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I woke up tied to a bed I didnt know.
07-15-2011, 04:13 AM
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I woke up tied to a bed I didnt know.
I woke up crying, well whimpering, sobbing, not really too sure, I can say it was ‘just one of those things.' My arms were tied out to the sides of me, with thin rope, they were stretched tight, painfully so. My legs were tied spread apart too. The bed I was tied to was black cast iron; each of the four posts hosted a knob, about the size of an apple. The bedspread beneath me was red, and felt like satin. I was cold, naked and very scared. I did not know how I had got here, the last thing I remembered was having drinks in a bar with friends and yes, I was quite drunk because I had been drinking wine, which always finished me off.

I cried out, even though I was afraid to, I was hoping in vain that this was some-ones idea of a practical joke, and in a few minutes, I would be angry but not afraid any more. Nobody answered my calls though, and in this windowless room it was dark and damp I shivered until I fell asleep again. I woke to a loud commotion, and as the door at the end of the room opened, five or six guys and a woman piled through the door, they were noisy and they carried with them, bottle of beers, and carrier bags containing god knows what! The room lit up.

“Wow man, you weren’t kidding.”

The ‘tallest’ man said to someone else in the group, gesturing towards me, as I lay on the bed with my dignity stripped away along with my clothes.

“Can someone tell me what the fuck I’m doing here?” I cried out to all of them.

There was laughter, and then a voice I recognised as Simon’s my ex boyfriends

“Well honey, you always wanted everyone else, other than me, and now you’re going to get your wish and so much more.”

“You bastard! You can’t do this to me,” I said through fresh tears, more laughter erupted as I sobbed quietly.

Simon had been bitter, when I ended our relationship. He had sobbed for days, curled up in a ball, saying he did not know what he was going to do from now on, that I was his life, and without me, none of it meant anything. It was sad, and I really did feel awful, but it had taken me years to finally be brave enough to admit that I wasn’t happy, and I was afraid but I wasn’t going to back down now for a few more months of misery and inevitably the same conclusion.

Yes I had flirted with other guys when I was with Simon, and yes I had admitted honestly that I fancied some of the guys I socialised with when he had asked me, but I was never unfaithful, and when the desire to be, became too strong, I knew it was time to make the decision. Simon had moved away to Oxford to be closer to his place of work, and I had not seen or heard from him since.
“Allow me to introduce my friends, he said joyfully.”

Then he went on spouting names, the only two I can remember were Ray and Monica, the only girl with them.

“What are the plan then Si?” said one of the guys.

“It’s a free for all people, do what you like to her,” and she’ll enjoy every second of it, and even if she doesn’t, oh well” My temper was rising now, and I shouted obscenities at all of them.

“Go on do what you bloody well want, and I’ll hunt down every Fucking last one of you.” I said with angry drool.

“Okay boys and girl, who’s first?” said Simon

“I’ll go first and that will get all of the boys going,” said Monica, not that she needed to get them going, they were already undressing themselves and sported hard on’s of all sizes.

“You always said this was what you wanted babes.”

Simon whispered into my ear, and he was right, I had mentioned it once in the throes of passion, in one of those moments where fantasies find words and courage. However, that was just fantasy all the same, and we were together then, I trusted him. Monica climbed onto the bed, and everyone cheered her on. She straddled me and I felt the hair from her pussy brush against my stomach.

“I’m going to make you come sweetheart,” she said up close to my face.

I closed my eyes and turned my head away from her. Under normal circumstances, I would have said that she was pretty; she had shoulder length natural blonde hair, pale flawless skin, and pale blue eyes. I didn’t fancy women at all though and had no desires towards them. Everyone in the room was watching as she started to grope my breasts, tweaking each of my nipples, between her soft fingers. I was freezing cold and my nipples were hard which aroused her; she took them in turn into her mouth. It felt warm compared to me. I could feel her pussy getting wet on my stomach and she slowly began to rub herself leaving a wet trail of her juices on my skin.

She moved down my body, licking her own juices from me when she reached my tummy, and then she went down to my pussy and began to play. I felt her warm fingers part my pussy lips and she gasped into me. Fingers entered me, seeming to know exactly where they were heading. She wasn’t messing about, she really meant to make me come, and although at first I thought ‘no way’ I was starting to enjoy this, and it was going to happen anyway so I may as well enjoy some of it. She used both hands on me spreading me, poking me, twisting and pulling on my clit as others pushed into me. The guys were moving in closer to watch as she worked on my pussy with such enthusiasm. I was getting wetter by the second, and she was getting more and more excited by it. Her fingers found my g-spot and she expertly rubbed me with just enough pressure to cause an eruption of my juices, soaking her fingers. I tried not to cry out, but the force of my orgasm was too intense for silence, it had to be heard and it was, by all of the lustful waiting bodies. She lapped at me, until she had swallowed every last drop of my cum, and then satisfied and smiling she moved back up the bed towards me.

Monica straddled my face, she parted her own pussy lips and showed me her pink pussy, she used her fingers to open her pussy hole, I could see the juices waiting inside of her as shoved herself onto my face. She rubbed herself back and forth as though she was riding a cock. I have to admit that the whole think aroused me, and my tongue betrayed me and began trying to lick at her as she writhed around on top of me. At one stage, she was actually Fucking my nose and I was finding it hard to breath. Then with a loud moan, she came all over my face. I was soaked in her juices even my hair was wet with a combination of sweat and cum. She whispered in my ear that she’d be back for more of me later then climbed off the bed.

