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How Mom Made Him State Champion
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How Mom Made Him State Champion
The angry roar of screaming spectators filled the auditorium as they watched Jacob's opponent throw him to the mat.

Jacob fought to get out from under the other boy. He pushed and squirmed, but couldn't budge under the weight of the other wrestler. The ref dropped to the mat beside them, watching for the pin. Jacob knew he was in trouble.

Jacob's parents jumped to their feet as they looked on.

"Get up, Jacob!" His mom shouted. Her soft little voice drowned out by the crowd.

As he struggled, Jacob saw his mom in the stands. She seemed to be doing a nervous little dance as she looked on and Jacob couldn't help but notice how her big boobs wobbled beneath her thin cotton sweater as she did this. He laughed to himself for a moment.

"What a time for a guy to have his mom's boobs on the brain." He thought.

It was true, eighteen year old Jacob Little was obsessed with boobs and his mom had the biggest rack of any mom he knew. Strangely, as he lay there, he thought back on all the mornings that he sat at the breakfast table gawking. His mother's big braless tits under her thin silk robe were the source of many a morning hard-on.

SLAP!!! Jacob was suddenly jarred back into the present as the ref slapped the mat, announcing his defeat. The crowd sighed in disappointment. It was another lost match for the boy who wanted more than anything to be state champ...well, almost anything.

After the competition Jacob walked across the parking lot with his head hung low. His mom Michelle had her arm around him as they walked side by side.

"You'll get 'em next time, son." His dad said.

The heels of Michelle's sandals clicked against the payment, drawing her son's attention. Jacob was in love with his mom's feet. He felt his cock stiffen at the mere sight of them. They were soft and small with cute squatty little toes that were always freshly painted. Her high-heeled sandals consisted of a couple of tiny straps that crossed the foot, just above the toes. There were no straps in the back, leaving her sexy arched heels on open display.

They stopped at the car and while Jacob's father got in and unlocked the doors, Michelle stood facing her son. She left her hand on his shoulder, rubbing it gently. Even with her heels on, Jacob was few inches taller.

"Hey." She said softly.

Jacob looked up into his mom's big brown eyes which seemed to gleam with love.

"Give me a hug, handsome." She whispered.

It was like candy to Jacob's ears. Michelle moved forward and gave her son a great big tit-squasher. Jacob's let out a quivering sigh as he felt his mom's soft spongy sacks flatten against his chest.

Michelle was no dummy. She knew her son was fascinated with her "little girls" as she liked to call them and that by crushing them against his chest as they embraced she would be helping to sooth the disappointing loss.

Jacob said very little the rest of the evening. He went straight to his room where he became absorbed into the world of video games.

Downstairs Jacob's father was watching a ballgame. Michelle tidied up the kitchen as she spoke to her big sister on the phone.

"I don't know, I feel so bad for him, Gail. I mean, all he does is talk about wanting to be a state champion wrestler, but he hasn't won one match so far this year." Michelle explained.

"Well, maybe he's just not motivated enough, sis. I mean, the accomplishment of being state champion is long term. Maybe he needs some short term rewards to keep him motivated." Gail said.

"I could try that I suppose, but if doesn't involve video games he probably won't work for it." Michelle said.

"Is there anything else you think he'd be willing to work for?" Gail asked.

"Well, he is a teenager. A hot bubble bath with a big breasted cheerleader might do the trick." Michelle giggled.

"Okay then, this is what you do. Tell him that if a wins his next match, you'll take off your bra and show him your tits." Gail said.

"Are you crazy! Jesus Christ, Gail, he's my son." Michelle giggled.

"Yes, and he's also a hormonal teenaged boy who can't take his eyes off of those big boobs of yours. You told me so yourself." Gail said.

"Yes I did and I fail to see how unclasping my bra in front of him is going to help remedy that obsession." Michelle answered.

"My God, sis, you are such a prude. They're just boobs. Do you want your son to win or not?" Gail asked.

"Of course I want him to win." She said.

"Then think about it, Michelle. Most boys his age would crawl through a field of cactus to see a set of real tits and if you don't show him, then maybe someone else will." Gail said mischievously.

"No, you won't. I can handle this situation thank you very much." Michelle said sternly.

"We'll, then handle it little sister. You might be pleasantly surprised." Gail said.

