I was going to make it as exciting as I possible could
It was early morning as Dave and I drove off the ferry in St. Malo for our first holiday away from our three children, we had been looking forward to this for years, it was exciting and the prospect of a leisurely time in a French Gite buried in the countryside was just simply, great!

Driving past the imposing view of Le Mont St. Michel with its spire climbing into a deep blue sky was a great start, the sun roof open, wind blowing through my long hair, I felt good. I did something of a self appraisal looking down at myself, the red painted toe nails and long slender legs accentuated with short shorts, my breasts thrusting out under the t-shirt, possibly on the heavy side, but he would not be complaining about that. He smiled as I learned over to look in the mirror, “You look just great, and sexy too.” He didn’t know that I had shaved for him. I turned to look at him, he still had a full head of hair going grey with that distinguished look which infuriated women, but still attracted them. He looked good, perhaps one or two beers too many but generally speaking in good shape. I was going to make it as exciting as I possibly could for him, as the children had always come first before.

We were sat round the pool sunbathing, I was topless, when we both heard a loud “Hello, hello!” I snatched the towel around me as a young blond man walked around the corner, dressed only in shorts, a baseball hat and trainers, but more to the point, a great athletic body. He explained that he was here to clean the pool; it had to be cleaned every three days.

His name was André and he spoke in that very attractive way the French do when speaking English, chatting while hovering the pool. He obviously visited the gym, his nicely built body with good muscles and wonderful tan made him a bit dreamy. I must have been devouring him as Dave gave me a quizzical look to make me stop.

As he put the equipment away I got him a cold beer. He said that he was from the small village just down the road and was on holiday from university in England were he was studying coaching and sports physiotherapy.

He was still sweating as I watched the droplets run over his magnificent chest. I wanted to lick them off and taste his salt and draw him into my towel to caress his body when Dave’s voice startled me.

I think he had to repeat it again “Would you like another drink?” He gave me a funny look.

“Yes, thank you.”

I spoke to André about athletics and mentioned my occasional running, he was very interested but he had to excuse himself to move on to the next pool. He asked me to sign a card confirming the time and date that the work had been done. Sitting up and swivelling on the sun bed trying to hold the towel, I held my hand out for the pen and card. As I was signing, the towel fell open unintentionally revealing a breast. I had already noticed him looking at my cleavage. I looked up after signing his card seeing he had the start of a bulge in his shorts which I thought was fun and very complimentary. Passing back his card and pen I accidentally, on purpose, brushed his half erection with the back of my hand and smiled at him. He quickly made a retreat across the patio calling over his shoulder that he would be back in three days.

Dave said, “You fancy him, like hell, don’t you?”

“Well . . . yes, I suppose.”

I had promised myself that I would make this holiday exciting for Dave and on a number of occasions in bed he had intimated that he would like to watch me with another man.

I said, “André is rather nice, and he is a stranger, that was your stipulation, wasn’t it?”

“errr, Yes”

“You would have to keep out of sight.”

For the first time ever he was lost for words and not sure.

He did not mention it again until we were in bed but did point out how young André was and said he might not fancy me. I did not tell him about the bulge in his shorts saying “You will have to wait and see.” He was so excited that he was coming in minutes and I could feel his heart really thumping with excitement. It was great for me as his excitement was making this holiday like a second honeymoon.

Two days later I was improving my sun tan after a good lunch with wine. Dave had gone in for more drinks when I heard, “Hello, Hello” I snatched the towel over me, I was totally naked this time as André the pool man came around the corner.

Dave obviously heard him and stayed quiet in the Gite.

André finished the job and I tried half heartedly to hold the towel while I signed his card again. He was obviously growing in his shorts and this time he smiled, or was it a grin? I asked if he would like a drink, I was about to shout and ask Dave to bring drinks out when I sensed him quietly just behind us in the darkened bedroom with the French windows wide open. I went and got the drinks and walking back towards André, a drink in each hand when the breeze caught the towel and he saw I was shaven. His head lowered, probably because he was embarrassed. He was sitting on the other sun bed leaning forward with his arms crossed over his knees, trying to cover up his large erection in his shorts.

After his drink he had to stand up again to give me his card to sign but this time I ran my finger tips the complete length of his erection. He looked around in all directions obviously not wanting any trouble with Dave. I explained, quite loudly, that my husband had gone off to play his boring golf again and would not be back for hours. I continued to apply sun oil to my legs.

To my delight he said, “I will put oil on your back, yes?”

Oh, YES please!

“If you like.” I turned over onto my front letting the towel fall to each side, he grabbed the other towel to kneel on, I was really feeling his presence as he started on my shoulders, smoothing the muscles and firmly running his thumbs up the back of my neck making me relaxed, he certainly knew what he was doing.

He moved lower down my body and I lifted my head, I could just faintly see Dave’s shape in the deep shadow. Just then André ran a finger between my cheeks and gently over my pink, I let out one of my “Huumms” and let my mouth drop open just for Dave’s benefit. André hands were good, firm but not heavy, I was becoming very relaxed by now and the warm sunshine and wine helped enormously.

