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It was the month of august and it was raining heavenly i was peeping outside my window and i saw my new neighbors a lady with nice big boobs and round ass looking like slut from her look entering my neighborhood. From the very first day she caused me to masturbate regularly. She was a mother of 5 children but still not seems to be unsatisfied. Her ass made me so eager that i started following her in park and soon she became my mom’s good friend.

Finally my lucky day came it was our auntie’s party my parents went and my neighbor pinkies family (the slut i’m talking about) too. She came to my house for my look after on my mom’s request. I was eager and hungry and i don’t want to miss this chance as i know she’s a slut and i was confident for my first shot. Pink i (the slut) had a good figure. We both were sitting together and were close enough that i could fell her soft touch with my cold body. She was wearing a black saree and was looking like a bitch ready to be eaten up. To make things hot i took a bold movie and started watching it and as the time passed she started showing the signs of lust and eagerness. She gave me the green signal by saying “arrrre dekhte rahega ki kabhi karegha bh”, i was happy and ready to do it.

So i slowly took her saree and took it of she was smiling and rolling .she said aaj nahi chodna mujhe jo karna hai kar bas mere pyass bhuja de. I took her in my hands and start kissing her and my hand was on her boob and her ass. Soon my eagerness grows and i started biting her and unhooked her bra. Her big tongue boobs and long pink nipples came in my hands. At first i massage them and then stated sucking them. The milk was coming in my mouth i had my first bite she shouted “aaaaaaaaaah ooh kaat kaat daaba jkitna daabana hai”. It made me hungry i pushed her and took and throws her on my bed. I took her petticoat of and her pink panty was clearly visible.

I was ready but want to punish her so i told her to turn around in godha position .i took my belt of and started spanking her tears in her eyes but she was enjoying “aah aah oouch mar gaye “.then with a bite on her ass i took her panty of with my teeth. Her ass was round and was just like i wanted it to be. Somehow i control my self and turn her around like a whore .i told her to undress me and she did it. I inserted my cock in her mouth and my fingers in her pussy. At first it was not that wet and she felt a little pain which was proved by her sound” aah aah ooh maar gaye “. Her sounds arouse my speed of fingering and she also was sucking it nicely. Suddenly i cum on her face and so did her. Then i kissed her for 5 min and started playing with the boobs again.

Finally the time came i inserted my tongue in her wide pussy and started licking she was enjoying every bit of it .suddenly i noticed that her eyes have closed and she is saying aur zor sr aur zor se chod chod mujhe mere pyass bhuja. After 10 min we move to 69 position and started the journey pleasure. Her juicers were all over my place and mine on hers .she stopped and said mein chahte hu ki tum mere phad do chut bhi gand bhi.

This made me more hot and i threw her on bed again and open her legs wide open .i was trying to make her wait by just rubbing my 6′pennis on her thighs she started screaming maar na plzzzzzz marra na mein mar jaunga on hr insisting i inserted my cock in her pussy full length she moved and moaned and locked her legs around my waist it was a great sight i was going hard and hard and the scream went louder and louder aah aah rajaj m,aar daal fadd dalll mein terer hu faad dal aur zor se aur zor se these sound was driving me crazy and after 10 min i cummed in her pussy .rest9ng on her nipples with my cock still in i made a bite on right breast she screamed aaah.

Then she move away and showed me her tight ass it seems she’s never fucked in ass (told me later). I took vaseline put it on my penis little on her ass and try to insert it took me 5-6 strokes to insert ,y cock completely and finally it was in like a knife through cold butter she screamed hardly “aah aah aah fatth gaye faath gaye rajaj maar maar zor se yeh kabhi nahi chudi. I was moving and room was filled with the screams of aah aah uuuma uuma and i cummed again in her ass. It was quite late so we stopped our first phase of pleasure and got dressed up. But after that we were close enough until she left our neighborhood and went to jaipur

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