How I became Bryans Thursday Girl
Recently single for the first time in 9 years, it was my choice, but I was seriously missing the sex. I’d been taking care of my own needs a lot recently, and just when I thought I knew myself pretty well sexually, I started to discover new things about my body, and the sensations I could produce. I’d had quite a few offers of sex in the last few weeks, but hadn’t taken up any offers yet. The masochist in me, wanted to drive myself truly insane, with desire before, I got some cock, the results would be so much better wouldn’t they! My sex life with Mark, had been excellent for so long, but still I always found myself wanting to be unfaithful, I wasn’t, but the desire to be, became too unbearable in the end. I had always, fancied a mutual friend of ours, “Bryan” he works, with Mark. He stayed on our couch a number of times, over the years, I remembered having a naughty dream about him, when he slept downstairs one night, and so early in my relationship with Mark, I felt guilty about it, I struggled to look Bryan in the face the next morning. Bryan knew us both very well, we would go out and get drunk together, he was even a witness, when I got drunk and sucked Marks cock in the middle, of a crowded restaurant, we were asked to leave. I never, for a second thought that Bryan fancied me too. The first inkling I got was at Marks work Christmas do last year, when he drunkenly declared that he fancied me, but I put that down to copious amounts of alcohol, and he was happily married now anyway. Exploring all my options, I decided impulsively, to send him an email, knowing Marks work email address made it easy to figure out Bryans. This is how it all started… “I'm not sure if this is even a valid email address? reply if it is :0)” “Hello, It is indeed my email. Long time no see, you alright?” “Yeah, I hope you don't mind me emailing you, I've wanted to for ages but never thought it was such a good idea until now!” “What you up to then? How have you been?” “I'm okay, me and Mark split up about a month ago, I guess he hasn't told anyone at work, so probably best if you don't mention it. It was my choice (finally brave enough to go solo) I lost my job last week, but I am happy” “Oh no, sorry to hear that. Mark hasn’t said anything so won’t mention it”

”How are you enjoying your new found, freedom then? I know I'd be out there living it up.” “Being single again after so long is weird ha! But, have made some new friends and I intend to have a lot of fun, the world of dating has changed a lot in 9 years, and I don't think I have!!!” “A pretty and friendly girl like you wont have much trouble me thinks” “Well I've had a few offers I guess I could go shag crazy for a while before I find someone special! It has been a while” “Careful, you know I don’t need much tempting where you're concerned” “Well that's what I was hoping!” “Well I guess we should meet up for a drink then, not having seen you for ages after all. Probably going to have to sneak around the wife though, she being the jealous kind, and rightly so it would seem” “I probably shouldn't be this honest but well you know me! Anyway, just so you know, I always fancied the pants off you, even when you came to stay” “Well you know after that Christmas party the score with me, cant bloomin resist you!” “Well I don’t have to sneak around, so let me know when you’re free?” “The last time we met we decided you were my Thursday girl so I reckon it should be a Thursday.” “Ha! well remembered!
A Thursday is okay with me” “Okay, so how is “this” Thursday for you?” “Good for me, I have butterflies already!!” “Me too x” “I am grinning! So what’s the plan?” “Still working on it but it looks something like this....

1. Don’t get caught
2. Meet up for lunch and a drink or two
3. See what progresses “I would imagine that you are an expert on not getting caught!
Shame I can't get you hideously drunk like the old days, and then have you do ungodly things to me.” “I've amended the plan.... “

1. Don’t get caught
2. Meet up for lunch and a drink or two
3. Drink some more
4. Do ungodly things to Natasha “That sounds much better! “ “I don't have any idea how rude you are? But, I hope you're as rude as me” “And I'm hoping you’re as rude as I've imagined” “Well whatever you have imagined, treble it, and times it by 100 then you might be close!” “Well that calls for another change in plan....”

1. Arrive as soon as I can
2. Spend morning doing ungodly things to Natasha
3. Go out and have lunch and some drinks somewhere
4. Spend afternoon doing ungodly things to Natasha “So is there anything you won’t do? I have to say that from my perspective the answer is an easy no” “The only no-no for me is pain, receiving that is.”

”Got some specific things in mind for you though, thought about this many a time....

