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Husband arranges for his wife to have a new lover
07-16-2011, 12:48 AM
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Husband arranges for his wife to have a new lover
I want to tell you about how I got such a wonderful wife. If I told you we just started dating 6 months ago you might think we had a very short courtship. All this is true but sort of misleading. You see she's a loving hot beautiful wife, just not my wife, and yes we have been dating for 6 months.

In the beginning at they say, I was cruising the net one day and saw a photo of an incredible brunette (the photo below, yes I saved it). She stood out so much from the other women on the site that I wrote a short reply to the posting telling her what a beauty she was.

I never expected a reply since I’m sure she got dozens of the same messages. Turns out it was her husband who posted the photo, and he was the one who replied thanking me for the compliments about his bride. He sent me a couple of more photos that where as sexy as the first.

Vince and I started exchanging emails every couple of days. He seamed like a good guy, loved his wife and knew what a hot one she was. We began chatting after a couple of weeks. We would talk about everyday topics as well as his wife. He would tell me what is was like to have her in bed while he sent photos over the chat. It sounds a bit creepy, but I would jack off imagining it was me who making love to Christine.

After a month of this he confided that his fantasy was to share his wife sexually with another man. He said not only does the though of someone else having her drive him wild, but that she was always horny and he thought she would be more satisfied with a second lover besides himself.

I told him that if that ever happened the other guy would have hit the jackpot. Vince had talked to Christine about his fantasy. It made their sex sessions much hotter. She told him that she loved him and wouldn't want to hurt their marriage.

The next day I logged on the chat hoping to see more pics of Christine. Vince was logged on and made a comment about the weather. I told him it was the same miserable heat here.

Then he asked, "where was here." I told him what state I lived in.

He replied, "me too."

I told him what city I lived in and her replied, "me too!" Holy crap, all this time we had never exchanged that. Turns out we lived about 20 minutes from each other.

It wasn't long after that when Vince said that I would be the exact type of guy he would want for Christine to see. I told him thank you for the compliment but we didn't know that his wife would have any interest in me.

The next day we met for coffee and brain stormed, and came up with the plan for me to give him a ride to work. Christine assumed I was a co-worker but didn't ask him when he said a friend was going to pick him up the next morning while his car was in the shop.

When I got to his door and knocked, it was a wait. I was patient since I didn't want to wake his wife if I could avoid it. Well I had. Christine opened the door and I was speechless. I wasn't expecting her to look as great as her photos, but here was a beautiful women with a good tan, long brown hair. Under she short satin Japanese silk robe was a rather full set of breasts and then came those beautiful long legs all the way to her sexy bare feet.

I tried to not stare and say something cool but I was a little speechless. Christine was shy but more shy than just a women barely dressed in front of a stranger. I later found out the attraction was mutual and we both were like a couple of junior high schoolers that didn't know how to talk or admit they liked one another.

I told her my name was Jim and that I was here to give Vince a ride. She invited me in and offered me coffee while we waited for Vince. The conversation was awkward but in a good way. From the silly grins on both our faces we knew the attraction was there.

On the drive I told Vince that he was lucky and had a beautiful wife.

The whole fantasy was so real now that I had met them both and see her flesh that I was hard the entire time ride. It was going to kill me to go all day now and not cum. I told Vince, and he said he felt the same after seeing me in his house talking to his wife he had to jo before work. We pulled off at a rest stop and we both jacked off, talked and came hard talking about me being Christine's lover.

To make a long story shorter, when I dropped off Vince at home that night, Christine was dolled up much more that he said she usually is considering it was her day off. After I left they went to bed, they again talked about the fantasy of her having a lover, except this time Vince inserted my name in as her lover. He told me she came harder and faster than she usually does.

Their bedroom talks went on for a month with me in the parade. Vince assured me he was serious about making this a reality.

One Thursday he called me and told me, "She agreed!"

He explained that as they were starting to make love the night before, he again brought up my name. Christine stopped him and made him pull his cock out of her. She asked him seriously if this was fantasy or something he really wanted. They had a long night of talking, both asking each other serious questions about what they would want and how this would or wouldn't effect their marriage.

In the end they agreed that if I was willing, Christine was going to play with me once at there home, and that anyone of us could stop it at anytime. If she went through with this, Vince had promised to never throw it in her face during arguments or any other time.

