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I was willing to do whatever they wanted
07-14-2011, 10:59 PM
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I was willing to do whatever they wanted
It's 8 pm, and I'm half naked being paraded around in an adult sex club like a trophy. I was being escorted by a sexy couple I had just met. There were all sorts of perverted acts going on as they flaunted me to onlookers, while guiding me towards the bar. It was crazy I thought to myself as my eyes roamed the building in amazement.

My tiny skirt no longer covers my rounded bronzed ass cheeks. It had been lifted so they could fondle my ass on display as we walked about the room. Their hands felt great as each had a full grasp of my exposed buttox. The tight shear camisole no longer concealed my large brown areolas or stiff nipples as they had discarded my bra previously. Anybody and everybody was looking at me as we passed by, as if they knew something I didn't know. My nipples were like fingers pushing against the material as they rubbed up and down with every step. I was transfixed by all the sexual activities going on as we followed the g-string clad bartender.

Terri and Johnny with a handful of my exposed behind laughed when Ike (the bartender) stopped and turned around. I was almost dumbfounded when I saw him stroking his thick black spike, and smiling lustfully at me. He removed his hand, and I saw his tool stand perfectly erect, as I gazed at his monstrous manhood.

Suddenly a shock of pain ripped through my body as Terri's fingers clamped together with my hard nipple between them.

"Ah" I bellowed out loud as Terri pressed her fingers even harder as she began pulling on the trapped nipple and attached a clamp to it, then to the other one as well. She tightened the screws until my nipples were almost clamped in half. It hurt like hell as she tugged on the attached chain and laughed at me.

"Thats a good girl" terri snickered as she pulled on the clamps, knowing that I was enjoying the tender pain in my nipples.

Ike stood there like an ebony warrior about to take whatever he wanted. His body, looking like it had been cut out of stone instilled a bit of fear in me. The stern look on his face told me he wasn't about to be denied, and the size of his erection told me it wanted to be pleasured.

Terri and Johnny positioned themselves on each side of me, and began taunting me with their kisses and nibbles. Terri's tongue found my mouth first, then Johnny's was right behind hers as they continued their mouthy assault on my face as Ike looked on.

Stroking his cock, Ike commanded "strip her, I want to see her naked ass as she squirms around" as Terri again tugged on the nipple chain.

Moments later, my thin top was gone as Terri wrestled my skirt to the floor leaving me naked for his inspection. They spun me around, displaying my goods as their hands explored my entire body. I enjoyed the feel of their hands as they both noticed the wetness between my legs building

Pointing to me, Ike said "get on your knees and undress her with your mouth only"

Obediently, I did as instructed with my ass pointing in Ike's direction, while my pussy was throbbing for some of that meaty cock. Roaming my lips around the back waistband, I located the tiny zipper and began the task of tugging it with my teeth. Finally the zipper freed its self and I took the narrow opening into my mouth and slowly lowered the skirt to her ankles. I watched as she eagerly stepped out of it and kicked it aside.

Terri was hot, long thin legs and a cute tight ass. Her long black hair naturally parted over her busty 36 cc breasts. Her pussy was shaved clean, except for the slender line of hair that outlined her luscious labia, looking just like lip liner.

"Good" Ike remarked, still stroking his massive black cock in my direction.

I could feel the swelling in my own labia, and knowing that Ike could see it as well made me crazy. My juices were trickling, and I could smell the scent of excitement excreting from within the walls of Terri's hungry pussy.

"Now remove Johnny's pants", he snapped

Reaching up, I slowly unhooked and unzipped his pants as instructed. Working my hands along the waist band, I tugged them down until I could feel his own hard cock. Easing out his erection, it stood there in my face as I eased his pants to the floor. I removed one leg at a time, with his erect cock slapping me in the face.

Oh god, their cocks were big and beautiful, I thought to myself as I looked at both of them.

Johnny was not as dark skinned as Ike, and his cock was just a bit smaller but huge just the same. My desire to be pleased was rampant as I looked at Johnny's cock, standing right in front of my face, just as Terri's honey box was. I was crazed, and wanted to take them both in my mouth. I wanted to feel them have their way with me as I remained on my hands and knees.

"Do you like to suck cock" Ike laughed as he proudly displayed his manhood in my face

"Yes" I responded. Starring at his awfully big dick as I realized that I had just heard my voice ringing throughout the room. When suddenly lights began to turn on and light up the area, realizing that I was before a massive crowd. I could feel the excitement coming from the crowd as they looked around on the stage.

"Why are you here tonight" Ike inquired

"I was asked to be their third wheel, and participate in their sexual activity" I replied as I glanced at the stage packed area.

Again I could feel the crowd react to my response over the loud speaker.

"Do you really want to suck Johnny's cock" Ike asked

"Yes, I really want to suck his cock" I answered, gazing at his thick lengthy black cock before me

"So, tell he then" Ike encouraged, "and tell him why you want to suck it"

"Johnny, I want to suck you cock, it's so big and thick" I explained, " I want to feel it in my mouth".

