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Getting fucked
07-16-2011, 11:13 PM
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Getting fucked
Hi I have got amazing response about my earlier stories. So writing a new one. This one is not experienced by me but the one who is experienced is very close to me and have told me personally. I am using my name instead of her as per her instruction. Anyway guys enjoy. I am Sandhya Kumari. I loved sex. I loved it ever since I was sixteen when I lost my virginity to the family servant’s son, a boy I did almost grow up with. He was a couple of years older than me.

I was lovely at eighteen, slender and fair-skinned with finely chiseled features, lovely eyes, a slim, straight nose and full lips, clear skin, a long neck, full breasts, a narrow waist and bell-shaped hips, elegant legs and arms with slender ankles and wrists. My body had begun to torment me with strange, exciting, frightening sensations and I found her looking at Kumar out of the corner of my eye and feeling curiously light-headed by the sight of his body. I lived in a small two-room apartment with my parents and elder brother. Kumar lived nearby and worked in a motor garage. I passed it on my way from school and always stopped to chat with him. One afternoon I found him alone. There was not much work in his hand and he asked me go to a shop at the corner. We had tea, sitting in the half-empty place, laughing and chatting and he said he’d walk to my home. It wasn’t far. On the way, we passed a cluster of huts by the road.

“You live here now, don’t you?” I said.

Kumar and his mother had got themselves a ramshackle tarpaulin covered tin hut in this almost-slum.



“Yes.” We walked on a bit. Suddenly, he said, “Would you like to see it?”

I looked at him and, slowly, nodded. He smiled and took my arm in his hand. I thrilled at the touch of his hand on me. I looked at him and flushed as his eyes drilled into me. He turned down a cramped alley between a rows of huts. It was reasonably clean, but very noisy. The lane ended in a gutter running hard by a bramble. He turned the corner and led me to a small hut with a sloping tin roof and a rickety wooden door with a padlock. Kumar unlocked the door and pushed it open. It was very spare, almost Spartan. One chair, a little table, a kerosene stove in a corner, a few pots and pans on two wooden shelves. A cheap calendar on the wall by a small mirror. Clothes hung on a line, a tin chest. A hemp bed with a thin pillow and sheet and sagging mattress. A cheap novel lay on the floor by the bed.

“Well,” he said. “That’s it. Home. My mansion.

I looked around. “It’s. It’s very nice.

Kumar looked at me and I went very still. Time stopped and the sounds of the city faded. He came closer. And closer. And closer. Took my face in his hands. His head bent. I tilted. My lips parted. I could feel his breath on my face, smell the warm musk of his body, and feel its warmth. His lips came closer.

In that afternoon of heat, I experienced an explosion of joy I had never imagined possible. Kumar was tender and gentle and his body was wonderful and when his cock surged into my flesh, I almost fainted with ecstasy. I wanted more, more, more, wanted it never to end. He fucked me on the bed, taking me slowly and deeply and then faster and faster as I bucked and heaved and writhed desperately under him, my teenage body tossing and jumping and jerking in an uncontrollable fever, my cunt convulsing and spasm on his thrusting cock which was so big, so thick, so hard, so hot, so good. My nipples ached with the sweet tension of it and when he sucked and licked them and crushed them in his hands I felt the heat flood from my head to toe. On and on he went and the bed creaked and my voice was ragged and hoarse from calling and moaning. I came in an explosion of bliss, the breath shooting from my throat.

