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Humiliating Village Women
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Humiliating Village Women
I am Boshir and bachelor. I am a government employee and my age is 33. I managed a quarter by satisfying my boss. I earn quite good amount of black money and enjoy myself.
I was going to my job place from Vola by a steamer last year. The river was calm and the steamer was moving steady. It is midnight and I was preparing to sleep in my luxurious cabin. Suddenly I heard some noise near my door and got curious. I secretly open the door and found that two village woman and a boy trying to prepare their bed for sleeping at the verandah in front of my room door. They got anxious seeing me to open the door and the older lady nervously told me let them allow sleeping there as they are very poor and didn’t get any place. I replied in a very low tone that there is no permission to sleep there and they would face a serious trouble if the room boy sees them. They got more anxious and pleaded me to help them.
I thought for a while and told them to come inside the room without any noise. They thanked me and came inside my cabin vary quickly. I told them to spread their bed on the cabin-floor and warned them not to make any sound. They thanked me and happily arranged their bed.
The elder lady was around forty years old, fair and plump body. Her breasts and ass is more than 44 inches and if she lie there the young lady would get very small place for her and no way for the boy to sleep there. I visualized the problem and told the boy so sleep with me. The boy is around fifteen with average physique and fair. He became very shy and heisted to sleep with me. So I hold his hand and patted on his fleshy ass cheek to be comfortable and made him sit on the bed. Aunt (elder lady) smiled at me.
Now I concentrate my vision on the other lady. I have not yet see her face clearly as she seems to be very shy and always use to cover her entire head with the saree. I tried to see her face and smiled to aunt. Aunt told me that she is her niece and got married only one month ago. She is only eighteen and decided to divorce her husband. So she had a story and I might hear it tomorrow.
I got aroused instantly and thought that they need to sleep now. So I told them to sleep and switch off the light. Only lights from the TV coming out where Hindi movie song is plying through cable VCD. I asked the boy’s name and he told that his name is Hasem. I told him to go asleep fast and I also lied next to him.
We all were watching TV but I heard some whispering from the ladies lying on the floor. I asked them what happened either I would switch off the TV. Aunt got up and told that they need to urinate before sleeping. I got up and switch on the light. The young lady got up quickly to cover her treasures from my sight. At last now I could ser her face and guess her big firm breast covering saree. I told her that it is not possible to go outside at this time. It would create a big problem if they go out to the toilet for peeing. Both of the ladies face turns to miserable. So I wake up the boy and went together outside for searching a bucket.
The steamer is moving fast and no one is awake. So it is safe if I bring the ladies to the toilet but I got a wicked thought. We came to the toilet and found a plastic bucket there. I told Basar that the ladies can easily pee in this bucket,
Hasem shook his head affirmatively and told that he also needs to piss. My cock awaked up thinking of the ladies peeing in this bucket.
I told him to stand at the corner of the toilet and aim his dick to the hole of the commode and urinate quickly. He followed it and starts urinating covering his penis with his palm. I stood at the door of the toilet and also start urinating without covering it from his sight. My 9 inches long and very thick Lund (dick) was semi hard. He got astonished seeing my Lund as it is much bigger than size of his Lund. His Lund may be 6 inched I guess.
We finished our job and carry the bucket to my cabin and knock. Aunt opened the door and smiled happily to see the bucket at my hand. But I acted very disturb for this service and rudely told her to finish urinating quickly. I closed the door and lie down to my bed. I pretended to watch TV but surely I was observing them from the corner of my eyes. First aunt placed the bucked at the center of floor, stand on it parting her legs and carefully sitting down pulling up her saree above her waist. She did it so fast that I could see her naked big ass for les than one second. But the sound of heavy stream of pee hitting the plastic bucket made a big sound and I got up and turned to her.
‘Hey aunt, don’t sound much. Pee slowly’ I told at a hissing voice.
Aunt covered her face with lots of shame and tried to slow down peeing. But she could stop and start peeing continuously making bad sounds. So I came to her front and put my hand on the bucket outside where the pee is hitting. The sound decreased abruptly. I smiled to aunt and told her to carry on peeing. She starts peeing and I could feel the warm on my palm. I sited so closely that I could smell her pee and also see her upper thigh. I was shamelessly watching her condition but acted so disturbed for this service.

