I didn't know it but she had plans for my birthday
It was Friday and It was the day before my birthday. I arrived home after work. Carol greeted

me at the door and said, "Happy Birthday, honey."

I smiled and reminded her my birthday wasn't until tomorrow. She smiled but said nothing. Then she lead me to the patio where I saw the most awesome gas grill. "Happy Birthday," she reiterated. " I wanted it delivered when you weren't here so it would be more of a surprise, besides there may be other presents for you tomorrow." I put my arms around her and said, "I love you." I continued, "I suppose we should go to the store and get some steaks because I would like to use it tonight. Carol said "OK, but I would like to have a beer before we go. Would you get me one, please." I open the refrigerator door to get her a beer and starring me in the face were the two most beautiful rib eye steaks. I turned to her and said "You devil, you!"

Carol said "Go change clothes and I will put a couple potatoes into bake." After changing clothes, drinking a beer, I fired up the grill. As I removed the steaks, Carol said " I love a good steak, it's almost like.. well you know what." I knew exactly what she was referring to. In my mind, I knew she was talking about sucking a cock while I watched. The steaks and potatoes were ready. We cut the potatoes open and put sour cream on top. We sat down to eat. As she ate her steak she moaned in delight. After about two bites of her steak, I used my spoon to scoop a small amount of sour cream from her potato and said, "Open up" Then I let it drip slowly into her waiting mouth. We finished dinner and didn't bother to wash the dishes but instead headed straight to bed.

She lay naked on the bed and I adored her hairy pussy while she played with herself. I undressed and got between her legs. I began licking her lovely slit. Within moments she grasped my head, her body began to shake and she screamed in utter delight as she reached her climax. We rested a few moments after her climax and I rubbed my cock to ensure it remained hard. She watched me masturbate and then said, "Feed me, honey" That's all I needed to hear and I straddled her face and began fucking her open mouth. I glanced down and saw this beautiful woman taking my cock into her lovely mouth. After about 20 strokes, I withdrew. She attempted to pull me back into her mouth but I was ready to cum and I wanted to watch my white cream shoot into her mouth. I stroked my dick a few times and then said, "I'm cumming" 'Give it to me" she screamed. I watched as I shot load after load into her sex hungry mouth. She swallowed all that I gave her and then licked her lips. Afterward we lay side by side and whispered I love you to each other. Then we drifted off to sleep.

We awoke at 8:30 the next morning and I thanked Carol for my birthday present. She only smiled and said "Honey, your birthday is today." I thought "OMG, what's next?" We got up and Carol took a shower first. After I finished my shower and was shaving, I heard Carol on the phone. The only part of the conversation I heard was Carol saying 10:30. I asked her who had called. "Oh, it was just Maria and we are going to go to the mall on Monday." We had breakfast and approximately 10:30 the doorbell rang. I answered it and it was my friend Larry. I was somewhat dumbfounded but invited him in. He and Carol said hello to each other and she offered him a seat. Still confused of why Larry was here, I asked Carol to join me in the bedroom. "What's with Larry?" I questioned. She reminded me that it was still my birthday and also reminded me of a conversation we had previously. "Well honey, remember I told you I like to suck cock and you said you liked to watch." I said "Yes"

Now it was making sense. I became increasingly excited about what was to follow. Carol and I re-entered the living room. Carol looked at Larry and said, "Sorry to keep you in the dark but it's his birthday and he want' s to watch me suck a cock, do you mind? It's just sex and there are no personal feelings attached." Larry looked at me and I shook my head yes. Larry said to Carol, "Please do!!!" I sat in a chair to get a good view. Carol was in charge of the situation. She stood about 10 feet away from Larry and said "Take off your pants and underwear." As his soft cock became exposed, Carol licked her lips. She made a few steps forward and told Larry to rub his cock. As he began to do so, his cock began to harden. Carol then looked at me and asked, "Can I suck it" "Please do, honey, I'm watching." Carol knelt between his legs and watched as Larry's cock reached a full 7". Then took his cock into her mouth. While I watched, I told Carol that this was really turning me on. This seemed to heighten her pleasure with his cock in her mouth. I then said to Carol, "I want to see you jack him off" Carol's mouth was replaced by her right hand and she rubbed his wet hard cock. She smiled as she stroked his member alternately licking the head of his penis. Then all at once Larry erupted like a volcano. His cum landed on the bottom of his hairy shaft. It took no time and Carol's mouth was busy licking all the cum she could get from his groin area. In short time Larry left and thanked Carol. On his way out, Carol said "Cum again"

After Larry had departed, Carol asked me if I liked what I saw. "Yes M'am" was my reply. Carol told me it was her pleasure to suck a cock while I watched. I told her it was really a nice birthday present. I enjoyed seeing get between Larry's legs and suck his dick. Carol smiled but said nothing. We decided to have lunch.