”You're wearing stockings, no knickers. I'm sat on the sofa, cock in hand, while you are on a coffee table in front of me, fingering yourself, as you climax I shower your face and breasts in cum” “Fortunately I'm not into giving pain, so you're safe! But, I am into receiving it.” “You into spanking? Always fancied spanking someone but never met any takers” “Yes, I love getting spanked, I don't seem to know when to stop begging "harder" though, and end up with very red butt cheeks” Then Bryan sent me a list of sexual fantasies that he’d had about me over the years! By the time our conversation was done, I felt very horny and had to go and fuck myself, I sent him an email afterwards, which said “Well holy fuck, I'm still shaking, I couldn't wait any longer, and my forearms hurt from all the pounding. I just fucked myself with the biggest dildo you are likely to have seen! :0) I can't take all of it! I watched it going into my pussy in the mirror, and then when my arms got tired I sat on it, and rode it while rubbing my clit. When I came it was very deep inside me, wow!!” Bryan couldn’t wait for Thursday and apparently neither could I. Thursday morning arrived, and I felt very nervous, and excited. I had been having sex with the same person for 9 years and Bryan had such high expectations! When the doorbell chimed, I took a deep breath, and answered the door, ready for anything. I was dressed in a short tartan skirt, white blouse, and black knee high socks, with no bra or knickers, I’d taken a guess that Bryan would like the school girl, look, and his eyes told me that he did. We spent a few minutes catching up on the last year, I had some pictures of him from years ago in my photo album, The album was on the bottom shelf of the unit, and I bent over to get it showing Bryan my bare ass. I looked around at him with a cheeky smile, he came over and joined me. I placed the palms of my hands flat on the shelf in front of me, and enjoyed the attention as his hands smoothed the bare skin of my ass, I moaned at his touch, it felt like forever since I had felt hands on me. “You are so god damn sexy” he said, I said nothing in response. I moved over to the couch, and positioned myself on my knees, with my ass in the air. “Spank me” I said. He started gently, “harder” I whispered, and cried out, as he immediately obliged with a firm wallop. “Ahhh yes” I cried feverishly as he continued to smack my ass, harder and harder. My pussy was untouched, yet soaking. “Feel what you’ve done to me” I told him. As his fingers ever so slightly brushed over my smooth hairless pussy, he gasped out loud involuntarily, and slid two fingers into my wetness. It had been so long since I felt someone else’s fingers inside me, and it felt incredible, I was desperate, and it was obvious. “Take your clothes off” I said, and we both stripped off. I left my knee high, socks on because they made me feel very sexy. I sat on the coffee table in front of the leather couch, Bryan followed his cue to sit down in front of me, I spread my legs wide, and parted my pussy lips with one hand, so he could get a good look at me. I had never performed like this before with so much attention on me, and it turned me on so much. I slowly circled my clit, he groaned at the sight of it, and this encouraged me. I looked down at myself as I twisted, and pulled, at myself. I dipped my fingers into myself and heard the slick sounds I made as I finger fucked myself urgently. Bryan was working on his cock and I was overwhelmed that he was getting so much pleasure from watching me. I was using both hands on myself now, and my touch was rough, and purposeful. I wasn’t putting on a show anymore I was concentrating on making myself come. It didn’t take long, and my orgasm was very intense, and noisy and juices ran from my pussy on to the coffee table. Bryan as promised, showered hot cum onto my face and breasts, moaning loudly as he did. I hungrily licked, and sucked, him dry then, I licked his cum from my breasts. Already he was hard again, and as ever, I was ready for more. “Fuck me now” I ordered, and bent over the couch, His hard cock found my still sopping wet pussy and thrust straight in, causing me to cry out with the pleasure of finally feeling a cock inside me. “Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me,” I begged, even though he was. Holding me by my hips, he withdrew almost completely then thrust back in, as far as my pussy would allow, he pushed deeper and deeper his cock banging my cervix. I rocked back and fourth, joining his rhythm. The sound of our bodies banging full pace into each other was delicious. The sound of gasping and groaning too much for me to bare. I felt my orgasm growing as his cock rubbed against the inside of me. When I came, every muscle inside me went into a spasm and Bryan lost control and filled me deep with hot cum. I had never needed fucking that badly before, I stretched naked on the couch to smoke a post orgasm cigarette, I closed my eyes inhaling deeply, satisfying another need. I was laying on my front. Bryan ran his fingers softly through my long brown hair, down my neck, over my smooth long back, and between my ass cheeks. I squirmed as my body recovered from the fuck, it had just received, and placed my cigarette, in the ashtray. Raising myself onto my knees, I spread my legs a little, and allowed Bryan to spread my ass cheeks, his fingers teasing, and probing. I gasped a little as he spread open my tight ass as wide as he could, and shoved a finger deep inside me, holding nothing, in reserve. It hurt so much, but the pleasure I felt, made me cry out, and beg instantly for more. Immediately he was behind me pushing the tip of his cock into my tight ass. It felt like it was never going to fit, and the pain caused me to try and move away from it. Unfortunately for my ass, my reluctance only encouraged Bryan, and he pushed past my tense barriers and buried his cock deep inside me, causing me to cry out. Once inside it felt so good though, and in moments I was begging. “Fuck yeah, oh god yeah, fuck my tight ass” I cried, as he pounded my ass, his balls banging on my pussy. He reached around and rubbed my clit until I came hard. It felt as though I was coming from my ass and my pussy, and I wailed like an animal until it subsided. We spent the rest of the day exploring each other, and come to think of it, he still owes me lunch. :0)

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