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Hi Sexy Guy From Delhi
06-15-2011, 09:43 AM
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Hi Sexy Guy From Delhi
just 2 days b4 i was alone at my rented 2bhk room near indiranagar (Bangalore)! me & my cousin brother used stay there but mostly he’ll stay outstation he is musician, 5,6 days hardly he’ll b at room in a month.

so i was alone & in evening time my friend (rohit), called me told he’ll come to my room tonight with hi girl friend (rikima)she was from mizoram. i told ok but wt time then he told 1st they’ll go to disco then they’ll come, ok !
he always used to tell how he fucked so many girl & i knew tonight also same thing going to i decided tonight I’ll see live movie,so i went computer shop & bought very long length cable 4 my web camera ! & i fixed my web cam in flower pot in the bed side corner 4m where i can see view of that room easily everything! then i went to my & connected that cable to my laptop , oh its perfect! i was waiting 4 them i had my dinner then i called him & told him that door open , i have 2 leave 4 somewhere very morning so plz don’t disturb me ok, he was so happy, & told me he will not disturb me!

it was 11:40pm when they came & got inside the room! that gal was so sexy & very young also may b some 16 or 17, very good figure not so height but very perfect! she was wearing blue jeans skirts it was very short & white sleeveless tops, her boobs very good shaped like tennis ball & her skin color was very white ! they seated in bed , gal was drunk little bit they start chatting & i cant hear it ! my friend went closer to her & he put his hand on cheeks then place his hand to her head & start kissing on her lips , they smooch very passionately !

he was kissing her very hard all over her face, start biting her neck, ear, cheeks & gal was scratching his back , then he slowly place his hand on her leg & pulled her to bed & start placing his hand on her thigh then insert his hand to inside skirt & start rubbing, then he took out his t shirt & also he start took out her tops & skirt now she was just in bra & panty, then he start squeezing her boobs & kissing her navel part, she too start squeezing herself then he took out her bra & start chewing her breast oh god it was awesome , & he slowly moved his hand inside panty & start fingering inside! gal start bending her leg & after some time he took out her panty too & now she was totally naked,

i didn’t seen perfectly but i was sure! then he took out his pant & undies too, both were naked now, gal hold his penis & start doing up & down he was facing ceiling, & gal was sitting on his thigh after sometime he got up & make her lay on bed & he just seated in middle of her thigh & start fingering into love hole, she was acting like mad, & responding too doing up & down her butt,

after sometime he took out his hand & put her both leg on his shoulder both side, & start rubbing his cock in pussy she start rubbing her own breast then he placed his gun in hole & slowly he pushed once but she got up & try to release herself from him but he hold her tightly & start kissing her in same position, after few minutes he stroke so hard & fast, she screamed & again try to got up but failed he hold her very tightly! he was locked by her legs , he didn’t move 4 sometime & then start slowly doing up & down, he hold her both hand just near to her head then start pumping slowly he increase his speed, gal was responding him wildly, moving her butts, & noa she lifting her upward also but he pressed her thigh very tightly toward her shoulder with heavy stroking,sometime gal used to lift her head, now he was sucking her boobs like a tiger , kissing , biting, stroking ,now gal was pulling him to release herself but started more fast,

then after sometime he released her legs then slept above her & and start fucking so hard , sometimes he used 2 bite her neck, sometimes ears & kissing too now she hugged so tightly she locked him & he was faster more faster then suddenly he stop in 1 stroke , and again gave few stroke slowly after that he just lay in same position may b cum inside only! gal was holding her very tightly,i too want 2 fuck that gal i felt like this but he was my very good friend so i didn’t, then i went to bathroom i did there when i felt satisfied i came back again i switch on the laptop that time my smoking just besides her , playing with her hair, she was sleeping facing pillow her leg bent! then i knew that its overs!

any karnatika gal, manipuri , Nepali, or any 1 can contact me 4 hottest & very safe sex! here 21 m , fair ! i want sex in my life but i don’t have partner i wanna go 2 discos too ,I’m not only interested in sex, I’m looking 4 long relationship type, or if it is good 4 marriage also, hi friend can u help me to feel sexual happiness in my life!

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