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I wanted to turn him out, make him my bitch for the night
07-16-2011, 01:12 AM
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I wanted to turn him out, make him my bitch for the night
Tonight I will have my way with my man. I will make him my little bitch for the night. He will do everything I tell him to do because I do everything he tells me to do.

I arrived home with two new toys for us to enjoy, a double headed long dong, and a thick 9 inch strap on that squirts your favorite filling on demand. I pour a double shot of crown royal min a rock glass and turn on a nasty porno flick while I wait for Tom to get home.

My husband, my friend, my lover and my play toy is Tom. He sports a body of average height and weight with minimal body hair. His eyes are a crystal blue color and facial features are very soft. Tom often shaves his body hair as he is an avid bike racer, and claims it gives him a competitive edge.

I watch the action on the screen, and visualize what I want Tom to do tonight as I unpackaged our new toys. We often play with toys, so there isn't any fear that these will pose any problem, but they are part of my desire.

Tom arrives shortly after and we have a few drinks while watching a bit of the movie as I show off the toys.

Pressing the double head dong between my closed legs, I slowly begin to jack off on the remaining shaft. "How does this look" I asked Tom.

"You look good with a cock" he laughed as I stroked it a bit faster. Pressing the knob against my entry hole, he watched as it slowly disappeared.

"Ah yes, it feels good Tom, and it is going to make you feel good also" I whispered to him

"Come here and suck on it" I instructed him as I waved the shaft around while the opposite end slipped forward. Laying on his side, he curled up on my lap and began to tongue the shaft and head skillfully. "Yes Tom, I know you want that knob in your mouth, so why not take it" I teased.

Tom coated the knob with his salvia and placed his open lips over the rubber knob and slowly took it into his mouth. With the knob in his mouth, Tom started bobbing his head up and down skillfully as if he were giving a real blow job.

"Yes Tom, suck on it like you want to suck a real cock" I said teasingly as I watched him take the remaining length into his mouth without gagging. That's what I'm going to do I thought, I'm going to turn him out like a little slut tonight.

"Ok Tom, go get in the shower so we can go out and play" I told him

While Tom was showering, I picked out his clothes for him to wear. Tom entered the room and finished drying off when i told him the game plan for tonight.

I handed him a jean skirt, a bra with built in gel pads, a tank top, a pair of girlie sneakers and my long thick black wig.

"Tonight you are going to be Tammy, a slut who likes everything" I instructed

"Are you sure" he asked, "wanting to know exactly what all he had to do" he continued

"We will go out to a bar or club as girl friends, be flirtatious and see what happens" I explained, "but we have to go through what I choose" I stated firmly "Now lets get you dressed Tammy"

Once in the bra and skirt I realized that I had to strap his cock in place between his legs before putting on the fishnet pantyhose. Tom started looking really hot to me as I put on the long black wig.

All dressed, Tammy was fucking outrageous and I knew it wouldn't take much time for guys to be all over her. I put on my skimpy tight skirt, short braless crop top and heels before applying makeup on him for the finishing touches.

"Tammy your are fucking hot looking" I said as he got into the car and sped towards a bar.

We went to this seedy dive bar called Willies, known for people who want to play around. It was fairly crowed as the music jammed in the smoke filled bar.

Pushing our way to the bar, I told Tammy "to relax, it will be fun and games" as we sat on the stools. We had a drink, then free drinks were all around us as guys piled in making small talk with us.

"So what's your pleasure girls" a tall lanky cowboy type asked as he stood between us

"We like lots of things, what do you like" I asked

"I love getting my Willie sucked" he said cheerfully while stroking our backs and shoulders.

"Tammy loves to suck cock, but she likes it nasty" I whispered top the cowboy

"How nasty" he asked while touching his throbbing erection for me to see

"As nasty as you can make it, the nastier the better" I replied, excusing myself to go to the ladies room. I left cowboy there with a raging hard-on alone with Tammy, to see what would happen.

I turned back and saw the cowboy feeling Tammy up as he moved in closer and whispered in her ear. His hands were romping all over her ass and chest as I went into the restroom. I knew that they cowboy wanted his Willie sucked and couldn't settle for less and I hoped he wouldn't.

I returned to see Tammy and the cowboy on the dance floor with cowboy groping her ass in front of everybody. Cowboys hands were completely inside the sheer black panty as he held Tammy against his body. I walked over and joined them, making cowboy very happy to have two women at his side as his hand quickly found my ass as well. His cock was erect and visibly straining against his tight fitting jeans.

As we danced, cowboy took the liberty of placing our hands on his cock, as he began kissing each of us fully and deeply. Tammy's tongue found my mouth as cowboy watched for a moment then began swapping tongues with the both of us.

Cowboys was hot, hard and ready for a fucking blow job at this point. He got us each another drink and toasted to "The Willie" as we chugged down the shot quickly.

"Come on, lets go" he said as he led us by the hand. "you girls ready for Willie" he asked as we approached the men's room.

"Could be" I replied as Tammy stood there looking as me as cowboy opened the door to the men's room. Taking us by the hand, cowboy led us into the occupied urinal stalled men's room. A gruff looking older man was shaking his cock after depositing his piss into the urinal as we walked past him. The air reeked of urine, and the floor had wet paper towels scattered across it as cowboy looked at us.