at last she finished and now the turn for the other shy lady. I have to give a better description of her figure.
Her name is Rekha. She is a young girl with a very strong build body with 5 feet height. (May be she earns this type of strong build body by working hard at her village life). I could imagine a desert horse when I saw her properly. Her body color is like brunette also her face is not so bad (similarities with urban hill side people). Though she has no fat at her body but her ass is perfect. About 40 inches wide with sharp and deep curves. Her breast is amazingly straight though its size maybe 38 inches. She is so shy that I have not yet heard any sounds from her throat.
I harried her to come and finish urinating fast as it is too late for me to sleep. Aunt also supported me and push her forward blaming for this stupid shyness. Rekha covered her entire face with the saree, quickly sit on the bucket and urinating. As she is a very strong lady and her bladder was full, she is producing very strong hissing sound from her vagina and my palm could not decrease it as I could only reduce the sound producing by the pee stream hitting on the bucket. Now aunt warned her to slow down but I gave some sympathy to Rekha and stopped aunt. I came closer as like using my body to prevent the sound coming outside of the bucket. My mouth was only one inch distant from her erect nipples but controlled myself from sucking them. She was taking too much time and I was harried her continuously though I was enjoying it too much. At last her pee was slow down as it came to the end. I hurriedly pulled the bucket to me and instantly she stood up. Instantly I could see her big swollen cunt spilling golden liquid streams and that hit to my chest. “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you have finished urinating. Please finish it quickly: I told her to a soft voice. Again she sited on the bucket with a great shame and finished. I carried the bucket and emptied it at the toilet.
When I returned, I found Rekha lied and pretended to sleep and covered herself fully with her saree. I thought she is trying to hide this way for the great shame. Whole time my big cock was throbbing and I found that aunt is admiring it secretly. She was sitting on the floor beside Rekha. I stood straight in front of her thus my big prick was jumping shamelessly next to her mouth. But I told her to sleep and snitch of the light and TV.
I could not go asleep fast as all the events were crawling through my imagination. The grownup boy was sleeping facing opposite to me. I slide my hand on his buttock and found it fleshy. So I secretly pulled his Lungi up in the dark. I turned towards him and adjusted my prick to his buttock crack. The crack is hot and soft. I could slowly pushed my prick forward. My prick head touched the base of his balls. As I have nothing to do I felt on sleep thinking of Rekha’s pussy.

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RE: Humiliating Village Women
Next day I woke up late. I found the two village ladies are sitting on the floor and gossiping. The young lad was sleeping as usual. I got up quickly and asked them if they had finished bathroom. Both of them shook head negatively. I told them no to be worried and finish it. I opened the window and smiled to them. I playfully pulled the lungi of Hasem over his buttock and slapped hard on his ass to make him wake up. The ladies laughed out loudly. Hasem get up quickly massaging his ass foolishly. I commented to them “this fool was sleeping so deeply that if I used to fuck his asshole last night, he might not realize anything.” Both ladies are laughed out again. Hasem also smiled foolishly. I slapped again softly at his ass and told him to finish morning refreshment with the ladies from the bathroom.

