I love the taste of pink
You spread the blanket out on the floor, and lay back. Let me place the blind fold gently over your eyes to heighten your other senses. Touching every inch of your body as I slowly undress you down to your panties. Leaving the room, you can hear me searching the ice box for just the right size cube. Rattling it in the glass as I return. But silently I've also grabbed the warming oil. I'm planning on taking you from one extreme to the other.

Removing your panties with nothing but my teeth as my hands continue to search your body. Knowing ever groove, and bend before getting down to business. I reach for the nearest pillow, and double it over to prop under your sweet ass as I lift it off the floor. You layed out before me feeling so vulnerable is a new turn on. You can feel my breath as I make my way down the inside of your thigh. Getting closer and closer to my goal.

I let a couple drops of oil hit your skin just above you slit, and watch as they creep south and over your swelling lips. I can almost feel your heart beating from the blood rushing through your sensitive areas. My breath is so HOT as I breath over your opening, and gently touch your soft skin. Playing with you as I begin to kiss you as if it was your mouth. Little bit of tongue, but not too much. O, you taste so good!

I can't hold back anymore as I press against you, and stuff my tongue deep inside! You can't help but arch your back and lace your legs around me and lock them together as if never to let me go.

Your hands search the back of my head, and run your fingers through my hair as you pull me in again, and again. I slow my actions enough that you release your grip long enough that I can slip in an ice cube . Holding it against my tongue and making it as cold as possible before I get back to what I love. I press the large flat area of my tongue against your hot hole and you gaps for breath from the difference in feeling. The ice is nearly melted by now, and you are soaking wet. A combination of oil, ice, and your juice is slowly leaking out of you and down over your tight little ass as well.

I look up over you flat tummy, and ask of you're ready for a finger or two. You whimper out that you want to feel my fingers inside you! First I just lightly slip in the middle finger, and feel around inside you as far as possible. Giving you a few strokes before introducing another finger into you sweet snatch. I alternate the curling of the two fingers, and you can barely stand it! Driving you nuts as I thrust them in and out while sucking on your hood, and firmly licking your throbbing clit.

Your calves on my back tighten and I know you're close. I increase the pressure with my hand and mouth both. You grip my head and I can begin to taste your sweet juice as a little slips into my mouth. At the same time, I drop a single finger down below, and gently ease it into your ass. This drives you over the edge like never before, and I can hardly hold you still as you explode again, and again. Finally relaxing your grip, you can hear me lapping up your cum that's ran out of you, and puddled into my palm while you were cumming. If you listen closely, you can hear me swallowing your sweetness....
It's good one!

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