“Who’s next boys?” she said, and voices began pleading their cases.

The first guy, he looked quite short, climbed on top of me and immediately shoved his cock into my wet pussy, he put his arms around me, squashed me with his weight as he held himself close to me and fucked me steadily. It was a pretty bad fuck as far as they go, but it didn’t last long and he was groaning now as he spurted my first portion of cum into my pussy. He climbed off embarrassed a little now that his arousal had subsided and moved away from the bed smiling a smug, ‘I got the first fuck, sort of smile.

Next came Ray, he was shortish too, and quite handsome looking I noticed. His cock was very thick, and he brought it up to my face, ordering me to suck it.

“Fuck off, get one of your friends to suck it for you.” I said defiantly, he slapped me hard across my face.

“Fucking suck it,” he said, and crying tears of shock.

I sucked him into my mouth, his cock was too big for my small mouth and in only a few minutes, my jaw ached. He pushed into my throat a few times and caused me to gag; then, he pulled his cock from my mouth and knelt between my legs. He rubbed the tip of his cock along my pussy, it felt good as it rubbed across my clit, and I began to look forward to actually feeling it inside me. I guessed that this was his plan as he went on teasing me. Entering me ever so slightly and then rubbing it back over me. My breathing was becoming heavy with impatience and need. He smiled at me, but it wasn’t a nice smile.

“Fuck me, if you’re going to,” I said quietly, hoping that no one else would hear.

“Ooh she’s begging for it boys,” he yelled to the others.

Then he thrust his thick cock into me to the hilt, he rammed it in and out of me hard and fast, each time with renewed strength. I came within seconds and he continued to fuck me for a good ten minutes, actually, his Fucking was quite frenzied and furious, I was close to coming again, when he ground his cock into me as far as it would go, and roared loudly filling me with everything he had. I cried to myself as he led on top of me. I was ashamed of myself for being such a whore. I was enjoying being fucked by these strangers, and I deserved everything I got.

Next came the tall guy, his cock was enormous but he wasn’t interested in using that at first. He climbed onto the bed with an open bottle of Becks beer in his hand, and shoved the cold bottle straight into me, the cold beer spilled out inside me. It made me jump with the new sensation, it wasn’t unpleasant, but the bottle was glass and I was worried that he was going to hurt me with it. He seemed to be enjoying watching my pussy as he fucked me with it. His face was an expression of curiosity and it was almost boyish. He seemed like he was enjoying the opportunity to get a good look at my pussy and of course the fact that he could do whatever he pleased with it.

“Where’s my carrier bag?” he asked behind him. And someone threw a bag onto the bed beside him.

He reached inside and pulled out a massive dildo. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no prude, I even have a large dildo myself, but this thing was humungous and it scared me. He looked excited he removed the now warm bottle from my pussy and began rubbing the dildo over me. It was much too big for me even as he tried to poke the tip of it into me it required me to stretch significantly. He reached into his bag and pulled out a small bottle of lubricant. He tipped lots of it over me, and then he tried again with the dildo. I felt my pussy stretching and faces appeared over his shoulders to watch as he pushed it past the resistance and my pussy swallowed it.

“Ohh fuck yeah,” he said as he continued to push it deeper, and deeper.

I was feeling uncomfortable, never before had I been fucked with anything so big, and I really didn’t want to end up seriously hurt. The dildo was in as far as it would go and it started to hurt me as it pushed against my cervix and he showed no sign of stopping.

“No more please” I cried out, and he almost withdrew it completely before plunging it back into me, causing me to cry out. Faster and faster, he went now. The friction from the dildo driving me wild as it rubbed against every wall inside me. I wailed like a tortured animal as waves of pleasure began shooting through me, muscles needing to contract but having no space to do so. My juices needing to gush yet having no exit. I came with huge intensity and tears of shame, rolled down my cheeks before the pleasure had even drifted.
I felt renewed warmth and looked down, as he was pumping hot cum onto my tummy.

“I’ll fuck you later,” he said and winked.

Simon began untying me, I didn’t question it, I was grateful as my arms were sore.
I didn’t bother trying to resist anymore. This thing was already started and it may as well finish. The quietist one of the group stepped forward.

“You’re going to ride me baby,” he stated.

He laid, down on the bed, and I clambered on top of him, letting myself sink right onto his waiting cock.

“Ahhh yeah ride me whore,” he moaned as I began to bounce up and down.

Actually, I quite liked sex this way, it made me feel untamed, and when I started to enjoy it, I’d be able to bring myself off nicely.

“Steady, steady,” he said.

I was becoming too enthusiastic for him. I smiled. I rose off him and watched as I squatted on and off him. I watched his cock disappearing into me, into my sopping wet bald pussy. I felt weight on the bed behind me, and turned around to see Simon behind me.

“Get the fuck away from me”! I said as if I really meant it. And I did.

“But baby, I know what you really want,” he said moving up behind me.

I tried to climb off and he held me firm, then he pressed the tip of his big familiar cock into my ass, without lubrication. It hurt and I winced as he plunged deep into my tight ass. He didn’t care about hurting me and began banging away at my ass as though it was another pussy. I was filled with two cocks and it pains me to admit that just the knowledge of it, drove me wild. My eyes were closed as I enjoyed the feeling of being fucked in both my holes at once.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." I screamed into the ceiling with my head back and sweat on my forehead. I started to cum, and every muscle inside my pussy and my ass began to pulsate violently.

“Yeah you Fuckiing whore, you wanted it!” Simon said into my ear.

And he was right after all, I did.

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