When they returned I finished my refreshment. I asked them if they had their tickets and they said no. They told me that they are in a big trouble as they had no money. I angrily told them “Why had you board the steamer without money? Don’t you know that the checker would not let you go without ticket? The ticket master and his fellows are very rude. They even search for money in your whole body.”
“But we had no money. They would not find anything if they search our bodies.” Aunt said with a faint voice.
“These bustard will search inside your blouse and bra. Also they will lift your petticoat and search inside your panty. They are so bad people that they will not show any mercy to such senior lady like you. And if they see such a beauty like Rekha then they will try to rape her.”
Aunt got very anxious and said “We had no way to bring money while we are running to save our lives.” She held my hand with her both hands “Please save us. You are like my son. We will do anything for you.” Aunt burst out into tear and going to hold my feet but I controlled her. I pulled her up from the floor and sited beside me touching her body. Also I wiped the tear from her eyes and cheeks. While doing these I took all opportunities caressing her big ass and tit. Finally I hugged her through her waist and rested my palm on her belly button “Please aunty, don’t cry. I will buy ticket for all of you. Please calm down.”

Aunt became cool. I called the room boy and give him money to buy three tickets along with breakfast. All three thanked me for my gratefulness. I took out my hand from aunt’s naked belly and playfully placed it to her fleshy thigh. Aunt didn’t mind and became happy for this close touches. Meanwhile the Cabin boy returned with tickets and breakfast. I put the tickets in my pocket then finished our breakfast. All are so hungry that I have to order for more food to satisfy their tummies. After finishing breakfast all of them got very happy. I pulled a cigarette from packet and asked aunt for the permission to smoke in the cabin. Aunt said “Don’t worry boy. Smoking is not bad. Do it here. I also smoke sometimes.”

I became glad hearing that aunt is smoker. So I give her a cigarette. I told her if I could place my head at her lap and relax. Aunt happily accepted. I switch on the TV and lie down resting my head on her thighs. I give a slow kick at the ass of Hasem and told him to massage my legs. Aunt and I started smoking and enjoying the TV where erotic Indian dance show is presenting. Hasem was giving his all effort to massage my legs properly. I told him to massage my upper thighs and calves.
We both start smoking. I bent my one leg and pulled my lungi (cloth rapping underneath from waist) to my thigh. Hasem was massaging my inner thigh. I could easily sense that he was seeing my erect throbbing cock and balls. I encircled my both hands to the fleshy buttock of aunt and asked her what happened that they need flee to save their lives.

Aunt said “Yesterday Rekha was married with a rich village man. Though I am her neighbor aunt she used to share all her desire and secrets. We all are happy because the groom was the son of a very rich and powerful man in the village. Also they gifted lots of costly gifts. First night that man came to the bride chamber for enjoying with his wife. He fondled Rekha and made her nude. He tried to enter in her but failed. Rekha found that his tool is very small, thin and not so rigid.”

Me: “How much small?” I looked at Rekha and asked to her. But she bends her head for shyness and could not speak.
Aunt: About 4 inches and thin like a finger.
Me: shit! A strong and such a youthful girl like Rekha needs a big and hard cock to satisfy her. That man should be punished.
Aunt: Yes. We punished him badly. Rekha fled to my house and describe everything. We got very angry. We came with rope and stick. We entered in the room and he tried to run out. I caught him. Rekha is stronger than him. She held his both hand and tied. I kicked him and he fell on the floor. We kicked and slapped him badly.
Me: that’s good. You have to kick his cock and balls.
Aunt got excited remembering that event and said loudly “yes I kicked at his Lund (dick). He was a mother fucker. Son of a whore.”
Me: please calm down. Outside people may hear.
Aunt: ok. Forgive me. I have excited imagining that bustard.
Me: Then? What Rekha did?
Aunt: she also kicked at his Lund and ass but not at his balls. That week man might be senseless if we would kick there.
Me: why not you urinate at his dirty mouth.
Both girls and also the boy laughed out loud. Aunt said “ Yes we pissed on his mouth and nose. I held his mouth tightly and Rekha peed on his mouth and head. Then I peed on his entire body and bathed his with our urine. Then we throw him out kicking at his dirty ass.
Me: Ha, ha, ha. That’s fine. But did he not try to bite at your vagina while you peeing.
Aunt: Yes he did. When he tried to bite, we aimed our pussy directly to his mouth and eyes. He could not see and have to drink our piss.
Me: Great! Then what happened?
Aunt: Then he went his house full nude. He told everything to his father. His father sent two strong men to rape us. I send Hasem for spying. He told me and we fled with fear and boarded on this steamer that night.
I jokily asked Rekha, “Could you drink him all your urine to your husband.”
Rekha smiled and said “yes, I could. But he is no more my husband.”
“That’s ok. But being a strong lady, you need a powerful man to satisfy your needs.”
Rekha smiled shyly. Aunt held my hands once again and requested me help her beloved niece.