It wasn't until later that evening that Michelle decided to have a chat with her son. She had thought long and hard about what her sister had said.

"I always tell people I'd do anything to see my son win. Maybe it's time to put my money where my mouth is." She thought.

Jacob was still engrossed in video-land when he heard a light tap at his door and his mom poked her head in.

"Hey, sweetie, can I come in?" She asked.

"Yeah, sure mom." He said.

Jacob paused his game and sat up, watching his mom step into the room. Michelle had changed into her white short silk robe and her son instantly recognized the fact that she wore no bra beneath it. Her massive breasts seemed to sway ever so gently as she stepped across the room on bare feet.

Michelle sat on the edge of the bed next to her son and Jacob took a second to admire her long silky-smooth legs.

"So when's your next match?" She asked.

"This Friday at seven, but..." He paused.

"But what, sweetie?" She asked.

"I'm think I'm gonna quit the team." He said.

Michelle reached out and took his hand, setting it on her lap.

"No, you're not gonna quit the team." She said reassuringly.

"But, mom, I'm no good. I haven't won a single match this year. I used to want nothing more than to be state champ. Now I'd be happy if I could just win once." He said, hanging his head.

"Sweetie, look at me." She whispered.

Jacob forced himself to look at his mom. Her big brown eyes and pouty lips sent shivers up his spine

"Right now you're a diamond in the rough. You want the reward of being the best, but being the best is still too far away. You need to take this one match at a time. Do all that you can to win that match and then reward yourself for winning." Michelle said. "Reward myself. How do I do that?" He asked.

"Well, that's where mom might be able to help." She said.

Michelle took a second to search for the right words.

"Believe it or not, your mother knows you a little better than you think she does. For example: I know that you keep a stack of girly magazines under your mattress." She smiled.

Jacob began to blush a little.

"How did you know that?" He asked.

"Mom's just know these things, darling." She said.

"I also know that when a boy goes through puberty, any girl that crosses his path is eye candy...even his mom." She explained.

Jacob's face was getting redder by the second. His mom was reading him like a book.

"I know there are parts of me that fascinate you...and they should. You wouldn't be a normal teenager if they didn't." She giggled.

"I want to see my son win more than anything, but I'm just simple homemaker, with not much to offer, except what under this robe." She whispered.

Jacob glanced down at the swell of his mom's breasts and took a big gulp as her comment lingered in the air.

"And a look at what's under this robe may not seem like much of a reward to some, but I have this feeling that you, Jacob Little, will do just about anything to see it slip off my shoulders... Am I right?" She asked.

"Yeah." Jacob muttered, nodding his head with disbelief.

"So here's the deal. You do whatever you have to do to prepare for that fight on Friday. If you win, the robe comes off." She said. "No bra?" Jacob asked.

"No panties...just me, completely naked. Deal?" She asked.

"Yeah, deal, but...but what if I win the next two matches?" He said excitedly.

"One match at a time, buster. Focus on the goal. Don't let yourself get distracted. I know you can do this." Michelle said confidently.

"God, mom, you're the best." Jacob said.

This time it was Jacob that moved in for a hug and he was given another feel of his mother's charms.

"You better get to bed now. School tomorrow, remember?" She smiled.

"I know, good night, mom." He said.

"Good night, sweetie-pie." She said as she stood up.

Jacob watched the sway of her full heart-shaped ass as she strode towards the door. Feeling his eyes on her, Michelle turned her head and smiled back at him.

"Thanks, mom.... Thanks for helping me." He said.

"Don't thank me yet. You have a match to win." She said.

"Yeah, I know." He said, staring at the ceiling, wondering for the first time if he can truly pull it off.

"Jacob." Michelle's soft voice said.

He glanced back at the door to find his mom still in the doorway. She was in a sexy little pose, resting her arm against the doorframe, which caused her enormous breasts to balloon outward.

"I love you." She whispered.

"I love you too." He sighed. As you could imagine, by this time Jacob's cock was as hard as steel. He hardly slept that night.

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RE: How Mom Made Him State Champion
Nothing else was said the next few days. Things went their usually way. The only difference was Jacob trained his ass off. He impressed the hell out of the coach, working twice as hard as the other team members.