"What are you girls doing in here" the old man asked in a harsh tone as cowboy began kissing us all over.

"What's it to you old man" cowboy snapped. "You want your old salty cock sucked by one of these two girls" he continued as the man fumbled clumsily placing his cock back in his pants.

"Which one" the old man asked as cowboy paraded us around, showing off our asses to him

"Either one is fine by me, hell they can both suck you off" cowboy responded as he fondled my tits for the old mans amusement.

Lifting my shirt, cowboy asked "you like these tits old man" as he fully displayed both of my breasts in his huge hands.

"Yeah I like those tits" the old man said as he walked over and started kissing them while cowboy sat me against the sink. His old tongue was as rough as sand paper against my erect sensitive nipples, sucking as if he hadn't had a tit in years.

"Old man, what if this girl sucks your cock right now" cowboy asked as he pointed to Tammy

"Sure, why not. Its not everyday a beautiful girl like her is willing to suck my old cock" he replied quickly.

I nodded to Tammy, and she knew exactly what that meant. She knew that I wanted her to get down on her knees and give the old man a blow job. Looking at me, I snapped my head firmly and Tammy proceeded to unzip the old mans zipper while dropping down to her knees.

Taking the old mans shriveled cock out, Tammy slowly began to stroke it to a semi hard erection. It was a small cock, maybe five inches or so as she placed it to her lips and took it into her mouth. Yes I thought to myself as I watched her pleasuring the old mans cock, and cowboy removing his own bigger erection.

The door opened and another man, much younger than cowboy walked in a saw what was going on. He walked up to the urinal, pissed and turned to me with his cock in his hand as others filled the remaining slots.

Shaking his much bigger hard cock at me, he said "well what are you waiting for" as cowboy watched Tammy suck the old mans cock. Moments later, I saw his cock erupting in Tammy's mouth, as she attempted to swallow every drop of his cum.

The old man thanked Tammy for her services as cowboy stuffed his bigger cock into Tammy's cum coated mouth. Tammy held on to cowboy as her hands latched into his ass cheeks, while she took his cock deeper.

Eagerly I dropped onto my hands and knees and felt the wetness of the floor in front of the recently used urinal. He pressed his ivory hard cock into my mouth. I tasted the salty bitterness of the piss he had just completed of the taste, he forced me take his cock into my mouth anyway.

I looked over and saw cowboy's cock pounding Tammy's mouth as he held her by the head firmly. His hips were thrusting forward, driving his spike into her throat when a group of drunkards strolled in laughing loudly. They proceeded to relieve themselves in the vacant urinals as I slipped around the wet floor giving head as some of them intentionally missed the target.

Once finisher, they began jacking off their cocks at us, as if they were about to take turns on each of us. One of them grabbed Tammy's ass and pulled the panty hose to the side in order to finger the tiny brown hole deeply while she attempted to wriggled about. Cowboy looked on in approving as they paired off between us, with erections in hand.

I could feel the cock in my mouth about to erupt as he pulled out and squirted his load of thick seed all over my face as another one stepped forward immediately.

One guy sat up on the sink and ordered Tammy to bend over and service his cock while her panty was being ripped away from her ass. I saw another spit on the head of his cock before pressing it between her ass cheeks and push forward.

With a mouthful of cum and a second one about to erupt, she moaned a gurgled sound "mmm" as the cock was pushed into her asshole in a single thrust. Her head was bobbing up and down when he unloaded a huge spray of even thicker cum into her mouth. It ran down her chin and onto her top in streams while the assault on her ass continued. I knew Tammy was liking it just as much as I liked seeing her get it.

I was pushed against a stall door as my attacker plunged his cock in and out of my pussy, making me scream in delight as Tammy looked over. In alternating thrusts, he shoveled his thick cock into my saturated pussy, then into my own tight asshole making me cum at will. After several server minutes of intense hole fucking, he blasted his cum deep inside my ass until he was spent.

Tammy had just sucked off one guy, who in turn pulled off her skirt and noticed the taped down cock.

Pulling off the sheer panty hose, he said "look guys, what the fuck it's a guy" pointing out the taped cock hidden from sight.

"So what " a tall dark black one said, "he gives good head and has a really tight asshole" while pulling his pants back up. Tammy's mouth and asshole both had creamy cum circles around them as other were preparing to enter her again. Leaning her over the sink top, each of them shoved their cocks into her opened cum filled asshole until they each deposited another round of spunk into her.

Each of them had Tammy suck their mounting erections while I watched happily. She was covered in cum, the sheer panty hose were ripped and torn away. She had been ass fucked by three different men and was about to give them head again. Taking the first ones cock, the others stood over her and began jerking off until they had their own erections ready for service. Again on her hands and knees, she took each cock into her mouth and skillfully sucked it off. After each cock had left its creamy spunk, its owner proceeded to humiliate her further. Each man took his turn saturating her face with enormous amounts of penal liquid. As she was sucking cock, the cum turned thin and milky yellow as they drenched her face. Tammy continued as the bitter sweet mixture ran into her mouth while she accepted the final cocks creamy cum.

Her face now completely covered in a creamy yellow coating looked at me and asked "Did I do ok" as I helped her to her feet.

What a night I thought to myself as I helped Tammy freshen up so we could go home.....

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