Me: Please aunt, I am like your son. But I have to say something openly if you don’t mind. You may think me as a shameless pervert.
Aunt: no, no. you can say anything you wish.
Me: Rekha is a very sweet girl. Already I have observed her body structure, figure. Also she is very shy. And this criterion proves that she is very sexy girl. I read some books related to this and can predict about girls sex passion. Last night when she peed I could guess by seeing her naked thighs and hissing sound of her urinating. Also her large and wide ass, big and straight boobs and her sexy looks is the sign of a very sexy woman. Day before yesterday she was married and deserved a hard fucking from her husband but she was shocked. She expected a large and hard cock to satisfy her vagina that could satisfy her with nice orgasms after a hard fuck. But the juice from her pussy did not come out. If her pussy liquid is not come out she cannot be happy. Please aunt, you are also a woman and know about it.
Aunt gave no answer due to some shyness but I insisted her to say something.

Aunt: what is your name?
Me: Boshir. Please call me by my name.
Aunt: ok Boshir, what you said is true. But what can we do?
Me: The answer is simple but I cannot say it in presence of Rekha. She will be ashamed.
Aunt: Rekha, please go outside.
Me: Rekha, you can sit on the chair on the verandah. Hasem, you also go outside.
After they have gone, I came close to aunt and with a whispering voice I said “aunty, I am unmarried man and live alone in a big government quarter. I earn lot of money but I have no one to share it. If you stay with me I will be helpful and also your all problems will be solved.”
Aunt: if your neighbor or relative says anything?
Me: I have no relative that come to me. Only I have a girlfriend whom I fuck sometimes. I will manage neighbor saying that you are my mother-in-law and Rekha is my wife. I will buy costly dresses for all of you. And Rekha have to act as my wife. I believe she will do everything as you say. Please aunty, convince Rekha. I will give her full satisfaction.
Aunt was quiet for sometime. I could imagine that she realized I want to fuck Rekha regularly.
Aunt: ok I will help you. But you have to play some love game. Also you have to make her realized that you can give her full satisfaction.
Me: I think if I could show my cock to her she will realize. My cock is big and hard.
Aunt: how much big?
Me: Then I have to show you my cock.
Aunt: ok.
I quickly bolted the door and came very close to aunt. Slowly I pulled my Lungi upwards above my waist. My nine inches long and very thick black cock was throbbing with excitement. Pre-cum was oozing from my penis-hole. I smiled when I saw that aunts eyes were glued to my cock. Her breaths were heavy seeing my big naked cock so closely. She was like hypnotized.
I was standing. I kept one leg on the bed and one on the floor. I pushed my waist forward so that she can see it more closely. I shamelessly started jumping my cock by controlling muscle. My pre-cum was falling on her thighs and arms. I whispered to her ears “aunty, is it ok? Can I satisfy her vagina with this?”
Aunt tried to talk but no sounds came out. She only shakes her head positively.
Me “isn’t my cock hard and rigid enough to penetrate her pussy? Please aunty check its hardness?”
I caught hold of aunt’s hands and touched my cock. I made her fingers to hold my cock. Her hands were shaking with excitements but she was pressing my cock softly.
I smiled at her eyes and insisted her to check it properly. Now she controlled her emotion and pressed my cock hard. Some pre-cume oozed and fell on her thighs. I laughed and wiped her thighs with my hands.
Aunt also smiled and tried to become easy. Then I showed my big balls and said, “Aunty, please check my balls. It contains lots of sperm to fill Rekha’s cunt hole. Please check its weight.
Aunt used another hand to check my balls. Now she is using both hands to fondle my dick and balls. I shamelessly start shaking my crotch area and moaning ooohh uuuuhhh continuously. My pre cum was oozing and she was using it to lubricate her hands. Her eye sight was changed and pure lust is there. Now she was pressing hard my cock and massaging my balls and ass. She pocking one finger to my asshole and suddenly inserted her middle finger in my asshole. I screamed faintly and tried to pullback myself from that filthy bitch. But she was jerking my Lund and finger fucking my asshole with pressure.
Me: aaaa uuhh aaahh please aunty stop or I will cum. Your dress may be spoiled by my sperm.
Suddenly aunt controlled herself and pulled back her hands. She had a shy and evil smile on her face. I acted like I was annoyed by her rough checking of my genitals.
Me: Ok aunty. You checked my Lund and balls thoroughly. Also you checked my asshole. Now tell me whether I can satisfy Rekha.
Aunt: Yes. You are nice healthy man. You can satisfy any girl of any ages.
Me: Then please convince Rekha that I can fuck her vigorously. You know that we both are hungry for sex.
Aunt: ok I will try. Rekha is a very shy and nervous girl. You have to act some love games with her. I will support you. You will do some artifice to excite her vagina and show your big cock. If you have patience and go slowly you can easily fuck her. I will signal you for the real time by checking her pussy and clit.
Me: Thank you aunty. But if she don’t accept my big cock for fucking, then?
Aunt: Then you will rape her. I will spread her legs and cunt lips forcefully and show you her cunt hole. Then you can easily fuck her.
Me: thank you aunty
I got excited and hugged aunty joyfully. I kissed her forehead and squeezed her big ass and pressed my rod aiming her vagina. Aunt also hugged me and patted my ass.