When he got home his mom was busy doing housework. He watched her as he sat at the table eating a snack. Michelle had on a tight short sleeve turtle neck that made the swell of her tits seem absolutely huge. Jacob could clearly see the outline of her bra and the bulging mounds of tit flesh that were spilling out the tops of the cups. She also wore a sexy pair of low cut jeans that molded around the contours of her big soft ass. On her feet, of course, were a matching pair of dainty high heeled slippers.

"Jacob, could you take your laundry up, sweetie." She asked.

"Sure, mom." He said.

Jacob took his laundry upstairs and while removing the clothes from the basket found one of his mom's bras. He lifted it from the basket by one of its thick straps. The cups were huge and adorned with delicate lace. There was a sticky note inside one of them. Jacob took it out and read it:

"Work hard and believe in yourself! Love Mom."

Jacob felt the sudden knot begin to form in his pants.

Friday finally arrived and the day seemed to go by slowly for Jacob. He started warm-ups with the team about 6:30pm and soon after the fans began to trickle into the gymnasium. His parents arrived and took their usual seats on the bottom row of the bleachers. Michelle gave her son a smile and a cute little wave.

There were three matches before Jacob's, but finally the time came. As Jacob came to the center of the mat to face his opponent, he threw one last look his mom's way.

Michelle was looking at him intently. She gave him a little nod that said "you can do it, baby. Kick his ass."

The ref yelled fight and in a matter of seconds a body was thrown to the mat. The ref followed the wrestlers to the ground and in only a few seconds, he slapped the mat and the fight was over.

The crowd roared as Jacob leaped to his feet...victorious!

Michelle's mouth hung open as she giggled and clapped in disbelief.

After the competition Michelle was the first fan on the floor. She practically ran to her son and threw her arms around him proudly. At that moment Jacob was the envy of every cock-swinging male in that gymnasium.

"Oh baby, I'm so proud of you." Michelle gloated.

They went out for ice cream afterwards. Michelle sat in the backseat with her son and held her hand the entire ride. When they arrived at the ice cream shack Jacob's father asked what they wanted and got out to go get the ice cream. This left Jacob and his mom in the car alone.

"Mom." Jacob asked.

"Yes, sweetie." She answered.

"Do you think you could show me now?" He asked.

"Here?" She asked, glancing out the window at her husband as he walked to the order area.

"Yeah, while dad's gone." He asked

" can have about thirty seconds now...or thirty minutes tonight after your father goes to bed." She said.

"I'll wait." Jacob said, sitting back in his seat.

Michelle giggled playfully.

"That's what I thought you'd say." She said.

After arriving home Jacob hung around downstairs as opposed to entering video game city like he normally did. His father watched the end of a ballgame as his mom tidied up the kitchen.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, his dad rose from the couch.

"Well, I'm gonna hit the sack. Long day of fishing tomorrow." He said.

"Good night, dad." Jacob said.

"Night, son. Good job tonight." He said.

"Thanks, dad." Jacob answered.

Michelle met up with her husband at the bottom of the stairs.

"Good night, honey." She said to her husband, giving him a peck on the lips.

"You coming up?" He asked.

"No, not very tired. I think I'll stay up with Jacob for a while." She said.

When he heard his mom say this Jacob's cock began to fill with blood. His heart raced with excitement.

Michelle came around and sat next to Jacob on the couch.

"Wow, not used to having you downstairs like this. You're usually consumed with those video games." She said.

"Just a little anxious I guess." He said.

The both heard the door close to the master bedroom upstairs. Michelle stood up and took her son's hand.

"Well, sweetie, looks like your wait is over. Come on. Let's go down to the guest bedroom." She said.

She pulled her son from the sofa and led him downstairs to the basement. They entered a small bedroom at the bottom and Michelle closed and locked the door behind them.

The guest bedroom had a queen sized bed and a contemporary looking chair and ottoman in the corner.

"Go over and sit in the chair. I'll be over in just a sec." She said.

Jacob sat on the comfy chair and watched as his mom turned on some soft music. It had an erotic beat to it, like porn music. Michelle slowly pranced over to her son and sat on the ottoman just in front of him.

"I want you to know how proud I am of you. You not only won today, but you impressed the hell out of me." She said.

"Thanks." He muttered.

She leaned forward, looking straight into his eyes.

"I want you to enjoy this." She said.

Michelle stood up and slowly began to roll her hips with the beat of the music. Jacob's mouth fell open as he gazed up at the most erotic thing he had ever seen in his life.

