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Giving Another Man Head became as Easy As 1 2 3...
07-15-2011, 05:03 AM
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Giving Another Man Head became as Easy As 1 2 3...
My husband and I enjoy a fulfilling sexual lifestyle. In more than 15 years of marriage we have enjoyed a vast unique variety of sexual encounters. We have written about some of most erotic situations we have shared. While some may say that our sexcapades are nothing less than scandalous, we beg to differ it was our pleasure.

In our life together, we never don't worried about cheating or insecurities as we are entrusted with each others wishes, desires and fantasies. He always enjoyed the sexy, and sometimes a bit daring outfits I would wear. He loved the fact that I could turn heads in a crowd, and that others looked on with lustful eyes. I always benefited from the sexual energy created together.

I never thought about sharing partners, or having any type of sexual relationship with anybody other than my husband. We would joke about it as we sat back getting aroused watching porno flicks together. The action on the screen looked hot and inviting but it was just a movie until one day many years ago on a white sand beach in Southern California.

We were celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary, and chose to go to a rather upscale bed and breakfast on the ocean. We awoke to a warm sunny day and decided to hit the beach after breakfast.

The palm trees seemed to be swaying in the soft warm breeze from the ocean as we cut across the sand. We found a romantic spot that included a small group of palm trees just beyond the shoreline. The water was an awesome shade, sort of a sea foam green as it softly swept across the white sand.

It was still early and the beach wasn't crowded at all. I was anxious to drop my shorts and top to show off my new suit for the occasion.

My husband's face grinned in approval as he caught glimpse of the daring t-back suit I was wearing. The thin white suit contrasted against my own natural mocha colored skin, "damn baby that is so hot" he said as his eyes roamed all over my body.

Two sleek thin straps barely covered my dark nipples, revealing the majority of my rounded 34 cc breasts. The thin straps continued to an extremely small vee shaped patch just above my slit that had two ultra thin cords wrapped around my hips. The back had the same styled sleek straps that joined the thin cords in the same of my back with a smaller cord slipping between my ass cheeks and attaching to the mini frontal thong.

The suit allowed the biggest majority of my body the benefit of sunning without being totally naked in public. My husband applied a liberal amount of oil, so my normally unexposed areas would tan and not burn. His hands felt great sliding all over my exposed body, and the warmth of the sun felt just as good.

"Lets go play in the water" my husband said as he pulled me to my feet. Running across the hot sand, I could feel my breasts heaving up and down with every stride and knew that everybody else could see them. It didn't matter as I had flashed my bare breasts in public on many occassions, and my husband loved it.

I liked the fact that people were looking at my body, as I was free to show it off. The water was cool against our skin as the waves scooted across our bodies at chest height. My nipples were charged by the coolness as they floated erect on top of the water, no longer hidden by their narrow constraints.

We embraced in the water, allowing our bodies to mold together as his hand groped my ass cheeks wildly under the water. I could feel his erection pressing against my groin, as my breasts mashed into his muscular chest. I took his hardened cock out and rubbed it, as he started stroking my barely covered slit. I slipped his cock inside the narrow cover and rubbed it inside my lips, up and down.

He positioned me on my back, floating on the water with my titties pointing upward, as I wrapped my legs around his back. My breasts were fully exposed as the water splashed against my hardened nipples repeatedly. I felt his cock pressing between my lips as I floated with the motion of the ocean. A couple of short thrusts, and his cock was buried inside of my raging pussy.

"Ah yes baby that feels so good" I moaned as he began pushing and pulling his cock in and out of me as his hands held me firmly on the hips. I was getting fucked by my husband and it felt good. I never noticed the group of guys in the water who were watching us. Grabbing my nipples and pulling them while he thrust his cock inside of me is all I was worried about. I happened to turn my head a bit and noticed them watching as they swam about.

"They are watching us" I said to my husband as my breasts floated freely for anybody to see. I didn't care who was watching. I was feeling great and got even more excited knowing that they were watching us. I groped my breasts, lifting them up in the air so they could see them easily. I was having fun allowing others to see me, and I saw my man was thrilled by it as well.

My husband noticed and egged me on by saying, "go ahead baby, it's ok" as he was just as excited about them looking as I was. I continued showing off my breasts proudly, as my husband changed our positions in the water so they could easily view my tits.

