Have you ever been to the movies, but missed the show?
God how Steve hated the snow! It made it difficult to go anywhere and now he was probably going to be late for work. Again. He almost wished his boss would fire him for being late so often, but he couldn’t afford to lose his job this close to Christmas.

It’s just that the job was so damn boring. Day after day of running the movie projector at the local movie theatre, seeing the same movie repeatedly. It got tedious after a while, especially when the movie was terrible. The current movie was so violent and the acting was so poor and contrived. It made the day drag on endlessly.

Today would be even worse. The crowd would be sparse due to the road conditions and it always annoyed him to show a movie when there were only a few people in the theater. It seemed like a waste of time and resources if you asked him. However, nobody ever asked him anything. It seemed at times as though he was invisible. His days and nights were dull and monotonous and he longed for some excitement in his life.

As he started the projector, Steve glanced out over the rows of seats, mostly empty of course. He sighed. What did he care? He got paid whether the theater was vacant or filled to capacity. At least when there were patrons, however, he could people watch and it helped the time pass more quickly. Today was going to be a long, uneventful day.

About ten minutes into the movie, Steve was half daydreaming when a couple entered the theater. He watched them climb the stairs so they could sit in the very back row, far away from anyone else in the auditorium. He didn’t think much of it at first. Couples often liked to sit in the back and make out a little. It was often a bright spot in Steve’s day when he caught a quick glimpse of a breast when a man’s hand went down his woman’s shirt or when he watched hidden lovers rub each other to orgasm outside their clothing. Still this couple didn’t seem the type really. They looked like a nice normal married couple who just wanted to snuggle and kiss a little. Steve sighed again. Well at least he could fantasize about what they might do. It would make the day less dreary!

Steve immediately realized that he was wrong about the couple. The woman, who had fiery red hair, slouched down in her chair. Steve repositioned himself so he could see better and was treated to a glimpse of her lovely bare mound as the man slid her pants down for better access. Steve felt himself getting instantly aroused as he watched the man plunge his fingers into her. Her body was writhing in her seat and Steve could tell she was close to climaxing. He glanced around the rest of the theater and realized that no one else could see what was going on. He looked back at the couple just in time to see her body tense and quake as she stifled a scream with her scarf. As the man removed his fingers from her, Steve could see that his hand was dripping with her juices. The man brought his fingers to her mouth and made her lick them, before taking a taste himself.

Steve found himself rubbing his hardness through his jeans. He’d never been so completely turned on like this. He wondered what the woman would do to repay the favor, but then realized that the man was not done with her. He watched in awe as the man lifted her gorgeous breasts out over the top of her shirt. They were out there for anyone to see, but no one did see; no one but Steve. How ironic that he should have felt depressed only a short while before for feeling invisible. Now he was grateful for that fact. He could watch and enjoy and no one noticed.

Steve continued to rub through his jeans as he watched the man play with the redhead’s beautiful tits. His own hardness throbbed as he watched her nipples respond to the pinching, twisting, sucking, and biting. He couldn’t believe how bold the man was in this very public place! The redhead seemed oblivious to anything else besides what her lover was doing to her. Steve gazed in envy as he watched the man make her cum again without even touching her below the waist. He didn’t even know that was possible!

The smell of popcorn filled the air, as the movie seemed to dance across the screen. But the couple seemed to forget where they were as they continued to play with each other in a most erotic manner. The redhead was practically naked as her lover made her moan again and again. Steve looked around the theater again. How on earth was no one else noticing this delicious display?

Suddenly the woman turned and glanced up toward the projection booth. Steve made an attempt at ducking, but it was no use; she’d caught him looking. Surprisingly, she stared a moment and smiled. Then she turned away again and slid down in her seat, lifting the arm rest that separated her from her man. Steve watched intently as he saw the woman’s red hair disappear into her lover’s lap. He couldn’t see what she was doing, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that she was finally returning the favor. ‘Lucky guy!’ Steve thought. He could only imagine what her luscious lips must feel like. He watched her head move up and down and noticed that the man had a handful of her red hair clenched as he aided her movements.

Steve thought his own hardness might burst out of his jeans. He didn’t dare let himself out. There was no lock on the door to the projection booth and with his luck, he’d get caught. He continued to rub from outside his clothing however, as he watched the man hold the woman’s head down as he convulsed in his chair. Steve knew he has just let go inside her throat and the thought of that sent him over the edge. He leaned back against the door so no one could enter and pulled his raging hardness out of its confines. He didn’t have to stroke for long before he came. He had never, ever had an orgasm like that! Thank God he hadn’t gone without underwear today! He quickly used his briefs to wipe up his load and got himself back together.

Steve returned to the window only to find that the couple had also put themselves back together and were leaving the theater. He imagined they would be going back home or perhaps to a hotel to continue their erotic interlude. As they rounded the corner to leave, the redhead looked up at the booth again and smiled at Steve. God how Steve loved this job!

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