Aunt: fuck her vigorously. She needs a strong fucking.
Me: I need to fuck her right now. I got very excited.
I massaged my dick on her vagina over the saree and whisper to aunt’s ear “I like to fuck her in this way.” I acted as fucking aunt pressing my cock head against her pussy hole over saree and smiled on her eyes. Aunt laughed loudly and also pressed her pussy to my cock and said, “Rekha also will give you under fuck in this way. Now stop and call them to come inside.”
I stopped giving her some tight squeeze and roughly pressing my dick on her pussy. I opened the gate and called Rekha and Hasem to come inside.

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RE: Humiliating Village Women
They came and I acted as a respectful person and said to Rekha with a serious and deep tone, “Rekha, I discussed everything with aunty and decided something that is very important. Your aunt requested me a lot and I decided to help you but you have to be very careful. I live in a very posh area and it is difficult to take you there as you are poor villagers and don’t know the culture. Also you are uneducated and filthy persons. So before taking you to my house you have to dress properly and I will teach you to act as a modern girl to adjust that society. Do you follow me?”
Rekha: yes bhi (brother) but I have no dress except this one.
Me: I will buy dress for all of you from the next station and teach you to wear it properly. I will teach you to behave like a rich modern girl.
Rekha: ok bhai.
Me: have you worn high-hill shoe before?
Rekha: no bhai.
Me: then I have to teach you how to walk wearing a high hill shoe.
Rekha: I will try my best to learn it properly.
Me: before purchasing dress and shoes for you and aunty, I have measure your all body parts properly, okay?
Rekha and aunt: ok. Ok.
I prepared to descend to the next station. I opened my suitcase and bring the measuring tape, my pant and shirt to change my dress as the station would be reached within half an hour. I pulled out my t-shirt and wear a fancy underwear. Then I opened my lungi. Now I was only wearing a fancy underwear that could barely cover my erect penis. It made a big tent and aunt was viewing it shamelessly with lust in her eyes. Hasem was also viewing but Rekha got ashamed and turned her face. I took the measuring tape and came near aunt.
Me: aunty, I will measure you first as you are our senior and honorable person.
Aunt: ok boy.
Me: First I will measure your big tits and then your curvy ass to purchase bra and panty. Hasem will assist me.
Aunt: ok boy, do it properly.
I keep aside of the sari from her breast and saw her enormous blouse covering breast. It was huge. I started measuring them and told Hasem to lift her tits upwards for proper measurements. He hesitated so I showed him just pressing the bottom of the breasts and making them upwards. I measured them and found it 44 inch at the nipple top. Her nipple size was more than one inch and I casually pinched them, “wow aunty, your tits are enormous and quite good shapes at this age.” Aunt smiled. I could saw Rekha was observing our activities and glanced to my dick now and then. My nine inches dick was throbbing with excitement and partly visible to Rekha’s eyes.
