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Fun with an Arab guy in Delhi
07-15-2011, 06:31 PM
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Fun with an Arab guy in Delhi
Thanks for my O9L readers. My special thanks goes to my long list gay friends and couples for their e-mails and their invitation. Do write to me atxxxxxxxxxxx

It was on Thursday, 7th November’06. I was walking nearby Palika Bazar, Near Co naught Circuses, New Delhi, (India). During the walk, a foreigner person has called me from behind and said, “Could you please help me”. I said, “Yes”. He was holding a Camera and asked me whether I take his snap. I agreed for that and took around six photos. After that, he had taken my snap also. In the meanwhile, he keeps on talking and start walk along with me. He said that this was his third trip to India and staying in Hotel Le Meridian, Delhi. By this time, we had reached near a Coffee shop and he invited me for a cup of coffee with him. I agreed. During our conversation in the Coffee shop, he had invited me to their hotel, where he was staying. We catch a Taxi and reached in the hotel. I had accompanied with him little hesitatingly, in his room. Once I reached in the room, he has changed his dress and pulled up basketball shorts. He said, “He like Indians’ and their colour” and asked whether he can make fun with me. I am working as Male Escort besides my profession. So I said, “Oh, Sure.”

This person was an Arab and had dark black hair, real dark eyes and a deep dark complexion but not a black person. He decided to play the game a bit and took off my pants and socks and then dropped my boxers and folded each of them and then took out a muscle tee and a pair of running shorts out of his bag. He looks at my face, my cock and balls, and he openly looked and smiled. In the meanwhile, a bulge starts growing in his own pants. He put my clothes on the table. His cock got hard and said to me, do you like my cock?

I said, “Yeah, it is nice.”

He looked out and walked to the front door and locked it and then walked to the room and pulled up his shirt and showed a nice chest with a fair amount of black hair.

The tip of the cock head was sticking out of the foreskin. Properly circumcised, 9-1/2 inch, rock-solid cock.

He gave me a wicked smile, stroked himself, and said, it is beeeg, is it not!

I said, “oh yeah, It is huge.”

He said to me you want to suck. I got on my knees and attempted to blow him and to be honest it was just to damn fat to do much with it. He said he was used to that really and not to worry, he really wanted to fuck me anyway. I said Man there is no way, your going to get that fucking monster up in any ones ass. He grinned and said he could and would get it up my ass.

He walked past me and came back with a bottle jelly. I asked him, did you fuck many people? He says yeah, he usually gets fat old women’s to fuck, but he enjoys fucking the gay people. He stood in front of me blocking my way out and said you know I want to fuck you and stroked that fucking beast. He took out jelly, rubbed it on my cock, and stroked me and his hand brought me to full hard. He said to me bend over the bed and relax. I said what, he said in a forceful voice turn around, I complied with him but am not sure why I did and he rubbed his jelly-filled fingers thru my ass and poked a jelly-filled finger into my asshole. He kept applying more and more of the jelly to my ass and balls, cock, and I was lying on the bed and spreading my legs and he start putting one, and then two fingers up my ass.

I told him to put a condom and I watched him tear open a magnum and had trouble getting onto that bloated tool. He then took more of the jelly and stroked himself. I felt him place the head of it against my ass-hole and press in. I willed myself to relax and open up. I thought I was going to die. Several times I told him to hold on fucking, but he never did he pushed and pushed until that beast was completely in my hole and I could feel him holding my hips in his jelly filled hands. He fucked me like he hated me; man it was so fucking hot. He was speaking in Arabic, but it was nasty sounding and very well humiliating.

He worked me over long fucking me and just tearing my prostate up. I could not help it when I came, and man did I come my orgasm just rolled over me like a freight train. I knew as well as felt my orgasm. He continued to abuse my hole without letting up a bit. I struggled a bit to get away and told him he had to stop, he was killing me. I said my cum is on the way. Immediately, he pulled out his big monster from my tortured hole and took my full length cock completely inside his mouth and start sucking by holding and massage my ball with his one hand and sucks my loads of cum till the last jerk of my cock. After that, he pushed me around and down on the floor and held me by the head and ripped off the jelly-applied condom and stroked his meat and blew a gooey load all over my face. He did not really cum a lot and as he stroked the foreskin back and forth over his cock it lost it’s hardness and drooped a lot.

He then wiped his hand, said get up, and get dressed. I stood on shaky legs, pulled up my running shorts, and used my tee as a towel to wipe my face. He said to me now you leave. I said sure. He pulled up his pants, walked to the door, and unlocked it. I cleaned up a bit and tossed the wipes on the parking lot. He sat and watched me as I pulled down my shorts and wiped up my ass some and then took another towel and draped it on the seat and sat down. He gave me my service charge and said that his friends will call me during their stay here in Delhi, in the coming month. He arranged a taxi for me, I sat in the car, put the window down, and smiled at him, and he laughed at me. Once I reached in my room, I washed up in the tub and then filled it up with hot water and soaked and thought that was probably the wildest fuck I have ever had.

He might have thought he was having all the fun but as I lay there and tried to jerk off my cock was to spend to respond. I crawled into bed and slept until midday the next day. You may write to me at xxxxxxxxxxx

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