I remember the way it all began, and I loved it
This is dedicated to the man of my life, the man who made sex a playful and joyous thing. He is a few years older than I, and had far more sexual experience when we met. During the first couple of years he presented me with many challenges and provocative sexual situations for which I will always be grateful.

I thank him for allowing me the opportunities to explore and experience all that sex is about without jealousy or inhibitions.

I love the way he casually introduced me to exhibitionism, consciously showing my seductive body to others as I dressed a bit daring. An extremely low cut top or skimpy skirt was sure to catch somebody's eye as we roamed around. A panty less ass, and braless breasts soon became my dress of choice, as we enjoyed the eye attention of onlookers.

I learned the art of giving head, and loved it to no end. I loved it when he delivered seemingly never ending amounts of thick seedy cum into my mouth, and all over my hot tingly body.

I enjoyed the first time he penetrated my tight anal entry, spreading it as his thick manhood prodded me deeply. The feeling of his warm cum filling my bowels was indescribable as his cock manhandled my tight cavity.

I relish the memory of the first time had suck his cock in public, not worrying about who may have caught a glimpse. A dark alley way, a parking garage, or while driving down the highway, day or night.

My pussy get so wet as I recall the events, that I have to satisfy myself as I write this. It cannot wait, I have to relive the sensation. Slipping three fingers into my thickened opening, I finger myself deeply, thinking about the things we have done. It doesn't take long to get myself off, as I stroke my swollen clit until my juices are flowing freely.

The I recall the first time he had me go to the ladies room and remove my bra and thong while dining at a local restaurant. He had me masturbate myself while the waiter took our order. He ordered my meal, as I fingered my wet box to a fast and hot mini orgasm.

Yes, I will suck his cock anytime or anyplace he desires.
Yes, I will dress in any desired attire that he might request, and flaunt myself freely.
Yes, I will masturbate as his request without limitations on his request.
Yes, I will allow him to have his way with me, in any manner he deems warranted.

I remember the first time I fully displayed myself to another while he watched. I enjoyed the fact that I was getting attention from another while he watched from a safe distance. I loved playing the teasing little slut, knowing that it wasn't going to go very far. I enjoyed teasing them as they looked me up and down with lust in their eyes and hard erections in their pants. I became more interested in the erections I was creating, and began teasing them more and more.

I remember the time his best friend came over to the house, while his wife was out of town. I was in my usual skimpy booty shorts and cutoff braless t- shirt when I answered the door. I knew he was watching my tight ass cheeks as I pranced in front of him towards the living room. We sat around drinking and talking about everything under the sun, but his eyes were perched on my hardened nipples. I would lean over a bit more than needed to retrieve my glass from the table, knowing he would see all my bare breast. I wanted him to see them. I enjoyed him looking at them.

I got up and went into the kitchen to refill our drinks and get something to munch on. I delivered a plate of snacks and a drink to Larry, and stood before him so he could see what he wanted. My thick labia lips were barely covered my the skimpy shorts and knew he enjoyed the view as I sat across from him allowing little looks as I wiggled my legs apart. I could see his bulging erection from across the way

I remember my husband asking Larry to spend the night since we were all getting pretty buzzed. I was a bit surprised as this would be the first time an unaccompanied person would sleep over.

I was slightly surprised when my hubby asked me to go and shower, and returned freshened up. I did so immediately, because he wanted me to. I went into the shower and freshened up and noticed an outfit on the bed when I finished.

It read, "Wear this and only this as Larry obviously likes your tits and ass, and be ready for instructions".

I picked up the sheer red satin jacket and slipped it on as instructed, along with the red six inch stiletto heels. The jacket hung just below my bare ass cheeks allowing a full view of my legs, while the tailored center cut allowed my full cleavage to be seen. The sheerness allowed my full round breasts, and erect nipples to be fully visible. Looking in the mirror, I noticed that my freshly shaven pussy was all most visible with every step I took.

I remember entering the dimly lit living room as they both gazed at me as I strolled in their direction. I saw them sitting on each end of the sofa, and that Larry was wearing a bathrobe with his legs slightly apart. They were looking at me with lust in their eyes, as an extended hand led me to seat between them. Stepping backwards, they both got more than an eyeful of my bare ass as I sat down. The tiny jacket layered softly against my crotch, while my stiff nipples playfully exposed themselves.

I remember feeling Larry's muscular leg softly pressing against mine, making me crazy as I sat there basically naked between them. I got up to get more drinks, knowing that my ass and pussy was almost in their faces. I wanted them both to see it good as I was enjoying the moment.

