Hopes and dreams..

Walking along an abandoned beach
I feel the cool grains of white sand.
They seem to melt beneath my feet

I watch the ice-cold, rippling water
Slowly wash away the shore;
Bits of shells roll back and forth
As the tide rushes in and out again.

From time to time the seagulls cry out,
As if to say, “This is our home!”

The sun shines yellow with a touch of red,
But still is not yet overhead.
The birds make faint shadows on the beach
As they glide through the aquamarine sky.

I extend my glance from shore to horizon
And catch a glimpse of a foam-capped wave.
The gulf air is strong, yet warm and misty,
With an ever-present scent of salt and sand,
While the waves continue to crash upon the shore.

As I walk towards you
I can almost see the sun
Burning away the mist and
Creating a blinding reflection on
The snow white sand.

Cold water splashes at my ankles now
While small abrasions experience a slight unpleasant burning.
I cannot help but let my body fall against you
And into this dark blue-green gulf water.

As we embrace and become one again,
I dream of staying with you
And never going home.

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