He said “Turn over.”

He sensed my hesitation, had I had too much wine, had the heat gone to my head, why do people do things on holiday that they normally would not do at home? I turned over and my worries melted with his admiration of my erect nipples and shaven pussy, my labia looked like Ayers Rock towering above the desert, no tuft to hide my lips. He could see everything and just kept on looking. “You have a beautiful body, and I like this” indicating my pubes, his remark made me feel good again and confident and I was determined he was going to enjoy me.

I looked at him and smiled, I didn’t want to talk, just watched the beads of sweat running down his chest. He started with my shoulders and skirted around my breasts onto my tummy. It was bliss, I was starting to flutter and it was not a game anymore, little soft moans were escaping me with his every touch. Dave could easily hear them.

André said, “Do you always shave there?”

"Just on holidays” I said. Which was a lie because I had not done it before.

It seemed that he had difficulty deciding to touch any sexual part of my body but I knew the bulge in his shorts would overcome that. I said “I like being shaven when it’s hot. Is it stubbly yet?”

As soon as his hand touched me I moaned loudly, the palm of his hand applied undulating pressure on my labia, more soft moans again, one after the other until I could not stand it anymore and gasped loudly to encourage him. I was so turned on I felt like screaming, I laid my hand on the top of his, sliding it over my stomach and onto my breast. He nipped my erect nipple, it was like an electric shock twitching my body, then, slowly, very slowly my hand still over his descended down to my hairless mound. I just said one word, “Ple-a-s-e.”

He dropped his shorts with difficulty as he was big and thicker than Dave. He knelt at the foot of the sun bed to drag my body down placing my legs over his shoulders, unwittingly giving Dave the best view possible. I had to support myself on my shoulders and forearms.

The thought of what was going to happen next sent little electric shocks round my stomach; this stranger was going to eat me. I imagined Dave looking over my head and heaving breasts with nipples rock hard to see André's mouth sucking my pussy, his outstretched hands slipping over my nipples to nip and squeeze callously, the pain accentuating the pleasure.

André hands were under my bottom now, pushing me up onto his searching tongue as I grasped his erection and said, “Please!” again. I wriggled back up the bed and parted my legs even wider. I let my head hang over the edge of the bed, hair cascading onto the patio. He had one quick look all around before working his erection through wet lips to find my depths with enthusiasm. I did wonder after a while if I was too wet for him because he put his hands under my bottom to tighten me up but I was nearly there. I wanted it to go on and never stop as I pushed up to meet his every thrust. I was in a state of suppressed exhilaration and excitement because Dave would be watching everything. André was not in charge anymore as I thrust up against his ever increasing hardness, my head dangling over the end, mouth open loudly expressing the sheer delight he was giving to me.

I heard a moan from inside, as André got very rough but still bringing loud murmurs of pleasure from me with his every thrust. Suddenly I was there, the tremors went around my whole body and with a final shriek, I came, still with my head hanging, mouth open, a rag doll, immersed in the pleasure André had given my body. I was amazed how quickly I had come.

The undulation started to subside when realization sank in, slowly at first, but in my excitement and to my horror, he was not wearing a condom. I pushed him away and out of me, his face fell, he looked hurt, thinking that it was something he had done wrong.

I said I was so sorry and explained, swivelling round I sat on the edge of the bed stretching out my hand to grasp his throbbing hardness as he stood in front of me. I said loudly, “That was wonderful, I going to be the same for you.” The sweat was pouring off his tanned skin sending little shivers down my spine, he was young and I wanted him to remember this day for the rest of his life. I was going to do what I wanted to do when I first saw him, lick the droplets of sweat from his body.

I leaned towards him, my tongue lapping up the little droplets while one hand cupped his testicles, as I tasted the salt from his stomach his erection tickled my ear, he started to tremble. I encircled André's tight bottom, pulling him closer to take his erection in my mouth. As he slipped in, his exclamations were loud and in his own language, which I rather liked. When I started in earnest with my tongue he nearly crumpled in my arms and I had to force his bottom closer to keep him standing. I was determined that I would be good for him and forced him closer again until he was fully in, it was not long before he was moaning as I grabbed the base with one hand and whipped my mouth up and down his full length. I knew that he was nearly there and I released my wet hand to push between his parted legs slipping a finger into his anus while I took him in completely, his response was terrific, he started to ejaculate, he pumped, he jerked, he groaned, his rigidity was surprising as I swallowed him. I could not cope with the flood down my throat, I swallowed most but pulled off him to show Dave what he had made me do, mouth open, sperm running out and down over my chin.

André had partially collapsed and I was still holding him up as he continued to dribble so I could not resist licking him clean.

As soon as he was gone Dave rushed out and said that had been the most exciting thing he had seen in his life, but was quick to point out that I never did that to him with my finger. We went indoors and I did not disappoint him! Ω

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