After their serious talk, Vince called me and related all of it. He said Christine would not set a time when it was to happen. He said she was still nervous but definitely wanted this. He also told me that I could call his wife and see her without him being present.

Well that afternoon I called my soon to be lover, and asked her if I could just stop by and say hi on the way to work. She agreed, and I told Vince. He later told me their sex that night was very intense.

The next morning at 9am I was at their door once again. I got to see Christine again in that silk robe, however this time her toe and finger nails where a glossy pink, and her hair and makeup were done perfectly. She invited me in and as I walked past her she smelled heavenly.

I gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek, and she asked if I would like coffee or something to drink. I told her I wanted to talk first. I took her soft hand and lead her to the couch. We sat down and she was shaking she was so nervous. I grinned and told her honey relax and I gave her a hug. A kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear that it was going to be ok. I told her once we start having sex the first time, this nervousness will go away.

In a shaking voice she said, "I know, it's just a big step for Vince and I. Vince and I will talk a little more and then we will be ready."

I chuckled and told her, "Dear I am going to get you past the nervousness this morning." Christine turned pale, and I took this moment to lean in and kiss her lips. They were as soft, warm and wet as I had imagined. In a few seconds she was kissing me back. In a minute she was hugging me and pulling me closer.

We kissed passionately, and rolled around on the couch dry humping each other. This beautiful wife moaned into my mouth that she wanted me. I sat up and pulled the crotch of her tiny thong away from her body so hard that it torn off her bare little ass.

She cried out and tried to cover her pussy. I stood up and undressed as she pleaded with me not to go further, that she needed to talk to her husband and ensure it was ok. I kneeled between her legs with my cock pointing between her legs.

She pushed her hands against my chest and cried out, "No not yet." I told her were all ready for this, but that she just didn't know it yet. I lined my cock head up with her opening and let my weight sink me into her. She pouted, "Wait

I sank until my balls rested on her asshole. She froze so I took the time to kiss her. She slowly responded then as she responded more and the passion rose, I felt her legs wrap around my waist. I pulled out halfway as a test, and when I felt her soft heels digging into my ass like some cowboy trying to stay on a bull, I knew I had her.

I sank back in and bottomed out. She gasped into my mouth. I fucked her slowly and after about 5 minutes I picked up the pace. I tried to be gentle but it was hard to hold back, especially when she cried out that she was coming! Her wail built and her back arched as her mouth gaped open. Even though her mouth looked like she was screaming the sound stopped and her eyes squeezed tightly closed as she climaxed as if she was concentrating on that moment.

When his wife finished she was out of breath, panting and perspiration covered her chest. The site of that pushed me over the edge. This time I decided to cum all over her tummy and breasts. When I felt the first contraction I pulled out and splattered her beautiful body from neck to the bald mound of her pussy. I layed on her smearing my seed for a few minutes as we kissed.

She began to cry saying, "We shouldn't have, my husband is going to hate me."

I kissed her forehead and promised her that he wouldn't. She looked up into my eyes and looked a little comforted but still in disbelief. I wrapped my new lover in her robe and told her that it will all be fine and I would see her again soon. She kissed me good bye and held me tight. I felt sorry for her. The way she held me was like I was the only man in her life. The poor little thing really thought you would leave her for this. It's obvious she loves her husband.

I wanted the wife's suffering to end quickly. I left and called Vince asking if we could meet for lunch and could he take the rest of the day off work? He agreed to both and 30 minutes later we were shaking hands at a sports bar.

I let him eat and we talked about work and things. When he had finished most of your food,

I told him, "Your wife looked so sexy this morning." He got quiet and let me describe in detail what happened and how we both enjoyed ourselves on your couch. I could tell that he was very aroused. I told him how I left his wife, covered in cum and sobbing.

We talked briefly about how he needed to go home now and reassure her that changing this fantasy into reality was what you wanted and you would love her even more for it.

Vince later told me how she fell into his arms crying when he walked in the door. She confessed immediately. They had a long talk and a hot fuck. This sealed the deal that this was going to continue.

That was 6 hot months ago. We see each other about twice a week. Besides that first time, the high points for me were when I started cumming inside her, when her husband watched me have her in his bed, when she started spending the night at my place and when she told me she loved me. I can write more about those times if anyone is interested.

I think all three of us are as happy as can be. Her marriage is strong and they have no unfulfilled fantasies between them. She and I, other that wishing we had more time together, are incredibly happy together.

I hope you all enjoyed.

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