"Ah baby, look at them checking my tits out" I whispered softly while bouncing them around a bit. I knew that they were looking to see as much as they could, as we drifted closer towards them.Im sure they could clearly see my erect nipples at this point.

I was so turned on that I cum right then. I liked knowing that they were looking at my tits and were watching what we were doing. I felt his cock throbbing inside of me. I cum again when I felt him squirting his hot load inside of me.

"Ah shit baby, I'm cumming" as his cock kept plunging inside my quivering pussy. I was trembling with newly found excitement.

We continued to play and swim around, as I showed off my fully exposed ass as they move cautiously closer for a better view. They no longer attempted to hid the fact that they were intent at looking at me as they moved even closer. I flipped onto my back and floated with the water as I tenderly groped both breasts in their direction as my husband twirled me around.

After a bit we headed back to the towels and laid in the warmth of the sun, not noticing the group of towels spread out just below us. My husband pointed out the ultra sheerness of my mini thong in front, as my dark lips flashed through the wet material.

"Now that's hot, I can see those luscious lips" as he lightly touched them before I rolled onto my back. The heat felt great on my ass cheeks as the salt water quickly dried off, when I heard voices. I turned and noticed the guys from the water were laying just below us, with an eye view of my ass and inner legs. The tiny cord pressed against my little brown hole as I wiggled myself into position while my husband looked on.

"Excuse me" I heard to my left and asked "if we had a light" as I noticed the tall blonde surfer guy looking down on me.

"Sure, here you go" my husband replied handing him a lighter, noticing that he had been in the water as well.

"The water is great this time of year" he remarked as I slowly spread my legs a bit, as he looked on with interest. Peeking upwards, I could see the signs of his erection as I raised up onto my elbows.

"Mmm yes the water was fantastic" I replied softly as my breast hung fully exposing a piece of my areola as his friends looked on from below.

I teasing decided to roll onto my side and reached for a glass of wine we had poured earlier. He watched as I placed the glass to my lips then ran my tongue around the rim seductively. His cock sprang to attention as he inhaled on his smoke.

"That's a hot suit" he remarked, noticing how his eyes were inspecting my rounded breasts I took it as a sign when my husband nodded playfully at me

Standing up I responded, "thanks, I picked it out especially for this weekend", not even bothering to conceal my nipples which had fallen from their restraints. "Would you care for a glass of wine" I asked the young man as he had a clear view of my entire as at this point.

"Sure, ok" he responded as he clearly wanted more time to see my body. He squatted in the sand as I poured his glass talking with my husband. I turned and walked over to him, bent over and noticed the head of his cock visible at the hem line. I handed him his glass with my breasts dangling just before his face as I peered at his cock head looking at me.

He must have notice the small wet spot on my crotch as he looked up at me and smiled and said "yes that is a really hot suit".

I was cooking inside knowing that he was right there checking me out and my husband was playing right along with it. I moved about so I could flaunt my barely covered body to him and his on looking friends.

"Your wife is really hot looking" the surfer guy told my husband as his erection was becoming obvious, even to my husband.

"Yes she is" he replied as they were both looking at me as I returned to the towel.

I positioned myself so I could keep an eye on his cock. I couldn't help it, I was getting turned on. My hard nipples were aching to be touched, and my pussy was hot and steamy.

After several glasses of wine, and telling different stories we all became very loose as my husband suggested that I move my towel closer. I squatted and grabbed my towel, moving it closer to the both of them. Playfully I got on my hands and knees so I could straighten out the towel, knowing that they both would have a view of my exposed brown hole.

As I turned around they were both grinning from ear to ear with erections to die for. I asked for somebody to apply a little lotion on my back.

My husband picked up the bottle and poured a little on my back and slowly worked it into my skin. his hands payed special attention to my ass cheeks, groping them while our new friend watched. His forefinger dabbled oil inside my exposed crack, before coasting my upper inner legs. Slowly his fingers had slipped the tiny thong inside my now exposed slit. He coated the dark thick lips to avoid them burning from the sun as my juices began to flow.

We sipped another glass or two before I rolled onto my back and asking for lotion to be applied again.

My husband grabbed the bottle and handed it over to him and said "would you like to do the honors"

"Sure, I mean if it is alright with you" he said as he moved closer with his knees between my head and shoulders.