I returned to the sofa with drinks as my hubby had turned on an intense hot porno flick. I noticed Larry's cock lifting the robe upward as he watched the scene on the screen. Yes it was a hot scene, about a housewife giving head to her husband and his best friend.

I kept my eyeball on Larry's growing erection, as my hubby lowered the jacket off my shoulders, fully uncovering both of my rounded perky 36dd breasts. His growing erection looked so inviting I thought to myself, creating nasty pictures in my mind.

I remember my hubby asking "If I liked the scene I was watching"
I remember answering "Yes, it really looks hot" as my hubby fondled one my breast and lifted the jacket edges off my crotch. My hairless swollen labia lips were hungry for attention as my hubbies hand softly stroked one side of my legs and lips.

I remember moaning softly "Mmm that feels good" as he tugged my lips apart with his fingers, knowing that Larry was looking.

Watching the woman on the screen stroking two erect cocks at one, my hubby asked "does that look appealing to you"

I remember replying softly "yes baby that looks really inviting" as Larry's cock had the bath robe looking like a tent pole.

I remember him taking his thick hard cock out and saying "then go ahead if you like, imitate the girl on the screen"

I remember grasping his erection in my hand and answering "Sure baby" as my other hand landed on top of Larry's leg, then underneath the robe Insearch of his bulging manhood.

I remember taking Larry's bigger cock in my hand, and bringing it out from under the covering. It was so big as I held the thick base in my hand, allowing my fingers to brush over his over sized balls.
I remember stroking both hard cocks at the same time, while feeling a fire raging inside my fiery hole while I watched the girl slowly position herself to suck on both cocks. I knew that I wanted to do the same, right then. I wanted to suck both of their cocks until they cum in my mouth I thought quietly to myself.

I remember him telling me to imitate the girl as I slithered down onto the floor before, still hanging on to both erect cocks. On my knees, I watched the girl on the screen, then I performed the scene. Larry's cock was lighter in color, sporting a purplish thick knob on the lengthier shaft as I stroked up and down the shaft. I became wetter than ever, as I stroked each mans cock towards my tempting mouth. As I pulled their cocks in a sideways motion towards each others, they reciprocated by moving a bit closer together.

I remember my hubby asking "do you want to suck us both off" as I starred at each cock with desire for them.

I remember answering "Yes baby, I want to suck both your big cocks" as I continued to get more excited about the scenario. Placing my head forward to the point that my lips were able to touch each easily. I extended my tongue and touched Larry's raging erection first, swirling around the fat cockle, then did the same to my mans raging hard on.

I remember pulling the foreskin over the head, and watched the pearl like pre cum ooze from Larry's little slit. My tongue instinctively pressed into the opening as I wanted to sample his seed, then sampled my hubbies.

I remember moaning softly "Mmm" in satisfaction of a savored taste, as I placed my lips over Larry's swollen knob. His cock felt good in my mouth, as I slowly worked my way down the lengthy shaft, while stroking my mans cock up and down. My pussy was raging like never before as I began to suck Larry's cock without any hesitation.

I remember Larry's cock glistening with my salvia as I removed my mouth from it, and inserted my mans now raging cock. Oh god I thought to myself, here I am sucking two cocks at the same time and I love it. Listening to the tow of them moaning while I serviced them at the same time was sensational to say the least. My legs, saturated with trails of my own wetness that flowed freely as I alternated cocks in and out of my mouth and hand.

I remember taking Larry's throbbing cock back into my mouth, and slipping down the swollen girth. I swallowed his thick knob and allowed his massive cock to fuck my throat deeply. My salvia coated his shaft as I went up and down the length. I felt the throbbing and I knew he was loving the blow job I was giving. It was special for me as well. It was my first head job, to anyone other than my man and he was there watching.

I remember my hubby saying "take his cum in your mouth, and swallow every drop" he instructed. Oh yes, I wanted their cum. I wanted it in my mouth, all over my face.

I remember Larry saying "ah fuck I'm going to cum" as I felt the throbbing increase in my throat.

I remember moaning "Mmhmm" as I slid up the shaft, so I could deposit his seed in my mouth. Then I felt the spurts delivering his hot thick cum, spurt after spurt. I felt my mouth completely full of his cup load of jism as he withdrew his semi hard cock and delivered a final spurt onto my face. I swallowed every drop as told, then showed off my vacant mouth, before devouring my mans waiting cock, while continuing to stroke Larry's cock. Within minutes, my mouth was refilled with even more thick seedy cum, while several spurts landed all over my wanting face. I loved it, and knew that I would do it again soon.

I remember my hubby asking "if I really enjoyed doing that"

I remember looking at them and saying "Oh yes, and I hope you let me do it again"

I remember him grinning and saying, "We will just have to see, now wont we"

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