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From cyberspace to reality
07-16-2011, 12:49 AM
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From cyberspace to reality
If only Nico ......... if only.
"Paris !" I check again, it definately says "Paris !" closing the message on my phone a tingle runs through me as, back one level in my inbox i see "Nicolette" top of the list. I can't believe it. Having chatted , flirted, laughed and far, far more across the Atlantic Ocean we are going to meet. Since first deciding to widen my search beyond the shores of the UK I've been consumed by your smouldering blue eyes. Staring intently at me, taunting me. "Play with me" they say "but, if you dare, you better be good !" Never one to dodge a challenge my interest was only heightened.

Suprised at my tension I nervously sent you one of my stories, hoping against hope not to receive another "yeah I liked it can you do another one ?" reply. I didn't wait long. The response being part one of a story that to my delight showed imagination, literacy and depravity. Eagerly consuming it i couldn't type fast enough to request part two. My mouth watering at the thought of the tasty trail you've left across your body for me, guiding me to the places you want my tongue, my lips, my teeth.

With expectation pulsing through my entire body I open my inbox. Great, I have mail.

The story continues and blood pressures continue to rise. The action, especially in the shower, has my cock straining at full erection. I just have to reply to this horny, gorgeous, American lady. I'm intrigued.

The mails and chat continued for the next six months. We slowly explore each others minds and I find myself becoming more and more deeply attracted. At the outset the distance between us seemed exciting and mysterious, now it seems to cage me. My lust for your body will now only be satisfied by physical contact.

The full body of text read

"Hi Pete, you'll never believe it, I've won a trip to Paris for two. I arrive at the Hotel George Cinq at 21:00 tomorrow night. BE THERE ! I NEED YOU !"

So I'm sitting at my desk in a fluster. Snatching the phone up I dial feverishly.

"Kel ....... Pete"

"Something's come up. I need three days off ........ starting now"

"It's not like I ask often ....... and you can deal with the Harper quote for me ..... come on ...." The desperation must have been audible in my voice and Kel, my business partner, knowing me of old caved in "If you must Pete, if you must."

Chucking on my leathers I jump on my bike and speed home. Throwing my favourite Cardin, light grey, wool suit, shirt tie and all the usual stuff in my saddle bags, I grab my passport and head for Dover.

"I can't fail to get a ferry on the bike" was the last practical thought I had as the next five hundred miles or so were consumed with thoughts of you. What will you be wearing ? Which champagne will you prefer ? Will she really do all those things she said ?

Having arrived with a few hours to spare I have all my plans in place. I wait in the bar with a view of reception. My pulse races as I see you in the flesh for the first time. As you approach the desk a concierge steps forward and presents you with a hand tied bouquet of English roses with a note tucked in the scarlet ribbon securing the stems. Even from the bar I can see the expectancy in your hands as you tear open the card.

"Nico, I want you ! Follow the instructions, enjoy ! Let the concierge show you to your room." You immediately scan the foyer but I'm skulking in the shadows, you miss me. You can sense my presence, you know I'm not far away. Following the concierge to the elevator your eyes still searching for me, the roses in your hand, the doors close and your gone. My minds eye still has you fixed, dressed in biege trousers and a white cotton blouse. You look comfortable and very sexy at the same time, the trousers emphasising your gorgeous derierre and the fabric of your blouse sheer enough to allow a glimpse of your white silk bra beneath.

Arriving in the suite the concierge drops your case and leaves. On the table is a champagne bucket, the neck of a freshly opened bottle visible, sheened with condensation and two flutes. Another envelope rests against the bucket.

Again eager to read the note you tear open the envelope.

"Pour yourself a glass of champagne. Take off your clothes. The bath's ready. I won't be long."

Carefully you fill a glass. A smile forms on your lips as you sensuously take your first sip wondering what is to come. You take in the elegance of the suite. The sitting room leading to the bedroom and balcony. Beyond the classic elegance of the Paris skyline. Unbuttoning your blouse you drop it to the floor by the door. Wandering to what you assume to be the bathroom door, your shoes are next followed by your trousers. Entering the bathroom you glance back to see the seductive trail of clothes you've left.

The bathroom is huge. The centre piece being a raised oval bath of black marble with two marble steps running all the way round. To the left is an eight head walk in shower. The bath is running and the atmosphere is warm and steamy. Your hard nipples belie your calm exterior as your bra falls to the floor. You cooly skin down the white silk panties that match the discarded bra. Naked now your wetness starts to build. Climbing the steps you slowly and luxuriously lower yourself into the bath. Taking a sip of your champagne you lie back in the rich bubbles.

Just as you settle back i let myself in. I see your blouse, shoes and trousers forming a tantalising trail. I thought I was erect previously but now urgency has increased ten fold. Ripping off my clothes I walk to the bathroom and proudly stroll in, my cock bobbing in front of me. Our eyes meet for the first time. You lift yourself up slightly in the water. I can see your dark, nipples capping the soft mounds of your breasts as they rise through the bubbles. With a raised eyebrow and that filthy glint in your eye your gaze falls across my chest and down to my crotch.

"Pleased to meet you Pete" you purr, your crystal blue eyes locked on my erect penis, a bead of clear fluid forming on the tip.

"Nico." is all I can stammer as you rise from the bath. Standing in the water your body partially hidden by velvet bubble bath. The foam runs down your breasts and across your hips, revealing your neatly trimmed mound.

The gap closes between us as we fall into each others arms, urgent now, passionately and deeply kissing, tongues writhing. My dick pushes between us hard againnst your tummy. Taking my cock in both hands you break the kiss and step backwards up the steps and into the bath, pulling me with you by my hard shaft.

Standing in the bath we kiss again. Pulling away again you push me down into the water.