I watched Johnny place his hand around the base, squeeze it and pull backwards on the uncut head revealing a pinkish colored knob. His cock was huge, at least twelve inches long and a good four inches in diameter and I wanted it in my mouth.

"You like sucking big thick dicks, do you" I asked as he walked over sporting the biggest black cock I have ever seen. It was a couple inches bigger than Johnny's massive cock.

"Yes, I love sucking big thick cocks" I replied, again hearing my words echo around the room.

"What about this big fucking black cock" Ike asked as he placed his black hose before my face

"Yes, I want to suck your big black cock Ike, I really want it in my mouth " I replied as I looked at it, feeling a bit scared at the size.

"You like to suck pussy as well" Ike inquired

Looking up at Terri's wet snatch, I replied "yes Ike, I like to suck pussy sometimes."

"So what is it you want to do right now" Ike asked "suck cock, suck pussy or both" he chuckled loudly.

"What ever you want me to do Ike, either or, it doesn't matter" I answered. I knew that things were about to get heated up. My pussy was a raging furnace in need of fuel, and their big black cocks were just what it needed.

"Terri, can she suck on your juicy pussy for a minute" Ike asked her

"Sure" she replied as she spread her labia fully apart and grinned. Her Inner pink meat looked so inviting as I watched the tiny droplets flowing.

"Dosen't that pussy look fucking hot enough to eat" Ike asked me

"Yes Ike, it really lloks good enough to eat" I answered while gazing into her womanhood

"Then tell her what you want" Ike snapped at me as I thought about their cocks inside of me

"Terri I want lick and suck on your wet pussy until it cums all over my face" I asked her in a soft lulling voice

She replied by stepping forward and pressing her wet vagina against my face, and slowly grinding it until my face was buried between her luscious lips.

"Mmm" I could Terri moan as I licked around her budding clit. "Mmm"

I could hear the wet sounding slurps as I sucked her now saturated labia across the speakers when I noticed my actions on a super giant screen. Everybody in the club had a front row seat to the action and that made me perform even harder.

"You like sucking that wet pussy" Ike asked standing above me with his jumbo sized cock in his hand.

"Mmmhmm" I responded with my tongue flicking inside her sweet honey box. "Mmmhmm yes, her pussy tastes so good"

"Ok, that's enough pussy tasting for right now" Ike said as he lifted me by the hair so that Johnny fat cock was right in my face. The swollen knob looked like a helmet on a soldier ready for war.

"So what do you want now" Ike laughed

"I want Johnny's big fucking cock in my mouth, I want to suck it until he explodes in my mouth" I replied thinking about how I was going to be able to handle Ike's even bigger cock.

"You want to suck this big black cock" Johnny asked as he positioned it to my lips

"Yes Johnny, I want to suck your big black cock" I answered as he pulled my hair firmly. With my mouth opened wide, Johnny shoved his over sized cock head into my mouth. His thickness soon filled the entire area as I nawed on the penetrating shaft.

"You really like sucking that big black cock" Ike chuckled as I slowlyn opened my lips by pressing forward.

"Uh huh" was the only response I could muster with a mouth full of Johnny's thick black sausage

Johnny wriggled his hips, pressing forward each time as he continued to stuff his black sausage into my mouth. I could see Ike right there, proudly stroking his bigger cock, as if he was telling me to get ready. My head was bobbing up and down, attempting to swallow as much of his manhood as I could. I looked up onto the screen as saw what I looked like with this ebony snake fucking me in the mouth. His thick black shaft glistened with my salvia as it stretched the corners of my mouth while plunging in and out.

"Wow, look at this girl go. She really knows how to suck a big cock" Ike announced while watching me in action.

I could feel the throbbing pulsation of his massive cock lodged deep in my throat as I prepared for his delivery of spunk. I felt spurt after spurt, filling my mouth with his creamy cum. My cheeks were filled and couldn't take anymore as it ran from the corners of my mouth down onto my chin. I swallowed the majority, and licked the creamy residue from his entire coated shaft.

"Hey Johnny, you look like you were enjoying that" Ike stated

"Oh yeah, that was great. She gives a mean blow job" he said in a satisfied tone as he wiped his cock against my mouth one last time.

"Ok, lets get them two girls to the bar" Ike said as Terri and I we were guided and placed on top of a large table in front of the bar. The table was a bit lower than normal, as if it were made for people to play on while people watched and drank their drinks.

The crowd seemed entranced by seeing Terri and I naked on our hands and knees facing each other. Drinks were brought to us by all sorts of people who encouraged us on, shot after shot. We were getting fairly buzzed by this point, but the crowd seemed raring to go as the drinks continued to flow.

Hands began stroking our bodies, groping our titties and asses. Occasionally fingers penetrated an opening while lips began to explore our mouths until we were placed into a sitting position with our legs dangling over the table front.

