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Home alone
07-15-2011, 08:21 PM
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Home alone
Hi. This is Tanya from Mumbai. I am going to put forward an experience of my life that happened last year when 3 boys in my locality banged my virginity. First, let me introduce myself. I am 21 yrs old, ht.5.5” and stats-38D-26-38. Yes, I have those big melons that boys go mad looking at. So it was the month of June and it was around 6.00 pm, raining heavily outside. My dad had been transferred to Japan, as he was a software eng. My brother, 24 had gone for a few days to accompany my dad. My mom had gone to relatives home for 3 days and was to return after 2 days. I was to stay alone at home and I too had holidays. I was upstairs in my room reading a Sydney Sheldon. I was wearing a black off shoulder dress with a zipper behind. It knee length long. Suddenly the doorbell rang and I went down and opened the door to find three of my brother’s friend who was more or less of my brother’s age, Nikhil, Amit and Karthik. They asked if my bro was at home. I said no. They asked me I if could give them a cd that my bro had taken from them and that they needed it. I asked them to come in. They came in and sat on the sofa. Karthik asked if there was no one at home. I said yes. Nikhil got up and latched the main door. I knew they were up to something. But I was happy to be among three handsome hunks. Karthik got up, took me in his hands, and planted a kiss on my lips. I was shocked by this move by him. The other two got up and said we always wanted to fuck you but never got a chance. But now we will fuck you the whole night. Amit went behind me and started kissing the exposed parts of my back.

Karthik kissed me on my lips and Nikhil was feeling my boobs over my dress. Slowly Amit lowered the zip of my dress and removed it fully. All this time had my eyes closed and was quietly enjoying the act. I was wearing a black strapless bra and a lacy panty in black. Nikhil lifted me and made me sit on the backrest of my sofa and my back on the side where ppl sit. My legs were hanging down. They made me fully nude. Then the three got undressed and Karthik knelt down b/w my legs and his face was directly in front of my pussy. He pulled me forward and started licking my pussy and sucking my clit. Nikhil was standing on my right and Amit on the left. They gave me their dicks in my hand and asked me to play with it and squeeze it. They were, in the mean time, pressing my boobs and rubbing their fingers on my nipples. I was pressing their dicks and rubbing my hands on their balls. My left leg reached down to Karthik dick and I started rubbing his dick too. I was moaning in pleasure. Then I came in Karthik mouth. He licked everything clean. Then they made me sit on the sofa. Karthik pushed his dick in my mouth and started fucking in my mouth. Amit was on my right and Nikhil on my left. They rubbed the tip of their dicks on my nipple. This went on for 10 mins. Then they switched positions until everyone had fucked my mouth.

They took me upstairs to my room and placed me on my bed. They were kissing and rubbing their hands on my body. I stood up and kissed the three on their lips one by one for giving me so much pleasure. Amit knelt a bit a sucked my left boob. Karthik followed sucking the right one. I took Nikhil dick in my hand and rubbed it while his hand reached over to my clit. Then Nik made me sleep on the bed and he placed some pillows below my hips. He came between my legs and rubbed the tip of his dick on my pussy. I was moaning aloud. He pushed his dick forward and an inch or less entered my pussy. It pained a lot. I cried loud aaaaaaaaaaaa oooooooooo oooooccccc cchhhhhhhhhhh!

He paused a bit and again pushed it a bit in. It pained again. The he paused and pushed again. He had a 9-inch dick so it was taking time for him to enter. Little by little, by pauses n between, he pushed his whole dick in. My body was paining. He paused for two mins and then started to move in to and fro motion. He was fucking me and was speaking out oohhhooofffooohhâ. I was feeling in top of the world. Amit and Karthik were squeezing my boobs and sucking them. They sometimes rubbed their dicks on my boobs or face or push it in my mouth and I sucked it. Nikhil was fucking me hard with a high speed while I moaned out. I was shouting yes. Fuck me hard harder come-on fuck me fuck me. Suddenly Nikhil stopped. He lifted me, with his cock still in my pussy. He again lowered me down to the bed but did not keep me down fully. I was about 1 foot above the bed. I felt few fingers on my ass hole. I asked Nikhil what it was and he said, a€ nothing baby. Just some lubricates gel so that we can enter your ass easily. And before I cud react, Nikhil lowered me and I felt a dick entering my ass. I closed my eyes tightly thinking that it would pain. But because of the gel, it was entering smoothly but it pained a bit. I opened my eyes and saw that Karthik was rubbing his dick on my boobs with one hand on my clit. He was rubbing it and rolling my clit between his fingers and slightly pressing it with his middle finger, index finger and thumb giving me utmost pleasure. I was moaning loud. Amit was fucking my ass and Nikhil was fucking my pussy.

