Gangrape of Deeksha Seth
what!!! i should wear this?! Exclaimed deeksha, She was on the sets of her first Tamil movie and She was given a dress that could hardly cover her boobs..yes!! You already took the advance, signed in the agreement So wear this and come to the set you bitch yelled the director! Young deeksha being helpless wore it. It was the lowest neckline She ever wore! Her boobs pop out!! SomeHow putting those melons in, She walks out of her van to see eleven hungry men staring At her with great sexual thirst. Each one tore her Puffy in his mind. Her low neckline showing those apples, ripe..sweet and red because of the hot weather added fuel to the bulging cocks.the scene was that thee villain would chase her to rape her..She has to run..the shot started and deeksha with the skimpy clothes ran hard..those boobs popped out and all the men on the sets started to laugh, crack a jokes on her. She started to cry and placed her melons in. Then the rape scene started!! Since it was An intimate scene, Oly eleven men were there on the set. The villain Wld fall on her!!! Deeksha Had to scream and cry loud for mercy. She being a bad Actor couldn do it.. After nearly fifteen takes, the director and the Rest of the ten men decided to teach the meaning of rape to deeksha!! She being a virgin was not comfortable with So many men staring lustfully At her. When all the angry hungry guys went closer to her, deeksha starts to cry.

then each one began getting closer to deeksha! The young bitch who was new to all this said!! Pls i know all of you are horny..i can satisfy all of you. But two At a time. Telling So She walked backward as eleven cocks waked their Way towards her. Deeksha suddenly tore apart all her clothes and went inside her caravan naked!! The men also went in like hungry dogs. To describ her beauty! Her boobs were like watermelons!! Bigg for a twenty year old. Her Puffy showed her experience as it was open already..:P then inside the caravan deeksha tells that only five man can have sex with her. And lays a contest to choose the five. She asks men to run to the nearest pond and fetch her a lotus. The first five finisher can Fuck her She says..the men who all were united and thinking of fucking her togeather Had other plans in mind. They tortured her..How?
all the men first tied deeksha to the corners of the roof of the caravan.then i was turn of the director to first finger her virgin pussy..! He inserted his middle finger, huge cry from the fucking mouth of deeksha. Aaaah..! Oh Oh myyy..ssshss She moaned. The hymen broke and all the nasty guys clapped. Then all the guys stripped their clothes and asked deeksha to smile as they were gonna shag on her for warm up.deeksha was filled with fear..She was obeyin their,order like a slave. Then She expected all men to pour some cum on her. But it was different!! The director asked ll the men to stand in line and introduce themselves to the group dog deeksh. Then came the director!!- he asked deeksha if he Had to introduce himself!? She remained quite in fear..She started to cry. The director abtps her four times repeatedly..She says sorry! He stares badly and walks to the other side. The hero comes and licks her PUFFY. He is an absolute women lover! He licked the little blood near the puff of deeksha that happened during the defloweration. JUST wen deeksha thanked god that he Didnt do anything painful,the hero bit all the hair in her Puffy region. In a Way he was trimming..But deeksha screamed in immense pain When guy1 brought some old film tapes to Tie her mouth closed. The hero to went after this intro to her. Then the guy1 licked all the sweat on deeksha Body and caught deeksha by her hair and pulled it till She begged and screamed and he came in that noise..a girls cry to save herself from torture was his turn on. The guy two then came to deeksha with a stove lighter in his hands. He was brutal and Had the biggest cock amongst all. Fourteen incher!! He loved asses. He saw the awesome ass of deeksha. It was plum like i rosebed, fair and Had pantie lines..this guy spanked her ass till it echoed all inside the caravan and deeksha ass turned red!! Deeksha's ass was very sensitive. She begged him to leave her ass and take anyother part. He slapped her for disobeyin him and talkin infront of him. She was crying..he inserted the gaslighter into her ass and pressed. Eachtime the sparks were produced.. Deeksha jumped in pain..after doin it for ten minutes..deeksha was now cryin badly and demanded some break. When guy3 slapped her tellin How dare She gave a suggestion to them!!? The deeksha began to gasp and cry. The guy3 spit on her face and asked her to tell that She is a cock hungry bastard who does anythin for money..then She was asked to introduce herself as ms.bitch..She Had to obey guy3 as he was slapping her hard. Then guy4 came to taste the apples. He took her nipple in his mouth till deeksha got wet. Then he rubbed his face in her armpit, Which was awesome with sweet sweat of hers. Then he came back to The boobs! They were like milk tankers made by god. Black nipples looked like nails hit on walls. Each boob could weigh five kgs. This guy sucked it and hit it till deeksha swelled and the erections of her nipples stopped.then came guy4 he was the make up man. He lifted deekshas left boob and tattooed the word 'Whore' She moaned in pain. Cried for mercy..But none would Listen. Her Body was red, sweaty and mixed wit salaiva. The make up man pierced her nipples as She screamed till the caravan vibrated. Then guy5 came to play a game with deeksha. He blindfolded the bitch. And asked her find his cock and give it a bj. For Every wrong cock She catches,candle wax would be poured over her. Deeksha Had to agree and walked like a dog on her fours, catching cocks and guessing. The fucking and wax torture to be continued..pls encourage me.
