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Chapter 1 “School’s Out”

Summer had finally arrived. They had been waiting for this day all winter. But, best of all classes were out. They had been going out for several months now and he had been counting down the days till Juliette was free of the clutches of that wretched honors college she went to. He was always very proud to have an amazingly intelligent and beautiful girlfriend such as Juliette. He just missed her while she was in school and longed to spend those long balmy summer days with her.

He waited outside the building for awhile leaning against his big black Chevy pickup. It was his pride and joy. He had just bought it a few days ago but didn’t tell Juliette he wanted it to be surprise. It was black with chrome running boards, grill, rims, and toolbox. It had a light kit made primarily all white lights (He is a firefighter you see.) that made it look like it was dancing at night. It had a two inch lift for practical reasons as he put it. He saw no reason in a big obsessive lift kit. He was more than comfortable with himself overcompensating was not need.

So there he was long wavy hair peeking out the brim if his cowboy hat, blue button down shirt, carpenter jeans and black cowboy boots leaning against his truck, a true hayseed. He leaned on the hood taking in the warm summers breeze. Every once and awhile a group of girls would walk by and give him turned on looks or giggle and he would just give a subtle nod. “Sorry ladies, my heart belongs to someone else” he’d chuckle to himself. He was nervous with anticipation and was beginning to wonder if she were ever coming out.

Finally, he spotted her. The light shown around her like an angel, the wind was blowing and her beautiful blonde hair blew in the wind. She was smiling and chatting with a friend oblivious to what she was about to be surprised. One look at her smile and he instantly melted and thought of things like, a farm, kids, marriage. (Not that he’d ever let her know that!) She was wearing a cute little summery top with strap that barely stayed on and would drive him nuts to watch slip down her delicate shoulders. She was also wearing the cutest little jean skirt that fit her amazingly and showed off her amazing legs and finely curved ass. He loved that skirt it brought back fond memories of when they were “just” friends and went shopping and she had to buy it cause he bought a pink shirt. She was holding a couple of book and had them pressed up against her which subtly pushed up her beautiful breasts. It was about all he could bear he was afraid he would pop a tent right then and there.

Chapter 2 “The New Truck”

That’s when she spotted him. It had been awhile since she seen him last and she had been counting down the days since they had plan this little outing months in advanced. She never in a million years thought she would be going out four wheeling and getting all mudded up just to have a picnic. But, that’s what I get for pickin’ a country boy and he’s been wanting to since we first met”, she thought, “should be fun!” She was chatting to her friend heading out of class desperately scanning the parking lot against the sun. (But, naturally not showing the anxiousness) “That boy will be late to his own funeral” she commented to her friend.

Then she spotted him. She immediately had a big smile and tapped her friend good by and jogged over to him. When she got close she slowed to take in the view. She looked him up and down. “Must’ve been workin”, she thought. He had a fine layer of dust and dirt on him that helped to complete the whole ensemble. She immediately started thinking past escapades with him and how comfortable they were together. They had this strength to be themselves and do things they wouldn’t do otherwise that was simply amazing. (As, long as the other was around or they knew the other had their back they could do, be, or wear just about anything, sometimes nothing, with confidence. ) She immediately felt herself getting turned on and her head jumped straight to the gutter.

She was however startled to when he picked her up and spun her around. She could tell he was very excited in more ways than one. That’s when she noticed his old beat up Chevy was missing.

“Where’s the truck babe?”, she asked.

“Right here!”, he exclaimed.

“Where?”, she asked even more confused.

He grabbed her shoulders and walked her over to the front of the truck. Then he hopped in the cab and flicked on the lights and started the engine.

“Wow, babe this is ours.?.”, She said in awe.

“Well…durh”, he said sarcastically, “we needed something to go four wheeling in that is more fun than that beat old quad!”

She gazed in awe. She enjoyed vehicles but something about this truck just turned her on immediately. She couldn’t for the life of her figure out why outside of the fact that it could not be more perfect for her man. Suddenly she felt herself picked up off her feet and she giggled. “oh boy, here we go.”, she chuckled to herself. She blushed a little when she saw the big commotion he was making. She laughed as he put her down and left her there waiting, (he tried to be suave and romantic, something typical for him, god knows he tries execution just isn’t his strong suit) as he cleared out his fire gear and helmet and tossed it in the back. She climbed, in and laid a big kiss on his cheek.

She went to turn away when she felt his hand forcefully yet gently grab her chin and turned her head towards his own. She felt his rough yet sweet, lips and parted her lips ever so slightly as he slipped his tongue into her mouth. As they kissed, she felt the world melt away, forgot she was in a brand new truck much less in the school parking lot. She loved when they kissed like this and remembered how long it took them both till they got to this point. She felt like she was floating, as if nothing else in the world mattered.

Suddenly and much to her surprise they were both startled to by a tapping sound on the glass.

Chapter 3 “The Adventure Begins”

It was a campus safety officer. He was friendly however and let them go with just a warning. They both laughed hysterically at this little mishap. Figuring it was probably time to get a move on anyway they tore out of the parking lot and hit the highway.

They drove miles. The hot summer air was blowing as they cruised with the windows down and radio blasting. Juliette rode with her head on his lap and her bare feet dangling out the window, looking up at the summer clouds. He drove while gently petting her hair and rubbing her body. Every once and a while he would slip his hand under her shirt and caress her breasts or pinch her nipples, he would even slip his hand under her skirt and play with her panties or tease her tight pussy or slip a finger down her crack. So in return she would kiss his stomach or rub her hand from his ears down his sides. They were teasing each other to no end and they both knew it. That’s the way they liked it.