His mom stepped out of her heels and began to slowly un-tuck her blouse, peering down at her son. Once un-tucked, Michelle began to teasingly work at the buttons, starting at the bottom and working her way up. As an area of escape began to form, her massive bra-covered tits began to work their way out.

Jacob gasped as his mom's bra-clad breasts came out to greet him. Her tits were slung snuggly together in the bra, creating a deep dark canyon of cleavage between them.

Michelle let the shirt slide down her arms and off, then she began to slowly unzip her skirt. The skirt dropped to the floor exposing her long legs and panty covered mound. She put her hands on her hips and thrust her massive chest out so that it hovered above her son as she smiled down at him. "Seen enough? Want me to stop?" She asked teasingly.

Jacob mumbled and shook his head.

"Well, I guess I better get out of this big bra then. Let my little girls move around a little bit." Michelle said in a sexy voice.

Jacob watched with anticipation as his mom reached around and unclasped her bra. She pulled the straps off her arm as the weight of her boobs began to pull the bra away from her body. First the butt of her breasts began to roll onto her chest as gravity took over. Then, all at once, Michelle pulled that lacy sling away and her two massive titties sprung free, wobbling around like two wild animals just freed from their cage.

The sight of his mom's tits took Jacob's breath away. He couldn't believe how big they were. Her areola alone were as big around as grapefruit and were covered with tiny milk glands.

Michelle continued watching her son as she moved to the rhythm of the music, her boobs rocking gently form side to side as she danced. She reached down and began to slowly slide her panties off, revealing a neatly trimmed pubic mound.

As the panties moved down her legs Jacob gawked at his mom's sex. He could clearly see her labial meat and protruding clitoris. A pungent smell filled his nostrils, causing his bone hard cock to flex in his shorts.

Now completely naked, Michelle kicked her panties aside and began really get into the beat of the music. The matronly Goddess slowly turned around to give her son a view of her big soft ass.

The sight was enough to make Jacob cum in his pants. He felt a steady trickle of pre-cum leak out the tip of his cock as he stared at the most amazing ass he had ever seen. Michelle thrust her ass out, moving it to the beat. Her budding asshole winked at her son as he stared right at it with wonder.

Michelle stuck out her hand for her son to take.

"Come here." She said. She took his hand and walked him over to the bed.

"Lie down on your back." She whispered.

Jacob got on his back in the middle of the bed. Michelle crawled onto the bed on her hands and knees so that her face hovered above his. She came down and planted a few soft butterfly kisses on his neck and cheeks, then, she moved forward a bit so that her big drooping breasts hung just above his face.

"My girls wanna dance for you." She whispered.

Michelle began to slowly move her chest from side to side so that her tits began to swing back and forth like pendulums. Jacob was in heaven, staring up at a cloud of breast-meat. Michelle's pink nipples stared down at him like big demon eyes.

Her tits swung in unison, back and forth, back and forth, throwing her son into a literal titty-trance. Jacob pushed at his cock, applying some much needed friction. Taking notice, Michelle smiled down at him.

"This is a lot of stimulation. If you need to rub him, sweetie, I understand." She said.

Jacob didn't need to be told twice. His hand flew into his shorts and he began jerking at his raging hard-on.

"Oh, yeah." He whispered with a quiver.

Michelle watched the passion in his eyes. She felt her clamshell begin to peel apart and a little trickle of pussy-butter begin to stream down her leg.

She ever so slowly began to lower her breasts towards her son's face as they continued to gently rock back and forth. The sight of her son in such a state, pulling at the cock in his shorts was exciting her and she felt her pussy-lips begin to pucker. They were like a baby's lips searching for its mother's teet, or in Michelle's case, hungry for a meaty pecker. She brought her hand back and eased the pressure as she began working her clit.

Jacob's balls began to boil as he watched his mom's teetering breasts drop closer and closer to his face. They were now a mere three inches from touchdown. Instinctively, his tongue slipped from his mouth and moved towards the engorged saps.

They lowered further, nearly gracing the tip of his pink snake. Swinging back for another pass, Michelle's tits made contact, dragging Jason's tongue across the puffy pink saucers. It was all both of them could take.

"UUUNNNGGG!!!" Jason grunted, as he felt the first rope erupt from his pisshole.