Now I went for ass measurement, the main attractive part of aunt’s body. Without any question I lift her saree and told Hasem to hold it up. Now hew petticoat is visible that is very old and torn many where. I could see her fleshy thigh and ass from that torn opening. I measured her ass and found it is 48 inches. During measuring I took all chance to touch her private parts and commented,” oh aunty, your petticoat is torn. Shall I buy a new petticoat for you?”
Aunt: yes boy. My youth is not gone out. Do you want that other men see your lovely aunt’s body though this torn cloth.
Me: never aunty. If they see your ass or breast, they will try to fuck you. I will buy new cloths to protect this.
Saying that I hold her one big breast with both hands and showed to Hasem,” hay idiot, have you seen such type of big and nice breast?”
“no brother.”
“ and this type of fleshy big ass?” I hold her both ass cheek and shook them.
“ no”
Aunt was smiling silently for our acts. So I got courage and frequently molesting her sex organs pretending to measure her body. At last I finished and commented, “Oh aunt, your figure is so hot that my penis is erected only to measuring your body. I think you need minimum two men to satisfy your vagina, ha ha ha.”
Aunt also laughed out loud and said, “You are right, boy. But now I am thinking what will happen when you measure Rekha’s body. Your erect penis may shoot out sperm touching her hot ass.”
I looked at Rekha with my hungry eyes and acted to be anxious to measure her body. I throw the measuring tape to Rekha and said, “ Aunt is right. I will not measure your body. You have to do it yourself.”
Rekha seems disappointed and her face turns to gloomy. She requested me with a soft voice to measure her body. Aunt got annoyed and slapped my dick, “What type of man you are? You should have the sexual power to fuck Rekha more than one hour without Cumming. Go, adjust your underwear and measure her properly.”
I took a deep breath and stood up. My 9 inches dick made a big tent with a big dark spot where the head of my penis was. I shamelessly inserted my right hand in my underwear and adjusted my rock hard dick.
I started measuring her body as like aunt’s body but don’t let to touch her body by Hasem. Instead of aunt helped me lifting her sari and showing her assets.

Here I like to cut short. The steamer stopped to the station for one hour. I took Hasem with me to assist me for shopping. Quickly I managed to purchase the clothes, undergarments and high heel shoes for all of them. I used to talk dirty words with Hasem while shopping to make him easy for the next situation that was in my mind.

‘Hey Hasem, isn’t this bra is big enough to hold her melons.’
‘Yes bro.’
‘What will happen after few days when her boobs got bigger for my pressing?’
‘You have to purchase bigger size bra.’
‘Listen, never try to touch or fuck her without my permission. Only my dick will enter her hot cunt and asshole, okay?’
‘Ok bro.’
‘Be careful about aunt. She is a horny fucker. She may try to fuck you.’
‘If she tries to fuck me then how can I save myself?’
‘You will fuck her ass forcefully that she screams. Then she will be treated.’
‘Ha ha…’
Hasem was laughing loudly. I slapped his ass to make him quiet and rushed to steamer. We purchased some food and board to the steamer. We entered our cabin and the steamer started again.