Finally they made it, the state reserve. The reserve was mile after mile of pristine wilderness. Completely undeveloped except for seasonal roads and ATV trails. One could go days in this maze of pines and fields with out so much as hearing let alone seeing, any signs of civilization.

They put truck in four wheel drive and proceeded to have fun. They slipped and slide and covered the truck in mud. They did this for a good 20-30 minutes while she listened with amusement as he went on and on about the truck.

Suddenly the truck became stuck. They both climbed down.

“Now whatchya gonna do?” , she teased.

“Could be worse…could of hit a tree!” he teased back.

He waded through the mud and hooked up the winch and freed the truck.
“Alright you ready…”, he was cut off mid sentence as he was struck by Juliette covered in mud.

She immediately picked up on this.

“Enough of the friggin tuck”, she said as she slowly waded towards all the while pulling the straps down on her shirt.

They moved in close still knee deep in mud. They began to kiss and rub each others bodies when suddenly, Juliette pulled away.

“You lil tease!” he exclaimed as he tried to move in again.

“Nuh Uh!” she said as she pulled away.

Chapter 4 “The Real Fun Begins”

He immediately began to chase her through the mud. He jumped on her and tackled her. He wrestled with her all the while they were both covered in mud. It got in every nook and cranny and caked in his hair but, it was cool on this day which was turning quickly into a scorcher. He loved the way his body slipped off of hers. He grappled with and managed to catch her shirt and pulled it up over her head and twisted it, binding her arms. He smiled amused with himself as she put on a pouty face and whined a little. Her white lace bra was now brown with mud and her tight hour glass shaped body was glistening in the sun from the sweat and mud. The sheer sight was enough to make any man in the world want to plow their cock right into her and take her right there. But, he loved this girl and knew he was the luckiest man in the world. So, it was not about sex to him that’s what his right hand was for, this is about her.

He immediately laid down in the mud next to her and kissed her deeply and passionately. He kissed her every curve of her body despite the mud all the while he gently caressed her wet dirty snatch. He tingled all over with every groan she muttered. He felt his cock pound away with the beat of his heart as he suckled her titties. He bit hard into her neck and bit her nipples. He rubbed himself with enthusiasm at the sight of her reactions. He bit down as she smacked his ass and dug her nails in as she groped all the while her other hand under his jeans and a finger down towards his eagerly waiting asshole. This lasted only a few minutes and he already felt like he could lose his load. “What a waste”, he thought as he knew it would be best used on her tight stomach if he had his way or in her mouth or on her face if she had hers.

He stood up and she looked confused. He knew she knew something was coming. He reached down quickly and grabbed her hair. He forcefully yanked her and then grabbed her bound hands and placed them behind her back. “Your gonna be my prisoner for the day I think”, he sneered. “You think so huh?” she giggled. He then slapped her across the face and bit her neck hard while thrusting his hips into her and forcefully grabbing her crotch and grinding into her honey box. He then turned her and spanked her several times hard. “You gonna be a good girl now?” he asked. “Mhmm” she grinned.

It time to get clean he thought as he went over to his truck, slave in tow. He prepared an outdoor shower with the camping supplies the had purchased. He then walked over to her and yanked her skirt and panties down with one forceful swoop. Juliette immediately began to blush and crossed her legs. “Babe, don’t worry no one is around for miles trust me.” he laughed. He noticed she still looked a little reluctant so he kneeled down and began to make out with her cunt. He licked every flap and fold and lapped up all of her juices. He thrusted his wide thick tongue into her all the while tickling her ass and thighs with his facial hair. He held her hips tight as she bagan to pull away as she came hard. He grabbed her ass and forced her further down on his face and slid a finger into her ass crack. He felt her losing strength as she began to more or less sit right on his face. Suddenly she began to moan. “Let it out darlin no one can hear you“, he remarked.

Chapter 5 “In the forest…does it make noise?”

It became unbearable as she felt his warm thick tongue go in and out of her. He pussy lips, perineum, and thighs tickled from his whiskers. She rubbed her tits while he ate into her like a machine. She wanted it to stop, the pain and pleasure was unbearable. But, he refused to let her go and she felt so weak. All she could do was to scream in ecstasy. She was surprised at herself for screaming in such away. She’d never been able to let go like that before. Then again she’s never been eaten out in broad day light out in the middle of nowhere. Usually they were hiding from parents or siblings. The feeling was unbearable. So she screamed as her body moved involuntarily. Suddenly she felt her insides contract in a most unusual way and felt the urge to pee. She tried to stop him by pushing on his head but that only made him drive in harder and faster. She felt as if she might explode.

Suddenly, she did. I t was all she could take out of desperation she let go. Her mind went blank and her body felt electrified as she sprayed pussy juice all over his face. She fell to the ground blushing hard near ready to cry afraid she had peed on him. (Which he would have enjoyed thoroughly as she knows all to well.)

“I’m so sorry sweetheart….you…just…you wouldn’t stop”, she stammered as she gasped to catch her breath.

“Sorry for what?”, he said smiling.

“I…I…peed on you.?.” she said embarrassed.

“Um no you didn’t babe. You came on me. You ejaculated all over me and I LOVE IT”

She was amazed. She heard it was possible but never thought she could. She barely gets that wet when excited. Let alone to spray her boyfriend in the face with her juices. She still couldn’t catch her breath. She laid there on the cool forest floor motionless. She didn’t no what to feel or how she could ever have an orgasm again after something like that.


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