It was about 1:00 and we had finished lunch. I told Carol the sight really was exciting to watch and I wanted to lick her pussy as a show of gratitude. "Honey that's really not necessary, I did it because I like to suck cock and you like to watch, OK?" I agreed. Carol told me she was going to get the mail. She walked outside and returned in about 10 minutes. With her was Brian, our next door neighbor. She spoke with a laughter in her voice, "Honey here's the male. I talked with him a few days ago and asked if he wanted to be part of my birthday present to you?" She continued, "I was quite candid with Brian and asked if he minded you watching me suck his cock." He said he didn't mind who watched as long as I sucked his cock. We had a couple beers. Carol started the following conversation. "Brian, we love each other and no one will come between us. We love sex and even if occurs between others than ourselves, we still love each other. I love to please him and visa-versa." Brian spoke up, " If you like to suck cock and he likes to watch, do you mind if I shoot cum in your mouth?" Carol said "Not at all, that's the best part." I added, "If you don't cum in her mouth, I would be disappointed." Enough said!!!.....................

Carol was on her knees. She asked Brian to stand up and remove his pants but not underwear. Brian obliged. She felt his cock beneath his underwear and then licked her lips. She pulled his underwear aside to get a view of his cock head. "MMMMM, she moaned. Then she removed his underwear to reveal his 7" cock. She licked her lips, looked at me and asked, "Can I suck it?" "Pease do, I want to watch" I replied. She began sucking his big cock. Brian remained somewhat motionless as Carol sucked on his knob. Then Brian removed her head and said "Hold still, I want to fuck your mouth." Carol looked at me. I smiled and nodded yes. I watched as Brian pumped Carol's mouth with his cock. As I watched, I spoke to Carol, "That's it baby, that's what I like to see." Carol could feel Brian ready to cum and pulled her mouth from his cock. "Cum in my mouth" Brian rubbed is cock for a few seconds and then shot load after load into Carol's eager mouth. Most of his cum entered her mouth but a small amount of semen hit her red lips. She used her fingers to wipe it from her lips and sucked on her fingers. All three of us were pleased. Carol sucked a cock for me. I watched. Brian got a blow job and came into her mouth. After our sexcapade, Brian left and thanked Carol. Carol responded and said, "Cum again."

It was about 3:30 when Brian left and I thanked Carol for the show. She responded by saying, Remember, it's your birthday and I enjoyed it too" She added "But I'm glad your birthday comes only once a year."

Around 5:00, Carol suggested we go to the neighborhood bar for a drink. I told her that was a good idea. We arrived and the bar was packed with mostly males. We sat at a table and had a couple drinks, then I excused myself to go to the bathroom. When I returned, Carol was chatting with one of the patrons. His name was Mark. I introduced myself and he wished me "Happy Birthday" The three of us talked and found out we had lots in common. Mark had enjoyed threesomes in the past and found it enjoyable. She asked if he would like to join us at home. Mark hesitated to answer and then Carol said " I like to suck cock.." With no further hesitation, Mark jokingly said, "Are we ready to leave?" "Certainly", said Carol. Mark offered to pay our bar tab and then we left. Mark followed us on the drive home. During the drive home, I commented to Carol, "Honey it was certainly a wonderful birthday, from the gas grill to being able to watch you suck some cock." She responded, "I know what you like and you know what I like" "Honey," I replied "it was so exciting to see you suck those cocks until they came.

We arrived home and made one more drink. Then Carol said, "Honey, I want you to fuck my mouth while Mark watches and jacks off". I had been so excited with her performance during the day I had no reason to say no. "I would love to" I replied. Mark agreed. Carol stood in front of us and stripped herself of all her clothes and played with her pussy, getting herself hot. "Undress guys, I want to see some naked bodies." We undressed as Carol's eyes roved over our nude bodies. She licked her lips as she visually scanned us from top to bottom. "Now turn around and show me your butt" (I will never know what a woman likes about a man's butt) Then Carol said "Get your cocks hard and feed me, guys." Mark and I masturbated until we were hard Then Carol walked into the bedroom and layed on the bed, spread her legs and began to play with her pussy. "I need some cock in my mouth NOW!!!!!" Mark straddled Carol's head and stuck his hard cock into her mouth. Her moans emitted the pleasure she was receiving. Mark continued to fuck Carol's mouth for 3 minutes and then Carol pushed him out of her oral sex hole and said "Cum in my mouth" Mark masturbated for a few seconds then let go of a thick, white, creamy fluid into Carol's mouth. She swallowed his cum and moaned as if it was her first orgasm. She pushed Mark aside and told me to give her my cum now. I sat with my legs on either side of her head and massaged my cock. She opened her eyes to watch me masturbate. Then I entered her warm mouth. After a few strokes I withdrew and she said, "Honey give it to me, give me all your cum." Instantaneously I recalled the days events and shot the biggest load of cum I can ever remember into her mouth.

Afterward the three of us rested and Carol fell asleep. Mark left and I went to the florist and bought roses for Carol. When I returned she was still asleep. I placed the roses beside the bed with a card which said. "Thank you for a wonderful birthday, I love you."

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