Rekha and aunt got astonished seeing the dress and saris. They never see such gorgeous dresses in their whole life. They become very happy and thanked me a lot.

Aunt, “Dear Boshir, you sacrifice a lot for us, I don’t know how we will satisfy you.”
Me, “Oh no, My beloved aunt. If you wear these saris and use these cosmetics for me, then I will be happy.”
Rekha, “We are very grateful to you. Please tell me how I can satisfy you.”
Me, “Oh no darling, it is just a little. I will buy more modern dresses and golden ornaments to make you happy. Please call me by my name and wear this sari. I will satisfy all your needs after taking you to my house. I will fulfill the thirst that you expected from your husband.”
Rekha, ”Please Boshir, I have no husband. You are my all.”
Me, “Thank you darling. Now wear this sari and use lipstick in your sexy lips and give me a sweet smile that I can kiss you hard in your sexy lips.”

I went outside to give them the privacy to change the dresses. The steamer was moving fast. It would reach to Dhaka within an hour. I was enjoying coffee and cigarette sitting at the lounge chair. Then Hasem came to me wearing new t-shirt, jeans pant and new shoes.
Hasem, “Bro, they have finished wearing dress and send me to call you.”
Me, “You are looking fine. Girls will fall in love to see you.”
Hasem, “Thank you bro. you are so kind.”
Me, “Lets go.”

We reached the cabin and get inside. Rekha and Aunt were looking so gorgeous that I astonished very much. Both of them colored their lips and dressed properly. Firstly, I hugged aunt and praised their beauty. Then I said whispering loudly, “I cannot control myself to kiss Rekha’s lips right now.”
Aunt, ”Rekha is waiting for your kiss. She told me.”
I came to Rekha and hold her waist. She was trembling with excitement. I said, “Please Rekha, give your sexy lips in my mouth. I like to taste your lips and tongue so eagerly darling. Don’t shy and act likes a modern girl dear.”
I was waiting with my mouth open near her lips. But she was blushing and smiling. Aunt hurried her slapping her ass softly, “Hey Rekha, give your lips and tongue to his mouth. He is waiting.”

Rekha put her mouth in my open mouth. I started sucking her lips vigorously with lots of sound. Hasem and aunt were looking at us with wide eyes. I put my tongue inside her mouth and explore thoroughly while my hands were pressing her ass hardly. I shamelessly hold my cock and directed to her pussy over her sari and kissing her entire mouth with lots of sound. I pressed my cock over her pussy and said, “oh Rekha, give me your tongue in my mouth.”
Rekha did it. I started sucking her tongue, pressing her ass and rocking as I was fucking her.
She was loosing control. But when I grabbed her left boob hardly she sounds with pain ‘ah’ and pushed me aside and fled to aunt.
‘Sorry, I could not control myself’, I said to Rekha.
‘You are a robber’, She hide her face in between aunts big breast.
‘You should not hart her’, aunt said angrily to me. ‘You should care her softly, then she will love you.’
‘Sure aunt. Next time I will act gently to her. I will caress her softly that she could enjoy it in her sexy body.’
Aunt was caressing and patting her big ass softly. She turned Rekha’s face to me, “look, she is smiling. She got happy to know that you will love and fondle her softly. But you will kiss her hardly.”
‘Sure aunt. I will give her hard kisses not only her upper lips, but also her lower lips.’
‘Lower lips means?’ Rekha asked me softly with shy in her eyes.
‘Lips between your two legs that you are hiding inside your panty.’ I stared directly to her pussy with hungry eyes.
Rekha ashamed very much. She hided her face between aunts big boobs again.
‘Don’t shy baby. If he kisses here, your all shyness will go out from here.’ Aunt pointed her finger to Rekha’s pussy.
At that time I acted as I was very disturbed by her shyness. I lighted a cigarette and turned to aunt, ‘I think that I will face some difficulties if I take you to my apartment. Rekha is very shy but modern girls are not shy. My neighbor could guess that she is a filthy village girl.’
Both aunt and Rekha got very disappointed. Aunt said eagerly, ‘Oh, please don’t mind, my boy. You should teach her how to act as a modern girl. She will also try to learn from you. I am giving you permission to slap her ass if she disobeys you.’
‘Oh, no, my dear aunt. A sexy girl is always shy. Her shyness will disappear when I will touch and caress her sexual organs. If she tries to learn properly, she will become a shameless modern girl.’
‘You are right, boy.’
‘The steamer will reach to Dhaka within an hour. Firstly, I will teach how to walk wearing high hill shoes.’
‘Put on your shoes and walk.’ aunt ordered Rekha.
Rekha wore her shoes and tried to stand. She was wearing high hill shoes for the first time. So, she was unbalance and going to fall down. Both I and aunt caught hold her two hands for balancing. She tried to walk but failed.
‘It is difficult for her as her buttocks are big and heavy.’ I commented.
‘Then what shall we do?’ aunt looked cruelly to her buttocks.
‘We shall make her walk holding her both buttocks.’
‘Good idea.’ Aunt said joyfully.