I saw Johnny off to the side, his cock readily hard being serviced by two younger women when Ike announced over the speakers "that we were the special drink of the house"

I didn't know what that meant, but Terri had the biggest grin on her face as we were spun around and placed on our backs, side by side with our legs spread apart and held

Again fingers began probing our pussies and assholes, while others groped our titties and nipples.
The crow was so thick, it was impossible to tell who was doing what to who. The electricity was cranking in my pussy as fingers worked in and out of me, while somebody was busy licking my swollen clit.

In the large monitor opposite me, I could see a woman was the one busy lapping my drenched pussy to another orgasm. I shuddered as she worked her tongue in and out of my entry hole, when a man placed his alcohol coated cock in my mouth.

I sucked his cock intensely as my pussy was about to cum for the third time, when I felt another cock being placed in my opened hand.

"Ah shit, I'm cumming I screamed out" as she skillfully sucked my clit between her lips.

I squeezed his cock hard as I screamed with a mouthful of cock "Mmmmmm" sending my juices onto the invading tongue as my legs were lifted up into the air and held by the guy with had his cock in my mouth. I was bent almost in half as my exposed pussy and asshole were an easy target for somebody to assault.

Champaign was poured over my body, as people scurried to lick off every drop. I felt the coolness being poured slowly over my lower abdominal as other hands spread my labia apart. The icy liquid made me twinge as it rolled slowly towards my entry hole and asshole. The second pouring was slower and more deliberate and it sent me into a frenzy.

"Ah fuck" I screamed from the sensation of the icy cold liquid flowing bewteen my opened pussy lips. Another wave of electricity flowed through my body when I felt the tip between my upper lips. It was turned upright to pour, the icy cold liquid touched my skin and trickled downhill even more slowly than before. My entry hole was being held opened by prying fingers as the bottle was raised, sending a steady stream of coldness inside my raging honey pot.

The cold shock of pleasure sent me into another climax, as I could feel my inside filling up before another female slowly sipped the juicy flavored drink from my opened loved box.

"Ah shit" I screamed out as they continued refilling my pussy over and over, allowing anothers to suck the tasty Champaign from my pussy. A wet sweet tasting pussy had replaced the cock in my mouth, as she began riding my face into her own orgasm.

Unable to see, as her legs were locked around my head while others fondled the bottle along my pussy lips. The fingers were replaced by the sleek glass bottle which toyed at my opened entrance for a bit. They toyed with my pussy, placing the thicker bottle end between my lips as they moved it up and down. My hips were arching upwards, pressing my spread lips firmly against the glass invader as they toyed with my wanting to fuck pussy.

Holding the bottle firmly between my lips, I began raising and lowering myself against it. Oh god it felt great as I worked my pussy up and down the glass toy.

"Ah yes" I screamed "it feels fucking great" as they watched me moving up and down on it.

I worked my stretched pussy lips from top to bottom, just as if I was working a cock shaft. I reached the top and somebody tilted the bottle allowing the neck to slip between my wet lips. Humping upwards, the beveled rings felt awesome against my clit and I wanted to cum again.

I began thrusting upwards, allowing my clit to rub against the glassy ridge until I couldn't take it anymore. One final thrust and I cum, thrashing my pussy all over the glass bottle as they looked on.

"Ah fuck I'm cumming" I screamed as I released my juices all over the bottle neck. I could still feel the neck pressing against my swollen lips, I wanted more. Gliding my saturated cunt up and down the slippery shaft until I felt the glass ridges hit my swollen clit.

I began slowly pressing my pelvis downward, until I felt the tip pressing against my entry. Slowly I worked my pelvis back and forth until I felt the tip slip between the entry way. I felt the smooth sleek neck easing in and out of the opening as I raised and lowered my hips. Each thrust lowered my lips further down the expanding neck as I looked onto the big screen.

I saw myself riding the bottle, my lips hugging it tight as the thickness penetrated my narrow inlet, driving me wild.

"I want to cum again" I screamed out as my hips were rocking my pussy against the bottle neck lodged between my labia lips. Pumping slowly up and down, pressing the neck deeply inside into my spread entrance and into my passage way.

"Ah Yes" I hollered as my lips were gliding up and down the sleek glass invader, while attempting to push down and take all i could handle.

"Ahhh mother fucker" I screamed as I felt the thick neck spreading my vagina apart as I continued pushing down.

"Hold it in place" somebody said as I began frantically thrusting my pussy onto it, taking a bit more each time.

"Twist it" somebody advised, as I pushed up and down in a faster pace, now feeling it twisting its way in and out of me.

The other person was sort of cork screwing me with the bottle as I thrust a final time, sending me over the edge.

"Ah fuck, I'm cumming" I yelled out in visible pleasure as they continued pushing the glass invader deeply in and out of my fully stretched pussy. I collapsed, unable to move and totally satisfied as I had just watched myself in an unforgettable action on the screen.

From the corner of my eye, I could see Ike walking towards me with his cock leading the way. I knew he wanted to have his way with me, as the others merely warmed me up for him.

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