Housewife Raped
Hi this is Diotima, I am a housewife of 40 having a boy Rohan who is of 16 years and studying in class 10 and my husband Akash is an engineer and presently 46years old is a GM in a MNC.I am fair and having a figure of 36-26-38 and having a very sweet face. Without any further introduction, I must go straight into the story.
It was a Friday morning; at about 10.30 my husband has gone to his office and Rohan to his school. It was a very cloudy day with continuous rainfall along with thunderstorms so most of the doors and windows were closed, curtains were drawn even at that hour of morning. It was a two storied house in a suburb of kolkata so when I just peeped through the curtain to the road it was a deserted look due to heavy downpour. I thought to myself that my maid will not be coming today as she is having a very good excuse for a day off. I was in my nighty which I generally change, after my husband Rohit leaves for his office and my maid arrives for her work, this time I go to take a bath and change into a sari which I prefer to wear at home. But as soon as I get up from the bed in the morning I put on my bra and panty as because my son has grown old and I prepare breakfast for them. So I was in my nighty which was light yellow in color with bra and panty underneath and just peeping occasionally through the window curtains to the deserted look of the road suddenly my doorbell rang, I thought that this must be my maid with much appreciative smile on my face that she has come even in this type of stormy weather, I rushed to the door and without looking through the magic eye I opened the door instantly. I met with a great thud, a man with beard face just pushed me and entered my house and held my mouth with his powerful hand, and his one hand was placed diagonally over my breast, so my left breast was under the pressure of his powerful hand. He told in a very gruff voice “look madam police is chasing my for the robbery that happened in the bank situated at the main road last night, two of my pals have escaped ,I will just wait here for sometime till one them will come in black santro with black colored glass window to pick me up” he further added “ as soon as the car will come he will give a call to my mobile till then be a good girl “after that he pushed me towards the sofa, I just fell on the sofa with a force and found a revolver is being pointed towards me.
The person is not very old though a beard face and very hugely built body with nearly six feet height. He was looking at me with very greedy eyes and it was making me feel uncomfortable.
‘How old are you’ he asked with a very appreciating eyes and turned around towards the picture of my son, (that was a latest photograph of Rohan taken during the last birthday),”is that your son?” I replied “yes” “ohh,your son is quite grown up but you do not look more than 30” I was happy within but fear was creeping within my mind that what this stranger is thinking, it was absolutely cloudy and dark outside, so sign of anybody walking on the road, I was quietly praying god for my safety”
He slowly came towards me and holds my feet put it over his lap and started inspecting it, “you have got very nice feet very soft and white “a mixed wave of fear and sensation passed through my spine, what is he going to do? He slowly started lifting my nighty till my thigh was exposed “ohh your skin is like velvet, you have got a wax like finish” “what are you doing?” I tried to sound tough but he has lifted the nighty up to my waist by then. He was rubbing his hand over my smooth thigh, I became a bit confused. What this man is trying to do, basically a criminal who is running from police and enjoying me like this??After my husband Akash got his promotion from DGM to GM and Rohan has grown up sex has been an irregular feature in our day to day hectic life but if this man carries on like this then my sex starved body may go out of control very soon. He was very smoothly rubbing over my silky thigh and coming over very slowly very near to my pussy covered with white panty, I reacted “please stop” he told “it is better that you stop creating hindrances to my work madam otherwise I may shoot you, can you please stand up a bit?” I was surprised by his boldness and asked “why?”, he came a bit forwarded lifted me and made me stand holding my shoulder and as I stood straight on the floor he started pulling my nighty over my shoulder and threw it on the floor. There I was standing a married 40yrs old lady in front of a criminal with only panty and bra on. I was not able to look to that person and feeling very uneasy sometimes looking towards the floor and sometimes towards the other corners of the rooms but avoiding eye contacts with the man. I was dying in shame and stood in a perplexed state of mind thinking about the next action of this stranger, till this time he was holding the revolver in his hand but now I