If felt great as he poured a small amount just above my stomach and softly rubbed my skin. I felt his hands tremble as he approached my breasts but it made me buzz with anticipation. Timidily his finger tips brushed against the bottom of my breasts and more slowly between them. I could see his cock head starring at me as his hands nervously approached my breasts in slow motion. Oh shit his hands felt good as my man watched his hands caress my chest.

"It ok man, go for it" my husband informed the nervous surfer. As his hands made their way to the top of each breasts very slowly, he looked down at me smiling.

I looked at his crystal blue eyes and smiled, "you heard the man, it's ok..go for it".

His touch was slow and deliberate as he messaged my breasts firstand then each of my hard nipples. I enjoyed his touch, the first one other than my husband as I closed my eyes.

"Mmm" that feels good I moaned, and blew a soft stream of air towards his straining cock. His confidence was building as he applied lotion to my legs, working it in rather well as he softly touched my covered lips.

"Mmmm do that again" I whimpered as I felt his fingers touching my vaginal lips a bit longer. I was so excited by the happenings that I didn't know what to do. The I felt his finger resting between my swollen lips and it sent me into a frenzy. I stretched my arm out and accidentally brushed his leg with my hand, then again until my hand was on the ground resting between his legs.

I was so excited, another hard cock was present and close enough to touch. I had not seen another cock, as my man was the first and only one so far in my life. I was intrigued, I guess the way men are about a woman's breast.

My husband offered his towel to Bob and joined me on mine when he noticed that my hand was timidly close to his cock. Looking at me he smiled and began stroking shoulder as we talked. I rolled onto my side a bit as he brushed his hand along the side of my breast. Slowly the narrow straps fell to the side, as he lifted both round breasts upward. My areolas were dark and puffy while my dark nipples stood perfectly erect as he displayed them proudly.

"These are pretty titties, aren't the Bob" my husband asked proudly pointing them in his direction

"Yes, they are beautiful" Bob replied starring at the large dark areolas as if waiting to suck them tenderly. My nipples were rock hard and my dark areolas were now puffy.

I began to moan softly about how good my tits felt naked with the breeze blowing on them as Bob smiled at the sight. I was excited as hell, as my man fondled me while another man watched. I enjoyed flashing my tits before, but this was different and I loved the sensation. He released one breast and began to drive me wild as his fingers layered a trail towards my mini thong.

Bobs cock began raising taller in his shorts as the little piece of material again slipped between my hungry wet lips. My hand was so close, I imagined touching his cock. I pictured it to be long and slim with a fat purple colored knob as it dangled so close, but yet so far away. I wanted to touch it, but have never touched another since my marriage.

My husband nudged my elbow, causing me to rub against Bobs leg a little further up than before. Bob didn't move an inch, and never did my hand. My finger tip rested right at the bottom hem of his shorts, almost touching his cock head. I wanted to touch it no matter what, I was at a point of no return.

My husband told Bob how talented my hand job was as he slapped me on the ass. He told me to get onto my knees. I did so immediately, which caused me to creep forward a bit when he pressed a finger into my raging pussy still eyeing Bobs peeping cock

"Yes Bob she strokes it from the head to the shaft. She spits salvia on it so her hand glides smoothly up and down the shaft.

Bobs cock almost jumped out of his pants in excitement when my husband described it in detail. I looked at my husband, then at Bobs wanting to be released erection. I grabbed Bobs hand and placed it on my aching breast while my hubbie finger fucked my pussy doggy style. I loved the sensation of another man touching me freely in the presence of my husband. His cock grew as I held it.

"Ah yes guys, that feels so good" as I placed my finger tips against his erection. I could feel his cock touching my fingers as Bob leaned forward to grasp my other breast. The head of his cock swept across my hand. It was hot to the touch and Bob slowly pressed more of his cock into my hand. Oh god, I thought his cock was longer than I had imagined. My hand began exploring the shaft as they fondled me harder. I had one hand on his shaft, squeezing it tight and the other squeezing his nut sack

"Fuck this" my man said as he plunged his cock into my pussy without any hesitation.

"Ah yes fuck me baby" I screamed as my hand clamped around Bobs erection. Yes I have his whole cock in my hand.

