How I Met & Fucked A Married Muslim Woman
Hi All!! I’m vilas 27 from Aurangabad. This is my second story First Time Fuck, Losing Virginity. This incident happened in Aurangabad only when I met a married woman through net. I can never forget the feeling of having a naked married woman in my bed, teasing me to take off her panty and spank her ass AHHHHHHHHHHH.
One day I was getting bored and searching for horny women in net to have a chat and suddenly I got some one called SHIVANI: 34C-28-36, she is wild and hot. As luck has it, we started chatting about sex and then she becomes very hot and horny as she was deprived of sex in her married life. Few days we had sex chat and then we exchanged numbers and had phone sex. She told me about how much she carve for sex and a good fucking session with a stranger, who can fuck all her holes and fulfill her desire of being drilled hard and deep. We both discussed our fantasies and decide that when we meet we have lots of SEX.

One day she gave me a call and asked me to meet her near PVR . I went to meet her and was very happy that finally we are meeting and my happiness doubled when I saw her. She is fair with lots of flesh at right areas and I liked the way she move her ass, muahhhhhhh. That day she was wearing a jeans and a simple kurti and I come to know that she is a Muslim married women with two kids. After chatting for 10 mins, we decided to move to my place, we got an auto and that is where first time I touched her, I wrapped my hands around her waist and hold her near me, continuously moving my hands around her waist.

Once we reached my place I closed the door and without thinking hugged her tightly and she also madly hugged me and tried to be as close to me as possible. I moved my hands around her back especially I was trying to grab her ass and squeeze those big bumpers. She is very hot horny and wild, she is the one who took the lead and pushed me to the wall and unzipped my jeans and took out my dick and started jerking it, I was little surprised but was enjoying her soft touch on my hard dick. I asked her to get undressed but she kept her pink bra and panty on and I was totally naked. She started licking my balls and sucking my hot rod like an ice cream, can’t express in words how much I liked and enjoyed her sexy expression and moaning, her wet tongue rolling around my thighs dick and balls, made me madddddddddd. She sucked me hard and I cummed inside her mouth.

Then I took her to our bed room and make her sleep there, I wanted to just spread her legs and fuck her like a whore but my dick needs some rest. So, I removed her bra and started caressing her juicy boobs and milked it. She liked it when I was rubbing her thighs with my hands and at the same time licking and biting her nipples gently. Then I tried to slip my hands inside her panty but she stopped me and again I was surprised but then she kissed me deeply and bit my ears and licked it and softly said “I want you to spank me like a bitch”. I was so aroused and my dick also got hard again, I just tore apart her panty and started rubbing her, moving my hands around her ass and pussy, she then make me sit at the edge of the bed and slowly moved her ass on my dick and rubbed my dick with the her big ass by moving swiftly on top of me. I make her bent over the bed and then I started spanking her ass, the sound of spanking and her moaning made it very erotic then I spit on her bumpers and make her big bumpers little wet and then spanked her vigorously, I know she enjoying it a lot when I asked her “maja a raha hai kutiya” and she replied “raja baja de mera baaja”.

I started fingering her from behind and when her cunt is quite wet I spread her legs more and put my mouth between her legs and started licking her wet pussy from behind. I started rolling my tongue over her wet clitoris and tried to fuck her with my tongue, I have already licked her dripping pussy very well and she was just ready to get banged hard. I took out a condom (mankind: chocolate flavor), she put the condom on my dick and sucked it. She moved her ass like a bitch and tempt me to fuck her like a dog then she lied on the bed slowly spreading her legs and biting her lips when I tried to mount her, she put her right foot on my chest to stop me and asked me to kiss her lips then her hips and then her pussy before penetrating her pussy walls. I still remember what she said “meri choot marne se pehle meri choot ka raas pi le harami, bahut maja aayega” and I replied “saali raand aaj to tere saare ched pel dalunga”.

I mounted my dick on top of her pussy and put whole of my dick inside her in one stroke and then banged her for a while, she want me to spill my cum on her boobies, stomach and on her face, which I did happily. After the fuck, we went to the bath room and washed ourselves and for a while just sit below the shower. I cuddled & fondled her breast and she was kissing my chest and neck. Then she dressed up again and after kissing passionately for a moment, I dropped her back to PVR . After that incident, I met her twice and we fucked in different ways. This incident and the woman have itched in my mind; I love to be a part of more such sexual adventures and waiting for that to happen again, for any suggestion you can reach out to me at love to hear back from all of you.

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