back.

Then I felt the urge to cry; all of this happiness. It was only temporary- the truth was he was still hers. He still wasn't in love with me. Did this mean anything to him? Anything at all? He looked at me, pushing me into his lips again. I struggled to keep breathing as he layed me back onto the mattress. Our kiss was getting deep every moment. My body went stiff as he ran his hands up my leg and over my stomach. I continued to kiss him, not wanting to miss a moment. He pulled back looking down at me "Whatchya thinking about?" He smiled.
"nothing" I replied
He laughed "your such a liar-and a bad one at that"
It was true, I was a horrible liar when it came to him. Truth was, I was thinking about how happy he made me. I leaned up and kissed him again as he tugged on my leg; ignoring him for a moment only to cherish his lips. His taste. Who knew when I would be able to do this again? I lifted myself lightly as Tyler pushed me the rest of the way on top of him. I pulled away unwillingly from him as he looked up at me. "why do we always end up like this?"He asked
I smiled and tilted my head lightly "I don't know but you like it" I teased
He wrinkled his nose "shh" he smiled
I laughed and kissed him. My hands traveled across his perfect body running them over his shoulders, chest and barely touching his perfectly chizzled abs. My fingertips tingled. I was so afraid to touch him, to contaminate his perfection. I leaned up and looked down at the beautiful boy beneath me, he smiled "so uh-baby" my heart stopped when he called me baby "-do you still wanna blow me?" He asked
I just smiled and kissed him again as his hands traveled the back of my shirt; reaching around and feeling my chest. I leaned back up running a hand through my messy bangs.
"I hate you" I laughed, He tilted his head smiling up at me "why, whatchya thinking about?" I rolled my eyes "you"
His smile began to grow "wanna be more specific?" I shook my head "nope" Tyler began playing with the waist of my jeans, pushing me and pulling me on him. I smiled down at him "well I'm wearing basketball shorts so im sure you can feel" He laughed
I nodded, I could feel his extremely hard cock rubbing my inner thigh.

to be continued.....

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