Standing over me you look divine. My cock has control of me. Homing in on your wet cunt just a few inches away, at last !

Straddling me you lower yourself onto my pulsing cock in the warm water. I grunt as you take me deep up your tight, hot, cunt in one slow, ecstatic movement. Once you've settled on me, my full length throbbing inside you, you take my face in your hands and growl

"I've waited for this so long. Over the next two days I'm going to slowly fuck you to death. But first I want it hard and want it fast"

In response I thrust my hips up violently causing my crotch to grind against your clit. You start to ride my full length moaning, your colour rising. As you buck up and down on my swollen cock I hammer upwards to meet your urgent thrusting. We're panting and moaning in unison.

"Christ Nico ...... fuck yes ...... fuck I want this ....."

"I'm cumming ..... Pete ..... I'mmmmmmmm .... ahhhh"

We hammer at each other. I explode up you with a grunt, my spunk coating the walls of your vagina as you spasm, judder and moan to your own climax.

Wrapped together in the bath, slowly our trembling subsides. the intensity of our orgasms leaving us weak.

"Wow ! Nico. I'd hoped it would be that good but ...." I pant

"And we've got two whole days more" again the raised eyebrows, that dirty twinkle in your eye maybe even dirtier now than before.

Kissing me again, a deep, lustfilled kiss, you groan as you rise from my cock.

"mmmmmmmm, i could stay there all night"

"Don't let me stop you" I quip watching, mesmerised as you once again stand before me. My hand reaches for you, as my cock stirs. My desire for your body still strong. With a cruel smile you slap my hand away.

"I just got off the plane, I need a proper shower." As you walk to the shower my gaze tracks your arse hungrilly. My hand sliding below the bubbles to stroke my shaft as it stiffens.

Stepping into the shower you glance over your shoulder, confident of my full attention. The steamy water blasts out and you walk under the torrent, turning to face me, revelling in the refreshing jets. Your lips slightly parted your tongue runs around them, provocatively, as your piercing blue eyes hold mine, soaping your body. Slowly spinning you rinse away the soap, skin shining, rivulets running acorss your shoulders, back, tits and down across your arse. My penis fully hard once again from drinking in the delights of your body.

"Oops dropped the soap .... " you giggle. Turning your back to me you slowly bend forward at the waist, your feet slightly parted, legs straight. Your cheeks part as you bend revealing your still aroused cunt and dark puckered arse. Winking at me as you gaze through your legs you run your hands up the backs of your legs, caressing your inner thighs. Continuing upwards you spread your wet pussy wide, gasping from the pleasure you're bringing yourself as you continue to circle your clit with the forefinger of your left hand while two fingers of your right hand glide in and out of your glistening vagina. I stand up in the bath, cock in hand, stroking back and forth along the length of my soapy shaft. I climb out and walk towards you.

"Stay there, sit on the step, I'm going to show you what you've been making me do for the last six months." you whisper huskily as you continue to frigg yourself. My view of your cunt is perfect as your fingers fly in and out, drawing your lips with them as you tighten. I can't help but wank my dick as I watch.

"I read your stories and my hands can't help but wander."

"My nipples first, squeezing and pinching until they are rock hard"

Your free hand rises to your breast to demonstrate as you continue to finger yourself with the the other, showing me.

"But I can't leave my cunt alone for long. You get me so wet. I start with one finger" you withdraw your hand and just return one finger up your hole, all the time holding my gaze with your now hooded eyes.

"Then two and then three" you gasp as you slide more fingers, knuckle deep up your by now gaping twat, eager for me to see.

"I'm so close to cumming" you pant.

Sitting on the step my cock straining, wanting to penetrate you, fuck you, deep and hard, shoot my cum deep in you but another part of me wants to watch your debaucherous display. I have to wank my cock harder as your tempo increases and you moan loudly your orgasm building.

"I'm cumming .... I'm cumming you" scream only just keeping control.

"Don't you cum yet" I discern among your groans as your tip over the edge. I watch your whole body tremble and shake as huge orgasm rips through you leaving you flushed. You drop to the floor on all fours.

With a huge effort I slowed the speed of my right hand though cannot stop it's progress up and down my solid pole entirely.

"I'm gunna cum Nico, I'm gunna cum"

Looking back over your shoulder "Fuck my ass" you purr, teasingly rubbing your fingers up and down your crack seductively before slowly pushing a finger inside your arse. Your breathing quickens once again.

I virtually run over to you, unable to tear my vision from your soft, round, welcoming arse. Kneeling behind you my shaft pulsing, on the edge. You grab my dick and pull me closer, my helmet now pushing up against your arse, guided by your hand. With a slight push my knob enters your tight, pulsing ring. I push further in, my cock throbbing for release.

I'd been so taken up by my own ecstacy I'm amazed to see you panting and moaning close to another orgasm.

"Fuck my arse you dirty bastard" you spit over your shoulder at me "Come on fuck it hard, shoot your spunk up me. Up my arse"

"Yes ..... yes .... yes ....." is all I can manage to mumble as My arsehole tightens and my balls clench and I fire stream after stream of molten cum deep up your arsehole.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ........ fuck yes, deep up your arse" as my orgasm subsides and I collapse backwards, completely spent.

My vision clears and all I can see is you smiling over your shoulder pleased with the satisfaction you've brought me, my spunk trickling from your arse. Crawling forward I lick up the inside of your thighs, licking across your cunt cleaning my cum from you, lapping it up, cleaning your flooded arse, my sperm salty in my mouth mixed with the horny taste of you. Rolling onto your back you pull me to you, drawing me in to kiss you deeply, our tongues dancing as we taste each others cum.

Eventually pulling away you ask

"Are you taking me for dinner then ? I'm hungry !"

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