"OOOHHHH!!!" Michelle sang as her eyes rolled back,

Mother and son grunted and groaned as powerful orgasms ripped through them. For a solid minute they bucked and quivered, faces red and contorted, as they rode the waves of forbidden bliss.

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RE: How Mom Made Him State Champion
Michelle collapsed onto her side next to Jacob. One big bulging tit was stacked on top of another.

"Oh, sweetie...that was...naughty." She sighed.

"That was amazing." He said.

Michelle rolled onto her stomach and kissed her son on the forehead.

"You earned it, sweetie-pie." She said, looking down at his cum soaked shorts and still impressive bulge.

"Looks like your monster made quite the mess." She giggled.

"He wants more." Jacob smiled.

"Oh, he does, does he? Doesn't he ever get tired?" Michelle asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"Nope." Jacob said.

"Never?" She asked, her curiosity building. "Never... okay, maybe after four or five." He said.

"Four or five orgasms?" She asked with curious fascination.

"Yep, but not until then." He said proudly.

Michelle glanced back down at her son's cum soaked package.

"Well, that's quite the monster. I'm afraid mine has you beat though." She said, looking back down into his eyes.

"She tires after a dozen." She said with a smile, then kissed her son again on the forehead.

"I need to get dressed. You better go upstairs and get cleaned up." She said.

"Mom, can I get a hug before you get dressed." He asked.

"Sure, lets get off the bed first." She said, taking her son's hand.

They stood facing each other at the foot of the bed.

"Do you wanna take off your shirt first, sweetie." Michelle asked suggestively.

"Sure." He said.

Michelle helped her son peel off his shirt so that they were both now bare chested.

"I just thought it might be more meaningful if nothing were between us." She said.

Michelle stepped in and embraced her son. Her big tits became sandwiched between them as they held each other tightly. As the hug lingered, Michelle began to give her son gentle little kisses on his neck.

Jacob's knees began to go weak and he pushed forward, backing his mom up to the wall. The swell in his shorts was enormous and he began to rub it against Michelle's nest, crushing her throbbing clit. Now pinned against the wall, with sparks flying, Michelle's instincts took over and she began to let her tongue roll across her son's neck. With arms wrapped tightly around his neck, she pulled herself up and wrapped her long naked legs around her son's waist.

Jacob's cloth covered cock began to dig through his mom's fleshy peddles, searching for the entrance.

Michelle was lost in lust, panting like an animal in heat as she dug her heels into her son's ass, tongue flailing wildly at the side of his face. She reached down between them and found the zipper to his shorts. She could feel the monster inside beating at the cage. She unzipped it half-way, then came to her senses.

" baby, we can't." She panted.

"Mom, I need you." Jacob sighed

He pushed forward, his cock swell squeezing through her folds. Michelle's tiny hand grasped onto his cock meat, trying to keep it from going any deeper.

"You're father's home. We've been down here too long. We can't keep going like this." She said, struggling to keep his cock at bay.

"Oh, mom, I need in you." Jacob muttered.

He thrust all his weight forward. His cock began to emerge from the slit in his shorts like a pink serpent, slithering from its hole. Coated with pre-cum, his big mushroom tip slipped right through Michelle's fingers and sunk up in between her labial meat.

"Jacob, no...not now." She gasped.

It was a literal battle of wills at this point and Michelle's was breaking down quickly. Her hand slid down and crept into his shorts. She held his cock at the base, between her thumb and forefinger. His soft scrotal sack oozed between her fingers as she pinned his balls back against his ass, her long nails digging into the tender meat of his nuts.

"Jacob,'ll be inside momma, but you have to wait." She said.

His cock kissed the steamy socket of her vaginal entrance, aching to go forward. He could feel the moist heat of her furnace, the creamy mouth of her birth canal puckering against his engorged cock-head, eager to stretch around its girth.

"Jacob... Jacob Allen Little, stop this instant!" She whispered sternly.

Jacob let up and his mom let go of his cock. It sprang up and slapped his tummy. No longer pinned against the wall, Michelle slipped to the floor and regained her composure.

"I'm sorry, mom." He said.

"No, it's me that's sorry. I let things get out of hand." She said.

She glanced at the huge cock that seemed to be saluting her.

"You're a hard one to resist, handsome." She said.

She came back over and began rubbing his shoulder.

"Then don't resist." Jacob said boldly.

Michelle stared into his eyes.

"Be my state champion...and maybe I won't have to." She said.

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