The next afternoon, he fucked me again. I baulked at nothing, absolutely nothing. When I had his cock in my mouth, it was the most wonderful feeling. He fucked my mouth slowly and happily and wouldn’t have minded if he’d gone on all night. Then he turned me on my front, kneeling on the floor and bent over the bed and entered me from behind, straddling my hips in a low crouch and pushing his cock in and in and in till I thought it would rip me in two, it was so big, so thick, so hot, so hard. He fucked me hungrily then, thrusting greedily in and out of my cunt and I came again, long and slow and this time he came too, his cock buried deep in my cunt. I never forgot that first exquisite feeling of hot jazz spurting and spurting and spurting into my cunt. After that, we met in his hut every afternoon. I was naturally curious and adventurous in bed and willing to try anything so long as it felt good. I never tired of sex. When he suggested anal sex, I didn’t hesitate and as his cock ground into my anus, I felt no pain, just a glorious, stinging exhilaration that made me call out to him for more in the gutter words he had taught me.

A few weeks later, he introduced me to his friends from the garage, Dinesh and Appu, both lean, hard-bodied youths with quietly handsome faces. Now I was ‘his’, Kumar’s, his woman, his mate, his keep. I didn’t mind living the lie; somehow it had a nice feeling to it. I played my role dutifully, almost like his wife. In his hut, I made tea for all of them and served the men. I noticed how Dinesh and Appu followed me with their. I had a natural streak of exhibitionism in me and I knew with a clarity unusual for a teenager that I didn’t love Kumar, that it was the sex that drew me, that and the additional exciting fillip of doing something secretly and on the sly, something risky. I teased Dinesh and Appu, giving those glimpses of my breasts under my low-necked blouse, moving sensually around the hut, letting my eyes smolder on theirs. The men finished their tea and stepped out for a smoke. I sprawled on the hemp cot with a magazine, waiting for Kumar to come back.

“Sandhya,” Kumar said softly as he returned.

I was lying on the bed now on my side, my head propped in my hand, my elbow bent, leafing through a cheap magazine. My sari had slipped into the crook of my arm. In the heat, two or three of the buttons down the front of my tight blouse were open and my breasts strained at the cloth, showing a lot of my deep cleavage and luscious breasts. Kumar sat behind and leaned over, an arm in front of my belly. I didn’t look up at him.

“What is it?” I murmured.

He cleared his throat. “Sandhya, I. Um. Dinesh. That is, Dinesh and Appu.”


“They. Um. They would also like.”


He didn’t reply. There was a soft rustle as Kumar’s chums came in again. I glanced at them, saw the looks on their faces, and turned back to Kumar.

“What, Kumar? What would they like?”

He looked at me nervously and swallowed. I smiled.

“They’d like to fuck me, isn’t that it?”

There was a little silence. Then Kumar stared, nodded glumly.

“Well, you don’t have to look so downcast about it, Kumar,” I grinned. “Of course I’ll fuck them. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine, as they say, and if I can’t please your friends, I’m not a good friend to you, right?”

The men stared at me, dumbfounded. I closed the book and flipped on my back on the bed.

“On one condition, though,” I murmured, reaching up and unbuttoning his shirt slowly. “Before they fuck me, they must sit here and watch you fuck me. Then they can fuck me and you’ve got to watch. Okay?”

Kumar grinned in excitement and pulled my blouse open and squeezed my naked breast. I was wearing nothing under it. Smiling, I hiked my sari up to my hips and pulled Kumar down over me, unbuttoning his shirt and trousers. Squatting on the beaten dirt floor, Appu and Dinesh watched in excited fascination as their friend fucked me on the bed, taking my furiously. His buttocks danced over my lap, bobbing and bouncing up and down and they could see his cock plunging and pistoning in and out of my cunt. My hips heaved and pumped under his, and I cries rang in their ears. Their erections, when Kumar finished, were monstrous. I smiled in pleasure. I never wanted for a lover after that. One of the three was always available to take me to Kumar’s hut and fuck me. On good days, I had all three together.

Dinesh was good, as good as Kumar, but Appu was terrific. He had a round, sweetly handsome face, a dark, wiry, strong body and an absolutely magnificent cock I loved. It wasn’t long before I tried taking all three simultaneously in my cunt, mouth and ass.

Continued in part 2 do give your comments – xxxxxxxxxxx No requests for sex. I am not interested.

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