noticed through the corner of my eyes that he kept the revolver on the floor and crawling towards me. I closed my eyes and felt that the person is standing very close to me and put a hand over my cleavage.”ahh ,a very beautiful boobs” he murmured and very slowly went back .He was caressing my exposed milky white back. I closed my eyes tightly as there was only a narrow strap of my bra at my back .Very slowly and with much care he was moving his hands over my back, sometimes with his fingers whereas sometimes with back of his hand. I stood there with closed eyes suddenly felt that he has opened the strap of my bra from the back and in a moment he pulled away my bra over my hands and threw it away .My boobs came out with all its glory and with dark pink nipples over it” I was just trembling over my feet,”ohh god what I am facing in a rainy day? How can I hold myself in this electrifying situation? The person suddenly holds my breast and started pressing them and with his index finger and thumb squeezing the nipples in such a way that he will just take out those nipples from the breast, I closed my eyes very firmly and electric charge was flowing through my spines I asked very coyly “ wh..hh.aa.t are y..o..uu” my voice started betraying he brought down his mouth over my breast and started sucking aa…aahhh,god knows what will happen to me I have started feeling wet in my pussy somehow I told that “ my …maid caa..nn in any” but he was unstoppable suddenly he stopped and I opened my eyes to find that he was undressing himself and his penis which was at least 8” by now is in his hand, he told me to suck it I turned my face away then he slowly bends down in front of me and to my surprise I found that he is pulling down my panty, I told very meekly “ stop “ but I was also not able to hear my voice and felt my sex starved body is betraying more .After pulling down the panty he looked at my bush covered pussy area.I was feeling very embarrassed as well as ashamed. Then very slowly he started caressing my bush there and told with a very satisfying tone “you are having a very good structure, two firm white milky thighs and a small patches of bush in between, very tempting” I was shy shocked embarrassed at the same time flattered at use of the term “very tempting “by him.As usual I was standing with closed eyes waiting for his next action and further awaiting my release from the hand of this lusty stranger criminal. Then he caught my ass with his two hands from two sides very firmly, lowered his mouth at my bush area and started licking me there, ahha.. ahaa. .aa.ahhaa …ohh..maa… I cannot hold myself and started cumming. It came like waves after waves and over his mouth now he stood up and told me “you please lay down on floor on your back and open your thigh”, I was doing it like a machine might be I was sex starved for long time or due to the revolver in his hand I sat quietly on the floor and then lied down on my back opening my thigh in the process exposing my cunt to a stranger. It was a rainy day so the floor was a bit damp moreover I was fully naked, so the entire combination made my nipples hard. The two nipples were absolutely erect pointing towards ceiling. He came and sat very close to me and stared at my two nipples. “Embarrassment” became the situation of the day so I kept quiet and laid there like log with closed eyes. With closed eyes I felt that the tip of his tool is touching the gateway of my most private part. It was bigger than my hubby but the place was so much lubricated that in one push it went half into my hole and he started the thrust very slowly at first and then started taking the speed. It was painful at first due to the size but slowly my pussy started accommodating it, I found the entire piece has crept into my pussy, then the thrust continued for 15 more minutes, I was enjoying it by closing my eyes ahhaa..ahaa.aaahhh aaaa. Finally he hold me very tightly my breasts got pressed with his chest, my god he came at the verge of discharging but held me tightly, I requested very softly not to discharge within but it was of no use, before anything he came deep within me to this context I must confess that I have cummed twice in between. He took out his penis took my bra which was lying nearby to wipe his penis clean, I laid there exhausted and was panting for breadth. He took out his mobile and without telling anything took some nude snaps of me, I was trying to cover my self quickly but in vain, he took at least 10/15 snaps of me completely nude, suddenly his mobile rang and it was his friend who came with the car so he got dressed up quickly and told me that “I will remember the hospitality given you. I saw him getting up to a black santro by peeping through the window curtain and thought to myself that though I was raped but I have enjoyed myself . What will he do with those photographs.?

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