"Do you want her to jack you off Bob" my hubby asked with a huge grin on his face.

"Oh Bob, your cock is so hard in my hand" I panted between the thrusts of my pussy. Realizing that this was the first cock I had ever touched, other than my husbands.

"Uh yes, Bob" replied with a stuttering answer as I continued holding his fuck stick in my hand

"You like it baby" he asked as he saw me holding the foreign cock.

Slowly I began masturbating the thick cock, sliding up and down to the base. I spat on it to allow my hand the ease of sliding up and down.

"Yes honey, Bobs cock is so hard in my hand. It feels good" I panted. I continued to stroke the cock, and I couldn't believe what I heard him say next.

"Bob, would you like her to suck your cock" he asked smiling as I stroked Bobs cock in my hand.

He was asking another good looking man if he would like to have me suck his hard cock I thought to myself. His cock was rigidly hard in my hand but I had never even thought about blowing somebody else. I felt my hand squeezing the base tight as I starred at his swollen head, wondering if I could actually go through with it. Emotion was raging inside, as excitement soared at the thought of what was being offered.

"I would like it if its ok" he responded timidly as he looked down at his cock in my hand. It was begging for more, as I could feel it throbbing against the palm of my hand. The swollen knob was turning a heavy shade of purple and displaying droplets of pre cum as I squeezed it.

"Its ok with me, if she wants to suck your cock" he replied. Oh my god I thought to myself, he actually said I could suck it if I wanted to. At that moment I visioned taking his cock in my mouth while my husbands cock banged me like never before.

"Ah shit" I hollered as my man's granite hard cock was pounding my pussy.

"Bob would like me to suck your cock" I asked as I stroked it faster. "Bob, I really want to suck your hard cock right now" I continued. I wanted to suck it the same way I suck my mans cock.

"Sure" bob replied pulling down his shorts, freeing his long nine inch erection. His cock does look really good I thought to myself, as I prepared to give my first non marital blowjob. Yes I was really ready and I wanted to suck his dick, hell I love sucking cock.

"Yes baby, I'm going to give Bob a blowjob, nasty just I suck yours" I said

My tongue quickly found its mark, as it swirled around his plum shaped head. Raising up on my hands, I took the swollen head into my mouth slowly and proceeded to give a hands free blowjob. Easily I took the entire length into my throat and sucked it hard, then pulling the skin backwards as I backed off it.

"Thats right Baby, suck his cock the way you love sucking cock" my man encouraged me as I swallowed another mans cock.

The more I swallowed his cock, the more my man pounded my pussy. I was in heaven, giving head while my man fucked me. I watched as Bobs friends moved in close. I was so turned on, sucking his cock while others watched with their own desires that I has several mini orgasms, one behind the other.

"See Bob, she really likes it" my husband stated, noticing that I was cumming again.

"Mmmahhh" I moaned as they got me off quickly, not once but twice as my man blasted his hot semen into my pussy. Bobs friends watched as he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth, each of them supporting visible erections. I was intent on sucking his cock dry as he spurted several blasts of hot sticky cum into my mouth.

"Mmm" I moaned as I slurped every oozing drop of his creamy juice, not losing a single drop.

"Get all his cum baby, you know how much you like the taste of it" he exclaimed wildly

"Mmmhmm" I replied with a mouthful of Bobs sausage lodged in my throat

"Damn she sucks a mean cock" Bob exclaimed as I slowly polished his knob, looking around at four more beautiful hard cocks. They were in dire need of release I thought to myself, as I had just sucked off their best friend. I remained on my hands and knees looking at each of their bulging erections as they looked envied their friend. I was still so anxious with the feelings of what had just happened that I trembled inside.

I completely enjoyed giving Bob head and savored the idea that my man let me suck another mans cock. My mouth tasted of his cum, a bitter sweet taste that I loved dearly and was still so excited. Sucking another mans cock would be another turning point in our sexual life together. I remember that day so clearly, as if it were yesterday.

Moments later my husband said "well guys what do you think" as I thought about really wanting to suck each and everyone one of their hard cocks. Could I actually suck all their cocks, I wondered? Would my husband actually let me, I wondered even more?

They simply responded by stepping forward and all I could think about was sucking cock. My husband in one hour had turned me into his personal cock sucking nymphet and I LOVED IT.

part 2 to follow

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