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RE: Humiliating Village Women
Rekha was trying to stand still wearing high-hill shoes for the first time. Both aunt and I went behind her and hold her big ass. We are trying to make her walk holding her both buttocks. But she was bending forward often while walking.
‘Her breasts are also heavy, thus she is bending forward.’ Now aunt commented. ‘I am holding her boobs and you hold her ass.’
‘Ok, aunt’
Aunt caught hold her two big melons and pulling forward. I was from behind holding hardly her soft asses. Now Rekha could walk properly. This was so vulgar. After few minutes aunt got tired and breathing heavily.
‘Ok, aunt, you may take rest. I could make her walk alone with my three hands.’
‘Where is your third hand?’ aunt asked with surprise.
‘Here it is.’ I showed my nine inches big throbbing cock and smiled.
Aunt and Hasem laughed out loud.
Rekha also saw my cock and ashamed but smiled a little. I went behind her and hold her both breasts. Then I fitted my cock at her ass crack and told her to walk pulling her big melons forward.
Now she could walk quite easily but I had to use my both hands and cock properly to balance her. After few minutes the steamer whistled as the port came nearer and so we parted.
Aunt praised her as she had done very well. I also praised her for her indigence, dignity and cooperation. She got very happy and smiled shyly.
Aunt, “ Rekha, say thank you to your vai. He is working heavily to make you a modern girl.”
Rekha, “thank you vai”.
Me, “Ok, but you have to thank to my third hand also.”
We all four started laughing. “she will give you special thanks to your third hand when we will reach to your home”, aunt commented at me.
Me, “ok, but special thanks should be given by this special mouth”, I pointed her pussy and started caressing it over her sari and started laughing shamelessly.
Rekha got very much ashamed and pushed me hard. I fall to the bed but stood again lifting my lungi to attack her with my throbbing cock. She feared seeing it and hided beside aunt. Aunt caught hold my cock and said, “ stop it Boshir. Don’t fuck her now. There is no time as we are reaching the port. You will get enough time to fuck her in your apartment.
“ok aunt, but you have to promise that I will fuck her just while we reach my house. My cock is craving to fuck Rekha’s cunt and I cannot wait as it is hurting for being stiff for a long time”. I was showing my hard cock to all of them as to realize them my problem clearly.
Aunt showed some sympathy for my cock. She pulled me to sit on her lap and called Rekha and Hasem and ordered them to kiss my cock.

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