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then deeksha started to walk on her fours like a dog When a noise of knocking was Heard. The director opened the door and dragged the bitch tamanna who was the second heroine of the flick. Tamanna shocked to see her friend deeksha like a dog of sex..with sweat and cum coated over her Had become horny. She arouse..! She asked the director if She could join. The director told Oki. Tamanna stripped!! Then suddenly he pushed tamanna out and locked the door. Now tamanna was on the road naked. Before someone saw her. She knocked the door and begged them to allow her.. The director who asked for some dealing asked tamanna to agree or els they ll start the vehicle and tamanna Wld be left stranded. Tamanna was sweating! The sweat beads rolled down her forehead and fell on the boobs. Her ass became red. Dogs started to come around tamanna!! Dogs to wanted to bite her nipples. Pink and silk they were:x then tamanna told She would agree to the dealing. Then the door opened and the Babe was dragged in.

then secret dealing was that tamanna must become the personal prostitute of the producer. Once wen tamanna went to have sex with the director, She was made to Fuck by eleven horny servants of that house as producer was old. He saw and Enjoyed it!! By Shagging.tamanna was sweating heavily during that sex session. All her sweat was stored in a bottle and drunk and smelt by the producer whenever he felt horny from then. Tamanna was oiled and tortured till the oil on her dried. The tamanna mouth is a bit swollen because of that incident..She Had to take eleven cocks in her mouth. She is fair because of the cumbath She took that day. All went well..after eight hours of continous sex.. She was like kuttralam falls..sweat poured from her face and forehead..oil leaked from her navel and it mixed with the sweat from the underarm and cum on her hips. She was denied to wear clothes. She was So tired that She could not protest and agreed with the producer who threw her in his dog kennel. There She fell asleep. All the dogs trought She was a bitch and Had sex with her. Then tamanna got rabies.this was during vyabari film. Tamanna Had to take Rest for six months. Quit acting till She became normal and came back with ayan.tamanna thought of this incident and denied to become the producers personal prostitute. But then the director made her agree now. Deeksha meanwhile started the game.She was blindfolded and crawled near guy two. She could not catch the cock as it was high. So She jumped and caught it by her mouth Oly to be slapped and the first mistake was noted. Each mistake She made, She would be punished with wax on her Puffy for one minute and tamanna will be Fucked by the director till one hundred ml sweat comes outta her Body. So tamanna to was anxious and scolded deeksha bitch for all the mistakes She made. Deeksha meanwhile caught two more wrong cocks and wax was coming on Its Way to deeksha Puffy. The hero inverted the candle. Deeksha who Didnt know Which part of her was going to be affected as She was blindffolded waited anxiously! Then fell the first drop on her Puffy. The white shaved Puffy of hers became red right away!! AhhhhaabAAAAAsssshhhhaasss.. Ah ah pls No. Pls Fuck me. No need wax shouted and screamed deeksha as drop by drop damaged her. Then meanwhile tamanna started to Fuck the director. The slut started to sweat rightaway! Meanwhile guy one massaged oil onto tamanna Body and began pressing her boobs as milk sprayed on the director. Deeksha begged them to stop the wax. But almost her pussy was covered with wax. Her heart was thumping When the fourteen inch cock came to Fuck her. She begged them to leave her and Fuck tamanna as that slut was more experienced. She knew that her death was confirmed if that cock came to Fuck her. She cried..tamanna was sweating 350ml till then and was continuing..! Then deeksha Had to Fuck the monster..! Omg!! The entire caravan vibrated for those screams and deeksha cried till her face became red and fell unconscious. Blood flew from her pussy. Then our A class bitch ~¥€£ t.a.m.a.n.n.a£€¥~ asked him not to show his power to small girl But make her tired by fucking. The man laid some worst conditions if tamanna Lost. Tammu agreed and the Fuck started.tamanna Fucked rock solid for four hours. The sweat was collected. He came Forty three times in tammu. She screamed lifted her hands caught her hair and started to expose her crystal white armpit to make the guys around her horny. The sound of her boobs flying to hit her chest during the Fuck and her screams filled the room. The guy on seeing the stamina of tamanna thought "Thalaivi your great" But his thirst to execute the punishment made him Fuck her harder and harder.
tamanna yelled ah ah ssss ah ah Oh yeas Oh the noise of her boobs bouncing filled the van. Almost after five hours of continous fucking.. The others were amazed At the stamina of both. Especially Tammu. That showed How big a bitch She was. She Fucked her daddy At sixteen. Brother At seventeen.. She Had groupies At eighteen itself!! The sweat on the oil started to look like pearl beads by mixing with sperms. Then suddenly..Tammu plunged outta the cock. She Had cramps At her Puffy..She fell with her fingers around the hole. To show his power..the guy stamped tamanna on her boobs thrice to show his victory and power.Tammu fell unconscious by this. Then as per the rules of the bet and the permission of others! He took both the bitches..deeksha and Tammu who were unconscious to his native, a forest region near kovai. The village name is sexualPatti. It is a secret famous village amongst actress. Right from silk to Shriya..all learnt exposing and expressions of hotness from thee pounding they received from the men here..Tammu and deeksha were now the new additions to the list of babes who learnt sexual life in sexualPatti. The village and the rules of the village in ten minutes..
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