After 15 mins, Nikhil cummed in my pussy and came out. Immediately, Karthik pushed his 10” dick in my pussy and began to fuck me. Nikhil shoved his dick in my mouth. I licked all the cum and sucked his cock. Amit reached over to my boobs from behind and squeezed them hard pinching the nipples and rubbing his index finger on it. They rolled me while both were still inside me so that Amit came on top and Karthik below me. Nikhil went behind to see the cocks moving in and out of my holes and was saying, oooohhhh look at the girl getting fucked. I felt Amit quiver and the next moment I felt hot cum in my ass. Amit stopped and stayed in that position till Karthik cummed. They both withdrew their dicks and we rested for half an hour. It was some where around 7.45 when I got up. Those three were still sleeping. I took a bath and wore another sky blue spaghetti strapped nighty with a netted blue coat. I cooked some food for them. I put their clothes in that room and woke them up. They too took bath and wore my bro’s casuals. After dinner, at some 8.30, Karthik removed a cd out of his old clothes and played it. It was a porn movie in which a boy was fucking a girl and another was rubbing her clit. The third one had his cock in the girl’s mouth. We all got horny. Karthik moved his hands to my boobs and squeezed them over my dress.

Then he removed my over coat and kissed my neck. Nikhil went down to my legs and lifted my nighty; he removed my blue panty and went inside the nighty. He lifted my right leg and placed it on the sofa so that he got a clear view of my clit. He then licked and sucked it fingering my ass hole. Amit went back and lowered my zip and removed the nighty. He pushed his hands inside my bra and pinched my nipples. He removed my bra completely and sucked my nipples hard as if sucking cola from a straw. I had already cummed twice in Nikhil mouth. They all undressed. Their dicks were erect and they were smiling when I looked at the dicks hungrily. I knelt down and took Amit’s tool in my mouth and sucked it and was giving a hand job to the other two. After five mins, Amit removed his cock from my mouth and made me sit in the doggy style. He pushed his dick in my pussy and started to fuck me. Karthik shoved his dick in my mouth and Nikhil lay down below my boobs and pressed them and sucked them. Then he got up and went behind and pushed a finger in my ass and was pushing it in and out. Then I got up and made myself free of the two dicks.

They all asked me, why did you stop? I said, I want all the three dicks in me at the same time. One in my mouth, in my ass and in my cunt. They all smiled then Amit took the two aside, whispered something into their ears and they all smiled and came to me. Amit and Karthik sat on the floor near the sofa facing each other. Then Amit went back and lay down and Karthik went back like Amit. Their dicks were close to each other. Karthik put his legs on Amit’s thighs. Nikhil sat on the sofa. They asked me to sit on their dicks such that Amit entered my pussy and Karthik entered my ass. I did so. Then Karthik asked me to take Nikhil dick in my mouth. They started pumping in rhythm. Nikhil grabbed my boobs and pressed them. He ran his fingers through my hair and all of us were moaning loud.

After 15 minutes, the three stopped and changed positions till ever one had fucked me twice in every hole. Then they removed their dicks out and I took Nikhil dick in my mouth and was moving to and fro. He then moaned out I am going to cum I am going to cum. I quickly removed my mouth from his dick and pushed it in my pussy and moved up and down till he unloaded himself inside me. We stayed in that position for a while and he sucked my tender and huge boobs. I went to the bathroom, and washed my pussy. I came back and sat on the single sofa. They all smiled at me, their dicks in rest. Amit got up went to the fridge and got some chilled sprite. He came to me and poured it on my boobs while it trickled down to my nipples. He lowered his mouth to my nipples and sucked the sprite. Then Nikhil smiled and said- now there is another gang fucking awaiting you that will leave you satisfied for the rest of your life.

Next what happened, I will send you in a week or so. Till then send in your comments at xxxxxxxxxx. Do not forget. This is Tanya Mittal signing off. Bye.

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