I am Barbie, do you want to play with me?
When I was a child, I had many Barbie dolls.

I would dress them in pretty clothes, and cut their hair.
I was never a good hairdresser though, and they ended up practically bald. My fantasy is to be a human Barbie for you, though, please leave my hair as I like it! :o) It’s Christmas morning. I’m still wrapped and boxed, untouched. As yet unspoiled. A virgin life size Barbie. Unwrap me, and use me for your pleasure. With anticipation, you rip open the box. I cannot speak to tell you of my fears or excitement. I am ‘your’ Barbie doll. Your toy, I am dressed in a pretty dress, it’s white, and it sparkles. Before not very long, you have me naked, my dress discarded. You haven’t ripped my clothes because you manipulated my arms, and my legs to removed them. Do you like your new toy? I am yours to play with, touch, enjoy, and eventually break. You’re curious, as you stretch my legs wide. I ‘cannot’ protest should I want to. Your fingers find a place it’s tight and untouched. You squeeze a finger ever so slightly into my tight virgin pussy. If I were not a doll, perhaps I would be trembling nervously. Can you play with my solid pert breasts a while? My nipples are erect constantly. My face remains unchanged. I am smiling, my eyes are glazed, contented. Your finger meets resistance inside my tight hole. If I were able, I would cry out now as you push past my hymen, break my barrier. Does it feel good for you? Your finger gripped by my tight pussy. There would be blood on your finger, if I could bleed. “Use me” I would cry, “Touch me, violate me” and you will because you cannot resist. Your fingers are busy, you become frantic, you are stretching me now, exploring my limits. You check my face. Still it is unchanged, accepting. Inside I am crying, though I cannot show you. My desires are unspeakable. You are curious you want to know how I taste. If I could speak, I would tell you that I ‘want’ to know how it feels to be licked. Your tongue is tentative at first, then you realise that you really like this! you find another way into me. Your mouth is around my smooth hairless pussy, your tongue darting in and out, touching softly, my inner walls. You groan enough for both of us. You check my face again. Now you’re frustrated that it shows no emotion, no pleasure. Just that ‘vacant’ smile, that you would grow, to dislike. You slap, my face. Still I am smiling. your smiling, Barbie doll. You want to rid me of this smile, not because you want to see a ‘sad’ Barbie, but just because you want to see something. Your cock is hard, ready to help you. It’s much too big for my pussy hole. that much is obvious, but it doesn’t matter to you. You spread my legs wider. It looks painful. Pushing the tip of your cock against me. It’s new to you. I am new. You know what you want though, and as you push, harder, and harder, your cock thick and solid into me, slowly stretching me, disappearing into me, you cry out. It feels good, better than you could have imagined. You’re watching me. Watching your cock, pushing still, I wonder what my limits are. Your fascination arouses me. You’re thrusting fast, and hard, pure frustration is driving you. You want to break your new toy. It doesn’t do much other than accept you ‘quietly’. Harder, and harder, ruthlessly you fuck me. Your cock threatens my cervix and finally, suddenly, I cry out. This one thing, this cry of pain, is enough for you, and you shoot hot juicy cum into my sore pussy, deep into it’s depths, pumping, and bucking, until you are empty, and I am full. You look at me, this time my eyes are not staring lifelessly into you. They watch you. You dress me in stockings, nothing more, and you roll me onto my front. You’re excited to know that I have feelings, you woke me, and now you want me to know it. You spank my ass, so hard, that you leave a red angry handprint. I do not cry out, but there are tears in my eyes. You spank me harder, then harder, until finally I’m hurt and I whimper. Now for some fun, I can ‘almost’ hear you think. A new sensation shocks me, it’s cold and it doesn’t feel right. “Ouch” I think silently. You’re smiling, and you’re poking something cold at my ass. It’s a vibrator it feels hard, and cold. I cannot hide my pain, as you force it into my virgin ass. I scream, and this encourages you. Finally your Barbie doll is interacting, reacting. ‘It looks good’ you think, as you fuck my tight ass with your vibrator. “Cry for me Barbie” you say, as you ram it in and out, I begin to sob. A new sensation engulfs me, as you switch the vibrator onto full speed. ‘Holy fuck’ it’s almost intolerable. Pushing it deeper, you ask me, “Does it feel good?” I do not answer. I am afraid that I will say that it ‘does’ feel good, because it really is starting to. You roll me over with it still in my ass, and then you begin to play with me in a new way. You twist and torment my pussy. You find a place that feels funny. I ‘really’ don’t, want you to stop now it feels good. You’re still fucking my ass, vibrations deep inside me. My bald pussy is wet now, something is happening to me. I start to moan involuntarily, and I beg you, “Fuck meeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeee” An explosion. a sharp, and wonderful, explosion. I wail, the noise surprising me, juices flood from me. Ohhhhhh the feeling, It’s everywhere and it continues with every thrust in my violated ass. “Please don’t ever stop”. The feeling subsides and afterwards I cry tears, though I cannot understand them. You position me on my knees sitting upright. You stand above me, your massive cock touches my face, you grab my long silky hair, and you ram yourself into my mouth. You groan instantly, now you’re fucking my throat. Your hands grip my hair savagely. You’re shaking me, choking me with your hard cock. I’m gagging and gasping. With a loud roar, you shoot hot cum down my throat, bucking and shaking as you do. Afterwards you bath me. Paying special attention to the holes you have stretched, and hurt, it’s soothing. You put my dress back on and leave me, ‘unbroken’ for now.

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